Pop the Clutch by Eric J. Guignard

Pop the Clutch

Welcome to the cool side of the 1950s, where the fast cars and revved-up movie monsters peel out in the night. Where outlaw vixens and jukebox tramps square off with razorblades and lead pipes. Where rockers rock, cool cats strut, and hot rods roar. Where you howl to the moon as the tiki drums pound and the electric guitar shrieks and that spit-and-holler jamboree ain’t gonna stop for a long, long time . . . maybe never.This is the ’50s where...

Details Pop the Clutch

TitlePop the Clutch
Release DateJan 14th, 2019
PublisherDark Moon Books
GenreHorror, Anthologies, Historical, Fiction

Reviews Pop the Clutch

  • Ian Welke
    I was lucky enough to get to read an advanced reader copy. Pop The Clutch sets a high bar for 2019 and short story anthologies. It’s rare that an anthology of this size is so consistently great, but Pop The Clutch delivers. The concept is brilliant: horror stories based on the 50s, or idealized 50s, hotrod, b-movie, greaser culture. Cue the Cramps for the Big Beat from Badsville. From the table of contents I recognized so many favorites I knew ...
  • Matt
    You can't go wrong with a book that rips off the candy coating of the 1950's and rubs a bunch of dirt on it. While some of the stories in this anthology sorta fizzle out, they are all a blast to read. There are enough gems in here to make up for the not so good ones.
  • Jimmy Tam
    What an awesome, fun kick-a@@ book, all new short stories that are set around the wild and weird side of the 1950s! Rock & Roll and racing hot rods and one of the best line-up of authors I’ve ever seen in one place. Max Allan Collins (ROAD TO PURGATORY!) and Matthew V. Clemens bring a supernatural investigator who thinks he’s dead to track down a rock-singling werewolf. And Weston Ochse (SEAL TEAM 666) has two Korean War veterans off to rescu...
  • Michael Flores
    Great tribute to the fun side (“kitsche”) side of the 1950s! Great stories all the way throughout. Different takes on music scene, hot rod racing, monsters, creature movies, post-war culture, just cool all around. Art work by Steve Chanks is amazing! Adds an even higher level of caliber to the book. Favorite stories are Seanan McGuire’s The Golden Girls of Fall, Gary Phillips’s The Demon of the Track, and Bill Pronzini’s Hot Babe (and o...