Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid by Jeff Kinney

Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid

Get ready for a whole new look into Jeff Kinney's Diary of a Wimpy Kid! Introducing the newest Wimpy Kid author--Rowley Jefferson! Rowley's best friend Greg Heffley has been chronicling his middle-school years in thirteen Diary of a Wimpy Kid journals . . . and counting. But it's finally time for readers to hear directly from Rowley in a journal of his own. In Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid, Rowley writes about his experiences and agrees to pla...

Details Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid

TitleDiary of an Awesome Friendly Kid
Release DateApr 9th, 2019
PublisherHarry N. Abrams
GenreHumor, Childrens, Middle Grade, Sequential Art, Graphic Novels, Fiction

Reviews Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid

  • Emily
    I was hoping that this would be a more, well, awesome and friendly book than the Wimpy Kid books but, alas, it was not. Instead, it was a chronicle of Greg's bullying from Rowley's perspective, and Rowley does a lot of minimizing and excusing. It was heartbreaking and very, very real. Like, jeez, this is a seriously abusive relationship. Are there funny parts? Yes, actually, especially if cringe humor doesn't make you feel overwhelming secondhand...
  • Patty
    This book was a steaming pile of moldy cheese slices. What a train-wreck. I guess Jeff Kinney has gotten to a point in his career where neither he nor his publisher care what he writes; they just know that money will be made off of it, thanks to the success of Diary of a Wimpy Kid (a series that also needs to be laid to rest, but that’s a different story). This book seemed like it was put together the night before the draft was due to the publi...
  • Destiny Henderson
    Rowley needs to love himself.It's no fun reading about how toxic a friend Greg is to Rowley. Greg's never been a saint, but with the focus solely on Rowley, we see how much of a butthole Greg is on a daily basis. Greg, until you do right by Rowley, nothing's going to work for you.Also, for a book about Rowley, there's too much Greg in it. On the other hand, who is Rowley without Greg. It might've been more fun if the book explored Rowley begrudgi...
  • Ashley
    I went into this really excited to read about Rowley and the things that go through his sweet little head, but instead I got a book about what a jerk Greg is. And, like, I knew he wasn't the best role model or well-behaved kid, but his books were funny, so I overlooked it. Not that Rowley's "diary" wasn't funny - I laughed out loud plenty, and enjoyed this book more than the most recent Wimpy Kid book. But it was also a little sad to see Rowley g...
  • Laurene
    When my son was in grammar school, he read and reread the Wimpy Kid series. I was passing by a book display, it was the introduction of the latest installment of the series. The perspective of Rowley, who is Greg's best friend, was explored. I was hoping for a fun read and more escapades between the two friends. But, instead, the reader actually got to explore how Greg is just an ordinary manipulator and bully. I thought there would be some life ...
  • Em*bedded-in-books*
    After reading umpteen diaries of Greg, it was a welcome change to see things from Rowley's point of view . I thoroughly enjoyed his way of telling things..and yes, Rowley is an awesome friendly kid indeed.
  • Riana
    For the past few months, this awaited book had many in excited anticipation, had some shaking their heads and rolling their eyes. Why, you ask? Because this book is the story of Greg and Rowley’s friendship, told from a fresh perspective: Rowley’s.This book is written more as a recollection of happenings from Rowley and Greg’s friendship, rather than a plotted story. Rowley tells readers how he and Greg became friends, shares some good and ...
  • Julie Suzanne
    I almost didn't read this with all of the horrible reviews I saw! The consensus among adults seems to be that Greg is portrayed as a jerk with no redeeming qualities. Hello! I don't remember any redeeming qualities in any of the 13 DWK books! He has HORRIBLE character! That is who he is, and Rowley was always being bullied and used by him and you ALWAYS wondered why he put up with it, and this was no different in my opinion. I'm glad I read it an...
  • ᴋᴇʟʟʏ
    I got so excited when I saw this in the bookstore! Super funny and cute.The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series is my guilty pleasure.
  • Blaze Theil
    Wow, this book is terrible. I swear, it made me lose respect for two characters that I've always liked. I've always found the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series some of the funniest books I've ever read. Sure, it had some low points, like Double Down. But, just a few months ago, we got the entry that I consider to be the best in the series so far and THIS is how you follow it up? The entire book is just Rowley being an idiot and Greg manipulating him an...
  • Suzie
    wow... just awful.
  • Akash
    For the past few months, this awaited book had many in excited anticipation, had some shaking their heads and rolling their eyes. Why, you ask? Because this book is the story of Greg and Rowley’s friendship, told from a fresh perspective: Rowley’s.This book is written more as a recollection of happenings from Rowley and Greg’s friendship, rather than a plotted story. Rowley tells readers how he and Greg became friends, shares some good and ...
  • Caroline Blommel
    This just made me so incredibly sad. I was looking forward to reading Rowley's diary-- sadly, only eight pages of the book were actually his diary, and the rest of the book was Rowley's biography of Greg. The biography tells several tales of Greg taking advantage of Rowley, tricking him, and generally being mean to him. Maybe because Rowley was in all the stories, that's why the book was pitched as his diary? I could have dealt with all of Greg's...
  • Reilly
    Greg is such a terrible person lmao Exceeded my expectations, one of the better newer books of the series and somewhat refreshing I must admit Rowley needs to get out of this abusive relationship
  • Karen
    Disappointing. There were some funny moments, but I wanted a book about Rowley and this was mostly about Greg again. Also, without Greg's inner monologue to humanize him, he's really just a manipulative a**hole and Rowley his abuse victim.
  • James
    This was a good, funny book just like the rest of the series of the wimpy kid books. But it was very different than I thought it was going to be. It was more about Greg than Rowley which was very oddly surprising. Anyway it was still an awesome book.
  • Matthew Hunter
    Rowley’s a sweet kid; Greg’s not. I love that Kinney shows Rowley’s side of the story. Is Greg a bully? You decide.
  • Daisy
    This was a funny Diary of a _________ __________ kid story. I prefer the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books to Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid, but it still had the same feel. I found it interesting reading from Rowley’s perspective and what he thinks of Greg. Well Done to Jeff Kinney managing to write from a different character’s perspective!
  • Stephanie
    This book was great like always! I love Rowley but this book made Greg seem really horrible. He’s not this bad in the other books. It was funny and enjoyable.
  • The_boy_who_is_booked
    Its not funny at all. The book is all about how Greg bullied Rowley and that's it. Jeff Kinney seriously needs to write something much better than this.
  • Sarah Hadd
    I guess I’m just an old lady and I don’t see the attraction to these seriously unlikable kids. Oh well. This series really gets kids reading and that’s something!!
  • Kelly K
    I didn't need a Greg biography. The damn kid already has many books. I wanted a book about Rowley doing Rowley things so I could get to know him as a character that wasn't from Greg's perspective.
  • Danielle Stacey
    I’ll forever love the diary of a wimpy kid books. I was laughing out loud as I always do with this series.
  • AMY
    217 pages. This is a funny but different take on the friendship of Greg Heffley as written by Rowley. I laughed at many parts throughout the book. However, it is very clear that Greg has quite a history of bullying his friend in every way possible. The author really shows a negative side to Greg. While very realistic, there are moments when I thought - this is horrible! How on earth would a kid continue to be friends with someone who would treat ...
  • Booknerdreads Grace Haddad
    Greg is a horrible friend 😂
  • Maria
    I give it one star and that's too much! Why?Oh boy, where do I begin?This is probably the worst book that I have read this year! I am not trying to be mean (actually, I do), but it made me so angry. The writing was horrible and the characters just unlikeable.The protagonist is Rowley Jefferson, but unfortunately, it has too much Greg into it. And not in a good way (even though he was the protagonist of his own book series)…It's supposed to tell...
  • Ryan Dreier
    It was okay, and hence the 2-star "it was ok" rating. I'm not a bitter-ender, so I stopped reading the Diary series at book 7, I can't remember where I actually stopped, I think I stopped because at a certain point I felt like they were just releasing books at Christmas as a ploy to sell books as gifts to their market audience and it just felt WAY too commercial at that point. This book is mostly about Rowley's relationship with Greg. I'm not sur...
  • Katie
    Full disclosure: I don't like this series or Greg Heffley at all. I don't find his antics funny or even amusing. But I *do* really like Jeff Kinney when I've seen him in interviews. And kids love his books. So I thought I'd give this one a try, since I thought it'd be more about Rowley and and maybe focus less on Greg. And maybe I'd feel a little tiny bit of the hype that kids feel about these books.Unfortunately, the book is still just about Gre...
  • Ash
    I love Rowley from this series and got this book as soon as I knew there was a book entirely dedicated to him. But it wasn’t about Rowley. :( I was a little disappointed as the book focused on Greg a lot. I know Rowley and Greg hang out together a lot but I wish the book had focused on Rowley, his family and his other friends. The title is misleading. It should have been titled Diary of Greg from Rowley’s POV. I need a book ABOUT Rowley. :( B...
  • Holland
    I was super excited when I saw this at my local bookstore. I buy anything from Jeff Kinney ASAP! This, was a ...Big BIG disappointment. I’m a huge fan of the wimpy kid diaries and love the quirkinesses and I was expecting the same fun elements with Rowley’s perspective. Instead, they are entries on Rowley getting manipulated, verbally and occasionally physically bullied by his “ best friend” Greg. There’s no silver lining in their rela...