The Girl Who Lived Twice (Millennium, #6) by David Lagercrantz

The Girl Who Lived Twice (Millennium, #6)

The sixth in the Millennium series featuring THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO"What will you do now?""I shall be the hunter and not the hunted"The girl with the dragon tattoo is finally ready to confront her nemesis, the only woman who is evidently and in many ways her match. Salander will not wait to be hunted. When she strikes it will be a double blow: vengeance for recent atrocities, and the settling of lifelong scores.For months now Salander ha...

Details The Girl Who Lived Twice (Millennium, #6)

TitleThe Girl Who Lived Twice (Millennium, #6)
Release DateAug 22nd, 2019
Publisher MacLehose Press
GenreFiction, Thriller, Mystery, Crime

Reviews The Girl Who Lived Twice (Millennium, #6)

  • Grada (BoekenTrol)
    Like all the books in this series it reads well. It was interesting, but atvtimes felt far fetched. The last member of Lusbeth's family was now in the center of the attention and I think the idea was to close the circle that some day started with fire. Lagercrantz did a good job in weaving a tale, making it interesting to read. But while listening to the ending in the barn, I cringed. Very shortly told, like he ran out of pages. A bit of an anti ...
  • Vivienne Medik
    Nice sequel. Comparing to the other books of David Lagercrantz I liked 4 and 5 better. The ending is a little sudden for my taste.
  • ella
    t-minus two days until this book comes out and emotionally destroys me. already giving it five stars.
  • Dimitris Passas
    Let me begin by stating that I was in favor of the continuation of Millenium series by an author other than the late Stieg Larsson and I've enjoyed the first two books ("The Girl in the Spider's Web", "The Girl Who Took An Eye for An Eye") but this one failed to meet my, admittedly high, expectations. It is an overall mediocre attempt in bringing beloved fictional characters such as Lisbeth Salander or Mikael Blomkvist back to life, in a story wh...
  • Scott
    First of all, I must say right up front that I am a big fan of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy and consider it some of the best mystery/suspense genre that I have ever read. I loved reading those books and was deeply saddened by his unexpected passing and ensuing estate battles between his father/brother and his longtime girlfriend. I personally think she got robbed and mistreated in ways that I cannot express without getting downright angry...
  • Kristopher
    The better of the three sequels and a return of Larsson's original style... SomewhatWhat’s left of the Millennium series? A once loved suspenseful series that’s being wheeled out on an annual basis to line the pockets of the Larsson family. How can Lisbeth’s character ever recover the lows of An Eye for an Eye?A good book would be a start.Thankfully, The Girl Who Lived Twice goes some way towards making amends for previous Lagercrantz titl...
  • Rishi
    David Lagercrantz said it right in the interview I read on The Wire that it’s the best novel of the trilogy I had written in the continuation of the Millennium trilogy started by Stieg Larsson. He wasn’t wrong. Indeed it’s the best of the three he had written. He also bowed out with his own trilogy with a bang. Before I go ahead, I have to say – though The Girl Who Lived Twice is an awesome novel, and better than its two predecessors but ...
  • Paromjit
    There are many readers who, like me, cannot quite let go of Stieg Larsson's Lisbeth Salander, and have ended up reading David Lagercrantz's resurrected Lisbeth, even when you can feel that there is likely to be a sense of disappointment upon reading his latest addition to this iconic series. There were elements of this that I enjoyed reading in this plot driven narrative, but nothing can disguise the glaring shortfalls when it comes to characteri...
  • Bartek Wieczorek
    Lagercrantz is just not Stieg Larsson. That's the main thought I had after reading this novel. It's third part of his story, it's comming to the end... and it just ends. Like that. The ending left me with no hard feelings, in no way similar to those I had after Stieg's trilogy (OMG WHY IT HAS TO END?)... Okay, I maybe had one feeling - "Deja vu, I just been in it place before". Watching Game of Thrones, last season. The whole story wasn't that ba...
  • George Slade
    I won't say this is one of the worst novels I've ever read, but I will indeed type it here.I was very much enjoying the series, including the fourth in the series, the first written by Lagercrantz. I was excited that the series was picked up and still going strong. The one before this one left me feeling lacking, but I can grant an author one mulligan in a series and give them a chance to pick it back up, but unfortunately, it just got worse with...
  • Erin Cataldi
    Honestly, this series has not disappointed me. There's nonstop action, complex storylines threaded together, and badass characters. Lisbeth Salander is not the sole focus of this novel, as with the other books, she shares the spotlight pretty equally with her friend, the famed journalist, Mikael Blomkvist. Lisbeth has been focused on taking out her family and ridding the world of their evil presence, she's located her sister in Russia and nothing...
  • John H. Corbin
    Yeah, go ahead and read it, but be prepared for Lagercrantz's portrayal of Salandera as a slander on her reputation: the "original"Salander is far smarter, focused, and confident than Lagercrantz's wimpy version. Shooting Camilla would never been a plan to begin with, so the moment of truth would not have happened thus her hand would not be shaking as she reflected on the terrible life Camilla had, and all the evil she spawned was really not her ...
  • Kat
    I was so impatient to read this book that I actually bought it before I was approved by the publisher and oh boy what a fantabulous read it was !!!David Lagercrantz has done a fantastic job of continuing this wonderful series and making it his own and in my opinion this was even better than the last book. Lisbeth Salander once more is fighting for survival with Mikael Blomkvist looking into what just seems to a simple story of a vagrant but this ...
  • Gordon
    Feeling generous. Lisbeth Salander is back and back to face down her demons. This leads to a climactic face off with her sister Camilla and old associates of her father Zala. The plot ties in the real life story of a Russian troll factory, the expose’ of its well known owner, as well as the tactics used to spread hate and disinformation against political targets abroad. Parallel to the story of Lisbeth’s family showdown is an extraordinary ma...
  • Phil Lawless
    This is a two-track novel with one track following Blomkvist and the other Salander. Salander's track is a contest with her sister Camilla, with both on a a path to kill the other. Blomkvist follows the death of a beggar found in a park, with Blomkvist's phone number in his pocket.The going from there develops quit well for the first 80 percent of the book. Much of it refers to past climbing expeditions on Mt. Everest.At that point the book takes...
  • Vilde
    2.5My stance to the continuation of the Millennium series has coloured my perception of the continuation of the trilogy, in additions to my perception of the interviews with Lagercrantz. I'm of the opinion that Larsson's writing cannot be replicated; both the feeling and the characters, which has been portrayed different (which also was expected) throughout the continuation of the series with The Girl in the Spider's Web, The Girl Who Takes an Ey...
  • Sheri
    I loved the original Millennium series. After the heartbreak of the passing of Steig I was delighted to hear that Lisbet’s story would continue. The first of Lagercrantz’s transitional novels were good enough to continue enjoying the story. But this one should have been called The Boy With Writer’s Block. Except for a handful of half hearted chapters where Lisbet does what Lisbet always does the novel nearly entirely focuses on Mikael and h...
  • Samantha
    David Lagercrantz is no Steig Larsson. The best thing I can say about this third attempt by Lagercrantz is that it is supposed to be his last. It’s not a poorly written book or trilogy, per se; it’s when you make the comparison to the original, when you have to accept the fact that this author was chosen to continue the stories of Lizbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist. Lagercrantz stunted Salander, making her less than a caricature of herself...
  • Linda
    I’ve enjoyed David Lagercrantz’s continuation of the Millennium Series. Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist hold true to their intrinsic persona developed by Stieg Larsson. Lagercrantz has had the pleasure of bringing the reader deeper into each character’s psyche, and broadening what we know of their personal lives. The Girl Who Lived Twice has at its heart the hatred between Lisbeth and her twin sister, Camilla. Government corruption an...
  • Julie Garner
    I’m a big fan of this series but felt a little let down with this one.The author has weaved his web once more to create this big story interwoven and connected with a seemingly smaller one that will hold your attention throughout.I am finding, however, that he is spending more time developing other characters within the tale than building on the Girl we love. Yes, Lisbeth is still kick-ass but there no longer seems to be this sense of the girl....
  • Phil
    The characters that drive the series, Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander, don't feature as prominently as I'd like them to in this book. Whether that is by design or a commercial decision, I still enjoyed the book. It seemed obvious at times, however, that I was reading a translated version of a novel that a second writer is continuing from the original. I'm a pretty loyal reader in that I stick by my series, but to summarize, it could have be...
  • Debra Chiczewski
    I struggle with being too critical of David Lagercrantz's efforts in continuing Steig Larsson's Lisbeth Salander novels. With that said, I agree with another review and concur that this book is an uneven read. It seems to me that DL has not been able to duplicate Larsson's voice for Lisbeth. After this third novel by him, I find that I am sad and disappointed and miss the real Lisbeth Salander. The stories are interesting and exciting to read, ho...
  • Trace Nichols
    I really love this series, these characters, the new situations they find themselves in and the updated tech that is always incorporated to help get them out of trouble (or in it). Book 6 is no different and follows the same recipe of success as its predecessors. I would say however that the writing often felt truncated... like we would move from point A to point D having to fill in the spaces. Many situations felt rushed through, including the d...
  • Louise
    I liked the millennium girl series,but I didn't love them,and so from that view point I'm happy with the stories going forward and Lagercrantz taking over the writing.This one felt like a slow build,story wise. A lot of getting everyone in the right place and up to speed for an action packed finale.There is a risk that Salander is becoming a side note in her own books,she didn't feature much in this one I felt.However,it was an enjoyable read and...
  • Maddie
    I flew through this book in one day. A griping story that brings back Lisbeth’s sister into the mix as Blomkvist unravels a new story for Millennium while featuring, among other things: Russian trolls, Mt Everest, sherpas, an unidentified dead man, DNA sequences, the residuals of a stock markets crash, government officials’ corruption, and more. While compelling and thrilling, I felt this chapter of the story was doing too much at times, whil...
  • Raluca
    Overall, the book wasn't that bad, but being a Millennium book, it was a disappointment how slow the first part was. I felt like nothing happened in the first part, so if you could have a 1 page summary for the first half of the book, you wouldn't have missed anything. These are supposed to be books you can't put down and yet you so could.It picks up in the second half, though I felt the story was quite predictable. Not too much, but not as myste...
  • Lauren
    By far the weakest of the series, with little to evoke any interest. Even with the continuing clash between Lisbeth and her sister, Camilla, there’s hardly enough appealing and compelling content to fill an entire book. We see very little of her and it’s, honestly, not worth it. The writing isn’t bad, but Lisbeth and Mikael too feel diluted and underused when compared to previous books in the series. I’m disappointed.
  • Jane
    I started out really liking it despite there being very little 'Girl'/Lisbeth in the story. I thought the main plot would be the one between Lisbeth and her sister, but a murder and DNA solving to discover the identity of the victim took over. Which was OK, but I thought it got convoluted and while the new characters were revealing that whole plot, we get back to Lisbeth and Mikael and the rest of her story. I almost gave it 4 stars, would give i...