Camp by Kayla Miller


Olive and Willow are happy campers!Or are they?   Olive is sure she’ll have the best time at summer camp with her friend Willow – but while Olive makes quick friends with the other campers, Willow struggles to form connections and latches on to the only person she knows – Olive. It’s s’more than Olive can handle! The stress of being Willow's living security blanket begins to wear on Olive and before long…the girls aren’t just fig...

Details Camp

Release DateApr 23rd, 2019
PublisherHMH Books for Young Readers
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Childrens, Middle Grade, Realistic Fiction, Comics

Reviews Camp

  • Lana
    I was so excited to get my hands on this review copy of Camp from Kayla Miller! I love to find new books about camping and this one is adorable and very relatable.Olive and Willow are super excited to spend two weeks together at camp. But once they get to camp, things get more complicated than Olive had hoped. Olive hits it off right away with the other campers and is ready for fun! Willow has a harder time fitting in and she’s not very happy a...
  • Xueting
    Middle-grade graphic novels really get the excitement and struggles of making friends!!! And not just for kids; they are stories we'd find so relevant and inspiring as adults too, because we're always meeting new people and making new friends.Olive and Willow go to summer camp together, but their different personality types create problems when they are socialising with others. Olive is sporty, outgoing and gregarious, and she easily makes friend...
  • vanessa
    This hit the spot! I think the story and payoff is much better in this one than Click. I really enjoyed seeing the conflict, the different POVs, and then how the two girls resolved it. Definitely would recommend to kids at my library.
  • Katie Reilley
    I loved this sequel to Kayla Miller’s graphic novel Click! Olive and Willow are headed to camp. Olive is super excited, and Willow’s a bit nervous. Once they arrive, Olive’s ready to try new activities and make new friends, and Willow is a bit more apprehensive, struggling to fit in and share Olive with the other campers. My students would refer to Willow as a “clinger.” Being a 4th/5th grade teacher, I felt the friendship challenges we...
  • Lindsey
    This one hit the nail on the head for my kiddo with attending camp. I like that this series takes topics that are often discussed in children's lit but then shows a different perspective (which happens to be my kid's perspective). Thank you for filling that need. We can't wait to see what Olive is up to next!
  • Lorraine
    I was excited to read this because I enjoyed the previous story, Click. This was a cute graphic novel about 2 friends, Olive and Willow, who go away to sleepaway camp together. Olive is more outgoing and adventurous and has no trouble adjusting to life at camp or making new friends. Willow has a much harder time. She is not as outgoing, afraid to try new things, a picky eater and she misses home. As a result she clings to Olive and and only wants...
  • L.E. Fidler
    it's that time of year again...summer! when i read compulsively!but this one is actually part of my summer reading with fiona - and it's definitely one she likes a lot more than I did. for me, it's predictable with indistinguishable voices among characters. for her, it's the closest she'll get to raina telgemeier until the fall when her new book comes out.she might have a countdown going.this one is full of typical middle school drama - friends g...
  • Rod Brown
    The first book in this series was a bit mild but an enjoyable enough kid's graphic novel. This one is nearly catatonic. Extroverted Olive goes to summer camp with her friend Willow, who is introverted and feeling homesick. Willow's increasing unhappiness causes just about the tamest bit of conflict possible. Ho-hum.I was pleased to see Rube Goldberg machines explained to a new generation.
  • Jenna
    A cute read but the character development still doesn’t reach the same level as other middle grade graphic novels from Raina Telgemeier and Svetlana Chmakova. I did enjoy this more than the first book, Click, but the conflict was resolved too quickly once more. Very cute drawing style.
  • Stephanie
    This was so cute! I loved it!! I just ordered her other book because I am obsessed! :) I’m so happy this isn’t a standalone!
  • Deanna Siegel
    Very simple plot but executed very well. Olive and Willow go to camp together and Olive adjusts to being away from home well, while Willow struggles to make friends. I enjoyed the dynamic between the friends and the ways they helped each other out through the story. Very cute.
  • Kim Bongiorno
    The perfect book to buy your tweens who are heading to camp this summer (sleepover or not). I have not been shy about my love for CLICK, the first book about Olive and her circle of friends and family, and this is a great follow-up.Olive and her BFF head to sleepaway camp, and there are many different people and activities to pull them in different directions. This is natural. It's expected. But it's always tricky on both ends.CAMP shows how this...
  • Nay Keppler
    i felt personally attacked but i liked it
  • Kris
    There are so many really, really good middle grade graphic novels out there, so this one is disappointing. It is okay, but there is just such better stuff out there. Weak, one-dimensional characters were my biggest frustration. The art is cute, and it is a quick read, but it could be so much better.
  • Bookphile
    I enjoyed this. RTCThis is my first Kayla Miller graphic novel, though I'm an avid fan of the genre in general. I really appreciate how well middle grade graphic novelists handle complicated issues like bullying, friend problems, tolerance, and other themes. Some spoilers to follow.This book is no exception. The plot centers around friend drama while Olive and Willow are at camp. Olive dives into camp with great enthusiasm, wanting to try new thi...
  • Mehsi
    My first vacation book and boy it was a disappointment. -2 for Willow, -1 for the dreadful magical and poof solution to the problems. I loved Olive, I loved the camp, I love the art, I love the colours, I just adore the activities (wish camps here were like this) and the counselors, I even loved the other kids. However, obsessive and hurtful Willow was just the worst character. She makes comments that Olive can't have other friends because they a...
  • Misti
    Olive and her friend Willow are off to summer camp, and Olive is super excited about all of the fun activities to try and the new friends she will make. Willow is a bit more apprehensive, and when they arrive at camp, she becomes clingy and controlling, wanting Olive to do everything with her. Can their friendship survive two weeks of this tug-of-war?This sequel to Click stands fine on its own and can be read independently of the other book. It's...
  • Jennifer Green
    A good follow up to Click that treats some of the common issues that kids face as they grown up and grow into themselves. I think that the story was handled well and the artwork was great. I do feel that overall it was a lot of Olive making amends for nothing she did. To the point where the counsellors were also guilty of favouring Willow over Olive in the whole "argument." That did annoy me. I wanted Willow to be more understanding of her friend...
  • Carmel
    I loved this book. It’s for a younger audience (upper elementary to middle school) but I could see some HS students loving it too. My 9 yo read it before me and we had some good conversations.... mostly about how to help the people you love when they demand too much of you. And how to ask for the space you need when someone is asking too much from you. Tough subjects, perfectly pared down for younger readers. Highly recommended.
  • Gemma
    Really enjoyed this book and thought the author did a great job in portraying the subtle difficulties of two close friends learning to give each other space to make new friends. The illustrations are full of colour and detail, giving the reader a full sense of the fun and excitement of camp. I thought that the cast of characters was well done -- focusing on Olive and Willow, but including side characters who round out the story (particularly camp...
  • Lacy
    It's the first day of Summer so I figured it would be the perfect day to finally read Camp. Growing up, camp was a huge part of my life and my summers. I even spent quite a few years as a counselor. I knew from that very first Summer that camp would become a huge part of my life but I also remember all the scariness and newness too. I can talk about camp for days but this isn't really the place for that. This book definitely took me down memory l...
  • Vanessa
    This one fell flat for me. Both girls were in the wrong and in the right, and this is never really explained or dealt with. Its more of the problematical classic, "lets force the introvert to be extroverted and that'll solve all their problems" situation. The illustrations and colors are still on point. Its just the plot and character development that are lacking for me.
  • Hugh Mcdonald
    Camp is a Quick graphic novel read by Kayla Miller that is her 2nd book in the Click series. This book is relatable to young readers that deals with friendship & missing home. My students who enjoy graphic novels will enjoy this one on the shelf. #sd36learn #mcdreads
  • Lilly Banana
    Recently, I’ve started reading graphic novels more often then I usually have. I enjoyed this one, the camp, kids, and struggles with clingy friends was believable. I love the art style and all the colors.
  • Laura Gardner
    CAMP is the sequel to CLICK, which I loved. @kayke is again exploring friendships, this time at summer camp. Olive is excited to be at camp, but her best friend from home, Willow, is being clingy and weird. Very realistic! Grades 3-6. .
  • Michelle
    I've read a lot of books like this recently, middle grade stories focused on the complications of friendships and they are all starting to feel redundant but the reading has been totally enhanced by sharing them with my niece.
  • Allison
    This is such a good summer camp story for both sides! I only wish it was a bit longer!
  • Erin
    If I had a book like this when I was in fifth or sixth grade, it would have made so many friendships easier to understand.
  • Tammy
    For kids who love books about summer camp and friendship troubles, this is a book to put in grades 3-6 readers' hands.