Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #1) by J.R. Ward

Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #1)

The only purebred vampire left on the planet and the leader of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Wrath has a score to settle with the slayers who killed his parents centuries ago. But when his most trusted fighter is killed—orphaning a half-breed daughter unaware of her heritage or her fate—Wrath must put down his dagger and usher the beautiful female into another world.Racked by a restlessness in her body that wasn’t there before, Beth Randall...

Details Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #1)

TitleDark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #1)
Release DateSep 6th, 2005
PublisherPenguin Group (USA)
GenreRomance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Vampires, Paranormal Romance

Reviews Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #1)

  • Navessa
    How to Write a Paranormal Romance Step One : Create a SueThis is a female lead that can either be a Mary Sue, a Jerk Sue or a Sympathetic Sue. Just an FYI, most writers go with a Mary, as the ideal of women remaining virgins until they find “The One” is allegedly still vastly appealing to the masses. I suggest creating a heroine that’s never even been attracted to a man before. It makes it seem more like it's fate when she meets the male l...
  • Kat
    You have got to be kidding me.What author names her main characters, the members of the incredibly dark and dangerous black dagger brotherhood of vampire warriors....*inhales* ...Wrath, Tohrment, Vishous, Rhage, Phury and Zsadist? And as if that isn't hilarious enough, Ward just doesn't get enough of superlatives to describe how extremely dangerous her vampires - a bunch of interchangeable Conans the Barbarian - actually are. Allow me to quote:"R...
  • Mel
    *channeling Johnny Cash * "Six foot six he stood on the ground, he weighted 235 pounds But I saw that giant of a man brought down to his knees by loooove." A few dear Goodreads-friends pressured me into reading this and I must say: I'm pleasantly surprised (3,5 stars). An interesting and unpredictable plot? Not really. Cliché? Very. Romance and sex? At times the romance was almost sappy and the sex was good but I actually had expected it to be h...
  • Jessica Edwards
    Before I continue with my review, I just want to say this. I fricking love this series!I cannot express how much I love this series, this book was probably one of the reasons why I admire J.R.Ward so much. The series focuses on a society the "Black Dagger Brotherhood" of vampire warriors who live together and defend their race against de-souled humans called lessers.This series just had me wanting more and more. Literally, after finishing one boo...
  • Kat Kennedy
    I originally wrote this review in a more innocent time. A time, if you can imagine, when I was a lot less cynical and a lot more likely to give books a break.So I did the obligatory drool over the Black Dagger Brotherhood men whilst expressing frustration at the multiple POV's (SO MANY!). I complained about the content and nature of Wrath and Beth's relationship but let it slide because, hey it was just some light-hearted fun.A couple of years ag...
  • Blacky *Romance Addict*
    "Wrath was six feet, six inches of pure terror dressed in leather. His hair was long and black, falling straight from a widow's peak. Wraparound sunglasses hid eyes that no one had ever seen revealed. Shoulders were twice the size of most males'. With a face that was both aristocratic and brutal, he looked like the king he was by birthright and the solider he'd become by destiny." *sigh*Fantastic start to the Black Dagger Brotherhood series! We ...
  • Elle
    It's your fault.All you Goodreaders.I was sucked in by the high ratings for this series. And the fact that I couldn't go anywhere on GR without this little red paperback popping up and waving at me. 'Read me. Love me. I'm totally worth it' blah blaaahh.No. Where were the characters??? Seriously. Where were they? WHY were they?I could not for the life of me identify who was who and why they were there. And WHY did they fall in love? Are you, J.R.W...
  • Ren Puspita
    UPDATE : Thanks for all friends and people who have like this review and commenting. Glad I can make you smile and laugh ^_^. Black Dagger Brotherhood is masterpiece, and it will always be =) My feeling right now :Allright, this is the first book that start my love for BDB series, and when I know this book will be translated a year ago (at February 2010), I'm excited!! Waiting 2-3 months later, no news... Waiting 2-3 next months later, still no...
  • Alex is The Romance Fox
    J R Ward’s BlackDaggerBrotherhood Series is beyond…............. I decided to read the entire series...yes again!!!!I AM BDBSESSED...I have always loved the first book in the series......my first intro into this amazing world, and Wrath & Beth's story has remained one of my favorites..It's liking going back home, visiting "people" that have become my friends. Beth is such a fabulous character - perfect queen material...“Whoa. Fangs. She had...
  • KatLynne
    Picture of Wrath...Warning/GIF - Partial Nudity(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]Wrath - 6'6" - 270 lb Warrior Vampire - Raw male power - Intense - Aggressive - Tattooed - Deliciously erotic - Protective - Hard, ripped, well muscled body I am always intrigued with the pictures my GR friends add to their reviews. Wanting to get an image of Wrath in those leather pants, I visited photo bucket and this is what I found. While there are no leather pan...
  • ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans)
    Disclaimer: I am currently being held hostage by a PNR-loving troll. I therefore cannot be held responsible for the contents of this review. Do you seriously think I'd give a Freaking PNR Novel a 5-star rating of my own free will? *eyeroll*AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!IT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I JUST GAVE FIVE FREAKING STARS TO A FREAKING PNR NOVEL...
  • Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession
    5 Wrath's Leelan StarsFirst read 2014Reread March 23, 2017 SpoilersOMG I Love this book, this series and this Author! The Black Dagger Brotherhood is one of my top ten favorites series of- all- times. There is just something about this series that made me fall in love from book one. No matter how many times I read these stories they never get old. Dark Lover does an amazing job of laying out this new and exciting paranormal world. The Black Dagg...
  • Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    God, so that's how the Black Dagger Brotherhood series starts out, huh? I am so bummed that I didn't start with this one. It only makes sense to read the series in order but at the time, I only had the sixth and seventh book on hand. Nevertheless, Dark Lover is as solid as ever.Wrath, my man. This dude is so fucking hot, it's insane. He's so arrogant and aggressive. He's possesive and passionate. He's the best King in my mind. And Beth, where do ...
  • Heather
    I should have known by the summary that this book would suck ass, but alas, I was blinded by that s*xy sounding name, Wrath. Curse Ms. Ward for being intelligent enough to make that up. With a name like Wrath, I was expecting some sensual sinning to take place, but all I got was a blind, leather duster wearing vampire thug who introduces us to ridiculous supernatural turf wars, rap music, and the f bomb. Even worse, the supposed world of sensuali...
  • Laura
    BR with the one and only Ash. "We’re going to build us a civilization, my brother. Or rather, rebuild one.” Blurb: In the shadows of the night in Caldwell, New York, there's a deadly turf war going on between vampires and their slayers. There exists a secret band of brothers like no other-six vampire warriors, defenders of their race. Yet none of them relishes killing more than Wrath, the leader of The Black Dagger Brotherhood.The only pu...
  • Lorena
    I was disappointed by this book. From the description, it sounded more like dark fantasy, but in practice, it's more like a romance novel of the cheesiest variety, only replace the generic pirate/naughty lord/auto mechanic human hunk with a vampire hunk. The dialogue was overwrought, and the behavior of the man/men in question was extremely stereotypical when it wasn't extremely implausible (even given that we are theoretically talking about men ...
  • Christy
    Book one of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series...The Black Dagger Brotherhood is a group of vampires here to protect the vampire race. Wrath is the leader of this group- their king, by blood. Wrath was 6 feet, 9 inches of pure terror dressed in leather. Wrath is their King, but refuses to lead. He is a loner. A warrior. He doesn’t get too close to anyone. He has his band of brothers, but thats about it. When Wrath’s brother Darius asks him t...
  • chan ☆
    nothing but respect for MY kingfuck i love this series with my whole heartpain in the neck podcast episode 1, where we review the first half of dark lover!
  • Sarai
    This one is not going so well. I am getting sick of the these great fighters that remind me of want to be thugs with their slang and cars and rap music. But to redeem them she tosses in leather? Seriously if I hear bro, what's up and WTF one more time I'm through. Not to mention a blind hero who can smell how the heroine looks????? Anywho I give it 25 more pages. Oh did anyone else skip the parts of Mr. X I just can't stand them... No screw it I'...
  • Emily May
    Well, as a self-confessed stalker and worshipper of Tatiana's reviews, I had serious reservations about this book. In fact, I had serious reservations about the whole series. Yeah, yeah, we all have different tastes but I can't help it, in my opinion Tatiana has got it completely right every time. However...I liked this one. It was never ever going to get 5 stars, simply because it was always inevitably going to be compared to the Fever series wi...
  • Clemlucian (🏳️‍🌈the villain's quest)
    "Wanna ride?' another prostitute said, shaking her ass like it was a can of paint." I'M BEWILDERED. LITERALLY ASTONISHED. HOW CAN A BOOK THIS BAD BE SO WIDELY POPULAR ON GOODREADS? WHY IS NO ONE COMPLAINING? For those who haven't read this book, let me catch you up on the synopsis: some random cunt, with a basic name I can't remember, lives in some old town. She works a dull desk job--she's a journalist, I think? (I dunno. It's not important.) An...
  • Sh3lly
    One of my all-time favorite vampire romances is $2.99 today on Kindle. WRATH!!!!Yep, I'm reading it again. Buddy (Re)Read with my MacHalo girls starting October 22, 2015.New thoughts... this still hits all the right notes for me. I think it holds up well for PNR written 10 years ago! There are a couple stereotypes, but you know, not many. The girl gets saved, but so does the guy. The two leads are well-matched and neither is eye-rolling. Wrath an...
  • P
    “You don't know this yet. But you are Mine” First time I read this book, I fell in love with it irrevocably. J.R. Ward revealed the sexy and badass characters from the very first page. Wrath, my beloved king, was not looking for love but when he looks upon Beth, his world is changed. The chemistry between them is beyond exploding. It's a dynamite destroying and crushing my sanity into pieces. “Welcome to the wonderful world of jealousy, he ...
  • Sophia Triad
    Wrath and Beth Whatever he had, she wanted."I thought we'd try this again," he said.His voice was low, a deep rumble in his solid chest. He had the sliver of an accent, but she couldn't place it."Who are you?" she breathed in a whisper."I'm here for you." So...this is by far my favourite PNR series and it will be my favourite PNR series for ever and ever no matter where the story goes, no matter who dies and who lives, no matter who appears and...
  • Felicia
    Errr I dunno. It's so hard to avoid the cliches of this genre, either the main female character is totally uptight, bitchy and ass kicking, or she's some limpid virgin whose loins throb at the sight of crazy tall dudes in leather. I know people love these, and the writings pretty good, not sure I'm hooked though. I'll give it another try.
  • Amy | Foxy Blogs
    **4.5 BITE ME stars**The Black Dagger Brotherhood series is NOT your teen daughter's Twilight books. The PG version of vampires will NOT be found in the following pages. The Brotherhood is NOT teenager vampires but instead men who aren't afraid to protect what is rightfully theirs. They don't shy away from sex and marking a woman as their own. DARK LOVER is Wrath's story. W - warriorR - rulerA - alphaT - the KingH - honor Cheat sheet for the brot...
  • Mo
    He smiled. “Hey, they like you.”“And thank God for that,” she murmered, looking down at the daggers. Well, I finally got around to reading about the BDB. Am I suddenly a Vampire Fan? Not totally, but I am fairly intrigued by the story. “You don't know this yet. But you are Mine- Wrath” I think if dear Butch was not present, I may not have continued with the series but I love his story and his banter with V.I have to wait until Book 4 ...
  • Jennifer Kyle
    I have officially popped my Black Dagger Brotherhood Series cherry! And wow did I LIKE IT!!!!Why the hell did I wait so long? Why have you? Still kicking this series around on your to read lists. I was just like you the sheer number of books in this series had me holding off starting. What a MISTAKE! The first book was easy reading, fast paced, exciting and fun! You say you don’t do paranormal? Well these characters of the Black Dagger Brotherh...
  • Jennifer
    4 SWEET-VAMPIRE-PEACHES STARS!!!!!My Wrath:Wrath is the king who never ascended to the throne. His parents died when he was young, and he blames himself for not being able to save them, so he feels as if he is not fit to be king. He’s a huge vamp with a bad attitude, and I dig every single inch of him. I don’t care how mean he is…I LOVE an asshole!My Beth:Beth thinks her life is normal and boring…nope! Little does she know that she is hal...
  • Sandra
    'Fucking Awesome' doesn't quite cover it. Captivating HotEpicAmazing Feels more like it. Meet my sexy Wrath... Wrath is the only true purebred vampire left on earth. He's the leader of the black dagger brotherhood - the 6 strongest vampire warriors who defend their race from slayers. When one of his most loyal warriors dies, he has to make the last quest his friend gave him - protect his half vampire daughter...His touch ignites a dawning hunger ...