Daredevil, Vol. 1 by Chip Zdarsky

Daredevil, Vol. 1

Matt Murdock has clawed his way through physical therapy, but his near death experience that nearly left him crippled has left its mark on him. Reacquainted with pain and fear, the devil is back in hell's kitchen, but is the man who returned to the rooftops the same man who fell off them? Find out, in CHIP ZDARSKY'S new era of DAREDEVIL!COLLECTING: DAREDEVIL 1-5

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TitleDaredevil, Vol. 1
Release DateAug 13th, 2019
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Superheroes, Marvel, Fiction, Graphic Novels Comics, Mystery, Crime, Comic Book

Reviews Daredevil, Vol. 1

  • Artemy
    Chip Zdarsky is slowly but surely becoming Marvel's low-key best writer right now. Which is weird to admit, because his early writing efforts were middling at best, but between this Daredevil run and the still ongoing but absolutely amazing Spider-Man: Life Story it's really a shock how much he's grown as a writer over the years. It's just a very solid Daredevil run that acts as a palette cleanser after the disaster that was Charles Soule, and co...
  • James DeSantis
    Daredevil is my favorite superhero ever. Not only do I believe he has the BEST runs ever but also the fact he's just one of the most compelling characters in any medium when done right. I even have a tattoo of him. So yeah, to say I'm a huge fan is a underestimated. However, it's been awhile since I loved a volume of Daredevil as much as this. So Matt just doesn't have a easy life. We all know that by now if you read just one issue of Daredevil b...
  • Logan
    Very good! So I have never really found a solid Daredevil run I could get into until this one! I was very sad when Netflix cancelled their groundbreaking Daredevil series which I really enjoyed, but like Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter, this series wisely feels like an extension of the Netflix series to fill the void! So the story has Daredevil accidentally kill someone and because of that he's ridden with guilt and has the police on a manhunt for...
  • Štěpán Tichý
    I haven't read many Daredevil stories and I don't know why because I like the character. So for me, this book was really solid. I really enjoyed Zdarsky's writing, especially Matt's inner thoughts and Spider-Man's interaction. This story is again breaking the character and pushing him to his limits. Classic superhero stuff and first five issues are beautiful, gritty, dark, everything is on point and punches hurt you - pretty much everything you w...
  • Roy
    This is amazing!! Great tormented Matt. Cool action, perfect characterisation and great art. This is a must read.
  • Chris Lemmerman
    Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto are the latest creative team to tackle Daredevil, and the first volume of their take on the character already has the potential to set them alongside Bendis, Brubaker, and Waid as one of the greats (I'm also a big fan of Charles Soule's run, personally).Coming off the back of his near-death experience at the end of Charles Soule's run, Matt Murdock makes a mistake and accidentally kills a petty criminal. Or does ...
  • Blindzider
    A very strong start to Zdarsky's run. There's one trade paperback between Soule's Back in Black run and this book, but unfortunately there's no real recap of what happened in those issues. Matt was in some kind of accident and is trying to get back to being Daredevil, but Kingpin is still the mayor and wants him caught or killed. The story is the classic "hero on the run" with plenty of action, establishing where he stands with his super-powered ...
  • George
    Zdarsky starts his Daredevil run by putting Matt Murdock in a Punisher t-shirt and having him run around Hell's Kitchen while slowly losing his mind over accidentally killing someone. And it's not just silly, what happens feels grounded and pretty deep. Zdarsky makes this feel like it could instantly be translated into a season of the Netflix show, and considering how much I love the Netflix show, that's a good thing.
  • Mitchell Kukulka
    “I’m a good enough catholic to always repent... but a good enough raised catholic to feel like it’ll never apply to me.” A sharp but welcome turn in the arc of both Daredevil as a character and Chip Zdarsky as a writer that could very well be setting up one of the best runs ever for a title that has already hosted some of the best runs ever.
  • Eli Seibert
    If Netflix hadn't cancelled the show, I like to think season 4 would've been something like this.
  • Oli Kidsley
    Takes a really interesting look at Matt Murdock and his obsession to be Daredevil. This book puts him an interesting and tight spot which means the book ends in an unknown direction for the sequel. Zdarsky really pulls out the gripping dialogue here and done of the panels from Checchetto are iconic.
  • Jason
    I'm not a fan of Daredevil. I've seen the Netflix show and enjoyed it. I saw the Ben Affleck movie and didn't think it was as terrible as people made it out to be.I am, however, a Chip Zdarsky fan. His zany run on Howard the Duck, his heartfelt but funny Starlord miniseries and his run on what I think will become a seminal Spider-man arc are all fantastic and I will try anything he writes.I've read the first six issues and wow. Daredevil is Catho...
  • Gray
    A favourite character of mine from the days of Ann Nocenti, seeing Chip Zdarsky's name attached to this relaunch pulled me back in. Zdarsky nails Matt's narration and writes the other characters brilliantly. He also touches on Matt's religion and its importance to him as one of his defining character traits. There's a great addition in new character Detective Cole North who is determined to arrest any and all of the masked vigilantes out and abou...
  • FortressOfBookitude
    I really like this run's overall style and the implementation of Mayor Fisk into the plot. Detective North is a nice addition too although his point of view is a little weak at the start.
  • David Turko
    more of a 3.5 than a 4, but this is still a good book. After the disaster of Charles Soule run I pretty much gave up on Daredevil until I noticed that Zdarsky was writing this. It may not be as cheerful as Waid's run or as epic as Bendis's. But it's a step in the right direction. Chip knows how to write Matt Murdock, making him the sad sack of catholic guilt that he is. Though Chip may have some hiccups through the progression of the story and so...
  • Jesús
    This first story arc in Zdarsky’s run is filled with a lot of familiar superhero-having-an-existential-crisis stuff. Has Murdoch gone too far? Will his personal demons be too much to bear? Will he give up the mask for good? Sure, it’s all been done plenty before, but what hasn’t? The art borrows some good Expressionist/noir lighting effects, and Zdarsky has a good ear for dialogue and voiceover. A fun, if ultimately too familiar and forgett...
  • Adam Stone
    I wouldn't be terribly surprised to come back to this later and change this to a five star review.I'm a very particular Daredevil fan. I was not reading comics during the Miller era, and my only real exposure to the character was that he sensed danger at the beginning of The Infinity War. Otherwise, he was a guy in a red suit who had a book I didn't read.It wasn't until I started working in comics that I read the brief Kevin Smith run, and then w...
  • Dakota Morgan
    Chip Zdarsky offers a dark take on Daredevil and I'm unexpectedly here for it. I mean, I know Zdarsky best as the artist on the hilarious and weird Sex Criminals series, so I think i was expecting a Daredevil with a bit more levity. Not the case! Daredevil recently had a brush with death, is feeling vulnerable, and accidentally kills a criminal at just the worst time. Cue the shame spiral!Zdarsky explores Daredevil's feelings and actions extremel...
  • Peter Zackowski
    I enjoy what Zdarsky and the team are doing in this volume. They illicit some cool visuals, hold up other characters as a mirror for Matt to evaluate himself against in this trying time. I will always read Daredevil, its my favorite comic, so it is nice to see it going in this direction which is new to me. One could argue it a but frank miller-ish, I'd say that is Daredevil. If your a Daredevil fan this will certainly be a good read. I'm looking ...
  • James Moran
    Ooh boy, did Chip Zdarsky, our accomplished Toronto comic-book artist/writer deliver. Daredevil Vol. One: Know Fear hits all the fan buttons, D.D. eras, and tributes John Romita Jr. and Frank Miller throughout. Accompanied by the often gritty pencils of Marco Checchetto, the book has a comic-book noir look, from New York architectural detail to exquisitely rendered facial expressions to bloodied square jaws. See the full analysis of Daredevil Vol...
  • Wayne
    My daughter and I really loved Mark Waid's run on this series, but other runs afterwards never clicked with us. This is the first time since Waid's run ended that DD has become a must-read for both of us. One of my all-time favorite characters, and this series feels spot-on. Waid gave us a different tone than we get here, which is more Miller/Bendis, but what is old is new again. I'm hooked and really enjoying it.
  • Josh
    Taking the familiar tormented gray area in which vigilantes operate, Zdarsky makes Daredevil's internal struggles feel fresh in the midst of a dramatic mystery story. Weary, alone, and clinging on to who he is, Murdock is pushed to his limits while he wonders if he has perhaps become the villain he always fought against. With strong writing and excellent art, this series dives into some complex territory, balancing uncertainty and theme with exci...
  • Kris Ritchie
    Zdarsky, tired of spinning some stories for Spidey, comes over to the Devil of Hell's Kitchen for one of the more refreshing Daredevil comics I have read in a while. As always, Murdock is dealing with the fallout from his latest identity reveal/disbarment/life-threatening injury (the third one this time!) just in time for some fresh new hell. Punisher. Defenders. Accused of Murder. Loss of self. Also, Spider-man lays down the law.
  • Anıl Serif
    But I'm The DevilSince Bendis's and Ed's Daredevil, I had never read a quality Daredevil story until Chip's Daredevil, Matt's characterization and Hell's Kitchen atmosphere are very good written and drawn in this arcI overall liked that arc but most liked for in this arc Punisher and Spider-Man parts
  • Bill Williams
    Daredevil's life time of beatings have caught up to him in this trade paperback. What used to be easy, now leads to excruciating pain as he continues his war on crime. This time it's a losing fight.Recommended.
  • Angela
    Well, this is certainly much more promising than anything from the previous run, even if there is still a bit of zaniness where Punisher is concerned. Zdarsky is taking Matt and Daredevil to some interesting places, and it will be interesting to see how the ramifications from this volume play out.
  • Danielle
    This read like classic Daredevil in all the best ways. I'm looking forward to seeing more cameos from other heroes (like the one at the end), and if the story ends up pursuing Matt's "never kill" morality dilemma. This is also super Catholic, which makes it all the more fun to read.
  • Mr Osowski
    Love Daredevil + Love Zdarsky = Love this Volume. Great start to the new run. Maybe a little frantic in the last issue, but still a great "new" start to the character. Good exploration of new avenues.
  • Edward Davies
    Not a bad start to the new run, but I still prefer Soulle's run on the man without fear.
  • Lukas Holmes
    Now THIS is a great Daredevil story.