Moonshine Kiss (Bootleg Springs, #3) by Lucy Score

Moonshine Kiss (Bootleg Springs, #3)

All those years of adolescent fantasies and this was how Bowie Bodine first touched my boobs. And he apologized. Real life was stupid and unfair. Small town deputy Cassidy Tucker’s dating life is a train wreck on repeat. All she ever wanted was a solid partner. A man to share pajamas with. The handsome, big-hearted Bowie Bodine. Wait. Scratch that. Mr. You’re-Like-a-Sister-to-Me is not welcome in her fantasies. She and Bowie aren’t going to...

Details Moonshine Kiss (Bootleg Springs, #3)

TitleMoonshine Kiss (Bootleg Springs, #3)
Release DateDec 7th, 2018
PublisherThat's What She Said Publishing
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Mystery

Reviews Moonshine Kiss (Bootleg Springs, #3)

  • Carol [Goodreads Addict]
    RATING 4.5 STARSMoonshine Kiss is book three in the Bootleg Springs series by Claire Kingsley and Lucy Score. Each book in this series can be read as a stand alone but there is a continuing story that continues through the series, the disappearance of Callie Kendall. The prime suspect is now the deceased father of the Bodine siblings. Each book is about a different sibling. This book focuses on Bowie and his sister Scarlett’s best friend, Cassi...
  • Jilly
    This was my least favorite book in the series. The guy, Bodie, was an asshole disguised as a "nice guy." You know those kind of guys who bitch about being friend-zoned because they are just so nice?! yeah, right. So Bodie has had a crush on Cassidy since they were teens, but her father told him that she was too young for a serious relationship and he should back off. Bodie takes this to mean that he is never to see her again and that somehow this...
  • Stacey is Sassy
    I'm feeling mushy and gushy againOh my lordy, I LOVED Moonshine Kiss. My eyes are blurry and my back is breaking after reading for four hours straight. I haven't had an intense reading frenzy like that in yonky donks but I just couldn't stop. There's something about knowing, or thinking you know, the characters before you even start. Within a few pages, I knew what had scared Bowie off from the love of his life. It was just lucky theirs was "true...
  • Ivy Deluca
    Ah, now THIS is what I love about the Bootleg Springs series - the town is full of fun, quirky characters but I never feel like it takes precedence over the main romance. In this third installment, Bowie Bodine, one of the infamous Bodines in Bootleg Springs, and Cassidy Tucker, a deputy with the local Sheriff’s Department (and who also happens to be Sheriff Tucker’s daughter) finally explore their long-standing feelings for each other. The s...
  • Hannah
    While I enjoyed parts of it, mostly it didn't work for me. I just did not like Bowie in the slightest. I get grumpy when men think their girlfriends' careers aren't important.
  • J Williams
    I absolutely adore this series!!Bowie Bodine and Cassidy Tucker. They clearly have a long history. They clearly are interested in each other. Will they finally find the HEA they deserve? Um, heck yeah, this is Bootleg Springs! I love this series. Steamy romance, crazy Bodines, Bootleg Justice, and a few more Callie clues...yes, please!!💜Lucy Score never disappoints and this is no exception! You need Bootleg Springs in your life!!
  • Brooklyn JoJo
    3.5 stars - this would’ve been a 5 Star read - the couple was awesome and it had great humor, but the drawn out stupid drama really ruined much of it for me. I couldn’t even follow what the actual problem was after it was drawn out so far. The family expecting a cop to share details about the investigation was just ridiculous and stupid - and then when she does, they’re mad because they don’t like her theories?!?!? Not sure if I’m gonna...
  • Kait Nolan
    Three words: Worth. The. Wait. I've been waiting for Bowie and Cassidy since Book 1 and this did not disappoint. The whole combination of friends-to-lovers with best friend's big brother just works for me. These two are super well matched and there's plenty of hilarity and Bootleg Justice to go around. Can't wait for June's book!
  • Maria Di Pasqua
    Bowie has gotten under Cassidy’s skin and has taken roots in her heart. Since she was a little girl, she knew deep in her soul, that some day she would end up being with him. Unfortunately Cassidy has had to suck it up and move on because he admitted that she was only a sister to him. Her world is shattered and even if his shadow follows her everywhere she tries to move on. Despite this tangled situation nothing can really prepare the reader fo...
  • Kim
    Bootleg Springs is my favorite place to be! I adore the Bodine family and all the craziness that the family and their town brings. Moonshine Kiss is by far my absolute favorite of the series! With every single book in the series, the story gets more intriguing and we get closer to finding out what happened to Callie Kendall and what roll the Bodine family really played in it, if any (I have a feeling I figured it out…)Moonshine Kiss is truly a ...
  • Jacob Proffitt
    This is third in a series and some of the events deliberately build up over time. Also, the relationship dynamics are fully explored in previous volumes. So I would recommend reading in order except that I skipped the second in the series without much loss or any hiccups. So there's that. So read the first at any rate, but feel free to skip the second.This is the best of the series so far. I absolutely loved the two protagonists and was heartened...
  • Saly
    Sadly this book kind of bored me. So we have the heroine who had a crush on hero, he thought he wasn't good enough so for eight years they have gone on. The heroine dates, the hero dates and he seethes seeing her with other people. I liked that the heroine didn't pine for hero. Then, viola misunderstanding is cleared and we find out heroine's dad didn't think hero wasn't good enough for her daughter and suddenly the hero is all in with talk about...
  • Peggy R
    It's time to return to Bootleg Springs and watch another Bodine sibling fall hard. I love this series. It has been amazing right from the start. Lucy Score and Claire Kingsley have hit a home run. This series is so well written that you really want to go live in Bootleg Springs. That is the hallmark of both these author's. They craft stories that just grab you from the first page and leave you wanting the next book as soon as you finish the one y...
  • Mo Martian
    This book is full of Bootleg town shenanigans and funny one liners from my favorite Bodine, Scarlett. I really enjoyed Cassidy and Bowie’s story. The murder mystery still is far from solved, but I feel like it’s closer. Lucy Score is great at fast paced dialogue and always delivers on the fun factor. I’m really looking forward to the next installment.
  • Jackie D
    *Rubs Hands together excitedly while emitting a high pitched squeal*Time for more Bootleg Springs Action! Thank YOU! This series has quickly become something I never knew I always needed!The twists keep coming! With an old high profile case still under investigation, the Bodine families chances of life getting back to a " normal " state aren't looking good. Meanwhile, the hotter than Hades, wit-filled entertainment that came from watching Bowie a...
  • BrookeNoWhiskey
    So now I'm in the magical position of being able to go back and read everything an author has written because I randomly picked up a standalone in a series. I LOVED this book. The characters make it really special. The setting makes it fun. And the writing makes it funny and heartwarming all at the same time. I can't wait to backtrack and read about the other couples in Bootleg Springs.
  • Debbie
    Everyone makes mistakes, sometimes things are misinterpreted, and sometimes people just don’t explain themselves very well, but thankfully after years of secretly loving each other, the truth comes out! The trouble is, one person feels let down and feels like they can’t trust their heart to the other, whilst the other is willing to not give up and fight for the time they have lost and the love they both want for the rest of their lives! Bowie...
  • Christine
    Moonshine Kiss was everything I hoped it would be and more!! Of course it was hilarious, because this is Bootleg Springs after all.....but it was also sexy and oh so sweet. Truly, this series just keeps getting better and better, and Bowie & Cassidy's romance was absolutely fantastic! Loved watching these two finally give into the feelings for one another that they had been denying for years. Even better was seeing how they thought they were bein...
  • Kelly
    The mystery continues Moonshine Kiss is the third book in the Bootleg Springs series, and this story focuses on Cassidy Tucker and Bowie Bodine. Best friends with Scarlett, Cassidy grew up with Bowie and he was always her end game, she was just waiting to be old enough for him to notice her as more than his little sister's best friend. She was devastated when he brushed her off. Cassidy is at the stage in her life when she has given up on men and...
  • Raidersgirl
    Need more bootleg springs Lucy and Claire did it again. Not only was it a great romance but a great mystery/suspense to boot. Each book in the series ending a cliffhanger of what happened to Callie makes me just want them to write the series faster. Love how each book still has the other characters and we get to continue their love stories....can’t wait to see who gets married first, who has a baby first and who will June, Jonah and Gibson end ...
  • Cc
    Cassidy and BowieShe’s had a crush on him since as long as she can remember but he says she’s just his sister’s best friend. Six years and she’s still having trouble moving on from him. These two are such star crossed lovers. There’s a mystery here too; one that’s been talked about all through the Bootleg Series. We get more information but no solution. I’m eagerly looking forward to the next book in this series.
  • maggieandteddy
    I liked this couple. Bowie is a great guy. Cassidy is a great woman, but as Scarlett told her, she needed to get out of her own way. And not worry about what people think. They took forever to get together. I liked the first 2 books better. I just gotta know what happened to Callie. A few more clues.I have a guess-or 2 or 3.June's book is next! I do want Jonah's book after that!
  • M
    Another fun installment in a great series. I was so excited to read this and jump back into this world. This time we get Bowie and Cassidy's book. This book literally had me lol'ing at points. Love the small town shenanigans. Loved watching Bowie and Cassidy explore their long held feelings for each other. The disappearance of Callie Kendall and the mystery surrounding her disappearance is a prominent theme in this installment and we are getting ...
  • Christine
    So, so, so cute. And this is coming from someone who usually runs far away from "hillbilly" (their words, not mine!) small town romances. I can hardly wait for June's book.
  • Julia
    I wanted to leapfrog right over this one to Juney, especially once I realized what a silly thing had kept Bowie and Cassidy apart.
  • Cindy Martin
    Love this series.
  • beth m
    3Still missing the steamy but still such a great book. Great plot and you just can’t help but fall in love with the little town of bootleg.
  • Davetta
    This series cracks me up and with a side of suspense !!!!!
  • Claire
    Stick with me for a moment while I draw you a word picture. Tortillas are amazing. Then you add a little seasoned beef. Or pork. Or maybe even fish. Maybe some lettuce or cabbage. Need a little cheese. Salsa? You bet. Feeling adventurous? How about guac? Gotta have that cool blast of sour cream. It’s a taco. But four little letters don’t do justice to the amazing layers of flavor and texture that go into it. Moonshine Kiss is a book. Four let...