The Warning by James Patterson

The Warning

Two roads lead to Mount Hope. None leads out. There’s no place to run in a community that’s been taken–and is being intentionally kept–off the grid.A small southern town was evacuated after a freak power-plant accident. As the first anniversary of the mishap approaches, some residents are allowed to return past the national guard roadblocks.Mount Hope natives Maggie and Jordan quickly discover that their hometown is not as it was before. ...

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TitleThe Warning
Release DateAug 22nd, 2019
GenreHorror, Mystery, Fiction, Science Fiction

Reviews The Warning

  • jv poore
    Friends, I am feeling a bit frustrated. James Patterson is my go-to author for the times that I've read, but not reviewed, way too many ARCs. It's not like I can just "not read". So, Mr. Patterson. Because I'm usually guaranteed to get a suck-you-in-story that is easy to walk away from. And, because it comes from the author who, rightfully, blurbs his own books, I do expect perfection.I purchased my copy of The Warning, first-time-in-print, retai...
  • Laura Rash
    Fair warning that this reads very much like a YA tho it’s not classified as one. But that doesn’t deter from the fact that it’s a pretty cool story. Kind of apocalyptic and futuristic and some great humor thrown in an adventurous tale.
  • Deb
    I will rate this a 2.5. It wasn't labeled as a Young Adult.. or even Middle, but it certainly read like one. Very simplistic writing at best. I feel like it was kind of a waste of time. Thank heavens it only took a day to read it.
  • Melissa Dunlavey
    I love a good James Patterson book... however this was not one of them. While the premise sounded good, the book was more like a young adult book and not his usual work. I wish he would stop writing with other authors and coming out with a book a week and go back to focusing on the story and element of surprise which seems to be lacking in this book. Let down and would the real James Patterson please stand up and return to writing like he used to...
  • Donna Hines
    "No One can Enter! No One can Leave! No One is Safe!"HOLY SMOKES!A freak power plant accident leaves a town forever scarred but who knew it was literally as well as figuratively! Nothing is as it appears! Animals attacking humans! No cell service! Military lockdown of this plant is now the norm!I don't believe there was ever a book that had me flipping pages quicker than those by James Patterson.I have always loved LP but the short chapters make ...
  • Linda
    This was one of the dumbest books I’ve read and kept thinking it would get better but it never did. A year after a power plant accident, residents are allowed to return to their homes but things are not as they seem. The two main characters are Jordan and Maggie. Jordan seems to have abnormal powers while Maggie is a normal teen. They hear rumors about Ishango but have no idea of what or who this is.I don't recommend wasting your time reading t...
  • John
    Well, what should I say about this novel. It seems the original title was called “Disasterland”, which is a good description of the writing. This should be classified as a YA genre, because it definitely reads like it. There was good humor and a decent plot in there, but it was difficult to enjoy.
  • Joan
    No one’s lived in Mount Hope for almost a year. An accident at the power plant caused the evacuation of the town. Now, some residents are coming home. But there’s a strong military presence, there are roadblocks on the only two roads that lead into town, and teen-agers Jordan Conners and Maggie Gooding discover that things are different. No internet. No cell phone service. Animals behaving bizarrely, angry and raging, leaving the town veterin...
  • T.K.
    I was so excited to read this! Robison Wells is an amazing author and I have loved everything he has written; James Patterson, not so much. But I figured the collaboration would allow Mr. Wells the notoriety he so richly deserves. Instead, this reads like a group project. Where Mr. Wells built lovable, quirky characters, Mr. Patterson laced their conversation and thoughts with an abundance of f-bombs that was incongruous with characters who quote...
  • Natalie
    great book
  • Sue
    This clearly should have been designated as Young Adult but JP doesn't want to cut down on his profits by labeling it as such. I returned it to the library within the first 5 chapters. There are so many books out there that I want to read that I just don't have time to waste on a YA "horror" story. Sorry just aren't worth betting on anymore.
  • Timothy M. Gorman
    Not a big sci-fi fan. Didn't know this book was in that genre and more suited for YA. Still not a bad story.
  • WhatBookNext .com
    Maggie and Jordan are returning to their small town with their families, keen to pick up their lives after being evacuated many months before. This mass evacuation was due to a meltdown at a local nuclear power plant. But the military tell them all is well now, with no danger of toxic exposure.Jordan is keen to get back to school and his beloved game of American Football. He's spent so much of his time away in a camp for the sick or injured. As t...
  • Ed
    This 2019 novel from James Patterson co-authored by Robison Wells is a YA thriller. With its behavior modification, mind control and AI themes it qualifies as SciFi, and although it seems to be limited to a small South Carolina town, it has a dystopian, post apocalyptic flavor. I struggled to complete this book. Although the teen protagonists were likeable, for the most part, it was difficult to predict the maturity level they would adopt from ch...
  • Michelle
    Going home can be either good or bad.In the case of Mount Hope after a disaster the people are hoping they have homes left.But sometimes even the best looking things are only wearing a disguise.Jordan and Maggie are friends and can't wait to see each other again.As are others and at first things seem well,but strange,yet well still.Eventually everything starts to unfold and slip ups happen.The curious and the brave do what they must to help thems...
  • Lynette
    So, again, not one of his best books. I got hooked as I started reading, and then the letdown came after I realized what was happening in the book. I felt like I was reading a conspiracy theory/sci-fi novel, which is not bad, but just not my kind of book. The characters flow, but at some point it got confusing trying to figure out who was who and what exactly was going on. It just wasn't something that I expected from James Patterson, and I am se...
  • Craig Wakefield
    The cover to this book says: "1st Time in Print." What does this suggest or mean? That we have never seen this book before or perhaps that this is the first time in print unless you real it online or on kindle or as a epub or mobi or PDF or ...... Why not print it: The name of James Patterson means that probably millions if not hundreds of thousands of this book in print would be sold.Selling a book does not equate to writing a good book or craft...
  • Sharon Pecci
    I really enjoyed this book. To me it felt like a YA book, due to the main characters. Jordan and Maggie or maybe/maybe not boyfriend/girlfriend. There has been a probable nuclear disaster and they have been kept from their town. When they return everything is bright and shiny. Animals start to go crazy, Jordan has strange new abilities, Maggie thinks she has breast cancer, there’s a crazy life-like computer, and Jordan’s dad is just not like ...
  • Rose
    The Warning is about a town, Mt. Hope, where a nuclear reactor accident occurred. Now, after the "clean up", people are returning to town, and things are very strange. Jordan suddenly has super powers, animals are attacking people, people are behaving badly. Jordan and his friend, Maggie, are trying to decipher what is happening. It seems the nuclear power plant accident wasn't an accident at all. Creepy, sci-fi teen drama. #TheWarning #JamesPatt...
  • Julie
    Just ok. Not great. Not a real thriller for me. I am guessing it might appeal more to the younger people who like his Maximum Ride books. Following Jordan and Maggie as they try to make sense of what is really happening in their "post nuclear meltdown" town is just a little too easy to figure out.
  • Readerkuna1
    This was a really good book. This very revalent for today.People get to go back to their town and the officals claim it is safe but they can't go back.Things are happening that are very strange. Jordan and Mary are going to figure out what is wrong.Many things happen.This is a book that needs to be read as the stuff that happens could happen today.Great book
  • Bobbie
    This was a good book but I have two complaints. First, the storyline is outrageous. Even with my limited imagination I believe a more realistic plot was possible without making the book any less enjoyable. Second, this is another time when I was "tricked" into reading a Patterson booked aimed at young adults. I wish the author would provide an obvious warning of such
  • Nancy Wieme
    Again... I started this and thought WTH. NOT MY THING. But- it piqued my interest and I liked the two teenaged main characters - I mean there's nothing like smart "smart-ass teens" and AI gone amok. I actually liked it. There were plenty of funny moments and references to movies and other pop culture things. I didn't love it. But I don't feel as though I wasted "reading time".
  • Sheldon
    The audio version of this teen novel sucked me in. Was it great? No! Was it more than simply readable? Yes! The narrator was really good. Hey, reading Patterson is almost like reading the newspapers. He has a different one everyday. I wonder if he writes anything himself anyway Rab E, but it doesn’t matter because he is fun.
  • Lynn Pintavalle
    I started reading and had to check that I wasn't reading a YA book. It was not my cup of tea. Main characters are all teenagers. Throw a bit of Scifi in and that's the book. I wonder why the cover said 1st time in print?
  • Lynn Dee
    A little underwhelmed. Took a bit to get the hand of the roving 1st person format. Did enjoy some of the clever dialogue between the main characters. Plot is better for young adults but for the adult language.....
  • Sparklin
    I’ve read all James adult books. With that being said this book was not for me. After being evacuated and under quarantine. Families are allowed back in town. With hopes of finding the truth of what really happened.
  • Toni
    I had such high hopes for this one, but when the main character managed to touch his head to check for blood, swipe a gun from a bad guy and hold that gun to the bad guy’s head, all while his arms are handcuffed BEHIND HIS BACK, I just could not go on.
  • Marilyn Fairchild
    Warning James Patterson.While written in his famous style, I didn't really like this book like others of his. It's a very different story line than he normally writes about. I'm sure the younger generation will like it better than I did.