The New Girl (Gabriel Allon #19) by Daniel Silva

The New Girl (Gabriel Allon #19)

At an exclusive private school in Switzerland, mystery surrounds the identity of the beautiful girl who arrives each morning and leaves each afternoon in a heavily protected motorcade fit for a head of state. She is said to be the daughter of a wealthy international businessman. She is not. And when she is brutally kidnapped across the border in the Haute-Savoie region of France, Gabriel Allon, the legendary chief of Israeli intelligence, is thru...

Details The New Girl (Gabriel Allon #19)

TitleThe New Girl (Gabriel Allon #19)
Release DateJul 16th, 2019
PublisherHarper Collins Publishers
GenreThriller, Fiction, Spy Thriller, Espionage, Mystery, Mystery Thriller

Reviews The New Girl (Gabriel Allon #19)

  • Lynn Horton
    This is somewhere between a 4- and 5-star book for me, but since Silva has proven that, for the 19th time, he's my favorite author, I'm going with 5.The New Girl is vintage Silva: rapid-fire pacing, shifting locations, international intrigue, clearly defined characters, and crisp dialogue. I love everything about his writing and construction, and think Gabriel Allon is one of the best (if not THE best) protagonists out there. I relate to Allon in...
  • Judie
    Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon series is addictive. As usual, THE NEW GIRL is loosely based on recent events and moves into what could happen later on.While Allon is now older than 65 and heads Mossad, he still finds himself in the center of action. In THE NEW GIRL, he gets pulled in by the future king of Saudi Arabia, Prince Khalid, when Khalid’s twelve-year-old daughter, his only child, is kidnaped in Switzerland. Allon had great expectations...
  • Amy Peck
    Why can’t I read slower?Whenever I’m about to start reading the newest Gabriel Allon book from Daniel Silva, I always tell myself to read it slowly. Let the enjoyment that will overcome me when reading it last a little longer. Yep, I tell myself that every time. And every time I am able to go slowly at first but the more I read, the more involved I become with Gabriel and Ciara and Keller and Mikhail and Eli and Ari and Seymour with his wife...
  • Darcy
    It's always interesting to see how Gabriel gets pulled into the cases he works on. With this one starting out with a little girl you knew that Gabriel would help despite who her father was. I hated that they all didn't see who was behind things at first, mostly because I hoped with the knowledge the outcome could have been better.Once everyone realized what was going on Gabriel played hard and fast with the truth. I feel like I should be bothered...
  • Inqiad Ali
    Gabriel Allon thrillers are the greatest. I am looking forward to the new book.
  • victor
    The Summer is here, July is upon us and that can only mean that the time has come for another Gabriel Allon adventure from the #1 New York Times Best-selling and award-winning thriller author Daniel Silva. This year’s book is the 19th in this amazing series of thrillers and it’s called The New Girl.I listened to The New Girl in one session, ignoring work, phone calls and I can’t remember what I ate while listening… My immersion was comple...
  • Ana Maria Rivera
    Once again Daniel Silva has proven my point: that you don't actually need 8 hours of sleep and you are still able to go to work next morning after staying up all night with one of his book. That said, damn. Where do I start?... oh yes by saying book # 19 of the series is absolutely freaking fucking fantastic amazing.A jaw drop perfect combination of well known characters by now, a fantastic trip around amazing places around the world, an unexpect...
    Daniel Silva draws inspiration from a variety of sources in his latest espionage thriller, "The New Girl." Silva focuses on Khalid bin Mohammed, a stand-in for thirty-three-year-old Mohammad bin Salman, the crown prince and likely future king of Saudi Arabia. Many believe that bin Salman ordered the brutal murder and dismemberment of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. MBS, as he is widely known, initially gave the impression that he woul...
  • Jane Bedford-Crooks-Paredes
    The New Girl book is just more than what I anticipated since this master writer Daniel Silva last book. Very well written as I am having a difficult time stopping my reading to do daily tasks. Gabriel Allon heads Israeli Intelligence is using all his past vast experiences to help solve this situation of missing only daughter of a crown prince of Saudi Arabia/internationally known businessman. Daniel Silva books builds on each other as each book r...
  • Barry Smirnoff
    Another great summer pot boiler from Mr. SilvaEvery Summer for the past decade or so, I have looked forward to a new installment from the master spymaster Daniel Silva. This year’s story is a little different from his previous efforts. Using the recent murder of a Saudi journalist as source material, Silva has crafted another page turner that puts his hero, Gabriel Allon, at the center of the action. Allon is once again able to escape his admin...
  • Morgan
    Having read all 19 Gabriel Allon books, #19 – “The New Girl” is the only one so far that I would say it would be an advantage if the reader had read #18 (“The Other Woman”) before. That is not to say it cannot be read as a stand-alone, it just means that it would be a benefit to the reader if you have done so.As per usual Daniel Silva has written a masterful spy novel and shows himself as being a cut above all other authors of this genr...
  • Anna Amato
    DISCLAIMER: I received an ARC yesterday which guaranteed an honest review and no spoilers. I have read all Daniel Silva's Books sometimes in 2 or 3 days I read this in 8 hours with only brief stops. This is masterful and definitely his best. He makes no secret of the fact that he stopped after 250 pages because of current events and then thought of a way to redeem the leader of Saudi Arabia. By page 34 I was completely fascinated and having troub...
  • Jim A
    Several twists make this a very good read. Silva brings back Sarah Bancroft, the former CIA operative, from a couple of previous novels. Other members of Allon's merry band are also present as usual. There is a lot of reference to the storyline and characters from The Other Woman, book 18 in the series. Probably more reference than Silva has used in past thrillers, other than Allon's basic backstory. A necessary read for any followers of the adve...
  • Linda
    What can I one does it better than Daniel Silva!
  • Rohit
    It was worth the wait. You can't put this book down once you start.
  • Carol Schafer
    Read it too quickly. Darn. Now I have to wait another year for the next Daniel Silva book.
  • Jean
    Brilliant, amazing, a true masterpiece!~!
  • Mystery & Thriller
    Daniel Silva found himself on the horns of a dilemma when world events abruptly shifted after he was well into his 19th spellbinding novel featuring Gabriel Allon.Gabriel is the chief of Israeli intelligence whose reputation as a spy is equaled only by his talent in art restoration. He would prefer to spend more time with his family and in his studio, and less time trying to solve the problems of the Middle East. The arc of the book was to focus ...
  • Shawn
    As with most spy thrillers, it is very hard to give a review without spoilers. I’ve tried to avoid any direct spoilers, but there are aspects that might be given away by what I say. So be warned.The worst part about a Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon novel is that it comes to an end. The New Girl is just as fun, exciting, moving, and thought-provoking as the previous 18. It’s hard to top the early novels, but this is up there. I do so wish Gabr...
  • Nancy Brisson
    Having read all of Daniel Silva’s spy novels that feature Gabriel Allon and his team of talented Israeli intelligence specialized spies, I could not resist getting to The New Girl as soon as possible. None of the other books (there are 18 of them) deals with a global situation that is quite as recent as the one we find here. Silva always uses his spy Allon, now the head of the Israeli Intelligence Service to make sure that bad actors pay for th...
  • Monnie
    In the interest of full disclosure, this series (more specifically, art restorer and accomplished Israeli spy Gabriel Allon) has held the No. 1 spot on my Top 10 "heroes" list for quite a few years now. This is his 19th book; and I assure you he's in no danger of losing that lofty perch. The story is intricately woven with enough suspense to make me hold my breath here and there and the writing is, as always, exemplary. Add in the appearance of s...
  • carol johnson
    "The New Girl" is another winner for Daniel Silva. One of a dwindling number of authors whose books I pre-order on my Kindle as soon as their release date is announced, Silva rarely disappoints with his Gabriel Allon books. I binge read it in one sitting the day it was released. Yes, perhaps for the benefit of the occasional first time reader, Silva employs the fact same words to describe Chiara, Ari Shamron, Mikhail, and other of his main charac...
  • Lucy Krb
    Waiting. Always the waiting. This sums up the best the long year I had to wait to put my hands on Daniel Silva’s new masterpiece. It's been worth the wait. Silva proved once and again why his books are bestsellers. His deep knowledge of places and situations makes you wonder if the book is really just a fiction as he claims. Now, The New Girl’s pace is set up on fast and won't let you put the book down. So fasten your seat belt and get ready ...
  • Ed
    #19 in the Gabriel Allon series. This 2019 series entry by author Daniel Silva has Gabriel Allon as the head of Israeli intelligence, a post towards which he has ascended over the course of his career since he was recruited to assassinate the Black September terrorists who murdered 14 Israeli athletes and coaches at the 1972 Munich Olympics. This time he forms an unlikely partnership with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia in a quest to find and re...
  • kartik narayanan
    Read the full review at my site Digital AmritIntroductionThe New Girl is 19th book in the Gabriel Allon series, by Daniel Silva. In case you are new to it, Gabriel Allon (the protagonist) is an Israeli assassin who also happens to be one of the best artists/restorers in the world. During the course of the series, he suffers from heart break, finds new love and matches wits with the 'enemy' of the month. This series is definitely written with the ...
  • Larry
    This is #19 in the Gabriel Allon series. I couldn’t wait for this book’s release – and wasn’t disappointed. (BTW, it would be nice to have read #18, but not mandatory.)In the Forward, Silva comes right out and writes he was thinking of the real Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud, or MbS, as his main character which he names KbM. Wow! (I wonder if that will ruffle feathers anywhere.) When KbM’s 12 year old daughter...
  • Tony Nielsen
    I have become a huge fan of Daniel Silva's Gabriel Allon series and "The New Girl" doesn't disappoint. Its all systems go from the very start which is just how I like my thrillers to be. The action starts with setting the scene, as you do, with a well-to-do young woman snatched in a kidnap from an expensive and exclusive school in Switzerland.The fact that her father is the Saudi Crown Prince Khalid Bin Mohammed is of course the reason for the st...
  • Barbara
    Daniel Silva and Gabriel Allon It is mid- July and I have finished “The New Girl” by Daniel Silva. The book was a bit longer, so thankfully I didn’t read it one sitting. But still it will be a year before Gabriel Allon appears again. I know Mr. Silva isn’t already writing, he’s touring but I would seriously like him to get to work. I don’t know how I got lost in the character of Gabriel Allon but it was many years ago. He is serious, ...
  • Nicholas Lefevre
    How does Daniel Silva keep doing it through so many books. This is Gabriel Allon #19 and it's one of the best. Some stand out because of the art history tie-ins. Some because of development of our central characters. Some because of elaborate and suspenseful plotting.The New Girl's strength is it's connections to current world politics. It's no spoiler to say that it involves the murder of a leading journalist by the heir to the Saudi throne. It'...