State of Lies by Siri Mitchell

State of Lies

One woman is forced to question everything she knows in this domestic suspense novel from award-winning author Siri Mitchell.Georgie Brennan may be a world-class quantum physicist, but she grapples with life as a single mother after her husband is killed. When she receives a message from beyond the grave, it leads her to question the details of her husband’s death.As she follows the clues he left behind, her discoveries increasingly implicate t...

Details State of Lies

TitleState of Lies
Release DateAug 13th, 2019
PublisherThomas Nelson
GenreSuspense, Fiction, Mystery, Contemporary

Reviews State of Lies

  • Mandy White
    State of Lies by Siri Mitchell is the first book by this author that I have read. It was a quick, fun read although at times you really had to stretch your imagination. It was an enjoyable enough read but was just missing something for me. Georgie and her son are devasted when her husband Sean is killed in a car accident. Months later she learns that he had lied to her about where he was going. Combined with the missing computer and strange thing...
  • Melanie
    State of Lies was amazing. I wasn't sure when I started the book, as the first chapter was a bit different from other Christian Fiction books (intimacy between a married couple), but it was tastefully written and the suspense got intense right after that!I wasn't completely shocked by the villain and what was going on (I pretty much saw it coming right away), but even still I was hooked and couldn't read fast enough. I just HAD to know if I was r...
  • Rachel McMillan
    Proving she can effortlessly weave in and out of genres with seamless ease, one of my all time favourite authors marries lively and engaging Aaron Sorkin-like canvases with the intensity of current popular thrillers like Gone Girl. An intelligent and page-turning experience, Washington is just one of the dimensional characters in this intersection of truth and lies.
  • Olivia
    *I was given this book to read by Thomas Nelson publishing in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own*I was not expecting this story. Actually, compared to her historical fiction it has a completely different tone. It's a thriller and kept me reading. I finished it in just under 24 hours and then I thought, "Oh, I think I may be the first reviewer on Goodreads." Scaryy! hehe!From a general mystery stand-point this story has everyth...
  • Maureen Timerman
    This book grabbed me right from the beginning, and kept pulling me in, with my heart in my throat, and fear for those I cared about. Whom do you trust here, and I felt like I was watching the evening news, yes, this story could be true.A little boy and his Mom dealing with the loss of their beloved Dad/Husband, and why? Be aware you will be up late trying to find out the answers here, and the bombshells keep dropping right up to the end, even loc...
  • Suzie Waltner
    This book is unlike any Siri Mitchell book you’ve already read. Get ready for a high-stakes plat that bobs and weaves before hitting you with an unexpected one-two punch.While I enjoyed the twists and turns of this story (and little Sam), I had a difficult time believing Georgia, a quantum physicist, was truly as clueless as to what was truly going on for the first half of the book. The woman is a genius but can’t put two and two together?How...
  • Kara
    I'm conflicted about this review because despite the well written page turner that it is, State of Lies wasn't the great read I hoped it would be. The most important element missing from this story, there is nothing of faith mentioned at all. Georgie is a brilliant physicist and a loyal family woman, but not once does she or any character turn to God in the chaotic plot. I also thought it was weird that despite her brilliance (and it is noted thr...
  • Chandra Claypool (wherethereadergrows)
    I'm usually not the *biggest* fan of political thrillers and if you aren't either, don't worry - this (to me) felt less political and more domestic suspense with a touch of military/political UH-OH! Also, I was surprised to find this is also considered Christian fiction. I'm not a religious person and don't mind some in a book but I never would've guessed as faith is barely touched within these pages. I'm not complaining by any means - I had a lo...
  • Autumn Is Azathoth
    STATE OF LIES is a remarkably engrossing political/military/governmental/domestic thriller. Yes, all those categories! I could not break away. This novel is a conspiracy theorist's dream landscape, because what is better than a conspiracy come true? Events in this powerfully impacting story prove the slogan of The X-Files: "TRUST NO ONE." Really, how well can you ever know your friends, colleagues, or family. Sociopathy wears many guises, as does...
  • Cara Putman
    In State of Lies Siri Mitchell has created a story that will suck you in and not let go. With twists and turns, international intrigue, and danger galore, this book reads like a psychological thriller mixed with healthy doses of suspense. It’s also wonderfully written with an attention to detail that had me seeing my former haunts in Arlington, Virginia.
  • Lindsey
    Last night was a “rough night” as in I couldn’t fall asleep. So after lying there for sometime restless with my brain pinging endlessly, I decided I might as well read. Have you ever picked up a book and immediately wonder how the author can weave such a plot? State of Lies by Siri Mitchell had. me. hooked. As in, I read the entire book in one session. As in my husband rolled over in the wee morning hours and asked if I ever sleep. (No. The...
  • Janet
    I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. From the publisher, as I do not repeat the contents or story of books in reviews, I let them do it as they do it better than I do 😸. The secrets of those closet to us can be the most dangerous of all.Months after her husband Sean is killed by a hit-and-run driver, physicist Georgie Brennan discovers he lied to her about where he had been goi...
  • Nicole
    State of Lies is my first book by this author. An intriguing premise to the novel, and the thrilling storyline will keep readers guessing. However, this book felt more like a secular read to me than the typical Christian fiction I read. I think fans of suspense will still enjoy this novel. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson and was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine.
  • Lea
    I expected this book to be Christian fiction, but I did not see any of the usual elements of faith in this book. It was a good suspense thriller, with undertones of politics and espionage, but I would not categorize it as CHRISTIAN fiction in any way. Georgie is a young wife and mother, a physicist dealing with the sudden death of her husband Sean. But all is not as it seems and the reader is hard-pressed to figure out what is really going on. Th...
  • Joan
    This novel could be right out of today's headlines. Conspiracy theorists will love the plot centered on political intrigue. It made me really think about how an adversary country might blackmail some political leaders and gain an influence in our government.I liked that the heroine, Georgie, is a physicist. Mitchell included some information about quantum physics, relativity, and other topics in physics and related it to the developing plot. I li...
  • Loraine
    Departing from her usual genre of historical fiction, Siri Mitchell created a thrilling suspense novel that kept me wondering from start to finish. High-tensioned suspense that kept you tingling throughout this novel. In today's high-stakes political world, her premise was very realistic and the characters and actions quite believable. At times the story was so convoluted that it was hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys. I knocked off 1/2...
  • Donna Hines
    Georgia Ann is a peach of a gal who just lost her husband Sean in a 'alleged' hit and run.However, things heat up in more ways than one when secrets begin to spill and politics is not politics as usual begin occurring.This one packs a punch with Russian spying, espionage, treason, traitors, and oh so much more!You don't want to miss this action packed thriller!A great read with plenty to entice readers including 4 deaths and a father's shady past...
  • Phyllis
    It will keep you guessingI made a big mistake! Then I made it all over again! First, I took advantage of a short window of time before heading off on a team outing to get started reading State of Lies. All day long as I was with my team, while I was supposed to be building relationships and having fun, I kept thinking about the story. Sure, I was doing the other things as well, but still. The story was lingering in my mind and I was wondering wha...
  • Toni
    OMG! This was a great read! UNPUTDOWNABLE!Siri Mitchell is known for her ChickLit/Contemporary Romance novels but has struck out in a new genre with this new release. And might I say… she is KILLING IT! I think she has found her writing niche for sure. I am always happy when an author ventures out into a new writing area and then owns it like she has been doing it all her life. So exciting!This book is centered around the political intrigue of ...
  • Randi Sampson
    **I received a complementary copy of this book for consideration. All thoughts are 100% my own.Do you ever pick up a book to start reading it and find yourself thinking that perhaps you made the wrong decision? This book was that for me... but not for the reason you might think. It wasn't because it was BAD, but because it was so action packed from the very start that I had to keep reading. My plans of 'I'll just dip my toes in with a few chapter...
  • Becky Lewis
    Feelings. State of Lies by Siri Mitchell, published by Thomas Nelson, evoked many different feelings in me. I read in awe as Mitchell wove an intricate, tightly woven net around me, the reader, with her amazing thriller. She certainly seems to be familiar with the inner workings of Washington, DC, which made for an awesome, fast-moving,spy story.Those were the great feelings. By the end of the book, I was living in profound sadness. I was absolut...
  • D O'neal
    #StateofLies #NetGalleyIntrigue at the highest levels of government. Who can you trust? Your husband? Your friends and family? Can you trust the FBI.? The United States Government?In this fast paced political thriller, a brilliant physicist, Georgie Brennan, quickly discovers there is no one she can trust and no where that is safe for she and her young son, Sam. Months after her husband, Sean, is killed in an accident she discovers that her husba...
  • Jen
    Sean Brennan goes to pick up something for a household repair and is killed in a car accident. Georgie Brennan is devastated by Sean's death, grieving for her husband and for her young son Sam's loss of a father.Georgie's overbearing parents pressure her to move in with them, but she knows this is not a good idea. Her father is up for confirmation as the next secretary of state. Her mother's interests lie in her husband's status and in impressing...
  • MJSH
    This is the first book by Siri Mitchell I have read and I am completely blown away! I’ve heard great things about her historical fiction and was quite curious about her venture into the world of suspense. For fans of contemporary suspense, this book is not to be missed! The book flows seamlessly from Georgie’s first person point of view as the young physicist finds herself suddenly widowed. In the midst of her grief, she finds strange clues i...
  • Cat B
    State of Lies by Siri Mitchell was mind blowing! This is the first book by this author that I have read and I am not disappointed at all. There were so many twists and turns that kept me guessing in this book. I held my breath so many times that I had to remember to breathe in each chapter and that does not happen very often. Lol. The story kept pulling me in and every time I was going to put it down something else happened and I had to keep read...
  • Anita Ojeda
    Eight months after Georgia Ann Brennan’s husband Sean dies in a horrific traffic accident, she’s still grieving. She struggles to keep her head in the game at work as a ‘fizziest’ (her six-year-old son Sam’s word for her work as a quantum physicist). Although Sean’s insurance money helped, Georgia feels on the edge of a breakdown. She does what any good scientist would do when confronted with the incomprehensible. She starts to invest...
  • Shkolnikjx
    This book was excellent! Totally kept my attention and I wanted to find out what would become of the main characters. Highly reccomended.
  • Laura Langley
    Siri Mitchell's latest novel, State of Lies, featuring main character and physicist Georgia Anne, seems like a departure from some of Mitchell's historical fiction novels. But, as a fan of intrigue and suspense novels, I think Mitchell has found her place in a new niche market. I found State of Lies full of action, adventure, and nail-biting suspense. Besides that, Georgia Anne proves to be a realistic, likeable, and easy-to-emphathize with, all-...
  • LibraryLaur
    This was a well-paced suspense novel. One caveat: if you're expecting "Christian" fiction because of the author and/or publisher, you may be surprised. I don't remember any Christian content, not even a mention of prayer.*Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing an e-galley in exchange for an honest review.
  • Amy
    I had read Siri Mitchell’s early novels and enjoyed them so I was excited to see she had written suspense. State of Lies is not your regular Christian suspense novel, reader is constantly wondering through book who can be trusted. Georgie lives in DC and her father is about to become Secretary of Defense when her husband dies. It soon becomes clear that all is not as in seems in Georgie life. She soon does not know who she can trust and who she...