Love and Other Mistakes by Jessica Kate

Love and Other Mistakes

There’s a fine line between love and hate . . . And for the last seven years, Natalie Groves has hated Jeremy Walters. Natalie Groves was meant for great things. But soon after her fiancé left, Natalie’s father was diagnosed with cancer. Suddenly her grand plans evaporated . . . and God felt very far away.Fast-forward seven years, and an internship presents Natalie a chance at her destiny—but she needs a job to work around it. And the...

Details Love and Other Mistakes

TitleLove and Other Mistakes
Release DateJul 30th, 2019
PublisherThomas Nelson
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Fiction, Adult, Christian Fiction

Reviews Love and Other Mistakes

  • Jultri
    DNF 38%. Christian fiction version of Love Actually. Multiple couples, interconnected lives. Pastor dirtbag cheated on his wife and blamed her reluctance to attend marital counselling. Some things did not add up.NetGalley ARC.
  • Melissa
    2.5 starsSome parts of this book I really liked, and others fell a bit short for me. What I liked: The soul searching and journey of her faith that Natalie goes through over the course of the novel is believable and touching. I felt for her--feeling stuck in her life, feeling like she needed to prove things to herself, and her up and down feelings for Jem were all meaningful to me as a reader.What I didn't care for:I really thought there were jus...
  • Antonella
    Love and Other Mistakes is my first book by this author and my first christian fiction. I really didn't pay attention while requesting this, that it's christian fiction. I didn't even know that it was a thing. I guess you live and learn. But I didn't mind. It read as some of the chick lit I have read. This is a story about two brothers and their families, kids, love interest and complicated relationship with their father. In a small town where on...
  • Susan Snodgrass
    Natalie Groves was dumped by her fiancé 7 years earlier and her father diagnosed with cancer. God just doesn't care about her. So she thinks. Now Jeremy is back in town with a baby son and Natalie is helping her parents with their finances after the medical bills pile up. She just lost her job and she agrees to nanny Jeremy's baby. What? Lots of issues in this debut novel, and they are handled well by the author. Redemption really works as both ...
  • Rachel McMillan
    HAPPY THOUGHTS! more soon!!!
  • Denise Hershberger
    This book wasn't as inspirational as I thought it would be. I felt like half the characters were Christian trying to live their lives for God and the other half said they were Christian (and even a pastor) but we're not even remotely acting Christ-like not did they seem to show much remorse or reconciliation.I liked Jem - most of the time. He early had made mistakes, but seemed to be trying to make the best of hard situations. I felt like Natalie...
  • Amanda Jones
    I had a hard time getting into this book, because it seems like there are so many things going on that it’s a little distracting. However, I kept reading, and I was glad that I did. This book gives light to many different struggles in a very relatable way. Definitely worth a read! *thanks to Netgalley and the published for a complimentary ARC for an honest review*
  • Susan
    Love and Other MistakesJessica KateWow, all I can say is, this story blew me away! Keep the tissues close by as you are reading LOVE AND OTHER MISTAKES by Jessica Kate. She will have your emotions all over the place. Once I started reading, it was very hard to stop! The twists and turns made it impossible to put down, as I had to know what was going to happen to Jem and Natalie after so much heartache! Will Natalie ever be able to explain to Jem ...
  • Ellie Studdard
    This is the first Christian fiction novel I've read since high school, so I was apprehensive, but pleasantly surprised! Love and Other Mistakes reads just like many of the other rom-coms I've loved recently. The author does a great job at not being overly preachy and creating relatable, flawed characters with just a touch of cheesiness to make you smile.Natalie is trying her best to get by, helping her family care for her sick father and his medi...
  • Maria
    - Received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for a fair review -A fast-paced plot with super-busy (often frenetic) characters, “Love and Other Mistakes”, by Jessica Kate, is an enjoyable, cute read about a couple’s second-chance at love, with an adorable baby and a teen girl with an old soul.Jeremy and Natalie’s present romance is somewhat pushed into the background, but the history and baggage between them compensate for that. And they ...
  • Georgia
    I was dubious about reading a Christian romance, but this was really well done and tackled some pretty weighty church issues and life challenges in a wonderfully non-cheesy way. The story dealt with issues of infidelity (that part of the story was a particular gut punch), illness, forgiveness, self-worth, and regular ole relatable. Plus the characters were flawed and not everyone’s story ended in a neat bow. A few criticisms: ...
  • Come_read_with_me_
    I had high hopes for this book! The synopsis had me hooked and I couldn't wait to get started however, it didn't work for me. At all! I found the storylines didn't add up, the characters annoyed me. I had to force myself to keep reading. I absolutely loved Ollie's character! He was sweet!! Thank you to netgalley for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
  • Cecily Bonney
    To be very honest with you I wanted to give up about 20% into this book but my husband told me not to. He said "Cecily not all books grab your full attention at the beginning and you could be surprised ". I am going to be fair and give this book 3 Stars. Was this book what I expected? NoDid I dislike this book? NoThis book is a Christian Fiction book in my opinion. There is a love of God talk and church talk in it. But the thing that I liked the ...
  • Katherine
    I really hate when blurbs are misleading. It does the book and readers a disservice by setting up wrong expectations and connecting readers with the wrong books. This book is not a “hilarious, romantic” book. In fact this novel is pretty far from a rom-com because it’s actually very heavy. There’s very little humor at all and the romance is pretty thin. That being said it is a good book but not at all what the description is setting up. T...
  • Randi Sampson
    I love a good inspirational romance! You get the joys of seeing the leading characters fall in love... without anything inappropriate that we don't want! What's not to love? Still, not everyone sees it quite that way. They hear inspirational romance and picture sugar coated romances that are too sweet and too perfect to be relate-able, or over the top preachy. In reality though, while there may be some titles like that, the styles found within th...
  • Becka
    Thanks go to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.What a refreshing experience it was to read a romance story that wasn’t overflowing with gratuitous sex scenes and f-bombs on every page! Love and Other Mistakes has very real (not perfect) characters, from the minister struggling with infidelity to the main character, Natalie, unsure of what kind of relationship sh...
  • Becca (Reflections From My Bookshelves)
    This was a fun story to read. I liked Natalie and Jeremy and found both of them to be relatable and interesting. They both could be friends of mine. I like that the reader can learn valuable truths such as forgiveness and trust right along with Natalie and JeremyIt's a love story of second chances and hope. it's a perfect blend of serious and funny that will make you smile until the end. I recommend this book to my family and friendsI received th...
  • Nicole
    A fun, entertaining read with flawed characters and realistic issues. An interesting debut novel from this author. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson and was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine.
  • Lauren
    Overall, I enjoyed this one a lot. I couldn't stop reading once I started, which is always the mark of a good book to me. I connected to Natalie right away and wanted all her happiness. I'm always drawn to second chance romances, though I rarely ready to forgive the person who left (usually the guy), when the heroine is ready to forgive them. And here, while I liked Jeremy a lot, I also felt like Natalie does the most having to change her views t...
  • Brandi
    Love and Other Mistakes, a debut novel by Jessica Kate, provides a challenging look at the broken people inside the church. I was prepared for light hearted rom-com and was surprised when it turned out to be a little heavier than that. The story centers on Natalie, although several other characters have a prominent role as well. The stories do all weave together, but there were a few times I would have appreciated a little more filler details. I ...
  • Toni Shiloh
    Love and Other Mistakes, is a lot deeper than it's title portrays. There are some issues that are rarely talked about and I enjoyed seeing that in a book. However, there was so much going on in this book (subplots and other characters) that it became a little distracting. I didn't have a chance to fall in love with the characters, because they kept changing on me. I did like the spiritual thread Natalie went through. It had a fresh take on it and...
  • Kriz M
    Not my usual genre, but cute book i thoroughly enjoyed the story. Book will be published on July 30th. Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for giving me an ARC in exchange for an honest review*
  • Andreajanel
    I was provided with an ARC of this title from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This was a light-hearted easy read that explores what happens when everything you thought was true dissolves into complete chaos. The main character is forced to examine her life in light of God's plan, and comes to a peace and understanding that are hard-won but deeply meaningful.3.5 Stars.
  • Nola
    Natalie was broken-hearted when her fiance Jem broke off their engagement 7 years ago. She has had a series of other disappointments and heartaches since then, including having to quit university after her adored father was stricken with cancer and working a run of dead-end jobs, including the most recent from which she's been made redundant. Now single-dad Jem is back in town with his baby son and needs a nanny. There is no way that Natalie woul...
  • Tressa (Wishful Endings)
    LOVE AND OTHER MISTAKES is one of those inspirational romances that will make readers laugh, cry, swoon, and wish the best of happy endings for these characters. They face so much brokenness, and need each other and their faith to make it through. Definitely recommended to Christian romance or even general romance fans!From the first page I knew this story was going to be a whole lot of fun, but also an emotional read. It definitely kept it up to...
  • Erin
    Natalie Groves has never recovered from the breakup with her fiance when she was 19. It's been seven years, and she has yet to get her life back on track. When Jem returns to town -- a single dad, no less, with infant son in tow -- and asks her to be his nanny, she can't believe his audacity. Things begin perking up when she has the chance to intern at her dream job. Knowing she needs income and flexible hours if she's going to swing this opportu...
  • Fiction Aficionado
    ~4.5 stars~ What a fantastic debut! By the time I got to the end of the first chapter, I was already in love with this author’s voice. It’s the kind of deep point of view that really immerses you in the story, and it reads as naturally and enjoyably as a conversation with your best friend. Best of all, it was obvious from the first chapter that this story would do justice to the complex emotions involved in the love/hate relationship between ...
  • Carla Johnson-Hicks
    4.5 Stars When Nat's fiance, Jem, left her 10 weeks before her wedding, her life fell apart. She felt she had done something wrong to cause the break-up and his fleeing the city for Chicago. When her dad was diagnosed with cancer, she left college to help pay the bills and support her family. As her life is spiralling out of control, the last thing she expects is for Jem to return with a nine month old son seven years later. When she needs a job,...
  • Nicole
    I was shocked to learn that Love and Other Mistakes by Jessica Kate is a debut novel. How is that possible? Kate’s writing is that of a pro with several celebrated novels under her belt. I found the characters in this story to be original, complex, and authentic. The way each character works through (or doesn’t) their true-to-life issues felt very relatable. I found myself laughing hysterically one minute and then sobbing the next as my heart...