As Many Nows as I Can Get by Shana Youngdahl

As Many Nows as I Can Get

A timely, searing, and unconventional romance from an urgent new voice in young adult fictionIn one impulsive moment the summer before they leave for college, overachievers Scarlett and David plunge into an irresistible swirl of romance, particle physics, and questionable decisions. Told in non-linear, vivid first-person chapters, As Many Nows As I Can Get is the story of a grounded girl who's pulled into a lightning-strike romance with an electr...

Details As Many Nows as I Can Get

TitleAs Many Nows as I Can Get
Release DateAug 20th, 2019
PublisherDial Books
GenreContemporary, Young Adult, Romance, Fiction, Young Adult Contemporary

Reviews As Many Nows as I Can Get

  • emma
    I looked at this cover and was 100% sure this book was for me.And it was.But also, at the same time, when I looked at this cover, I thought cuteness. Romance. Road trip. Friendships. Adorable college times.And that is so completely not what I got. This book chewed me up and spat me out!!! Which was very rude. And at first I was not happy about it.But then I kept reading, and I began to fall in love with the characters, even though they were flawe...
  • Chelsea (chelseadolling reads)
    Might be more of a 3.5 or 3.75. This was so different from what I expected it to be based on the blurb and I think I would have liked it more if I had known more going in. The synopsis leads you to believe that this is a romance, but it is really more of a story of loss and grief and new beginnings. This was a very dark story and I honestly even cried a few times while reading it (which is not the norm for me!). Definitely tread lightly if you wa...
  • Christy
    I FELT the way this story unfolded and that’s just something not many authors can achieve. I see why this is on many best of lists. Contemporary realistic fiction fans, this is for you.
  • T. Rosado
    5 Stars!I'm not sure if I've ever read a book that kept me in a state of melancholy from beginning to end, while interspersed with bouts of bone-deep grief. Although it might be more my personal response to the book, rather than a universal one. Regardless, the story was not only impressive by the emotional reactions it evoked, but also in the way the author kept me surprisingly captivated with her non-linear storytelling. Honestly, I'm having a ...
  • Em
    TW: death, mentions of abortion, addiction, car accident, animal deaths, pregnancy, death of a loved one I feel like this may get pretty mixed reviews, because it’s either hit or miss. I for one am still deciding on my final rating, but so far I’m kind of in the middle. it’s probably the hardest book to decide on a rating that I’ve read yet this year, so I definitely could change it. objectively this book is quite good. everything is so v...
  • Maddie Browse
    This book is phenomenal! I picked it up on a complete whim (a book with romance and physics? What more could I want!) and it is one of the best decisions I've ever made! I can't believe this is a debut, it is beyond incredible and I strongly urge everyone to read it!!
  • Mari Johnston
    This review and many others can also be found at Musings of a (Book) Girl.Content Warnings: underage drinking, sexism, cancer, hospitals, drug use, drug overdose, death of a parent, grief, ghosting a two year relationship, talk of suicide, anxiety, depression, talk of eating disorders, talk of gun violence, unplanned pregnancy, talk of abortion, talk of miscarriage, gaslighting, misgendering, car accident, animal death, fatphobiaAs Many Nows as I...
  • Shannon Doleski
    I read the arc of As Many Nows as I Can Get in one day! This is a book about tough things. Tough, tough things that I don't want to spoil for the world. But, that said, this book deals with complicated pieces of life in a beautiful way. I thought Youngdahl dealt with the characters' trials in a thoughtful way that never felt sensationalized or judgmental. And if you are a fan of likable unlikable characters, wow, does this book deliver. I was alw...
  • Cat
    4.5 That's really, really good book. Deals with tough topics, but in a really great way, writing is brilliant and mature (not boring!), and whole mood of the book is incredible - little heavy, but with lighter parts. Love the non-linear way of telling the story, love the way we can connect to characters, love the slightly feminist vibe (woman supporting woman, empowering) and absolutely LOVE the cover. It's gorgeous! 4.5 ⭐That's really, reall...
  • Jenn
    [@wonderfully_bookish (insta) leant me her ARC of As Many Nows as I Can Get to review. Thanks b!]-I’ve written and rewritten this review three times now. I just cant adequately put into words how real and spectacular this book is. The journey Youngdahl brought me on wasn’t one I was expecting, but was one I think we all need. This book made me smile and cry, but most importantly it made me stop and think. The topics in this book are things th...
  • rose
    The story was sweet, cliché at times, and rather predictable, but tackled some complicated subjects. The writing was rather forgettable. The thing that really bugged me about this book, which made me give it a low rating, was the main character. A "nerdy" physics major, Scarlett's (or at least the author's) knowledge of science didn't seem to extend further than tortured metaphors comparing black holes or the big bang to whatever difficult decis...
  • Kendall • thegeekyyogi
    Okay, so…this book. To be completely transparent, I’m still processing this book. I finished it almost a week ago and I would happily wait longer to post my review, but it’s due today and I also am not sure that waiting any longer would help me figure out exactly how I feel anyway. Here are the things I do know, this book has a tragic beauty to the story, it made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion and then it made me cry…a lot. T...
  • Shannon Takaoka
    I’m so glad I got to read an ARC of Shana Youngdahl’s AS MANY NOWS AS I CAN GET because now I get to shout about what a stunning debut this is. Told out of sequence in a nod to Einstein’s theory of time, the story follows two high-achieving teens on the cusp of moving on from the small town they grew up in, as they deal with forces that are simultaneously pulling them together and pushing them apart. Scarlett is drawn to David’s wild ener...
  • Cait
    I think this book was written exactly for me? It's told in non-linear first person, which I love in general, and this was really well done. Her writing style is just gorgeous - poetic while still being concise and effortless. I will say that the plot wasn't exactly anything new or super special, but the way it was put together was. A++ for all the STEM stuff, too. This to me, is a fantastic example of a good writer being able to elevate a story i...
  • Carlyn
    Wow. Highly recommend.
  • Melinda
    As Many Nows As I Can Get wasn't what I expected but it was everything I needed. Told in a non-linear time line, it explores love, loss, and hope when life doesn't go as planned. The story is told through Scarlett's perspective as she travels across the country to an internship, all the while reflecting on her life and the detours leading up to her present.After reading the first chapter, I thought "this is going to be magic". And it was. As Many...
  • The Reading Raccoon
    This is probably the best contemporary YA/coming of age book I’ve read this year. I’m glad I didn’t read 6 million reviews to figure out the subject matter before I dove in. It’s not a love story in the typical sense. It’s not boy + girl = true love. It’s girl + boy + and making plans and breaking them and re-making them and loss and life and hellos and goodbyes. And mistakes and regrets and forward movement.
  • - ̗̀ amy ̖́-
    3.5 this wasn’t at all what i was expecting so it definitely threw me off. i found majority of this to be boring but the i wasn’t expecting the ending to hit like that ya know
  • Carsen
    Much more modern than the 80s book cover suggests. Like Sadie, minus the true crime and unnecessary male-centering, so better.
  • Dipali
    This is gut-wrenching but so beautifully written. Can I just give Scarlett, David and Mina some hugs?
  • Kailyn Bettle
    While on a road trip across the country with her college roommate, Scarlet is writing about everything that happened over the past few years to get her to her "now". She highlights her relationship with Cody that lasted two years, her success in STEM, and her college application and acceptance process. Most importantly, she recounts her whirlwind relationship with David Warren right before she left for college and everything that happens as a res...
  • Bethany Miller
    Grades: 9-12Literary Merit: Very GoodCharacterization: Very GoodRecommendedAs Many Nows As I Can Get shifts back and forth in time to trace Scarlett’s journey from her senior year of high school in a small, economically struggling Colorado town through her freshman year of college in a small liberal arts college in Maine. During the summer after she graduates from high school, Scarlett becomes entangled in a secret, and ultimately toxic, relati...
  • Zachary Sherman
    I'll begin by saying that this is one of the most beautifully written young adult novels I've read in a very long time. It has a lyrical quality to it that has stuck with me since I finished it about three weeks ago. Youngdahl is able to insert metaphor without making me roll my eyes, and it works so well with the characters and the world she has developed here.The storyline took turns I really wasn't expecting, but none of them felt gratuitous, ...
  • Michele Mathis
    Wow. Ow. I kept reading and reading thinking “I need to do my laundry” and “I need to get going” but couldn’t put it down. Ow. I wasn’t expecting this novel to hit as hard as it did. Brilliant YA debut.
  • Megan
    I will start by saying this book is gripping and intriguing. I read it quickly in a few days and I thought about it all the time I wasn’t reading it. It definitely keeps you hooked! It’s the story of Scarlett and David, both overachievers in a small town, who fall in love the summer before they go away for college. However, David’s trajectory is riddled with chaos and addiction, and it threatens to pull Scarlett in.I loved the way that it i...
  • Kate Crabtree
    2.5. Oh, I wanted to like this novel more! I mean, I have a soft spot for novels that take place in Maine, but this just wasn't my jam, unfortunately.What I liked about this novel:-The nonlinear narrative was fascinating and was easy to follow after I got used to it. It was confusing at first, but the narrative slowly clicked into pace and I was spending less time calculating what "six months ago" meant in my head.-I appreciated the progressive q...
  • Rebecca
    4.5Going into this, I was aware that this book was going to be about grief. But that was about it. The book jacket doesn't really give much more information than that. But thematically, this book is so strong in current teenage struggles in a phenomenally realistic way.The teens in this novel are dealing with: the impact of the economic downturn and the insecurity that now pervades their lives and the lives of all who live in their town as a resu...