William Gibson's Alien 3 by William Gibson

William Gibson's Alien 3

This is the official adaptation of the original screenplay for Alien 3, written by William Gibson, the award-winning science fiction author of the cyberpunk cult classic Neuromancer. You'll see familiar characters and places—but not all is the same in this horrifying Cold War thriller!After the deadly events of the film Aliens, the spaceship Sulaco carrying the sleeping bodies of Ripley, Hicks, Newt, and Bishop are intercepted by the Union of P...

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TitleWilliam Gibson's Alien 3
Release DateAug 6th, 2019
PublisherDark Horse Books
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Science Fiction, Horror, Graphic Novels, Fiction

Reviews William Gibson's Alien 3

  • Craig
    I was hoping for the sequel that Aliens really deserved and there are moments in this, but it is still kind of a mess. Gibson says in an introduction that it was his first attempt at a screenplay and "work for hire," and he does a pretty good job, but there are some weird things here that just don't fit with the earlier iterations of the story (such as the alien lifecycle, which is quite a bit different this time out). Also, it's quite strange th...
  • Tiago
    Good call on not picking this up for the third movie, its not a bad horror story, but its certainly not Alien material. There's some major flaws here, some that could even ruin the franchise in the process, for one there's the new Alien transformation, which makes absolutely no sense, its like Gibson didn't even watched the previous movies, the red-eyed Alien was totally random, and not using Ripley for the entirety of the story, goddamn... she's...
  • Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote)
    You can find my review on my blog by clicking here.Following the incredible success of both the original Alien (1979) movie directed by Ridley Scott and its sequel Aliens (1986) directed by James Cameron, it was only a matter of time before another project was set loose at the box office to further explore the horrifying world filled with xenomorphs. Unfortunately, the third installment knew more problems than mankind could ever deal with, as iss...
  • Joshua Shioshita
    So a few things - I'm a big fan of William Gibson, Neuromancer is one of my favorite books and I love the Alien franchise (give or take a few movies in there). I'm in the minority, but I also like the Alien 3 we got in theaters. I understand people's gripes with it, I miss Hicks and Newt too, but I watched the crap out of it in the 90s on a banged up VHS when my parents weren't looking and it holds a strange place in my heart. That being said, I ...
  • Stephan
    Why is it that whenever a new chapter in the Alien saga is to be written there’s a need to change the creatures? The first movie portrayed a horrifying monster never seen before. In the second movie they suddenly had a queen. In the third the face huggers could infect more than one host, in the fourth they were cloned and we got a hybrid as well. And don’t get me started on the Aliens vs. Predator mess or *shudder* the Prometheus films.We get...
  • Zachary
    The story was a bit confusing and the characters had a few solutions that were a little too convenient. Still, I found this to be a lot of fun. I liked seeing Bishop and Hicks more, kinda wish this was the script used for Alien 3.
  • GW Review Dabbler
    William Gibson’s Alien 3Okay so this isn’t the Hardback Collection, as that isn’t due out till August but the five individual comics that I’ve saved up to read in one go.Now, I’m a self-confessed Alien fan, Aliens is probably my favourite movie of all time and I’ve been waiting for this graphic version since it was announced and waiting for William Gibson’s Alien 3 for even longer. Though I would’ve preferred to see his first draf...
  • Ramon
    To be honest, just the story itself that Gibson came up with is pretty unremarkable, a pretty dry continuation of Aliens but with fewer characters, and an additional political angle. What's surprising is how it actually docks Ripley for 95% of the action. No wonder it wasn't used. Fincher's story was more interesting, even if it was considered mega-dark just for doing away with Newt. But even the adaptation is lacking in places. For one thing som...
  • Laura Ruetz
    I was so excited for this. Neuromancer by William Gibson is one of my favorite books, it is dark, gritty and utterly riveting. So, a graphic novel treatment of the Aliens 3 script that never saw the big screen, written by William Gibson, yes please! In his forward, he clearly says he had not written a screenplay before, but was excited as he is a fan of the movies. While this has some cool elements, such as a new type of xenomorph (not going to g...
  • Roy
    Pretty dissapointing Aliens story. No Ripley slow plotting and weird aliens that aren't the aliens. Kinda see why this wasnt made into a film
  • J K
    Ripley isn't really in this whatsoever. Shame. The rest is good, interesting ideas. But clearly wanted a sequel or something. Wasted opportunity.
  • Jake Hahn
    This was one of June's free Audible Originals. It is trash just like every other free Audible Original I have ever listened to. Complete waste of time.
    I do not usually say that, but this time the movie was better, and it is strange because I had the greatest faith in Gibson....Per quanto non lo dica quasi mai, stavolta il film era meglio di questo fumetto, nonostante io avessi la piú grande fiducia in Gibson....THANKS EDELWEISS FOR THE PREVIEW!
  • Alan
    Companion Piece to Alien III: Audible Original DramaReview of the Dark Horse Books graphic novel edition/adaptation (2019) of the unproduced William Gibson screenplay (1987)This Dark Horse graphic novel collects the material from the five floppy comic books William Gibson's Alien 3 #1 to William Gibson's Alien 3 #5 released earlier this year. It also includes a 2 page Introduction/Foreword by William Gibson which provides additional background ab...
  • Ross Coulbeck
    Just picked up Audible Originals new adaptation of this, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. In my opinion neither of the final two Alien movies were great, so this might have been an interesting direction to go.That said, I can see why they didn't go for it in the end. The lack of Ripley as the main character is probably something they wanted to avoid, they'd rather keep building on her. Which is fine, but giving the spotlight to other characters in th...
  • Dan Choquette
    I still remember when I heard that William Gibson was writing the sequel to Aliens. It was the early 90's and I was still high on having finished the awesomeness that was Neuromancer and Count Zero (and Snow Crash, but that is a different author.) Could he bring the same kind of edgy cool that he brought to the cyberpunk genre? Alas, it was not to be, as Alien 3 as filmed went in a different direction. But this book gives us a chance to see what ...
  • Eric
    So this is the graphic novel version of one of the more infamous scripts of Alien 3 that hit the cutting room floor as there was something like 4-6 scripts that it went through in its very troubled production. So first of all, I liked this overall more than the movie that Alien 3 became. I feel that the movie Alien 3 is nothing more than a terrible rehash of the first movie and the killing off of Newt and Hicks is awful (this movie is 27 years ol...
  • Chad
    I'll give this an extra star just because this is a fantastic idea, to turn unproduced screenplays that fans would love to read as comic books. As a long time fan of the Alien franchise, I was really excited to read this. Alien 3 is not a very good movie, even with David Fincher behind it. I will say this script has absolutely nothing to do with the Fincher movie. It's a completely different direction.This story has a lot of issues. At the time, ...
  • Igor
    It was nice to get a chance to see what Gibson's screenplay might have played out as but having read this it's obvious to me why it wasn't made. First off, Ripley is only technically in it and does nothing, Newt gets shipped off to Earth quickly and we're left with Hicks, who, without Michael Biehn's charisma and performance here is just a generic marine. Bishop is the only one who actually has character. The story starts off very promising and t...
  • Joey Nardinelli
    Well this was kind of a bummer. The foreword by Gibson promises an original treatment for Alien 3 that espouses real love for the franchise but I feel like this narrative, as it ended up coming together in this comic, was actually a lot of retread territory already written out in the Alien EU. Some of the stuff with recombinant DNA felt similar to what we’ve seen in Scott’s last two films entries, for better or worse (it actually seems better...
  • George Goodall
    NOTE -- this review refers to the Audible production of Alien 3 rather than the graphic novel.William Gibson does Aliens. What's not to like?This story comes from a half-forgotten screenplay that William Gibson put together as a potential sequel to Aliens. The story picks up immediately from the end of the movie and we see the familiar characters: Ripley, Newt, Bishop, etc.The Sulaco is limping its way home but is redirected to a research station...
  • Cláudia
    The Sulaco is back!This unproduced script by William Gibson, with artwork by Johnnie Christmas and Tamra Bonvillain (what a great surname!), is a better sequel to Aliens than the third movie - the one that nobody asked for and everyone had to endure. It is true to continuity and ties perfectly to the new prequels.Granted: Ripley is the heart of the movies. Not having her in action in this third story made me a bit angry. Okay, Hulk-smashes kind o...
  • Henry
    I love the Alien universe. I have been hooked ever since the first movie. This was a much-needed glimpse into the events that occurred after Ripley and the other survivors left Hadleys Hope in the Sulaco. We get to see the fate of Newt, Hicks, and Bishop. Could this have been the 3rd movie in the series as is? No, even though the audioplay is around 3 hours, I don't think there is enough depth to make it as a feature movie. I needed to know what ...
  • Aubrey
    As many Alien fans know, there was a script for Alien 3 that was abandoned and we got the Alien 3 we have now.This is that script, as written by William Gibson. Well, this is an adapted version of that script. Personally, I wasn't as enraged as others about Alien 3. There were things I wished differently, like not immediately killing off Newt and Hicks.So I was curious, what was the script that could have been Alien 3. I was excited to check it o...
  • Matija66
    I highly enjoyed this comic adaptation of William Gibson's screenplay for a Alien 3. The artwork is great, and Gibson captured the 'dinghy space opera' (for lack of a better term) feel of the Alien series very well. The added dimension of two warring factions was an interesting addition which fits well into the space opera politics that were hinted at in James Cameron's Aliens. That being said, this is far from perfect. As other reviewers have no...
  • Joel Jenkins
    This Aliens follow-up written by cyberpunk godfather William Gibson focuses more on Bishop, Hicks and Newt (to some degree) and leaves Ripley out of most of the story. It introduces some nice political twists with a rival to the Corporations (Capitalism run amuck) in a Totalitarian Communist-style government that runs another sector of space. Both are vying to control the ultimate weapon (the aliens) and find out that there is no way to control t...
  • Doug Gillan
    The Universe A Alien 3, David Fincher's first feature film with story by Vincent Ward and screenplay by Walter Hill and two others, was OK, but not Fincher's best movie. William Gibson's Alien 3 exists in Universe B and as a screenplay and audiobook. In the audiobook, Lance Henriksen and Michael Biehn reprise their roles as Bishop, the synth, and Hicks, the Marine grunt, respectively. I found it to be an interesting sequel and wish that we could ...
  • decompiler
    Too bad this didn't make it to the big screen (or even the little screen), or maybe turn up as a full-blown novel; having said that, this format is definitely better than nothing. I won't spoil anything here, but I will say that I really enjoyed the story. Please do read the forward by Gibson - after finishing the graphic novel, I definitely share his opinion on the guidance he was given as to the major story arc, but I like what he did with what...
  • jim
    Perhaps because it's the first Alien-related anything I knew about, I never hated Alien 3. That said, this still seems like it would have been the better film. Certainly a more satisfying conclusion for everyone else who survived Aliens. As it is, it's a pretty good comic, although I'm still more interested in getting back to Brian Wood's take in the current books. I think we can all be done with Ripley at this point, right?
  • Nathaniel
    Overly plotty and too full of cannon fodder characters. I found the art a little sloppy, in that I had a hard time distinguishing the faces, and I often found the location geography confusing. Still, a fascinating and worthwhile read for an Alien 3 superfan such as myself. If this movie had been made it would not have been any more popular than the one we got, and potentially even less so, if for no other reason than the complete disregard for Ri...