The Warning by James Patterson

The Warning

Two roads lead to Mount Hope. None leads out. There’s no place to run in a community that’s been taken–and is being intentionally kept–off the grid.A small southern town was evacuated after a freak power-plant accident. As the first anniversary of the mishap approaches, some residents are allowed to return past the national guard roadblocks.Mount Hope natives Maggie and Jordan quickly discover that their hometown is not as it was before. ...

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TitleThe Warning
Release DateAug 22nd, 2019
GenreMystery, Horror, Fiction, Young Adult, Thriller, Science Fiction

Reviews The Warning

  • jv poore
    Friends, I am feeling a bit frustrated. James Patterson is my go-to author for the times that I've read, but not reviewed, way too many ARCs. It's not like I can just "not read". So, Mr. Patterson. Because I'm usually guaranteed to get a suck-you-in-story that is easy to walk away from. And, because it comes from the author who, rightfully, blurbs his own books, I do expect perfection.I purchased my copy of The Warning, first-time-in-print, retai...
  • Laura Rash
    Fair warning that this reads very much like a YA tho it’s not classified as one. But that doesn’t deter from the fact that it’s a pretty cool story. Kind of apocalyptic and futuristic and some great humor thrown in an adventurous tale.
  • Deb
    I will rate this a 2.5. It wasn't labeled as a Young Adult.. or even Middle, but it certainly read like one. Very simplistic writing at best. I feel like it was kind of a waste of time. Thank heavens it only took a day to read it.
  • Natalie M
    ‘The Warning’ is the Warning!If Patterson contributed anything to this one, then I’m the Pope! A genre-confused (YA/Dystopian/Sci Fi/Fantasy, to list just a few), read that gets worse as it progresses.It gets one star for contributing to my GR Challenge! ‘The Warning’ is the ⚠️ Warning!If Patterson contributed anything to this one, then I’m the Pope! A genre-confused (YA/Dystopian/Sci Fi/Fantasy, to list just a few), read that ...
  • Donna Hines
    "No One can Enter! No One can Leave! No One is Safe!"HOLY SMOKES!A freak power plant accident leaves a town forever scarred but who knew it was literally as well as figuratively! Nothing is as it appears! Animals attacking humans! No cell service! Military lockdown of this plant is now the norm!I don't believe there was ever a book that had me flipping pages quicker than those by James Patterson.I have always loved LP but the short chapters make ...
  • Linda
    This was one of the dumbest books I’ve read and kept thinking it would get better but it never did. A year after a power plant accident, residents are allowed to return to their homes but things are not as they seem. The two main characters are Jordan and Maggie. Jordan seems to have abnormal powers while Maggie is a normal teen. They hear rumors about Ishango but have no idea of what or who this is.I don't recommend wasting your time reading t...
  • Melissa Dunlavey
    I love a good James Patterson book... however this was not one of them. While the premise sounded good, the book was more like a young adult book and not his usual work. I wish he would stop writing with other authors and coming out with a book a week and go back to focusing on the story and element of surprise which seems to be lacking in this book. Let down and would the real James Patterson please stand up and return to writing like he used to...
  • John
    Well, what should I say about this novel. It seems the original title was called “Disasterland”, which is a good description of the writing. This should be classified as a YA genre, because it definitely reads like it. There was good humor and a decent plot in there, but it was difficult to enjoy.
  • T.K.
    I was so excited to read this! Robison Wells is an amazing author and I have loved everything he has written; James Patterson, not so much. But I figured the collaboration would allow Mr. Wells the notoriety he so richly deserves. Instead, this reads like a group project. Where Mr. Wells built lovable, quirky characters, Mr. Patterson laced their conversation and thoughts with an abundance of f-bombs that was incongruous with characters who quote...
  • Karen Jarvis
    Read like a poor young adult book, and certainly didn’t have the James Patterson vibe about it. Come on Mr Patterson, don’t accept all authors just to make money, keep to what made you popular.
  • Joan
    No one’s lived in Mount Hope for almost a year. An accident at the power plant caused the evacuation of the town. Now, some residents are coming home. But there’s a strong military presence, there are roadblocks on the only two roads that lead into town, and teen-agers Jordan Conners and Maggie Gooding discover that things are different. No internet. No cell phone service. Animals behaving bizarrely, angry and raging, leaving the town veterin...
  • Ed
    This 2019 novel from James Patterson co-authored by Robison Wells is a YA thriller. With its behavior modification, mind control and AI themes it qualifies as SciFi, and although it seems to be limited to a small South Carolina town, it has a dystopian, post apocalyptic flavor. I struggled to complete this book. Although the teen protagonists were likeable, for the most part, it was difficult to predict the maturity level they would adopt from ch...
  • Victor The Reader
    An OK story with a couple twists that centers on a power plant disaster and two high school friends, but like most of Patterson’s stand alones with coauthors, a far too familiar tale with over paced storytelling and little depth. B- (67%/Decent)
  • Monica Gearhart
    I could not get into this book until I was half way through it. It did get good but confusing. Where the book starts off, it seems like there was a story before it. And the end was left open. I think Im going to only read books where it’s only by James Patterson and not him having co-writers.
  • Carrie Lynn Hayton
    Such a great book. A little slow at first but it picks up.
  • Jayne Downes
    A good story for young adults. The short chapters and the action packed plot holds the readers interest. An interesting theme about dangers of nuclear power and computer technology.
  • Natalie
    great book
  • Sue
    This clearly should have been designated as Young Adult but JP doesn't want to cut down on his profits by labeling it as such. I returned it to the library within the first 5 chapters. There are so many books out there that I want to read that I just don't have time to waste on a YA "horror" story. Sorry just aren't worth betting on anymore.
  • Michelle
    I haven’t read a James Patterson book in quite some time and since he used to be my FAVORITE author for thrillers and mysteries about 10 years ago I felt that should change. I was his biggest fan and his books blew my mind that is until Gillian Flynn came along 7 years ago and made my jaw hit the floor. To me, the difference between writers like James Patterson and writers like Gillian Flynn, Claire Mackintosh, Shari Lapena, Megan Miranda, John...
  • Gerald Matzke
    When you pick out a James Patterson novel you expect an exciting, fast-paced mystery. What a surprise to find him dabbling in science fiction. This story follows two small town teens who make some surprising discoveries after their town had been quarantined following an accident at the nuclear power plant on their community. Strange animal behaviors and amazing feats of superhuman strength lead them to investigate the power plant and there they f...
  • Jaime
    The plot was a very good concept, but it wasn’t for me. The animal cruelty in this book, was very hard for me to take. James Patterson is my favorite author, so I was highly disappointed that I didn’t like this book. He tried to write a futuristic, young adult book and it really didn’t work at all.
  • Brandy
    I liked this book. It read like a Young Adult book. But it isn't. I loved the characters Jordan and Maggie! Great Story!
  • Harold Walters
    Young Adult. End of life as we know it...
  • Timothy M. Gorman
    Not a big sci-fi fan. Didn't know this book was in that genre and more suited for YA. Still not a bad story.
  • Mark
    Though not labeled as YA fiction, its dystopian/Sci-fi elements lead me to feel it belongs there...Teens in an isolated South Carolina town find themselves part of a web created by an AI supercomputer that's reached singularity...Not a genre I generally read or enjoy!
  • WhatBookNext .com
    Maggie and Jordan are returning to their small town with their families, keen to pick up their lives after being evacuated many months before. This mass evacuation was due to a meltdown at a local nuclear power plant. But the military tell them all is well now, with no danger of toxic exposure.Jordan is keen to get back to school and his beloved game of American Football. He's spent so much of his time away in a camp for the sick or injured. As t...
  • Linda
    I wouldn't recommend this to anyone over 14! I wish I'd know it was YA, but all I saw was that it was a James Patterson book, when I ordered the audiobook version from my library. I'd rate it 1.5 stars, but actually rounded up because I'm such a nice person. I would bet money that this was written by one of Patterson's mentees (as so many of his latest books have been)--it just doesn't have the Patterson panache.Summary: "Two roads lead to Mount ...
  • Scott
    This book certainly had a bunch of problems. I really did like the premise, and liked the overarching story. It just did not pull off well. I hate a book of youth that are so mouthy that it's uninteresting to listen to. I am not in junior high or high school so I don't need to sit and listen to a bunch of teenagers swearing. More adult conversations I experience have little to none. To mock the woman for saying oh my goodness was ridiculously off...