Prince of Lost Places by Kathy Hepinstall

Prince of Lost Places

"Forty million mothers would have followed me out here, if they had known this place existed." Martha's son, Duncan, is the light of her life. After a child is killed at Duncan's school, Martha decides that she must protect him from the world and from the constant, unnameable dangers that plague parents and their children. So late one night, she kidnaps him and takes him to a cave near the Rio Grande River to live, hidden and isolated. When her ...

Details Prince of Lost Places

TitlePrince of Lost Places
Release DateJan 6th, 2003
PublisherPutnam Adult
GenreFiction, Health, Mental Health, Paranormal, Ghosts, Death

Reviews Prince of Lost Places

  • Tez
    As a teenager I read Kathy Hepinstall's first two novels. Both stand-alones, though I read the second before the first. I can't recall their plots or characters, but I remember loving the books - particularly The Absence of Nectar. The author's third novel wasn't in my library's system, and only now have I acquired it through other means.And it's a goodie. Only 176 pages, but literature doesn't follow the same boundaries as genre fiction. Kathy H...
  • Celia
    You know, I just didn't see the end coming. It's a short book and kinda interesting without being fantastic, and then the end just makes you stand up and start looking for someone to force to read it. An awesome meditation on modern motherhood. Loved the whole Swiss family vibe.
  • Cynthia Blessman
    Thank goodness this book is short because I was so shocked at the end I had to re- read it!! Hepinstall is not just an amazing author, she's wickedly cool.
  • Anita
    Too weird for least it is short
  • Maeliah
    Je me réjouissais de la fin, j'ai tout vu venir d'avance. Dommage, parce que ça aurait pu être un bon livre.
  • Amanda
    It would probably be more accurate to call this book a novella rather than a novel, not so much because of the length (barely 200 pages) but because of the pace at which it moves along. When tragedy strikes the school her little boy Duncan attends, Martha takes him to the wilderness to live in a cave, her way of sheltering him from all the things that could ever harm them. Living in a cave, she continues to tell her son that his dad will be along...
  • Leen
    In de buurt van De jongen in de gestreepte pyjama stond dit boek, net zo dun maar eens zo donker van kaft, het lettertype even groot.Aha, nog meer schakel-je-hersens-uit-lectuur!Think again.Martha trekt met haar zoontje Duncan weg van de bewoonde wereld nadat de conciërge op zijn school zichzelf had opgeblazen en daarbij ook één kind gedood en anderen gewond had. Ze wil haar zoon beschermen tegen al het kwaad in de wereld, en besluit te gaan w...
  • Eric Hall
    Very well written book, again. Kathy is a rare author that you all should read.This is again, a somewhat dark book.It will make you think and it keeps you hanging the whole way through. It's good stuff.This is a repeat of my other reviews of her, I know. But it's worth saying again:Kathy has a way with words. She's a throwback to times when well written books also meant that the language used was musical, almost like coherent poetry. That's how K...
  • J.M.
    This was another dollar bin grab that turned out better than I anticipated. When a child is killed at her son's school, Martha thinks it's too dangerous to let Duncan return. In a fit of paranoia, she kidnaps him and hides away in a cave far from society, where no one can find them or hurt her son.What transpires is just brilliantly written. I guessed at the ending and was happily correct, but the reading was enjoyable and kept me turning pages a...
  • Kristi Thompson
    Sad. Scary. The ending genuinely surprised me, though I should have seen it coming, really; the author played fair. I kept expecting/hoping that Marsha really was somehow sane, really did have a good reason for fleeing her husband, though her actions and reasonings were irrational - a son who would never attend school, meet people...But the folie a deux was a bit much to expect.
  • Holly Medina
    This book was had me thinking it was going in one direction the whole way through. It wasnt until the last chapter that everything switched with a complete shocker. It was so good that I am now reading the very first book the author ever wrote and plan to read all of her work in hopes that they are as intriguing as this was.
  • Laura
    This tale has elements that I normally detest in a book: it switches voice from one character to another, in first person, and it has an ambiguous ending. The novel, however, is a compelling story of a mother who goes to extremes to protect her son from the dangers of the normal world by whisking him away to a cave on the Rio Grande. It left me asking how far I would go to protect my children.
  • Donnajo
    Gave this book my 10 rating. After a tragedy at her son's school results in a death of a child. Martha, a young Ohio mom kidnaps her son under her husband's nose late one night and takes him to live in a cave on the Rio Grande.
  • Codey Long
    I found this book when I was a kid on vacation in Missouri in a little bookstore. The title and cover intrigued me. I couldn't put the book down it was a great read. The ending got me! I might be a sucker but I didn't expect that.
  • Nance
    Lets us know that when mass shootings happen some of the people who lose loved ones lose themselves too.
  • Anita Scholtens
    GREAT book - would recommend this highly - an author not that well known - hort book - quick read - would appeal to women.
  • Matthew Leeth
    This book was awesome. It had me guessing and thinking throughout. The characters are very likeable as well. Great read! The end made me want more though, a second book... :D
  • Jeannine
    A brisk read, with an interesting plot (mother takes off with son to hide in a cave after a violent incident at the son's school), but an unsatisfying and abrupt ending.
  • Alaina
    Interesting premise, but I figured out the ending too soon. This would be a good book for a younger reader, I think.
  • Lonye
    i liked this book....not as well as House of Gentle Men, though. it was well written, and the reader really got to know the mai character, but it was a bit disturbing to me.
  • Lesley
    Awwwww! What a great fast read. A story of love and a tradegy that drives a mother into the absolute extreme or is it madness!
  • Jenn
    A very interesting take on how one woman deals with a harmful incident at her son's school. She is mental enough that she removes her son from school and keeps him in a cave.
  • Amy
    This was a quick and easy read about a mother's never-ending love for her son in a dangerous, untrustworthy world. I liked the book.
  • Pamela
    Sad, surprise ending. Boy and mother. Mysterious.