Something About Jace (Pineapple Grove #1) by Jocelynn Drake

Something About Jace (Pineapple Grove #1)

Gallery owner Jace Townsend loves his tiny hometown of Pineapple Grove, deep in South Florida. His life is filled with sunshine, blue skies, jogging on the beach with his dog, and the greatest friends a guy could want. What more could he ask for? Love would be a great start. After his last relationship fell apart, Jace has begun to wonder if he’s ever going to find someone who would fit into his quiet life. Of course, the last person who would ...

Details Something About Jace (Pineapple Grove #1)

TitleSomething About Jace (Pineapple Grove #1)
Release DateDec 28th, 2018
GenreRomance, M M Romance, Lgbt, Contemporary, Did Not Finish, Bisexual, Contemporary Romance, Animals, Dogs, M M Contemporary

Reviews Something About Jace (Pineapple Grove #1)

  • Wendy
    I knew I wanted to read this book, from the moment I knew "Trent" was one of MC's. No that's a lie...I knew I wanted to read this when I found out who the authors were ;) I have enjoyed every single book in the " Unbreakable Bonds " and the " Ward Security " series, so it was a given, that I was gonna read this new series ;)Still, I was very curious about Trent's book, since I fell in love with him a little in Sadistic Sherlock. After reading th...
  • Gigi
    Lots of fluff and hot sex. :)
  • haletostilinski
    What a solid start to this new series by Jocelynn Drake & Rinda Elliot. I love when these two write together, it always works so well. Something About Jace is about Trent Elrige - who featured briefly in "Sadistic Sherlock," who is a famous actor and had a stalker who Dominic stopped, and it was clear to Dominic that he wasn't 100% straight - going to South Florida to Pineapple Grove, a fairly small vacation town to have his own vacation for 6 mo...
  • Cadiva
    From the minute he almost stole the show as a guest star in Dominic and Abe's Sadistic Sherlock I've been hoping we'd get Trent's book.Jocelynn and Rinda use it to kick off their new Pineapple Cove series set in sunny Florida and it's a great introduction with a new set of characters to fall in love with.They even manage to add in a bit of suspense with a secondary subplot involving art vandalism which ties in with Trent's love interest Jace's s...
  • Chris
    A sweet read but I wasn’t a fan of Trent at all. I couldn’t warm to his character and just couldn’t get into the vibe. Jase was all things cute and his friends were great. This book was a solid halfway for me.
  • BWT (Belen)
    Trent Elrige, a smoking hot Hollywood A-lister has come to quiet Pineapple Grove, a historical neighborhood in Delray Beach, Florida, for some much needed rest and relaxation. Trent isn't expecting to meet anyone, but when he runs into Jace Townsend sparks fly.Jace loves his quiet life in beautiful South Florida where he spends most of his time with his sister, friends, and in his art gallery. But when Jace falls for Trent big questions come into...
  • Valerie ❈M/M Romance Junkie❈
    I don’t know if my expectations were just too high, but I find it hard to believe that these are the same authors of the Unbreakable Bonds series. This book bored me. I felt no connection to either MC. I didn’t believe in their relationship. The sudden about face to allow resolution was completely unbelievable and eye roll inducing. I can’t believe I finished.
  • Amanda
    3.5 starsThis is a cute read featuring Jace, who is a small town business owner and Trent, the movie star we met in Ward Security series. In the beginning, when we were introduced to a bunch of Jace's close friend, I felt a bit overwhelmed and find it hard to keep track with everyone, but as the story went on, I start to appreciate his circle of friends who always have each other back. Trent was on a summer vacation and met Jace by a chance encou...
  • Joyfully Jay
    A Joyfully Jay review. 4 starsSomething About Jace opens the new Pineapple Grove series by authors Drake and Elliott and it was a nice introduction to this small Florida town and its cast of characters. Jace owns one of the art galleries in town and the other small business owners make up his circle of friends. The authors offer a warm set up for Jace and Trent, the town, and stories still to come.Trent made an appearance in the authors’ previo...
  • JenMcJ
    3.5 stars. I liked this start to a new series better than the Ward Security spin off mess. I think getting away from the Unbreakable universe was helpful to the creativity of this book. Both Jace and Trent are likable, the plot isn't a mess of convoluted, unexplainable behavior and both men have enough time together to really get to know each other which makes the big, over the top, grand gesture acceptable even if I think Trent, as written, woul...
  • Natalie
    3.5 Stars.Well, the authors said this was a different kind of story than those oh the Unbreakable Bonds series and compared to those books, it’s positivly fluffy. Not so fluffy that it wasn’t a pleasurable read offering enough substance to keep it interesting. Jace is content in his smallish coastal Florida city, measuring his days by the cycle of tourist season. A-list actor Trent is tempted into dating Jace after years spent hiding his bise...
  • Sanaa ☆ Sanaa's Book Blog ☆
    3.5 stars A bit predictable but a cute story! Find me on: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Blog
  • ~Kristin~
    4 StarsI rather liked this story, I’ll admit it was a bit of a slow starter for me, but once I felt the couple click I was all in. I’m a sucker for the Hollywood A-lister falling for an everyday, but genuine person, I mean a SUCKER!However, I am not a huge fan of storylines that play the whole “secret” game. (view spoiler)[ It makes one half of a the couple feel like they have to keep their entire relationship, and existence in this case,...
  • Heidi
    3 stars just for the hot sex but otherwise super sappy & devoid of emotion.
  • *~*~*Hyperion & Interabang*~*~*
    True rating ---->>> 2.75 stars!! I rounded up because the first 80% of the book was great and I was pretty engaged! BUT, things started to unravel nearing and after that point ... so many things didn't make any sense, some ends really needed tying up, there really wasn't much of a resolution to questions posed, and it all felt very rushed and to be frank, a bit ridiculous, just for the sake of resolving everything quickly! I got a bit of a whipla...
  • Kelly
    Action! Movie star A-lister Trent from Ward's Security is back, and he's on vacation. Trent's never had a Mr. Right, not even a Mr. Right now. With his insane acting career, he's never felt he could risk coming out to the public as a bi man, until he meets Jace. We have a new cast of characters in Drake and Elliot's fictional sandbox, this time in the little beach town of Pineapple Grove, Florida.We still have a bit of intrigue, in the form of an...
  • Jenny Wood
    Can we just take a moment of silence for the hot guy on the cover? Just maybe to appreciate him, and objectify him a little bit. K, thanks for that. So, I am undeniably a fan of these two author’s, as well as their Unbreakable Bond & Ward Security series’. In this one though, we have Trent, who you may remember from one of said series’, but I’m going to be honest, I don’t remember which one. That’s okay though, you don’t need to, as...
  • Nicole
    This was a nice first book to this series. Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliot keep on making good stories! In this one we see Trent Elrige who we met in Dominic’s books, “Sadistic Sherlock”. He is a famous actor and has now reached a point where he needs to sit back and find out how he wants to proceed in his life as he is starting to feel lonely and wanting to find someone special.Jace Townsend is sweet and most of his friends have been findi...
  • Valerie
    I really enjoyed this story. Trent is in Pineapple Grove to get away and get himself together after a stalking issue in a previous book. When he is barreled over by Jace's dog, he asks Jace out. Jace didn't recognize Trent at first, but when that night, Jace realized who asked him out. I like how it didn't matter to Jace that Trent was a famous actor. While there was plenty of time for the men to get to know each other and the scenes they have to...
  • Alex
    Mmmm... OK. I didn't hate it (that's a lot). But I don't see any reason to love it either. I think I'm just so very over the whole m/m romance thing. I need a true plot or at least well built deep characters and feelings to care anymore.If you are searching for some m/m romance that doesn't falls on horrible tropes such as: women are horrible, rape, abuse, men that are clearly playing the role of a woman... This is a good one. Both are likable ma...
  • Earlyn
    Jace and TrentIt's a good 4.5stars. Trent and Jace makes an adorable couple. However as with new couples, there is always something to work through. Trent is a big Hollywood star who is having some down time in a quiet town. Jace has his own business, so you could imagine the dynamics of trying to make a relationship work. Especially when Mr. Hollywood was not out and the down time was coming to an end.
  • Em
    This was a nice and sweet story albeit a tad boring.
  • Beth
    Thoroughly enjoyed this first book in a new series from Jocelyn Drake and Rinda Elliott. I am a huge fan of their Unbreakable Bonds and Ward Security series so I was looking forward to this book which is a bit of a departure for them. No evil villains (though there is a vandal and reference to a ruthless developer who will be an MC in book two), no explosions or fires (though there is a B & E), and no duct tape!This book takes place in sunny Flor...
  • Kirstin
    Jace Townsend lives in Pineapple Grove, FL where it's warm most of the year. During the winter season the population doubles, so being a business owner means winter is his busy season. He's got a fantastic group of friends/business owners, but he's been gun shy in the romance department since his ex moved a year ago.Trent Elrige is an A-list movie star who needs a well earned break. He's decided to spend six months in Florida where he's going to ...
  • Jen
    Note: An ARC was provided by the authors via IndiGo Marketing & Design. The full review can be read on Dog-Eared Daydreams.Like Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliott's other books as a writing duo, there's an element of mystery and suspense in this book, but not necessarily at the same heightened level as those found in their Unbreakable Bonds and Ward Security series. The heart and heat that I've come to recognize as patented Drake and Elliott is sti...
  • Christina Wade - BFD Book Blog
    I had no idea the Trent in this book was the Trent from the Ward Security series…so I was pleasantly surprised when I made the connection. You do not need to read any of the previous books to read this one, but I highly recommend both that series and the Unbreakable Bonds series by these authors. This duo is an auto-read for me.This is fluffier and different than what the authors have written but I liked it…predictability and all! There was t...
  • Rachel
    Awesome start to a new series. Before I even finished the first chapter I was in love with the fresh, fun and sunny atmosphere. These two authors are a 1-click for me and this is just another example why. We loved meeting Trent in 'Sadistic Sherlock' as the hot actor, here we get to see behind the Hollywood smile to a deep sadness of being trapped, not being able to be a normal person and free to date without worry. He needs to be brave and accep...