The Big Book of Classic Fantasy by Ann VanderMeer

The Big Book of Classic Fantasy

Unearth the enchanting origins of fantasy fiction with a collection of tales as vast as the tallest tower and as mysterious as the dark depths of the forest. Fantasy stories have always been with us. They illuminate the odd and the uncanny, the wondrous and the fantastic: all the things we know are lurking just out of sight--on the other side of the looking-glass, beyond the music of the impossibly haunting violin, through the twisted trees of t...

Details The Big Book of Classic Fantasy

TitleThe Big Book of Classic Fantasy
Release DateJul 2nd, 2019
GenreFantasy, Short Stories, Anthologies, Classics, Fiction

Reviews The Big Book of Classic Fantasy

  • Juli
    I am a sucker for humongous anthologies -- if it has the words Big, Giant or Mammoth in the title, I'm gonna read it! It might take me awhile to read through a book several inches thick (or an egalley file in this case), but I'm going to read every word and savor each story. I like anthologies of short stories and novellas because every story is different....a different author, a new style, new ideas. When I come across a large anthology I really...
  • Sydney Smith
    Thank you to NetGalley for this ARC.So this is a great compendium, and one I’ll definitely buy when it’s released, but it has flaws. I appreciate the variety of stories here, most of which I had never read, but a lot of them didn’t have satisfying endings and they’re all super weird. I love that they’re weird, but some of the endings annoyed me. I think a lot of it has to do with them being translated to English. Overall, I think this i...
  • Janne Janssens
    This was a great collection, considering the variety of authors and styles, and the fact that Ann and Jeff Vandermeer succeeded in publishing an admirable number of stories that have never been translated to English before.I did not like every story, but it is not the purpose of that book to only tell stories that are public pleasers. This Big Book contained stories of very well-known authors and authors I have never heard of. I liked reading sho...
  • Keith Chawgo
    The Big Book of Classic Fantasy has something for everyone is the quintessential book of incredible short story fantasy. Including the works of Kafka, Benson, Tolkein, Sakutaro and Wells is just the tip of this glorious mountain of work. You will find extraordinary stories of fiction written from the past including a whole host of literary geniuses.The classic fantasy collection has an incredible focus on including works of fantasy across many ti...
  • R.
    Some good gems in this here book.
    Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with this book in exchange for my honest opinion. This will be available to purchase on July second.In case it isn’t painfully obvious based on my other blog posts, I love fantasy of every kind. I was so excited to delve into this collection of stories, some that are well-known to me, and many others that I read for the first time.And let me tell you; this selection is vast. The editors went through a ton...
  • Daniel
    808 pages of classical fantasy: new and old. Multiple authors representing the foundations of the genre. A long haul, but imminently worthwhile to the reader.
  • Jen
    Full disclosure: I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.The editors define classic fantasy to include stories written between the early 1800s and WWII. They attempt to represent the natural diversity of the genre (which they point out is far more extensive than what most readers might assume, given the conservative biases of many other anthologies), while being mindful of how many of the s...
  • Dan Trefethen
    First, let's define our terms.The Vandermeers define “classic fantasy” as strange tales written between the early 1800s and WWII, when the concept of the 'fantasy' was being formed. They do not mean “classic” in the sense of “works that are widely accepted as the definitive works in the field”. There are actually very few of those works in this book (Kafka's “The Metamorphosis” one of the notable exceptions), since they saw it as ...
  • Annie
    Originally published on my blog: Nonstop Reader. The Big Book of Classic Fantasy is a massive anthology of classic speculative fiction (as defined by editors Ann & Jeff Vandermeer). Released 2nd July 2019 by Knopf Doubleday on their Vintage imprint, it's 848 pages and available in paperback and ebook formats.The sheer breadth and volume of this anthology is impressive. I can't imagine the legal and practical ramifications of securing even lim...
  • Joel Mitchell
    Having read and greatly enjoyed Ann & Jeff VanderMeer’s massive anthology entitled The Weird, I jumped at the chance to review another one of their tomes. This volume collects “classic fantasy” stories (and excerpts from longer books) ranging in date from the early 1800’s up until World War II when fantasy became more of a defined genre. The blend of authors includes classic fantasy/sci-fi/weird writers, classic literary legends dabbling ...
  • Realms & Robots
    The Big Book of Classic Fantasy is the new gold standard for fantasy literary history, providing an excellent cadence of essential stories we all know and love, and often overlooked stories that are equally brilliant. I have my fair share of anthologies and this stands above the rest. Most notable are the many writers not commonly read in the West. This isn’t just a collection of stories you’ve already read, but a full compendium of imaginati...
  • HollyLovesBooks
    This is an incredible collection of fantasy works throughout several periods in literature. This is probably the largest file I have ever received from NetGalley, so when the title says "Big Book" you can believe it.I was impressed with the scientific approach to determining what to include in this collection. The first thing was to define "fey" which the authors were clear about stating that there is a fluidity in the definition over time. What ...
  • Mike
    Firstly, let's be clear: when the editors call this a big book, they're not kidding around. It's enormous. "Classic" fantasy here extends from the late 18th to the mid-20th century, and the stories (and excerpts from novels) are arranged chronologically, so patterns emerge naturally as you read through. The early stories are not what we think of as short stories today; they're narrations of a series of events, and the characters are barely charac...
  • Ralph Blackburn
    The Big Book of Classic Fantasy, Ann and Jeff Vander Meer Ed.- As they did with the Big Book of Science Fiction, the Vander Meer's have fashioned a large volume of early classical fantasies. Not much swords and sorcery here, no Conan, no Elric, just as it states, classic fantasies of the likes of Washington Irving, Mary Shelley, Charles Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe and many more. Also early fairy tales from different countries around the world add a ...
  • Paul
    Ehhhhh, I dunno. VanderMeer is not an authority on anything relating to fantasy (attending terrible fantasy writer's workshops doesn't count) and any collection of literature labeled "classic fantasy" arguably shouldn't include Hawthorne, Melville, Gogol, Cather, Tolstoy, Du Bois, Nabokov (?!?!). The introduction makes a really weak argument for including anything even vaguely fantastical as "classic fantasy" but hopefully any sane person would a...
  • Breanne Gibson
    Thank you for the free review book, NetGalley. Fantasy is my favorite genre, and this collection is a gem. The depth and variety included in this collection of fantasy stories is impressive. This is one I will definitely be purchasing in physical format to have on my shelf!
  • Alexis Stankewitz
    Very interesting collection of classic fantasy stories,alot of them I actually hadn't heard of before reading this collection.
  • Robert Scott
    Only partially finished at page 522. Returned to library. Will Check out again.
  • Paul
    It's tough to go wrong with this collection (even though I don't read a lot of fantasy). The editors are topnotch and thus most of the stories are too. A good mix of classic and little-known stories. Recommended.I really appreciate the ARC for review!!
  • Megan Forrest
    This is the type of compendium that everyone should have at home. It is HUGE. The collection covers just about everything you could think of. Some of the stories may read a little oddly to people, however often that is due to their age/translation, and it is something worth noticing and thinking about - I find it fascinating how our storytelling styles and how we translate works have changed over time. All in all, this is a collection I would hig...