My Tiny Pet by Jessie Hartland

My Tiny Pet

A witty celebration of the tiny tardigrade, a microscopic creature that looks like a bearLiving in a tiny house has one huge drawback--no space for pets. So when a little girl's parents announce that it's time for the family to simplify, downsizing from a huge home in the city to a tiny house in the woods, it's quite a blow--after all, she's grown quite fond of her pet poodles, cats, tarantula, snake, hedgehogs, mice, birds, fish, octopus, rabbit...

Details My Tiny Pet

TitleMy Tiny Pet
Release DateAug 6th, 2019
PublisherNancy Paulsen Books
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Science, Animals

Reviews My Tiny Pet

  • La Coccinelle
    The concept of this book is sort of cute. Who ever considered a tardigrade as a pet? Kids will learn quite a bit about these nifty little creatures... as long as they can stomach the sight of them (this might be an issue for more sensitive readers).In this story, a child with lots of pets is forced to give them all up when her parents decide to downsize. Living in a tiny house is okay... but the girl still really wants a pet. Her parents, however...
  • Abigail
    Used to living in a large house in the city, together with her parents and numerous pets, a young girl must adjust when her mother and father decide to downsize, moving them to a tiny house in the middle of the woods. Having placed all of her animal companions in good homes, the girl misses having a pet, and pleads with her parents to be allowed to have just one. At first they refuse, until she suggests the microscopic tardigrade...The second pic...
  • Michelle
    This animal was the answer to a bar trivia question!! LMAO!
  • Edward Sullivan
    A little girl with minimalist parents convinces the microscopic tardigrade is an acceptable pet.
  • Rhiannon Johnson
    Read my review in the August 2019 issue of Missoula Lifestyle magazine August 2019 issue of Missoula Lifestyle magazineMost parents are familiar with the negotiations involved in choosing a new pet, but Jessie Hartland puts a clever spin on the situation with a child’s very unique pet choice. When one girl’s personal pet menagerie grows out of control (6 poodles, 10 cats, a tarantula, 2 snakes, 3 he...
  • Mrs Mommy Booknerd
    A cute story about a girl who loves her pets, but her family is moving to a tiny house. What will she do with all of her pets? Then after moving into her family's new tiny home how will she find the perfect pet to fit into this new simpler life? Read this cute and beautifully illustrated book that has important scientific and pet maintenance taking points. A story that will create great dialogue both in the classroom and at home!
  • Jj
    It was delightful! I enjoyed this irreverent story of a family continually downsizing and simplifying, and the tale of how the young narrator winds up with a Tardigrade (you may already know them from such common names as Water Bear or Moss Pig) for a pet.I always enjoy Jessie Hartland's illustrations, and this whimsical story she has crafted suits them perfectly.Thanks to Penguin Young Readers for the review copy.
  • Clementine
    this was so smart, so well done, and will definitely find an audience.
  • Alice
    5 stars for this clever pet book that ties into the downsizing craze
  • James
    I learned so much about microscopic "water bears" called tartigrade!
  • Alyssa Gudenburr
    A very funny book about the perfect pet for a small house. Best read as a one-on-one story due to the small pictures and speech bubbles.
  • Talia Smart
    Pets abound in this book. They climb, leap, swim, and crawl across its pages in vibrant, delightful illustrations. That is, until their owners decide that it's time for a downsize. The animals find new, loving homes, and their owners move into a tiny house where there are NO PETS ALLOWED. But maybe the perfectly tiny pet can provide companionship even in the most minimalist of living spaces...
  • Bea
    A little girl who loves animals and has dozens, of a wide variety, for pets + parents who want to simplify and downsize = conflict and unhappiness. The parents give away all of the animals to good homes, sell their huge house, and move out of town to a small house in the woods. But their daughter still wants a pet. In school she learns about a being that just might satisfy both the girl and her parents."My Tiny Pet" was a sweet story that careful...