The Killer Across the Table by John E. Douglas

The Killer Across the Table

The legendary FBI criminal profiler, number-one New York Times bestselling author, and inspiration for the hit Netflix show Mindhunter delves deep into the lives and crimes of four of the most disturbing and complex predatory killers, offering never-before-revealed details about his profiling process, and divulging the strategies used to crack some of America’s most challenging cases.The FBI’s pioneer of criminal profiling, former special age...

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TitleThe Killer Across the Table
Release DateMay 7th, 2019
GenreCrime, True Crime, Nonfiction, Mystery, Audiobook, Psychology

Reviews The Killer Across the Table

  • Sumit RK
    In The Killer Across the Table :Unlocking the Secrets of Serial Killers and Predators with the FBI’s Original Mindhunter , Mr. Douglas and co-author Mark Olshaker take a close look at four predatory killers while detailing the profiling process and strategies used to unlock the minds f some of the country’s most notorious killers. I had not read (or watched) Mindhunter before this book, so it was an entirely new experience for me. The FBI’s...
  • JanB
    The real-life FBI profiler who inspired the TV program, Mindhunter, reveals his secrets within these pages. He details some of his most high-profile cases and his interviews with the criminals. He delves deep into their crimes and their minds. I’m a fan of true crime and of all things psychological. This was a disturbing look into some truly diabolical minds. Their utter lack of humanity and empathy is the stuff of nightmares. Are psychopathic ...
  • Marialyce
    Every so often a book sends shivers down one’s spine, makes one check the locks of the doors and windows of the house, and hunker down to listen to a book that is both harrowing and frightening all in the knowledge that this was all true. Needless to say, the saying life is stranger than fiction is ever so true and in the harrowing story of serial killers, one finds that the strange is also the horrifying. Imagine the most frightening book you ...
  • Carole
    The Killer Across the Table not only takes you into the minds of serial killers but also into the minds of the profilers who examine and interview these murderers. John Edward Douglas has been with the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit for twenty-five years, making him a leading authority in his field. Researching what makes a killer tick is not for the faint of heart. Edward Douglas reveals the life and previous crimes of four of his cases, bringing...
  • Emma
    John Douglas is undoubtedly a fascinating man. Right at the forefront of criminal profiling, he's sat across the interview table from some of the most infamous and prolific serial killers of our time. Yet this is a light offering, repetitive and covering ground well trodden. The cases are, of course, horrific, especially the first: the rape and murder of 7 year old Joan D'Alessandro. The problem is that he can't let those bigger fish go, instead ...
  • Schizanthus Nerd
    Ecstatic update: I just ordered a signed copy of this book! I’m going to own a signed copy of a John Douglas book! Need morning to come so it’s more socially acceptable to jump up and down with glee! Have you ever considered who you’d invite to your fantasy Ultimate Dinner Party? John Douglas is one of my top five fantasy guests; although, introvert that I am, I’d much prefer a one on one conversation with him.My main takeaway from my ...
  • PorshaJo
    FBI profiler John E. Douglas's latest true crime book, diving into the minds of various serial killers. He was the inspiration for the hit Netflix show Mindhunter, which I didn't see. I don't watch much tv. But he was also the inspiration for one of the characters, Jack Crawford, in Silence of the Lambs, which I did see. Many times.I've been wanting to read more non-fiction and had this one on hold for ages from my library. I ordered up the audio...
  • Sara
    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The Killer Across The Table is the latest book by John Douglas, pioneer in behavioural sciences at the FBI, and the inspiration behind the character of Holden Ford on Netflix’s Mindhunter. In this latest book he examines four different murderers, ranging in victims and signature, as he delves into their mind and discusses the why, what and how of their crimes. Douglas always has a...
  • Krystin Rachel
    Book Blog | BookstagramOpening Killer: Mild-mannered, sunny dispositionMain Psycho: Hiding in plain sightPlot Mindhunter-ness: Hunting all the minds!Hands down, if you are a true crime nerd you want to read this book. It is a heavy fucking tome of information on the dark and depraved. It is written by the Godfather of criminal profiling and it focuses on cases that you’ve likely never heard of before unless you happen to be local to where the c...
  • Bill Kerwin
    Together with longtime collaborator Mark Olshaker, John “The Original Mindhunter” Douglas is at it again, interviewing the iciest of killers to find out what makes their cold hearts tick. Since he is retired from his old home at the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit, John—now an independent contractor—takes his four psycho-killer interviews wherever he can find them: one commissioned by the New Jersey State Parole Board, two for a prospecti...
  • Erin Clemence
    5, 10, 12 brilliant stars! THIS NOVEL IS IT!!! I have found my perfect book soulmate! “The Killer Across the Table” by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker is like a real-life Criminal Minds (my favourite TV show by the way). In this novel, former FBI criminal profiler John Douglas discusses four of his most prolific cases, and the criminal minds behind them. He uses his knowledge, background and FBI experience to try and understand why the crimin...
  • Lou
    By all intents and purposes, John E. Douglas is an interesting character with a fascination for interesting characters. He was one of the FBI's first criminal profilers and a celebrated serial killer "whisperer" for the duration of his career. In this book, he delves into criminal psychopathy and attempts to answer questions such as: are killers born or made but also investigates the reasoning for their offences and how the offender themselves tr...
  • Fiona
    John E. Douglas, one of the original profilers and partial inspiration for a whole slew more fictional detectives, has written another insightful and fascinating book.Just to quickly get the negatives out of the way - you'll see it in other reviews of this book and his others, but Mr Douglas definitely doesn't have any confidence issues. He name drops chronically, and couldn't stick to a point if you paid him. Wait..But that aside, the reason thi...
  • Ellen Gail
    Fucking fantastic. 100% recommend if you like true crime.
  • Paul
    Horrifying, yet fascinating on so many levels. I don't think I will read a better book this year.
  • Jiny S
    Manipulation, domination, and control.. the hallmarks of serial predatory killers.In this shocking reveal of the investigation of a FBI criminal profiler, we get a glimpse of the inner workings of some of the most dangerous and psychotic criminals in history that would inspire crime stories in books and on the big screen. When it comes to acts of heinous crimes of the utmost degree, there are many assumptions out there. Some of them are correct, ...
  • danielle
    Great book for getting inside the mind of these killers. I appreciate the details.Since I did the audiobook version, I especially loved that Johnathan Groff was the narrator (he plays Holden in the netflix show Mindhunter) and that he did an interview with John Douglas at the end of the book.
  • Olivia (Stories For Coffee)
    A wonderful, insightful audiobook narrated by Jonathan Groff himself. I could listen to him narrate audiobooks until the end of time. He really brought the story to life and made me feel like I was listening to MINDHUNTER. While I was only really invested in the first two cases, this was still very informative and interesting to see John Douglas’ thoughts about certain cases he’s dealt with.
  • Linda Quinn
    For fans of true crime or the Mindhunter series on Netflix, The Killer Across the Table continues John Douglas's tales of sitting conversationally with convicted serial killers.
  • Liz
    This is my first book by the famous duo who coined the term “Mindhunter.” This book details four high-profile cases in which John Douglas was asked to interview the criminals. He is a MASTER at his craft. No one and I mean NO ONE has been able to get criminals to open up like John Douglas. He is able to see in the minds of these sadistic killers and almost every time figure out what makes them tick. This is a jaw-dropping read. 4-stars!! ⭐...
  • Natasha Niezgoda
    Okay... this is heavy. So be warned. The Killer Across The Table is written by John Douglas (Mindhunter dude) and narrated by none-other than Mindhunter actor Jonathan Groff! Which is rad. But it covers cases that need more attention (unlike the Mason's and Bundy's of the world). And horrifically, most of the cases discussed in this book revolve around child crimes. (EEEK).It's extremely well presented, but the tragedy is grave. And the sinister ...
  • KC
    Legendary former FBI profiler John Douglas, through countless interviews, unveils the history, psychology and motive behind some of the most horrendous criminal offenders of the modern era. With the utmost control, Douglas methodically and meticulously peels back the layers of thought, impulse and desire while exposing the most corrupt and deplorable human depravity known to man. For those who have enjoyed the Netflix show Mindhunter (which was b...
  • Donna Hines
    What determines the propensity to kill? Could it be the nature v nurture theory?Could there be an insanity clause utilized?Is there clear cut signals, warning signs, patterns (ie. M.O. - Modus Operandi) to illustrate more clearly the violent progression from childhood to adulthood?Yes, there is and predators, serial killers, and toxic individuals with a need for power and control know all too well that it exists!These individuals whether you spea...
  • Kristin
    Did you know John Douglas was the inspiration for Netflix's Mindhunter? He's certainly not going to let you forget it. Although this billed as a deep dive into the psyches of four killers Douglas has studied, Douglas constantly going off topic to recap stuff from Mindhunter. It jumps from the case at hand to ones from his past from one paragraph to the next, and it's easy to confuse where the investigation is or which criminal he's referring to. ...
  • Linda Lipko
    In this vividly detailed book written by the famous FBI Profiler who was instrumental in developing studies slanted just for serial killers, at a time when the phrase wasn't fully in our vocabulary. Helping to hunt the Green River Killer, David Berkowitz "the son of sam," as well as providing an in depth study of Ted Bundy, the man who targeted the same look in a woman, and got away with his killing spree for too long.Finding the similarities and...
  • Bobbi
    Totally not was I was expecting. I expected the 4 broken up parts to be exclusively about the subject he was interviewing for each section. They were, but weren’t. It was super distracting in the middle of talking about a particular case to jump to 5 other previous cases he’s worked on and reference those. It made it confusing and rather convoluted. I think I’m going to try watching the show instead. ☹️ Totally bummed about this one.
  • Stephanie
    I received a copy of this title from the Publisher. It does not impact my review.I don’t often read Non-Fiction, but profiling has always fascinated me. Mindhunters has also been on my Watch List, so when I realized John Douglas is the inspiration for that show, I knew I had to read The Killer Across the Table.John Douglas is a pioneer in profiling for the FBI. He and his colleague, Bob Ressler, started interviewing violent criminals to learn m...
  • ♛ Mademoiselle Smut ♛
    I'm a big fan of John E. Douglas and this book consumed me. If you're a fan of Mindhunter and/or profiling, read this book.
  • Jessica
    "The Killer Across the Table" is not the first and will likely not be the last written venture for John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker. As one of the pioneers behind behavioral analysis in the FBI, Douglas has written about, interviewed, and studied some of the most fearsome criminals in America. While I've always been interested in true crime and behavioral analysis, I was most drawn to the book because of his portrayal (as the character Holden Fo...
  • B Schrodinger
    Hoo boy.This book is a must for murderinos and fans of Mindhunter. John, former FBI agent and leader in criminal behaviour, takes an in depth look at four different serial killers and includes details of his interviews with them.This is heavy and traumatising stuff, not for the faint-hearted. You'll need time to decompress and discuss after listening to some of this stuff. But, like Mindhunter, it is fascinating and engrossing.The bonus here is t...