A Fire Sparkling by Julianne MacLean

A Fire Sparkling

From the USA Today bestselling author of A Curve in the Road comes a spellbinding novel about one woman’s love, loss, and courage during wartime.After a crushing betrayal by the man she loves, Gillian Gibbons flees to her family home for a much-needed escape, but when she finds an old photograph of her grandmother in the arms of a Nazi officer, Gillian’s life gets even more complicated. Rattled by the discovery, Gillian attempts to unravel th...

Details A Fire Sparkling

TitleA Fire Sparkling
Release DateAug 1st, 2019
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, War, World War II

Reviews A Fire Sparkling

  • Debra Slonek
    An excellent novel filled with romance, heartache, betrayal, loyalty, danger, secrets, suspense, adventures and a cast of unforgettable characters. As you begin reading this book, prepare to be swept away...The scenes are so vividly painted. I felt as though I was walking the streets of London right along with the characters who were deeply developed and very well connected. Easily, I became immersed into their lives. I rejoiced at their good new...
  • Laurie
    If you like historical fiction, mystery, suspense and family drama, you will want to read "A Fire Sparkling"!This novel put me in the throes of World War II with Vivian, a young woman with many secrets. I could not stop reading until her skeletons were out of the closet. It kept me in suspense all the way until the very end of this book.Told in the present and then back to 1939, this is one amazing journey. It is like nothing I have read. The t...
  • Jane
    A Fire Sparkling will leave you breathless...it is that good! I am not going to rehash the synopsis because I don’t want to inadvertently give any spoilers. Julianne MacLean has written a story that spans WWII years with lessons that carry into the present for the families of those who lived, those who died and those who loved. She paints a poignant picture of life as Britain is drawn into war with Germany. She writes about the bond between sis...
  • Julia
    A Fire Sparkling by Julianne MacLean is a marvelous dual timeline story of love and courage in times of war. It is a novel that will both thrill and horrify as the reader journeys through lives that loved and lost and that lost and found. It is a book that made me cry as the love reached out beyond the pages and into my heart.The greatest love of all is a sacrificial love. Within the story there are many instances of sacrificial love but one will...
  • Karen McQuestion
    A Fire Sparkling is a beautifully-written, moving novel that seamlessly interweaves the story of a family over three generations. The core of the story belongs to Vivian Hughes and her experiences as a young woman during WWII in Great Britain. MacLean gives just enough detail to provide an authentic sense of time and place. Reading this book was a completely immersive, emotional experience for me, with twists and turns that left me reeling. In my...
  • Kate
    A Fire Sparkling by Julianne MacLean will take you back to England during WWII. This is a love story with twists, turns and suspense that will keep you turning pages well into the night. Gillian has had a disturbing revelation about her boyfriend - she walked in on him and another woman. Her heart is broken and returns to he childhood home - back to her father and grandmother, Vivian. Her father is upset because he has discovered photographs of h...
  • Sarah
    I couldn't make it past the second chapter. The dialogue was to structured, too forced.
  • Carrie
    Overall, I found this book to be interesting and entertaining; however, I felt like certain things, especially in the back half of the book were glossed over or that everything got wrapped up a bit too neatly. The story alternates between the past and present, although the focus is really on the past. In the present, Gillian is upset because she found her fiancee cheating on her and in order to get a break, goes to visit her father and her grandm...
  • Anne
    A Fire Sparkling by Julianne MacLean is a book with twists and turns. It is a novel of the Holocaust but such a different novel. It is a tale of love, of heartbreak, breaking of boundaries, and so much more. Gillian has just broken it off with the man she was to marry, a cheater as it turns out. She calls her father for a shoulder to lean on and he tells her he has discovered something in her 96-year-old grandmother's house that has him wondering...
  • Debi
    Julianne has taken WWII history and romance and combined it together to make a wonderful novel. I could not put this novel down! I was intrigued from the beginning and the book kept me interested all the way to the very satisfying end. Julianne as written this novel so vividly that you will feel like you are there. Her descriptions are so accurate you honestly seem to be in Britain. She has created a very authentic sense of place & time. Her char...
  • Lynda Kelly
    This is the third book I've read by this author and also the third one I've given 5* to. I'm at a loss, really, as to why she's not mentioned as much nor afforded the publicity other authors seem to get, as she always does a superb job, both with her storytelling AND presentation.I picked this particular one from a Kindle First selection this month. I knew I'd be onto a good thing as she has never let me down before. I always greatly enjoy dual t...
  • Kathleen
    "Love is smoke rais'd with the fume of sighs; being purg'd, a fire sparkling in lovers' eyes..."- William Shakespeare, Romeo and JulietA FIRE SPARKLING by Julianne MacLean is an emotionally charged novel about one woman's love, loss, and courage during wartime. The cover is gorgeous and the story is a masterpiece! I felt as though I was rushing to a bomb shelter in London, England during the Blitz of World War II. This multigenerational saga was ...
  • Cindy
    Not the typical WWII spy storyA Fire Sparkling by Julianne Maclean is a story within a story: It begins with 35 year old Gillian fleeing to her grandmothers home in Connecticut after finding her boyfriend cheating. Upon arrival she finds her father having stumbled upon life changing photos - could the nazi soldier in the picture really be his father? Nothing to do but pin down her 96 yr old grandmother and gently demand the truth. The story that ...
  • Karren Sandercock
    I really enjoyed: A Fire Sparkling by Julianne MacLean and it's a book full of interesting surprises. It's a story with a dual timeline that seamlessly blends the past and with the present.In 2011, Gillian catches her boyfriend cheating, she's very upset, and she's goes to visit her dad. She had no idea that he's just found a mysterious box filled with old photographs of his mother Vivian and she's standing next to a man who's dressed as a Nazi o...
  • Jackie
    The most amazing historical fiction book I have read since The Nightingale! To say that I absolutely loved it is an understatement! Gillian's story begins with her own personal experiences of loss and love, which leads her to go home to her father and grandmother for refuge. What she finds there takes us back to her grandmother Vivian's past during WW2. Vivian has kept her secrets from her family close to her heart for many reasons. Once she tell...
  • Harriett McFarland
    This was such a good book! It is centered around two identical twin sisters (Vivian and April Gibbons) the daughters of a famous french singer and wine merchant in Bordeaux, France. The setting is before, during and after the British and Germans are at war. As fate would have it both sisters inherit their mother's talent and are separated during a twist of events and reunited under the most difficult circumstances. Each sister experiences love an...
  • Sarah Sabin
    "In all my dreams of our long-awaited reunion, we had come together after the war and embraced each other with love, relieved that the nightmare was over. But here we were, right in the thick of it. In the deep, ugly, stench-filled waters of humanity at its worst."-Julianne MacLean, A Fire SparklingAll his life, Edward believed himself to be the son of an English diplomat, until he finds a sea chest with a hidden compartment housing photos of his...
  • Jackie
    The most amazing historical fiction book since The Nightingale! To say that I absolutely loved it is an understatement! Gillian’s story begins with her own personal experiences of loss and love, which leads her home to her father and grandmother for refuge. What she finds there takes us back to her grandmother Vivian’s past during WW2. Vivian has kept her secrets from her family and close to her heart for many reasons. Once she tells her fami...
  • Shelagh
    I love Julianne Maclean’s books and this latest one certainly doesn’t disappoint. Written as a dual timeline novel set partly in 2011 Connecticut and partly in WWII London and France, this story is deeply emotional for both modern day Gillian and her grandmother.At the heart of the story is an old wooden sea chest, which has a secret compartment containing wartime photographs that lead Gillian and her father on a quest to discover the truth a...
  • Sarah
    I got this book for free as part of the Amazon FirstReads program for July 2019.Perhaps I have read too many WWII-era books, but I felt like I had already read this book several times. There were several story lines that I'd felt I'd already encountered in other books -- the assumed identity, the airdrop into France as a resistance fighter and spy, the lifetime of lies and secrets only revealed at the end of the main character's life. It all felt...
  • Joan Buell
    A young woman's life transformed as she learns of her grandmother's role in WWIIJust as in A Curve in the Road, there are some very improbable plot turns, yet this story seems to hold together better. A thirty-something NY career woman has struggled to know just who she is, and how she fits into her family, after enduring a tragedy as a young teen. When her life seems to be falling apart yet again, she seeks comfort at her father's home. At the s...
  • Paula
    If you are looking for an intense, emotionally rich story then Julianne MacLean’s latest book, A Fire Sparkling is it. As one granddaughter seeks to work through her own heartache she asks her grandmother some tough questions that cause her to relive hers. Not exactly what Vivian Hughes had planned to ever do, especially now. Told in such vivid detail and beautiful description it isn’t just a story that is read but one that is felt and experi...
  • Cindy Woods
    Excellent story!This WWII era story is so good I didn't want to put it down for a moment. It's 2011 and after the discovery of some old photographs in the attic of her grandmother's attic taken in Paris in 1939, everything Gillian thought she knew about her grandmother's life is now questionable. The photos depicting her grandmother in the arms of a Nazi officer are shocking and Gillian and her father wants answers.Don't believe for a moment you ...
  • Zena
    Who would have thought that I would read another 'war romance' and have loved it so very much!I would like to thank the author, Julianne Maclean, for saying it just the way it was in this story, making known some of the atrocities and horrid things that the Nazis did and showing us some of the things the underground was able to do so successfully. Besides that she has cleverly interwoven some beautiful love stories (yes, the plural use of the wor...
  • Kathleen
    Gillian Gibbons returns home to her grandmother’s home after a devastating betrayal by the man she loves. When she wants to mend her broken heart, her father discovers a secret about the family that stuns both father and daughter and Gillian is compelled to find the answers to the grandmother she thought she knew and who her grandmother really was. The book takes us from The Blitz of London to the France and Germany and one woman’s journey to...
  • Jenny
    “We could all drive ourselves mad thinking about what could have been. But life happens the way it happens, and there’s no point wishing the past was any different. It will always be what it was, and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it.”Amazon’s First Reads choices are usually hit or miss. A couple have been amazing, and others not so much. This book happened to be a part of the “amazing” category for me. Historical fiction ...
  • Kristen Suire
    "He considered it for a moment, then gave me a look. “They have a name for you on the base. They call you the Unattainable. ‘There goes the Unattainable,’ they say, whenever you’re spotted cycling into town.” Perplexed, I frowned at him. “What do they mean by that?” “Just that you’re the most beautiful woman in Surrey, but you live in that big castle on the hill, and you keep to yourself.” I shook my head at him. “You Americ...
  • Rhonda Johnson
    This was a nice read! I was surprised to see I rated a previous book of this author a 2 star. I don't remember much of that book, but this book definitely was nicely written, flowed well, and even if a little predictable, still left me feeling excited. Instead of the usual flip between present and past, which have become pretty popular, of a person in the present day finding out the past of a grandparent in the war, which this one did as well, th...
  • Darla DeMorrow
    A perfectly good day (happily) down the drainI don’t consider myself interested in WW2 or history at large, but I keep picking up excellent, riveting wartime stories like this one. I sailed through The Nightingale. I drank in All the Light We Cannot See. I spent the last two days trying my best (and failing miserably) to slow down while reading A Fire Sparkling. At first the dual timeline story seemed contrived as it has been heavily used recen...