Vivid Avowed (The Evelyn Maynard Trilogy, #3) by Kaydence Snow

Vivid Avowed (The Evelyn Maynard Trilogy, #3)

The thrilling conclusion to the Internationally Bestselling Evelyn Maynard TrilogyEvelyn’s secrets have all been revealed, even questions she never thought to ask. Despite the turmoil surrounding her childhood and true identity, she knows one thing for sure: she belongs with her devoted Bonded Variants – Ethan, Josh, Tyler and Alec.But the truth hasn’t set Evelyn free.The division between Variants and humans continues to widen. Nowhere is s...

Details Vivid Avowed (The Evelyn Maynard Trilogy, #3)

TitleVivid Avowed (The Evelyn Maynard Trilogy, #3)
Release DateAug 1st, 2019
GenrePolyamorous, Reverse Harem, Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, New Adult

Reviews Vivid Avowed (The Evelyn Maynard Trilogy, #3)

  • Sh3lly
    1. Variant Lost: ★★★★★2. Vital Found: ★★★★★The final book in the Evelyn Maynard trilogy. Evelyn and her guys are working as a team and settled into their Bond. I just really loved this reverse harem series. It ticked all the boxes for me. Tyler, Ethan, Josh, and Alec are so swoon-worthy.We find out why Evelyn "glows" and what she is. Her evil father is dealt with. Everything is resolved and wrapped up in a satisfying way. Plen...
  • Absolutelyred
    10% lame biscuit, 90% nonsensical filling. 40% annoying, 60% boring.
  • Emily (Emily Reads)
    Oh my gosh, somebody hold me!! I’m sitting here stunned as I try to process that this was the final book in one of my favorite trilogies. It was AMAZING, to say the least! It had literally everything I ever could have wanted and more! Can I give it ten stars!?!?Davis is more power hungry than ever and he’ll do anything he can to retrieve the missing puzzle piece to his master plan, Eve. But her guys won’t go down without a fight. And what a...
  • tabassum
    There are a lot of fiction books out there now with a lot of emphasis on LGBT themes and characters. While this isn’t the focus here the authors portrayal of such relationships in this series is so natural that I think it deserved a mention. It wasn’t dramatised or hyped to make a statement and I felt it was a much better representation of reality/what reality should be. The lack of a dramatic highlight makes the highlight, if you know what I...
  • Che
    Action, steamy scenes, and lot of tears. This book was a roller coaster.Simply an amazing end to a fantastic trilogy
  • Annabel
    I really loved the eindig of this trilogy! I'll write a full review soon
  • Alicia
    I found with this one that the plot took a backseat to having sex scenes. I know it’s RH, but it didn’t start out centred around their relationships so I found it a little disappointing. Plus the whole “we can’t say anything conflict” didn’t make sense.
  • Emma
    Wow! This book is action packed, full of hot sexy moments - NEVER has a steam room been so appealing, full of loving moments, full of action, terror, drama, heartache and laughter. I couldn't put it down. That epilogue was so mean but also the cutest thing in the world, kaydence you tease. It was the perfect third addition to this series and for these characters that I absolutely adore. If I had a harem of men I would hope they would consist of m...
  • Daisy Delfin
    Pages: 460My rating (stars): 4Read other books from this author in the future: yesThe final book in this series came out on 1/08/2019. I really like this series and I was looking forward to this release. On the one hand I am happy to know the conclusion on the other hand I really got attached to Eve, Alec, Tylor, Josh and Ethan as well as other characters, so I am a little sad that it is over now.So I will state my likes and dislike in spoiler Ta...
  • Vicki
    The final book in the Evelyn Maynard Trilogy was truly a fitting conclusion for Eve and her guys. The third book really focuses on dealing with the villain and his supporters, culminating in an action-scene battle, while still interspersing romantic scenes that make the heart happy. I generally enjoy first or second books in a series best, as is the case here, because I love the angsty back-and-forth of the relationship building during those stag...
  • Missy Brown
    I have followed this series from the start. I was instantly drawn in to Evelyn and her journey. And oh what a journey it has become. Sad that this is the final book, but oh did i enjoy what happened.In Vivid Avowed we have many challenges, an example is the final battle, but our girl comes out and fighting. She has fought for this moment and it does not disapoint. She has grown from book one to book three, so beautifully. She really grew/learned ...
  • Rhiannon Chillingworth
    A solid 4 star end to a solid 4 star series.There's been a lot to like in the series. Interesting and original world building, an engaging over arching plot and decent oaicng across all three books. The ending was good and the prologue sweet if a little cheesy.Despite the above, and it being well written, I think what was missing for me in this series to push it higher was any real love for any of the characters. Eve was pretty cool, but I did so...
  • Freida Kilmari
    I cannot believe I'm giving this book a one star, but I am so disappointed that I feel I have to. Firstly, let me just say that the first two books were amazing, and the series was (until now) my favourite RH of all time. However, this book has forced the series into the "started well, but ended terribly" pile. I didn't finish this book, and stopped at the 28% mark, because the main character, who previously was this uniquely-thinking, intelligen...
  • Tika
    As usual Kaydence wrote a fantastic story about Evie and my four favourite guys.The story picks up shortly after the ending to Vital Found. I really enjoyed this book, her deepening bond with all four of her guys was really satisfying to read, I especially liked the Alec/Evie parts. Because underneath that Master of Pain exterior, he needs her just as much as the others do.The book was fairly even for its chilled moments and was still action pack...
  • Ola Adamska
    Ms. Snow did A Great Job with this one. I felt a little lost at first as I hadn't reread the other two books - trust me it's important as there are no places the action slowdown.Evelyn and her Bond are great together and the way each guy gives something different feels amazing, especially how four different personalities clash And work in unison pace.The ending and whole way to it was satisfying and allowed to understand everything from the first...
  • Bec
    This was a decent end to this trilogy with the theme of standing up to discrimination is throughout. Story threads were tied up, good guys prevail, and Alec got his crap together. I did take away a star because there was a bit too much filler that wasn't necessary to the story that really could be edited out. Mostly this was a fun trilogy and we'll see what the author offers in the future.
  • Kokom1
    Love, love, loved this conclusion. It really did feel epic. Well written, well rounded and totally satisfying. The third instalment picks up the tensions and throws them into overdrive. Loved the big battle. Lots of tears, tantrums, laughs and hugs. Highs and lows that keep the reader connected to the characters. Well done Kaydence. Loved it!
  • Elaine
    Meh. This whole series was meh. Evelyn is the most needy heroine and her bondmates spend too much time chuckling, so annoying.
  • Kristy
    4.5 stars Good conclusion to the series. Things are wrapped up well.
  • Bianca Souza
    3,5 stars Some questions were left without an answer and At some point the authors hints that may be a MM scene that doesn't happen.
  • Katyana
    I enjoyed it, but the second one was definitely the best of this trilogy. Here were the snags that led to me knocking it down a star:1. The lead characters did some shockingly stupid stuff in order to serve the plot.I'm never a fan of TSTL, but it particularly irritates me when otherwise sharp, smart characters miss obvious stuff in an out-of-character way in order to further the story. There were a couple of cases of this, but the most egregious...
  • Amy March (Between the Screens)
    Okay. Let’s take a second and be totally candid here, I’m not sure that I was emotionally ready to say goodbye to these characters. There, I said it. I didn’t just adore this series, these characters worked their way into my cold blackened heart and lit me up from the inside. It is honestly just mind blowing that this was the authors first series. Anyway, I’m here to specifically discuss Vivid Avowed so that’s what I’m going to do. It...
  • Anna
    Kaydence Snow burst into the RH scene last year with Variant Lost. I said then that I could see this being one of those RH that people just rave about. I still stand by that. The second book delivered just as much action and suspense and the first book. The third book, holy freaking hell. Talk about sitting on the edge of your seat. There is so much going on in this book. Davis wants Eve and he is pulling no punches to get what he wants. This cau...
  •  Diana Davis
    Vivid Avowed (The Evelyn Maynard Trilogy Book 3) Kindle Editionby Kaydence Snow I borrowed this book via the Kindle Unlimited program and am voluntarily leaving a review.This finale was the kind of book that makes you glad you started the series. Satisfying and filled with all the feels, I was perfectly pleased with how Ms. Snow gave us moments of passion, protestations of love, and a classic, epic showdown.Beyond that, the underlying subtext ...
  • Amy [Book Addict Reviews]
    THIS BOOK!!!! It was everything I could have asked for in the third and final book in this trilogy. Evelyn and her Bond are getting stronger, their connection is more powerful than ever. This story was the perfect mix of drama, suspense, action and steaminess (HELLO STEAM ROOM!!!). I love the connection between Evelyn and each of the guys (Josh, Ethan, Tyler and Alec). Each guy is different, however, they just all work together. They make each ot...
  • House Of Gecko
    Alec Show It's hard to enjoy this series knowing that the main person causing all of the drama is 8 to 9 years older than the FMC.All of the guys are older than her yet they are immature and are supposed to be top spies. In this book they all started to blend into one guy and sit into the background - minus Alec.Tbh with all the filler that book two and three had, this trilogy could easily be a standalone book.Also... Alex cheated on her. Plain a...
  • Britt B
    Not my favorite book, but a great series This was my least favorite book of the series really. Even though it wrapped up any lingering questions, it was basically a filler book. That in itself is not necessarily bad, it just lost the momentum of the previous 2 books. The plot just seemed to hover really and events or scenes added that never really "added" to the story. I lost some of the connections with the characters mainly the supporting ones ...
  • April Showers
    I felt that this series could’ve been edited a little better and been a super strong duet rather then a trilogy. I felt that was a LOT of filler in this book and it got repetitive. I’m also not normally a fan of RH so I didn’t love the ending, it wasn’t wrapped up in a HEA bow like normal romances are. And I just can’t get behind the sharing thing forever, like what does that future (with kids and shit) look like? Like the sharing thing...
  • Rhiannon Marlowe
    Disclaimer: I have been one of Kaydence's ARC readers for the entire Evelyn Maynard series. I offer this review voluntarily.For a debut series, I was impressed and entertained by the end that Kaydence brought to Evelyn's story. It feels complete. Like any "why choose" romance, many of the elements are predictable, but Kaydence does a great job breathing new life into the tropes that have already ingratiated themselves into this sub-genre. This se...