Renegades (Expeditionary Force Book, #7) by Craig Alanson

Renegades (Expeditionary Force Book, #7)

The battle-scarred star carrier Flying Dutchman is finally on her way back to Earth, after an exceptionally successful series of missions that have once again Saved The World. The ship needs a serious refit, and her exhausted crew just wants a break from constant clandestine warfare against a vicious and superior enemy. Wishes come true, right? Not for the Merry Band of Pirates.

Details Renegades (Expeditionary Force Book, #7)

TitleRenegades (Expeditionary Force Book, #7)
Release DateNov 15th, 2018
GenreScience Fiction, Space, Space Opera, War, Military Fiction

Reviews Renegades (Expeditionary Force Book, #7)

  • Alejandro Bueno
    Holee D.Before you open this book, read the first 6 and maybe the novella. To truly appreciate this piece you'll have to know the entire backstory, but once you do it'll be worth it. So much happens and so many questions were answered that I can hardly see this series continuing except there are still 3 major questions, 4 if you include the end of book 6 left to be answered. To stir a little bit of excitement, we'll finally get to see what happen...
  • Frank
    Alanson has refreshed the series, injected new characters and situations, and gave a whole new dimension to the overarching storyline of the series. The author is highly prolific in his writing with a new book coming out seemingly every six to 8 months. The reader can definitely tell that there is an end game to where the series is going, but, keeps it so obscure that this series can go in so many different ways. That being said, it would be nice...
  • Cory Rose
    Not as good I like the series but this one just isn't as good as the others. Like three quarters is just brain storming ideas for proposed actions, the story itself is still good, the humor, characters, and development of the story arc are all still entertaining, but it felt like most of the book was useless filler for the parts that actually took place. Still like the series and definitely look forward to more, but this was not as good as any of...
  • Thomas
    In this instalment of the Espeditionary Force by Craig Alanson we follow the crew of the Dutchman on their adventure to stop the Maxhole ships that we heard of in the end of the last book. This book is filled with the same great humor as the last books as well as new and interesting problems that the crew has to overcome. I would recomed these books to anyone who likes the Sci-Fi genre.
  • Ken Illingworth
    CraighasmymunniAnd well worth it, they just keep getting better and better, nice to see new crew introduced into the series, more kickass women bring back Sarge Marge and other original merry band of Pirates.
  • John Harlow
    A better finish than I expectedI thought I was going to miss some of the key characters that were left behind on Earth but the story was still excellent. The combination of Joe and Skippy is still very satisfying
  • S D
    Maybe the best one yetAlanson found a way to avoid formulaic storytelling and predictable prose. This one feels fresh and very different, and might even be as good as Columbus Day. A great read!
  • Roger Holder
    Super fanboy hereGod I love this song s entire series. Joe and skippy are some of the best characters ever!!!! Can not wait to read what is in store for them in the future. Also can't wait to find out what happens with marge too
  • David Clayton
    Satisfying to the end!This book continues the entertainment I have enjoyed through out this series. Funny, action packed, and capable of letting me enjoy some fantasy for a few hours.
  • Mark Lipton
    Beat yet!I loved this book. I have read every one in this series and far and away this was the best.At times it had me laughing out loud. At other times the suspense was nerve racking but Joe and/or Skippy always found a way out.I highly recommend this book.
  • kenneth day
    Love love this seriesOne of the best new authors i have read. The adventures of Skippy, Bishop and crew of the Dutchman are forever entertaining.
  • Tony Parrott
    I enjoyed it as I enjoy all of these books and look forward to the next one. That being said, there was a little too much emphasis on Skippy and Joe insulting each other and not enough on action.....
  • Rogelio Garcia
    Great story!I really loved this book! It’s a great story that really moves us forward and has lots of action. I can’t wait to see what happens
  • Andrew Anderson
    Excellent addition to the series.If you enjoyed any of the other books, you get a chance to see Joe Bishop vs one of the senior species.
  • Heather Johnson
    Good addition to the series.A very good addition to the series, love the interactions the crew has with the beer can. Looking forward to the next book.
  • James M
    AwesomeAnother awesome book for the series. Sadly now I have to wait for the next one. Feels like skippy time....
  • Heavy