The Enlightenment of Bees by Rachel Linden

The Enlightenment of Bees

Rachel Linden’s newest contemporary women’s fiction story speaks to the universal struggle of what it means to live a meaningful life where the passions we have meet the needs of the world.At 26, idealistic baker Mia West has her entire life planned out: a Craftsman cottage in Seattle, baking at The Butter Emporium, and the love of her life, her boyfriend Ethan, by her side.  But when Ethan breaks up with her instead of proposing on their si...

Details The Enlightenment of Bees

TitleThe Enlightenment of Bees
Release DateJul 9th, 2019
PublisherThomas Nelson
GenreFiction, Travel, Contemporary

Reviews The Enlightenment of Bees

  • Tammy
    “In a romantic adventure across the globe, The Enlightenment of Bees beautifully explores what it means to find the sweet spot in life where our greatest passions meet the world’s greatest need.”4 Bee-utiful stars 🐝🐝🐝🐝 Encouraging and uplifting, The Enlightenment of Bees is a lighthearted summertime read about main character Mia finding the right direction for herself while helping others. And that’s what she sets out to do. I...
  • Katie (never.ending.reading.list)
    The Enlightenment of Bees is the story of a girl whose perfect life and all expectations are flipped upside down and she goes on a journey to find herself and her new place in the world. While this storyline has been done a million times, the uniqueness in this book is what Mia does next. She joins a humanitarian trip around the world to do good for those less fortunate. It is a beautiful and insightful look at human relations, poverty, love and ...
  • marita lazarus
    Thank you NetGalley and Thomas Nelson for the complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.So let me say it’s an enjoyable read. I’m really rating the book 3.5 star (i just rounded up). This book to me was like drinking a nice cup of coffee on a Sunday morning while sitting on my balcony - comforting and unhurried. The story is about Mia West and her quest in life to find meaning and purpose. Her li...
  • Melissa
    “Remember, Mia, your place in this world is the space where your greatest passion meets the world’s great pain,” she says firmly. “Go now and find that place.”I really loved this book. There are some parts that are a bit difficult to believe, like the whole Lars scenario, but overall the plot is meaningful and really made me think. I especially appreciated the parts that deal with voluntourism--which is what most humanitarian or mission...
  • Rachel
    I received a digital Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I enjoyed "The Enlightenment of Bees" - a coming-of-age story rooted in the desire to live a life of service.The plot follows Mia, a young woman from Seattle who embarks on a global humanitarian service trip after the life she had planned falls apart. One of the things I liked most about the book was the way it portrayed the service trip. The c...
  • Lisa
    Thank you to Thomas Nelson and Just Read Tours for a copy of The Enlightenment of Bees by Rachel Linden. Please see my bio for the book tour landing page as well as the purchase link if you are interested! Synopsis of the book will be included in the comments.The Enlightenment of Bees is a cute read. Following Mia West, within the first few chapters of the book she is dumped by her long term boyfriend, let go from her job, and finds out her Nana ...
  • Susan Peterson
    The Enlightenment of Bees is a heartwarming story about a young woman’s quest to find out who she is, and how she can use her skills and passion to make a difference in the world. In a matter of days, Mia loses both her boyfriend and her job, leaving her lost and confused. She embarks on a humanitarian mission that takes her to the slums of India and to a refugee camp in Hungary. The author did a wonderful job of placing me in those places, fee...
  • Jaymi Couch
    I picked this book up solely for the cover. Imagine my surprise to find a story that has all my favorite things. Food, travel, Mother Teresa, bravery, service to others, courage, hope and love. Mia was a nice person who really had good intentions when she signs up for a “humanitarian” service trip. She’s struggling to find her place and purpose. I enjoyed Mia’s journey and could tell the author has experience and knowledge of internationa...
  • Kara
    Wow! This was quite the adventurous ride. Mostly. I understood all too well all the indescribable feelings of visiting another culture for the first time and being faced with all the needs you aren’t certain how to handle. Listening to this audiobook just took me immediately back to my first foray into a different country and culture from my own and every bit of wonder and uncertainty I felt. Mia's emotions as she tried to understand just what ...
  • Kerry *Pale Daughter*
    *2 stars*Wow! Most readers gave this book a 4 star rating but I had a hard time taking it seriously. One of the characters took designer clothes on a humanitarian trip. The fact that some of the characters initially thought that the trip would be a good opportunity to explore different countries seemed shallow and ridiculous. Who would expect to have the chance to visit the Taj Mahal while working to provide relief in the slums of Mumbai? The mai...
  • Sarah Monzon
    I’m really not sure how to start this review. There were so many content things that I really rooted for in this book. The spotlight on voluntourism and even more so on the refugee crisis. I really think more people (I’m looking at us on the privileged side of the world) need to put ourselves in the shoes of those living in poverty and fleeing for their lives so we can make more Christ-like decisions in our everyday life as we answer the ques...
  • BookishLor
    3.5/5 stars***I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.I enjoyed this light romance that focused on the main character's life and personal choices while she ventured on a humanitarian trip around the world. SynopsisMia thinks she has her life all figured out and it's amazing. All that changes in one day when she's dumped by her boyfriend of six years and loses her job she loves at the l...
  • Yi-Hsuan
    OK, so I just discovered that this is considered "Christian Fiction." I didn't get much of that in the actual book, except maybe the "beatific Mia" who wanted to be "Saint Mother Teresa," and perhaps the weird humanitarian effort that Mia joined. Why was it weird? Because it was backed by this billionaire who lives on his own island somewhere in Florida, and who hosted the teams of volunteers so lavishly and honestly, kind of in bad taste for wha...
  • Kathryn
    I have never read any books by Ms. Linden before, but I thought this one looked cute, so I decided to try it. Let me tell you, I am so glad I got the chance to read this amazing tale!As a reader, I generally gravitate towards more emotional and heavy books because I just like them. I’m not usually a fan of light and funny reads, but this one was like a breath of fresh air and, honestly, it wasn’t all that light because of some of the more ser...
  • Fiction Aficionado
    ~4.5 stars~ I find myself in a slightly unusual position as I begin this review: I can tell you I was drawn into this story from the beginning, but I’m not sure I can tell you exactly why. This is my third book by Rachel Linden, and I’ve found that her prose is always an effortless read, but there was something about Mia’s story that grabbed me in a way Linden’s previous two books didn’t. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy her previou...
  • Robin Bonne
    DNF. Big yikes.
  • Carrie
    This book HITS THE SPOT!! It’s so refreshing!! ✅ plot moves quickly. ✅ I’m invested in the characters. ✅ great use of foreshadowing with just enough tension✅Believable dialogue. ✅ Interesting setting I give it an A+! ————I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.——#enlightenmentofbees #netgalley #reviewathon #bookshark #booksharks #bookstagram #booklove #summerr...
  • Desiree
    What an amazing, heartfelt read. Mia West is the main character and I truly enjoyed joining her on her journey to find herself. After her whole world comes crumbling down around her, suddenly Mia finds her self in a realization: she has no idea who she is alone or what she's supposed to do with her life. She spontaneously joins her best friend, Rosie, on a global humanitarian trip where she thinks she can change the world. But nothing goes the wa...
  • Trinia
    This was a sweet surprise gifted to me from @Libro , supporting our local bookstores. Thank you for sharing this audiobook with me.A contemporary romance about a girl who has her whole life ahead of her. Yet, In one day Mia watches her life as she expected it to unfold , to simply crumble before her eyes. She must make a decision in her young life of what to do and find her purpose with passion. She heads out on an adventure that brings her answe...
  • Lisa Hudson
    MESMERIZING!THE ENLIGHTENMENT OF BEES by Rachel Linden is mesmerizing! It is a meaningful, coming of age novel that will make you stop and consider your own life choices. I think most of us have struggled with the question of, “What can I do with my life that will truly make a difference in the world?” Linden tackles this question and paints a breathtaking story using beautiful word pictures to describe how quickly one’s life can change for...
  • Laura Anderson
    Calling all fans of The Great British Baking Show! (Even better if you also love Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, and Won't You Be My Maybe.) You will love this book about baking, international travel, and trying to make the world a better place. *I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review*Here's the plot: Apprentice baker Mia's life in Seattle is turned upside down when her long-time boyfriend dumps her instead of proposing. In a whir...
  • The Bookend Diner
    Thank you to Thomas Nelson books for gifting me an advanced reader copy of the Enlightenment of Bees by Rachel Linden.Have you ever read a book that felt as if it were just destined for you to read it at that particular time in your life? If you haven’t, well I hope that one day you will because it’s almost… magical. If you have, then you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say that this book, The Enlightenment of Bees fell into my...
  • Suzie Waltner
    3.5 StarsI have mixed feelings about this book. It starts out well. Mia’s life falls apart, forcing her to take a hard look at what she truly wants out of her life.Then it takes an odd turn. The humanitarian group is flown to an island in Florida where they’re given what amounts to an all-expense-paid vacation for this group of twenty-somethings. I can see the point of this section—to introduce readers to the rest of Mia’s team members bu...
  • Tressa (Wishful Endings)
    THE ENLIGHTENMENT OF BEES is a story of self discovery as the heroine finds that the life she had planned on has disappeared. She takes a chance to chase a dream, and finds that dreams can change. It's a heartfelt story of facing hard things and finding yourself and love through them. Recommended to women's fiction fans.Mia has always felt that she wasn't quite enough or that her love of baking was enough. She wanted to sacrifice her time and tra...
  • Karen R
    I enjoyed this book a lot, especially the various settings across the globe. Loved all the referrals to local landmarks in Seattle and Sequim too. The lavender farms in that area are lovely when in bloom! The writing flowed really well, and carried the storyline seamlessly through all the travel segments. It reads more like a clean, general fiction book, kind of a coming of age type storyline. There was little to no spiritual content. It would ha...
  • Elizabeth
    This sweet and pretty cover doesn't give away the rich, deep story within. With the stage set with disappointment the main character is very relatable and easy to like. You can read the summary about the book on any retailer so I’m not going to go into any of those details, I’m just going to tell you why I really liked this book.I loved how the character was nervous about her humanitarian work. I think it’s easy to think that doing any form...
  • Angela Walker
    I borrowed this audiobook from my library via the Hoopla app. Mia has always dreamed of traveling the world and making a difference like her Aunt who offers dental services in Africa. When Mia's boyfriend of 6 years dumps her and she loses her job in the same week its like God is giving her a sign. Mia enrolls in a humanitarian trip with her roommate Rosie and they are immediately off of their adventure of travel and helping others.Through the wh...
  • Hallie Szott
    4.5When she loses both her job and her boyfriend of six years, Mia West has to reevaluate what she wants for her future. She has always believed she should do “something more,” so she agrees to join her friend, Rosie, on a humanitarian trip around the world. Only, she has much more to learn about herself and her future than she knew.Rachel Linden’s The Enlightenment of Bees is much more than its charming cover suggests. Of course, it is cha...
  • Carole Jarvis
    Reviewed at The Power of Words: Enlightenment of Bees is different from anything I’ve ever read and I enjoyed it. I loved seeing various parts of the world through Rachel Linden’s eyes and journeying along with Mia in her search for purpose in life. It's not all light and fluff, however, as Linden delves into some serious and relevant issues. The writing flows easily across the page and a whimsical touch adds enchant...
  • Jo Ann
    For being a light romance, I found this book not only entertaining, but personally challenging. Mia has lost both her job and the future with her long-time boyfriend that she dreamed about and expected. She decides to go on a humanitarian world-wide trip with her friend, Rosie, and discovers some not-so-great things about’s harder to make the difference she thought she’d be making in the slums of India or the refugee camps of Hun...