Big Sky (Jackson Brodie, #5) by Kate Atkinson

Big Sky (Jackson Brodie, #5)

Jackson Brodie, ex-military police, ex-Cambridge Constabulary, currently working as a private investigator, makes a highly anticipated return, nine years after the last Brodie, Started Early, Took My Dog.Jackson Brodie has relocated to a quiet seaside village, in the occasional company of his recalcitrant teenage son and an aging Labrador, both at the discretion of his ex-partner Julia. It’s picturesque, but there’s something darker lurking b...

Details Big Sky (Jackson Brodie, #5)

TitleBig Sky (Jackson Brodie, #5)
Release DateJun 18th, 2019
PublisherTransworld Digital
GenreMystery, Fiction, Crime, Audiobook, Thriller, Mystery Thriller, European Literature, British Literature, Detective, Adult Fiction, Contemporary

Reviews Big Sky (Jackson Brodie, #5)

  • Liz
    Kate Atkinson is the complete package - engrossing storylines and fully formed characters. She is one of my favorite authors. It’s been ages since she wrote a Jackson Brodie book. I was worried about the gap in time, but no worries. I immediately felt a connection with him all over again. How could I not with comments like this “ he couldn’t get the knowledge to rise up from the seabed of his memory - a dismal place with the rusting wreckag...
  • Meredith
    I love this book! I love Jackson Brodie! I love Kate Atkinson!
  • Diane S ☔
    It was nice to see Jackson Brodie back again. In fact, my favorite parts of this book were his quiet musings and his often humorous relationship with his son. Though his role was little more than that of a bit player, leaving me wanting more of his presence.There are though, many characters in this story and multiple threads. Atkinson without any doubt on my part always writes amazingly well. Also she took on some timely issues, such as sex traff...
  • JanB
    The flawed and brooding Jackson Brodie is one of my favorite characters. In Big Sky, Brodie is living and working as a PI in a small seaside village in order to be close to his teenage son. He ekes out a living taking on low level, unchallenging cases. That is, until he is hired by a woman who suspects she is being followed and the case develops into something far more sinister than it first appears. There are a lot of characters to keep straight...
  • Phrynne
    Absolutely perfect! I really enjoyed this new Jackson Brodie book, in fact I reread the previous four books first (loved them too!) just to make sure I would appreciate every bit of Big Sky. Jackson as usual is just muddling through life as best he can. His P.I. work is mostly mundane, his ex partner, Julia, has moved on, his daughter calls him a Luddite, his son hardly speaks to him at all. Then he gets thrust into drama from all sides as a seri...
  • Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*
    EXCERPT: On a dark street the nondescript grey hatchback slithered quietly to a halt beneath a streetlight that was helpfully broken. The car's engine was killed and the driver, almost as anonymous-looking as the Peugeot itself, climbed out and shut the door with a quiet clunk. The passenger door opened and a girl climbed out. The driver waited on the pavement for her to heave her backpack out of the footwell. The colours of the little rainbows h...
  • Tatiana
    Objectively speaking, as a mystery, Big Sky is not that strong. If written by a different author, a novel with a plot like this would have been a subject of a lengthy rant about too many coincidences and same people constantly bumping into suspects of various crimes.HOWEVER,this is Kate Atkinson, and I am yet to be disappointed or not entertained by her books. Her character work and her wit are impeccable, regardless of what she chooses to write ...
  • Jen
    Admittedly, it’s difficult for me to write an unbiased review of a Kate Atkinson novel. When I received this book from NetGalley, I immediately tweeted “she is our greatest living author, don’t @ me”, which – I actually wish someone would “@” me, because I’m more than happy to explain all the ways Atkinson is brilliant (almost terrifying so).My favourite books of Atkinson’s are Life After Life and A God in Ruins (the latter abso...
  • Julie Christine
    We Jackson Brodie fans have waited what felt like an interminably long spell for our favorite private eye, in all his glib and glum glory, to return to the scene. But author Kate Atkinson has been rather busy in the interim, penning literary gorgeousness into Life After Life, A God in Ruins and Transcription. We'll forgive her. Our patience is richly rewarded with Big Sky, the fifth entry in the Jackson Brodie series. Although the novel could sta...
  • Cathrine ☯️
    4✚ 🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️About 9 years ago Jackson Brodie went MIA in the book world. His creator came out with some highly rated other books which I could not embrace; actually abandoned two of them. This remains a mystery because Kate Atkinson is a heck of a writer and I was such a fan, am such a fan.What was my issue?No clue.I think I read this in 24 hours. There's a large cast of characters which I ...
  • Marianne
    “Jackson knew something was dodgy about Barclay Jack, but couldn’t get the knowledge to rise up from the seabed of his memory – a dismal place that was littered with the rusting wreckage and detritus of his brain cells.” Big Sky is the fifth book in the popular Jackson Brodie series by British author, Kate Atkinson. Running Brodie Investigations from a virtual office has allowed Jackson to rent a cottage in East Yorkshire, near enough to ...
  • Sue
    “A coincidence is just an explanation waiting to happen.”Remember this sentence as it is important to the entire novel, its course and ultimate denouement.Kate Atkinson has returned with another Jackson Brodie novel after a gap of several years. Jackson now is living in Yorkshire in a seaside town, working as a private investigator, primarily tailing unfaithful husbands for angry wives. Not exactly a fulfilling life but it pays bills and keep...
  • Kasa Cotugno
    Six months ago, I attended a lunch honoring Kate Atkinson's publication of Transcription, during which she hinted that there was a Brodie novel in the works. That sly dog -- it was more than "in the works" if this is the final product -- it must have been further along than she teased. It's been a while since she wrapped the Brodie quartet, and she's published three hefty novels in the interim, but as one besotted fan remarked, "We just Love Brod...
  • Jessica Woodbury
    It has been years since I read a Jackson Brodie novel and I never expected to read another, so I'd forgotten a bit what it was like. I remembered they were bleak, measured, patient, smart and sure enough that's just how this one was. The tone is what sticks with you in a Brodie novel more than the crime itself. I have forgotten characters who carry over but it doesn't matter all that much because ultimately a Brodie novel is about spending some t...
  • Kathleen
    The 5th installment in the Jackson Brodie detective series is presented as a huge puzzle. The narrative rambles through a number of memorable character sketches before the pieces of the plot finally start to take shape. As for Jackson, his private detective skills are relegated to following cheating spouses. His sad, complicated life includes a young teenage son, Nathan, who proves to be as uncommunicative as similar young teens his age. Almost b...
  • Sheila
    3 stars--I liked the book. Trigger warnings for sexual abuse.I have an enduring fondness for Jackson Brody (and his parenthetical conversations). The character never fails to charm, and this book is no exception. I also adored Crystal and Harry and Bunny--in fact, the range of side characters in this book was fabulous.Like all Brody books, the main plot revolves around lost girls--in this case it takes a wide focus, as Brody gets enmeshed in huma...
  • Carolyn
    *4:5* Stars. ”A coincidence is just an explanation waiting to happen.””Truth is absolute but the consequences of it aren't.”I have always loved the enthralling Jackson Brodie series by Kate Atkinson. Although it has been a long nine years since the previous book in this series, Big Sky works as a standalone, and once again be charmed by her brilliant writing which contains mystery, dry humour, and quotable sentences which provide food for...
  • Michael
    Wonderful return by Atkinson after nearly a decade to her detective series featuring Jackson Brodie. Again I am delighted by her method of storytelling by flitting among the lively minds of her characters on their various tracks, the pursuers and the pursued, the victims and potential victims, the suspects and witnesses, as they progress toward intersection and revelation or, more often, whirl off the linear track to obfuscation. Not exactly a po...
  • Julie
    Loved it! I loved the family drama, the narrative, the Britishness, and the sense of place. The author deftly makes the every day seem interesting. She phrases things in a way that captures my interest such as, "spading Rimmel® foundation on his face," or "their marriage was dead. Its corpse wasn't even cold before she was internet dating like a rabbit on speed, leaving him to dine off fish and chips most nights and wonder where it all went wron...
  • Somethingsnotright
    Kate Atkinson is a wonderful writer. I enjoyed this book very much, and I especially appreciated the way she describes the characters - they are all so beautifully drawn. For me, I only wish I had not read this before reading the rest of the series first. It might have been a five star book except for feeling vaguely lost at times. However, I like the writing so much I am going back now to read Case Histories and work my way through the series.
  • Susan Johnson
    I am a little angry at Kate Atkinson. She has made me wait 8 long years for a new Jackson Brodie book and I didn't realize how much I missed him before I read this excellent book. Then I had a dilemma. Do I read it fast as I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next or do I savor it to make it last as long as possible? Well, of course I read it fast because it was so good I had to know what was going to happen next. Despite the long...
  • Faith
    I’ve read a few of the Jackson Brody crime novels and I like the plots more than I like the writing style. This book has way too many characters, many of whom are unnecessary to the main plot about human trafficking, and skips around among them in a manner designed to cause maximum confusion. However, some of the “unnecessary “ characters were actually a lot more entertaining than Brody. I loved “Transcription” though, so maybe I should...
  • lucky little cat
    Jackson Brodie's fifth outing is good and ironic, but quiet. The new characters we meet are largely a low-key (but appealing) lot.Sometimes I feel I've got to /Run a-way We also get reappearances from a few characters from Brodie's past (plus Julia, who's such a heartless tease she hardly counts anymore). Brodie's relationships with his ex-partners, his kids, and others have shifted over the years, sometimes in unforeseeable or uncomfortable ways...
  • Faith Hurst-Bilinski
    I know I have read the rest of this series but I realized as soon as I started this one that I don't remember much about it. This starts off just dumping characters and backstory, sometimes oversold backstories, on the reader. I found I was being introduced to so many characters that I couldn't be bothered to care. Some you never did need to care about. I thought I remembered liking these stories and this character. It tool me a long time to reme...
  • Story❤
    After too long a wait, Jackson Brodie is back and in fine form. Last autumn, I attended a packed reading given by Kate Atkinson and the auditorium filled with cheers when the author announced she had just that week finished a new Brody novel. Our excited expectations have been met--"Big Sky" crackles with Atkinson's trademark wit, labyrinthine plotting and characters that we either love, or love to hate. I've enjoyed everything Atkinson has ever ...
  • Barbara
    I listened to the Audible production of Kate Atkinson’s “Big Sky”, narrated by Jason Isaacs who is absolutely perfect as a narrator choice. I’ve read a few of Atkinson’s novels, but have missed the Jackson Brodie private detective series. This is the fifth in the series, and now I must read the first four because Jackson Brodie is hilarious. Brodie brings out Atkinson’s superb witty prose. It’s not what Jackson says as much as his i...
  • Will
    I can’t imagine that fans of Kate Atkinson, particularly the fans of her Jackson Brodie novels, will be disappointed with Big Sky. I wasn’t. What a good time I had reading this! She delivers once again in this continuing series that many critics have described as a unique blend of the crime/detective novel and the “literary novel”.All of Atkinson’s trademark wit and wry humor is present. This is a 'crime' novel that is often very funny ...
  • Mary Lins
    First of all, you do not have to have read the other Jackson Brodie novels (or have seen the TV show) to thoroughly enjoy “Big Sky”, by the inimitable Kate Atkinson. What put Atkinson at the top of my “Favorite Authors” list, is her writing skill. The way she tells a story simply flows seamlessly sweeping the reader away into her world. Her characters are vivid and interesting, and Brodie is a lovable cynic with a sarcastic wit and a heal...
  • Claire
    It’s been a long time since Atkinson has brought us Jackson Brodie, but let’s just say it’s been worth the wait. I was a bit worried having read Transcription recently, that Atkinson had gone off the boil. Luckily, this worry was misplaced.Big Sky is Atkinson at her best. Sure there’s a bit of set up at the start of the novel, sure there’s some neatly wound things at the end, but ultimately it doesn’t matter. Big Sky is a great story,...
  • Lyn Caglio
    There is nothing quite like a Kate Atkinson/Jackson Brodie novel. Great writing, fast pacing and interesting plot - so much going on you’ll have trouble keeping track of it all. But, that’s what’s so much fun! It does help if you’ve read the prior Brodie books, but can be read as a stand-alone. Enjoy!