Girls Like Us by Cristina Alger

Girls Like Us

From the celebrated and bestselling author of The Banker's Wife, worlds collide when an FBI agent investigates a string of grisly murders on Long Island that raises the impossible question: What happens when the primary suspect is your father?FBI Agent Nell Flynn hasn't been home in ten years. Nell and her father, Homicide Detective Martin Flynn, have never had much of a relationship. And Suffolk County will always be awash in memories of her mot...

Details Girls Like Us

TitleGirls Like Us
Release DateJul 2nd, 2019
PublisherG.P. Putnam's Sons
GenreMystery, Thriller, Mystery Thriller, Fiction

Reviews Girls Like Us

  • Nilufer Ozmekik
    Four I’m hooked from the first page, gripping, fast-paced, making me skip lunch and five tea times ( I already lost 3 pounds, so it works better than Keto Diet) and turning pages nonstop to learn how it ends stars!!! The plot: FBI agent Nell Flynn returns back to her childhood for his estranged police officer father’s sudden death from motorcycle accident. She finds herself involve into the investigation of grisly murders of young girls and s...
  • BernLuvsBooks (Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas)
    4.5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐💫 A string of grisly murders on Long Island, a serial killer and a BAU profiler with doubts that her father might be the killer - I was ALL IN for this book. I mean, it sounds like it could be an episode of my fave show Criminal Minds. How could I not read it? This book totally lived up to my expectations! If you enjoy mystery thrillers pick this one up - it will not disappoint. The book was twisty, tension filled and mysteri...
  • Berit☀️✨
    Cristina Alger has a new fan!🙋🏻♀ This was a compulsive dark and gritty ride. Nell has returned home to spread her fathersashes, after being gone for 10 years. Nell is a FBI agent who works in the Behavioral Analysis Unit, amd is currently on injury leave after being shot. Nell thought she was just going to stay home long enough to settle her dad’s estate, but she soon finds herself in the middle of a serial murder investigation. An inve...
  • Lindsay - Traveling Sister
    4.5 stars! Loved the characters! Loved the atmosphere! Loved the storyline!Twelve years after moving away, FBI agent Nell Flynn, returns to her small seaside hometown to handle closing her father’s estate. Nell’s mother was murdered when Nell was a child and since then, she and her father, a police detective, had a rocky relationship. When Nell was old enough to be on her own, she left her hometown and never looked back. Now that she is back ...
  • marilyn
    Nell Flynn is an FBI agent who hasn't been home in ten years. Now she is back because her police detective dad had died in a motorcycle accident and she needs to scatter his ashes and deal with his home, will, and then leave Suffolk County behind forever. Her hometown really doesn't have good memories for her since her mom was murdered in their home when she was seven, and her distant, prone to anger dad, didn't make growing up a pleasant experie...
  • Sandy
    It should have been so simple. FBI agent Nell Flynn hasn’t seen her father in 10 years when she gets news he died in a motorcycle accident. All she has to do is return to Long Island, scatter his ashes & put the house up for sale. Poor Nell…she has no idea her visit will make her rethink everything she thought she knew about about her family & friends.Nell is on medical leave due to events around her last case. Being back in her childhood hom...
  • Chris
    “Girls Like Us is something special: A beautiful, deeply textured novel and a poignant, surprising mystery. I loved it, every chapter and every word. I’m going to be thinking about it as a reader, a father, and a storyteller for a long, long time.”
  • Norma * Traveling Sister
    An easy-breezy, entertaining and quick read!GIRLS LIKE US by CHRISTINA ALGER was an interesting premise with a fabulous and strong female character that mildly held my interest throughout. I was immediately intrigued and thoroughly enjoyed the mystery but felt like I was never fully engaged though. I was a little disappointed with the way a few things played out in the end which lowered my rating to 3 stars.I enjoyed it just didn't love it as muc...
  • Lisa
    A dramatic and tension-filled crime thriller with a delightfully strong and courageous female protagonist.SUMMARYFBI Agent Nell Flynn hasn’t been home for ten years. It’s a place she had no desire to see again. Her mother had been brutally murdered there when she was only seven. She and her father never had a particularly close relationship. And now her father, a thirty-year homicide police officer, is killed in a motorcycle accident. She ret...
  • Julie (JuJu)
    I’d really like to give this book 3.5 ⭐’s. It was mysterious and twisty enough to keep me intrigued to the end, and the writing was excellent, so I’m rounding up to 4 ⭐’s.My previous read was focused around memories. This book didn’t focus on memories quite as much, but they certainly played their part. Are they always reliable? Can we tell ourselves something enough times, it becomes real to us? The author threw out so many threads...
  • Jasmine from How Useful It Is
    I started reading Girls Like Us on 6/18/2019 and finished it on 6/21/2019 at 2:45am. This book is a great read! I enjoyed the conversations and connecting the dots from one murder scene to another. It has a slow start but picks up when a dead body was found. I like that the main character is independent and smart. She sounds like a tomboy who fixes her own roof and able to navigate around a rough house. The mystery and suspense were well placed a...
  • Larry H
    4.5 stars.What a pleasure it is to read a thriller that doesn't have an unreliable narrator, one which keeps you guessing about every single plot point because you don't know what is true and what is a figment of their imagination!FBI agent Nell Flynn returns to her childhood home in Long Island's Suffolk County for the first time in 10 years when her father, Martin, a homicide detective, is killed in a motorcycle accident.Nell and her father wer...
  • Toni
    FBI agent Nell Flynn has never had a close relationship with her father Martin. When she was seven, her mother was brutally murdered in their home, while Nell was out camping with her father. The police quickly found a culprit, although there were some doubts voiced by an astute reporter. Now Nell is back to Suffolk county to scatter her father’s ashes. Her father, who had a recurring problem with alcohol, had a motorbike accident, which could ...
  • Cindy Burnett
    In a genre completely overrun with domestic thrillers and unreliable narrators, Girls Like Us is a breath of fresh air and a very welcome addition. A true mystery in the best sense of the word, Girls Like Us stars FBI agent Nell Flynn who has come to Suffolk County, on Long Island, New York, to handle her homicide detective father’s affairs following his untimely death. Soon after she arrives, the local police force asks her to consult on a cas...
  • Linda Strong
    FBI Agent Nell Flynn has come home after an absence of 10 years. Her father has died in a motorcycle accident and she's there to spread his ashes and take care of his estate. He was a Homicide Detective and when his partner, Lee Davis, comes to pay his respects, he also wants something else from her.Nell's father was working a case of a murdered young woman when he died. There's been another woman brutally murdered and Lee wants her to consult on...
  • Lisa-Books Smiles
    Review to come.
  • Louise Wilson
    FBI Agent Nell Flynn has not seen her father for ten years when she gets the news that he has passed away in a motorbike accident. Her mother had been brutally murdered when Nell was just seven years old. She returns to Suffock County, Long Island to scatter his ashes and sell his house. While she is there, she is asked by her fathers partner, Lee Davis for help investigating the murders of two Latina women. The case is similar to another cold ca...
  • Betsy
    Read the book instead of the blurb.If you haven't read the blurb yet, then don't. I think it gives away far too much, and this mystery/thriller would have been more enjoyable if I didn't know quite so much going into it.Other than that, this was a great quick read. Girls Like Us is different because the main character, Nell Flynn, is a totally badass female FBI agent, and the men get relegated to the bit parts.I hope Cristina Alger is starting a ...
  • Darinda
    FBI Agent Nell Flynn returns to her hometown after her father’s death. The two of them had a strained relationship, ever since her mother’s murder years earlier. Her father was a homicide detective, and Nell gets involved with a case he was working at the time of his death.An intriguing mystery featuring a trustworthy female protagonist. Nell is smart, courageous, and independent. She also has a vulnerable side under her tough exterior. When ...
  • Stephanie (Stephanie's Novel Fiction)
    rounded up 4.5 StarsGirls Like Us is an addictive mystery in a thriller/suspense genre that so often churns out the same old same old unreliable narrator and predictable twists. The novel is told through the 1st person POV of FBI agent Nell Flynn, definitely as trustworthy and reliable a narrator as you can get, as she returns home to Long Island after the death of her dad, a local homicide detective. While there, she is pulled in to the investig...
  • Kristy
    Nell Flynn has reluctantly returned home to Long Island after the death of her father, Martin Flynn, a homicide detective. Nell hasn't seen her father in years, but must settle his estate after his motorcycle skidded off Montauk Highway in the early morning. She assumes her dad was drunk, per usual, when the incident occurred. Nell's mom was murdered when she was a child, and there's nothing about being home that makes her happy. But when Lee, a ...
  • Stephanie Nicholas
    Intriguing, fast paced, and exhilarating!Nell Flynn is an FBI agent in DC. After being away from Suffolk County in the Hamptons, she is called home after ten years to bury her father, Martin, who is killed in a motorcycle accident. While she's home, she becomes involved in two murder investigations, and the story moves on from there. This book had a lot of flat characters, too many to keep straight without a little more explanation. It was well t...
  • ABookwormWithWine
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐💫 / 5Girls Like Us is my first time reading a book by Cristina Alger and I enjoyed it so so much.What it's about: Nell Flynn is on leave from the BAU after shooting and killing a man, and suffering a gunshot wound. While on leave, her homicide detective father whom she hasn't seen in 10 years dies in a motorcycle accident and she is forced to go back to her home in Suffolk County to settle his estate. She hasn't been back since she...
  • Dennis
    This will be very quick, because I don't like to knock a book down too badly. After reading The Banker's Wife last year by Cristina Alger, I was so excited to pick up her upcoming mystery novel, Girls Like Us . Sadly, this book failed to deliver the same level of action-packed thrills that her predecessor provided. It takes place on Long Island, New York; but the author talks about "good" and "bad" neighborhoods in a very entitled, privileged wa...
  • NZLisaM
    Exhilarating, Atmospheric, and Apprehensive with Danger at Every Turn!When homicide detective Martin Flynn is killed in a motorcycle accident, his daughter Nell (an FBI agent) reluctantly returns to Suffolk County. It's a place full of bad memories for Nell – her mother was murdered when she was a child, and since then her relationship with her father has been strained, and they've rarely spoken in the past ten years. While there, Nell is asked...
  • Amanda
    You can also read my review here: https://devouringbooks2017.wordpress....This book caught my attention through a Shelf Awareness ad and I am so glad that I wound up getting a copy from Netgalley. Girls Like Us was exactly what I needed after reading a slow paced fantasy novel. It didn’t jump into the action right away, but after the first four chapters I was hooked. I found myself regretting starting it after 10 p.m. though, because it kept me...
  • Andrea
    I was lucky to read an early copy of Girls Like Us. The plot in this book is simply brilliant. I cannot say enough good things. I was on edge of seat, worried about characters and had to finish in one-read. As much as I liked Alger's prior books, I have to say that Girls Like Us takes her writing to a new level. Rush to pre-order this one!
  • Jen
    This story has so many mysteries to it! It started off a little slow for me and then by 75% of the book you fly through to the end because you need to know who did it! There were a lot of mysteries you had to solve. Who killed Nell’s Mom? What happened to Nell’s Dad? Is the police force Nell’s Dad works for corrupt? Are the two murdered girls related? While I was always curious to find the answers to these questions I felt like there wasn...
  • Amy
    We’re about to head off to Legoland but I wanted to jump on really fast and tell you guys how much I enjoyed Alger’s latest. This was a fast paced and exciting read and I loved that it was told via one POV, it made for a really nice change. Nell was exactly the kind of strong and determined lead character that I live for and the setting was seriously detailed and truly brought to life. Throw in a current mystery as well as some questions abou...
  • Jamie
    Cristina Alger has now written four novels, all of which I have read and enjoyed. And like a fine wine, Alger gets better with age! Girls Like Us is a standout novel in the age of unreliable female narrators, for having a protagonist who is a trustworthy FBI agent. Nell Flynn is a sharp, strong character who I enjoyed journeying with. Girls Like Us has the added benefit of being set on Long Island, where I grew up and still live, adding an extra ...