The Green Lantern, Vol. 1 by Grant Morrison

The Green Lantern, Vol. 1

Legendary writer Grant Morrison is taking Green Lantern back to his roots, exploring the popular hero's role as the universe's best space cop. It's Law and Order in space as Hal Jordan encounters a mysterious alien hiding in plain sight, setting off a chain of events that will bring the Green Lantern Corps to its knees!When Green Lantern Hal Jordan encounters an alien hiding in plain sight, it sets off a chain of events that rocks the Green Lante...

Details The Green Lantern, Vol. 1

TitleThe Green Lantern, Vol. 1
Release DateJul 16th, 2019
PublisherDC Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Superheroes, Dc Comics, Graphic Novels, Comic Book

Reviews The Green Lantern, Vol. 1

  • Sam Quixote
    Grant Morrison writing Green Lantern is, on paper, a perfect match. His enormously inventive storytelling coupled with an unlimited array of alien characters and a protagonist with a magic ring that can do anything? It should be a home run. Except it’s not, unfortunately. Green Lanterns are basically space cops and Morrison plumps for a cliched cop story for his opening arc: there’s a rat in the Corps and it’s up to Hal Jordan to find out w...
  • Malum
    4.5 stars. This is lots of fun, and very different from a lot of the Green Lantern content from the past several years. First of all, Morrison's run is very bronze age. He also uses a lot of bronze age corp members that haven't been around for a while, like Volk and Rot Lop Fan. We also get a lot of major Hal/Guardian butting of heads that was so common in the bronze age books. Hal's power level also seems way boosted here. He was always really s...
  • Artemy
    For a Green Lantern book written by Grant Morrison, this was kind of... not good. I was insanely excited when the book was first announced, I loved the first issue to bits, but every other issue that came out after just got worse and worse. The plot is convoluted and not very interesting, Morrison's writing is unusually verbose (perhaps because he has to tap into a lot of boring DC cosmic mythology) and Hal Jordan is still a dick of a protagonist...
  • Tiago
    One of the wackiest, trippiest superhero books I've ever read, everything is just so alien. Morrison makes you feel like you're actually out there in space, experiencing the vast unknown. There's a lot of creativity going on here, unfortunely the plot suffers from it, its convoluted and that planet Earth being abducted plot doesn't really make much sense if you think about it, but hey... I thought Morrison did it for kicks and it was definitely f...
  • Drown Hollum
    Grant is my god now. Holy gosh, what a fucking good Green lantern comic. Such a left turn from everything Johns and co had been doing, but equally valid in its reverence for the silver age. Morrison writing aliens is an obvious fit, but he doesn't cop out with mere human analogues, oh no, dude's imagination is running at one hundred and Liam Sharp is every bit as hallucinogenic in his art work. The fact that this is still big big ol police proced...
  • Tim
    I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley to read and review.THE GREEN LANTERN, VOL. 1: INTERGALACTIC LAWMAN written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Liam Sharp is about Hal Jordan, and brings the former Green Lantern back into action facing several foes along the way.Action is good for the most part, a few parts failed to keep my interest, while others were very good at doing so.Illustrations were very good in my op...
  • Cristian
    Has its moments, but is kind of underwhelming overall. Can't quite pinpoint it, but I feel that it's just not flowing right. The art by Sharp is fantastic and his page layouts very impressive, almost like tableaus. Unfortunately the inventiveness and the skill leads to information overload and breaks any panel-to-panel narration. Morrison's scripts are something between very clever and very silly, his protagonist hasn't shown any depth, yet, the...
  • Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote)
    You can find my review on my blog by clicking here.What would you do if your imagination was allowed to take over and write a story with nothing restricting you from exploring the darkest corners of the universe? Within the Green Lantern Corps, the heroes go up against all kinds of ill-intentioned beings but remain bound by rules that assure the safety of the galaxy and their own sanity. At the heart of it are Green Lanterns with various backgrou...
  • Ryan Stewart
    Not bad, but, to be honest, I expected more.
  • Christopher (Donut)
    THE Green Lantern by THE Grant Morrison.Real emphasis on Hal as a space cop.The art and the story both want to comprise all SF and fantasy from Flash Gordon through Wally Wood's Weird Science, Frazetta's Vampirella, down to Ethan Van Sciver and XO Manowar.For example, here's a splash page which looks like it's from 1929:As for the GM touch, who ELSE writes like this?Ends on a cliffhanger, with Hal trapped inside his ring, with a leprechaun who ma...
  • Craig Pearson
    Thank you to Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book. For a 'Vol. One' this book relied on much prior knowledge of the reader about the universe of the Green Lantern. This was definitely colorful but most annoyingly too busy. It was not possible to keep straight the situations or characters, they are just too many and strange. In old fashioned comic books I do not remember the silly attempts at humor.
  • Alexander Adrock
    I started out hating Grant Morrison but over time he's become one of my favorite comic book writers. Sometimes his work doesn't gel for me (7 Soldiers of Victory) or his heady concepts collapse under their own weight (Final Crisis), but when he's on fire you get an All Star Superman or Animal Man. My favorite thing he does is cut to the heart of a character and isolate what makes that character special in a very brief amount of panels leaving you...
  • Blindzider
    Not sure what to think about this. It's definitely a departure from other GL stories I've read. It contains a lot of Morrison's vivid imagination with creating new aliens and names. Jordan is also not in it all the time. Sharpe's artwork is also imaginative with detail, and at times dark with a lot of ink. Sometimes the storytelling could be a little better.It's Morrison, so I know I'll have to read more before I can see the big picture. A trepid...
  • Ramon
    Gardner Fox's work on GL was one of the runs that inspired Morrison as a child so it's exciting to see him take the reins of the character. Getting Steve Oliff on colors and Tom Orzechowski on letters were inspired choices, giving it that retro-ish '90s feel (though of course everyone's experience shows), and Sharp's detailed art and interesting experimental layouts seem up to the task of Morrison's wild ideas. Even the loglines on the individual...
  • Bill Williams
    With an emphasis on the 'Lawman' aspects of the character, Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp bring the weirdness of space to what was a very human-centric project. There is high adventure, epic weirdness and a few close calls.Good work!
  • Jake
    I am forever a Grant Morrison fan, and when I have the chance to read this at the first chance I just had to take it. It's nice to see a Green Lantern story where the whole "Space Cop" concept can flourish. I love Geoff John's work, but with every big event and grand adventure after another, it's great that there's a chance for fun. Not to mention, Hal feels more mature and mellow unlike his usual hot head persona. He's really grown from all of h...
  • Mark
    Green Lantern: Volume 1: Intergalactic LawmanAuthor: Grant Morrison (Author), Liam Sharp (Illustrator)Publisher: DC ComicsPublishing Date: 2019Pgs: 176Disposition: Hoopla e-book_________________________________________________REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERSSummary:A conspiracy is afoot. The Corps is under attack. A traitor is in the ranks. The Controllers are making moves. A new faction is emerging among the Darkstars. And Earth may be on the auction...
  • Cass Winters
    *I received this copy in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I share are my own and honest to a default*I can't claim to be a Green Lantern fan. I have enjoyed some of his titles in the past, but he isn't a character that would have me run to get his collected works either. I decided to read this because it was available to request on Edelweiss.The artwork felt as close to a Heavy Metal style that DC would allow Morrison and Sharpe to pus...
  • Beelzefuzz
    Overly camp and throwback. There are some funny allegories for current world issues, but then when you think he is going to talk about issues around policing, he falls back to a couple of typical cop show cliches that build to nothing interesting.The best thing here is the art (except what is up with that panel of 'roided out Martian Manhunter and top heavy Superman?).I think the biggest issue here is that Morrison limits himself to telling a sto...
  • Shawn
    Half Jordan was done being a Green Lantern, but with the appearance of the Blackstars, he has to come back.This story spans "The Green Lantern 1-6" and is a story of betrayal and of how far a lawman would/ should go to save lives. Artist Liam Sharp brings a sharp and distinctive style with his artwork and Grant Morrison tells a story of a universe in peril. Hal Jordan investigates this threat with increasing autonomy and violence.One especially i...
  • Jessica Woods
    The Green Lantern Vol.1: Intergalactic Lawman thrusts Hal Jordan back into the role he does best, playing space cop.On the new OA, the Guardians put Hal on the job of finding a traitor from a new prophecy. His investigations take him across the galaxy, saving planets and stopping villains.. Interesting and a little all over the place, the story takes the reader on a wild ride and still manages to keep your eyes riveted to the page. The art work t...
  • Chris Robertson
    Morrison is definitely a mixed bag for me: clever and innovative titles find themselves shelved next to “what the hell did I just read?”. This one falls somewhere in the middle. I liked playing up the space cop angle, and Jordan’s characterization was close to the mark. I was nervous about that last aspect being pushed too far over the edge, but it turned out to be part of the plot twist. The main issue I had was the ridiculous group of sle...
  • Curtis
    If your head starts to hurt, don't's just Grant Morrison expanding your mind.This is the first Green Lantern solo book I've ever read but not my first time exploring the endless cosmos known as GM's imagination. Maybe a bit too out there and "Strange" for spandex readers but if you embrace the controlled chaos, you might enjoy space truckin' with the Emerald cops for a bit.Liam Sharp's artwork was a such a great fit for such a wild writ...
  • Jen
    So I really liked the vampire villain and. . . not really much else? I should give this volume a little more credit since it is the first in the series, but for some reason I'm not feeling as generous as I normally am about "volume 1"s. Green Lanterns are OK, that might be part of my problem also. I'm not as enthusiastic about them as I would be if this were an Aquaman or Wonder Woman title.Worth a try, especially if you like Hal Jordan.
  • James
    Grant Morrison's latest take on Green Lantern is full of his trademark creativity, but the final result falls flat. The tone changes from epic reboot to campy melodrama (moments reminded me of Flash Gordon and not in the good way) to generic law and order story. Weird with some good moments, but disappointing.[I received an advanced e-galley through Netgalley. The book is due to be released July 16, 2019.]
  • Jacob
    Public library copy. As with most things written by G.M. there's unusual and fascinating aspects within the body of work, but for anyone expecting All-Star Superman level material here, you'll be disappointed. And if you're like me and hold Geoff John's seminal G.L. run in high regard this work fails, thus far, to surpass it.
  • Robert
    Hal Jordan, S P A C E C O P ! ! !Seriously, that's the deal.And, oh yeah, bonkers Morrison-ry like this:
  • Bruce
    If you are a Green Lantern fan, this will be right up your alley. Alien monsters, battles are all non stop. Not much in character development but hey, there's not a lot of time for that when so many things are at stake. Recommended.
  • Jason Page
    Grant Morrison’s imagination is boundless, but can occasionally be really hard to follow. This book has it’s fair share of now what just happened moments but was a fun beautifully illustrated book. I’m really looking forward to the next volume.
  • John
    A mixed bag.