Theme Music by T. Marie Vandelly

Theme Music

An utterly propulsive and unpredictable psychological thriller from stunning new talent T. Marie VandellyFor the lucky among us, life is what you make of it, but for Dixie Wheeler, the theme music for her story was chosen by another long ago, on the day her father butchered her mother and brothers and then slashed a knife across his own throat. Only one-year-old Dixie was left alive, infamously known as Baby Blue for the song left playing in the ...

Details Theme Music

TitleTheme Music
Release DateJul 23rd, 2019
PublisherDutton Books
GenreHorror, Thriller, Fiction, Mystery, Mystery Thriller, Adult

Reviews Theme Music

  • Chelsea Humphrey
    "When no one answered his repeated knocks, he let himself in. He told the police that the music struck him first. Not the blood, not the savagery,..., but the heartrending desperation pouring from the speakers in the living room. He covered his ears before it even occurred to him to cover his eyes."*Fun fact-I rode past the Franconia exit, the setting of the story, while reading this book!I'm tired of waffling on various ends of the rating system...
  • Michelle
    For such an unassuming title and cover I was surprised at how dark a story lay within these pages. "All the days became so longDid you really think, I'd do you wrongDixie, when I let you goThought you'd realize, that I would know, I would showThe special love I have for you, my Baby Blue" ~ BadfingerDixie Wheeler was only a toddler sitting in her high chair enjoying her breakfast on Thanksgiving morning when her father slaughtered her entire fami...
  • marilyn
    I was attracted to this book by the cover, the title, and the description although the description also repelled me with it's mentions of throat slashing, a mother and her sons butchered by the husband/father, slaughter by axe, and other things gave me doubts if I could handle reading this book. In the end, I know I will be reading another T. Marie Vandelly book but I do hope that she writes about something with less gore, slaughter, and butchery...
  • Dennis
    5, strong, strong stars for T. Marie Vandelly's debut novel, Theme Music.Disclaimer: This book is extremely graphic. One of the most graphically violent books I have ever read in my life. If you can stomach extreme violence with graphic narration about it, then proceed with reading this amazing psychological thriller. Once in awhile, you come across a novel that completely knocks you down, and shakes you to the core—and that is Theme Music . A...
  • Frank Phillips
    Freeeeeeaaakkkyyyy! This was one of my top five creepiest reeds. Ever! I enjoyed this immensely. Not for everyone I'm sure, as it's very graphic. This is a perfect October read for horror enthusiasts!
  • Natasha Niezgoda
    VERY HONEST REVIEW - NOT FOR EVERYONE. Okay. Hear me out I’m a true crime lover, and because of this, I have an amateur understanding of procedural behaviors/guidelines that usually occur within an investigation. So when a crime thriller has a criminal case with lazy procedural elements, it’s like a date where a guy (or girl) only talks about himself all night long - A TURN-OFF And that’s what happened here. You see, the prologue of Theme M...
  • Mackey
    Theme Music was one of the most hauntingly bizarre tales that I’ve read in a very long time. There is a paranormal element to it that adds to the horror aspect of the story but the story line itself is macabre enough to frighten off those with weak constitutions. Never-the-less, I couldn’t put this book down!Dixie was the sole survivor of a family massacre that occurred when she was two. The official story is that her father murdered the fami...
  • Lisa-Books Smiles
    3.5 stars. This was just okay to me. It was real good in some parts and extremely boring in others. I've read a lot of reviews that talk about this being an extremely dark book but, I don't agree. I've read way darker books than this one. Overall, it's a decent debut novel.
  • Emily
    Theme Music is T. Marie Vandelly's debut novel, and I loved it so much. This book is a fantastic blend of horror and thriller, and I would recommend it for fans of both. I could see this book still being on my favorites list at the end of the year. It's a fascinating and gruesome story. I think the bloodiness of it is much more on the horror side than thriller, so thriller fans, just be aware going in that this one is super graphic. Theme Music i...
  • Kyra Leseberg (Roots & Reads)
    Dixie Wheeler's entire family was brutally murdered on Thanksgiving Day in their kitchen by her father, who then killed himself. Baby Dixie was found unharmed in her high chair by a boy next door and then raised by her aunt and uncle.It's been twenty five years and Dixie still bares the emotional scars of the horrific event that she was too young to even remember. The house goes on the market and Dixie decides to move in, pulling her family's fur...
  • Chandra Claypool (wherethereadergrows)
    I started this book before I had to leave for a weekend upstate to be a part of a wedding. I didn't want to put this book down but I had to so I would read snippets here and there as I found time. One of the reasons I like to binge read is because it's like watching a movie. If you watch a movie in a lot of sections, then we don't get quite the same impact like we would had we watched it all the way through in one fell swoop. I do think that had ...
  • Laura • lauralovestoread
    There is no question about it, when I heard of this book through the book community/bookstagram vine, I needed to get my hands on it. I’m a bit of a chicken when it comes to haunted houses and ghost story books, yet I’m also so fascinated by them. Almost as if to see just how scared it will make me.This debut novel had all of the ghost story and haunted house vibes I was looking for, yet it’s told upfront so you know what you’re getting i...
  • Ludwig
    “I like this one,” I said. “It feels like home already.”Theme Music is what every thriller/horror novelist wishes they could write. It's obscure, unapologetic and knife-wielding. The author's writing is extremely sharp it terrified me. And that rarely occurs. Without further ado, welcome to the Wheeler House.The layout of this place is so wonderfully detailed throughout the story and, just like any of the characters that dwell inside it, ...
  • Anne
    I'm not usually one for creepy ghost stories, but OH, this book! Very surprising that it's a debut novel as I believe it rivals some of Stephen King's in terms of the "creep factor." Protagonist Dixie was a toddler when her father interrupted the family breakfast by butchering his wife, his young sons, and then slitting his own throat. Now, twenty-five years later, Dixie feels compelled to buy her old house that is up for sale as she feels there ...
  • Lisa Sawangjang
    I was sucked in right from the very first page! This is way beyond what I was expecting from this book. This book deserves all of the rave reviews and hype it has been getting! A serious page turner! The gore, detail, and insane acts of violence had me cringing, yet waiting for more. This would make a killer horror film!
  • Isabel • The Crime Bookshelf
    3 STARS I was really looking forward to reading this one because I thought it would be the perfect spooky read for October, but unfortunately it fell flat for me. While I didn’t LOVE this one, there are still many things about this book that I did enjoy. This book started off with a bang with one of the most gruesome scenes I’ve ever read. While the content was disturbing, the opening scene was so beautifully written and grabbed your attenti...
  • Jamie Canaves
    A Mystery Thriller For Horror Fans (TW suicide, including murder suicide and assisted/ graphic violence/ stalking)This started out completely bonkers–sole survivor of a family massacre moves back into her childhood home where the massacre took place–and turned into a great exploration of trauma. Dixie Wheeler was a baby when her father murdered the entire family with an ax before turning the ax on himself. Now, a grown adult, she impulsively ...
  • tattooedreader13
    4.5 stars! Such a fun listen, highly recommend! The writing is excellent and the main character is both hilarious and demented in the best way.
  • Sam
    Beginning - greatMiddle - awfulEnd - okayFull review to come later!
  • Gara
    Warning - some use of bad language that I don't choose to use or read (personal choice). Did I want to find out what was going to happen next? Yes. There were frequent twists in the plot, some of which I anticipated and some that I did not. Did I want to read and yet cover my eyes at the same time? Oh yes, this had lots of graphic details of a murder scene. There were several times when I questioned Dixie - "Why did you want to live in this parti...
  • Morelia (Strandedinbooks)
    This book has so much going for it, I was excited. Murder? Ghosts? Yes, please! And upon reading the first few chapters I was hooked by some of the graphic descriptions of the Wheeler massacre, by its gore, and I couldn’t wait to continue to the end!However, I felt that there wasn’t enough within the story to have given us a proper whodunnit. In keeping a relatively small circle, one that I’m sure was meant to have the reader bouncing back ...
  • Stephanie (Stephanie's Novel Fiction~on hiatus))
    4.5 StarsFirst, I want to say that this book is filled with graphic violence, detailed acts of gruesome, inhumane acts of savagery and brutal murder. It might just be the bloodiest, goriest bookthat I've ever read. Ever. It's very dark and beyond disturbing so if you tend to stay away from books that read like that, then this definitely is not the book for you. With that said, I freaking loved T. Marie Vandelly's debut novel Theme Music!When ...
  • Madeline Nixon
    I hate it when a really good book falls flat. I loved the creepy vibes with the gruesome murders and ghostly figures in the house. That was probably my favourite part of the novel because it was so well done. But I wanted scarier and had been told it would be scarier. In addition to that, a little before halfway through the book it became glaringly obvious who really slaughtered the family, making me super disappointed when that reveal happened a...
  • Katie
    A first novel, a good one, and the title gives nothing away. I like that. It’s not a shivery, goose-bumpy title at all, is it, but this is one spectacularly shivery thriller. Now, you know, I’ve read my share of mysteries and thrillers, and let me tell you that you won’t find fictional murders more horrifying than these. Not extravagant, opulent murders a la The Da Vinci Code, but murders in a perfectly ordinary kitchen – at breakfast. On...
  • Kate (kate_reads_)
    How do I write a review for a book that left me speechless? I am tempted to just quote The Good Place and say “holy motherforking shirtballs” - go read this book. But - I will try to give you a little more.Theme Music drops us into the life of Dixie Wheeler. 25 years ago, when she was less than 2 years old - one morning over breakfast her father violently killed her mother and three brothers before killing himself. That is difficult and dark ...
  • Crystal Hiatt
    It's fairly clear that Vandelly wants this book to be the next 'Dark Places' by Gillian Flynn. She wasn't subtle in creating a novel that mimicked its (far better and more well written) predecessor. Similarities include: A family brutally massacred; the youngest child (a daughter in both) was the only survivor; questions regarding the identity of the real killer; an investigation into the long-ago murder to try and vindicate the accused party. Th...
  • Ward
    This may be one of the more intense and severe suspense books I've read. Not much phases me. I can handle just about anything that is delivered through the written word, but there were moments in this thriller about the sole survivor of an ax massacre the took the lives of her entire family that put me on edge.
  • Lauren
    THIS BOOK IS CRAZY!!!! And I loved it from beginning to end. Nothing is what you think and everyone is suspicious. Such a good story.
  • Octavia (ReadsWithDogs)
    " I didn't need to see how scared I was. The squirrelly quality of my heartbeat, the uncontrollable tremble in my knees, andthe prick of a million tiny icicle hairs against the back of my shirt were reminder enough. My hands were shaking so bad I could barely get the floss out of the container. I shook my head as I took a seat onthe toilet, wiped my brow with toilet paper, and steadied my knees with cold fingertips. Everything would be better in ...
  • Cassie-Traveling Sister-
    Before reading this book I do want to let my fellow readers know there are extremely graphic violence descriptions of murder scenes and narration about it as well! Dixie Wheeler lost her entire family to a brutal murder on Thanksgiving Day. The murder took place in the kitchen by her own father who then killed himself. Dixie who was a baby was unharmed and found sitting in her high chair covered in blood by her oldest brothers friend who also hap...