Fool Me Once by Nicole Williams

Fool Me Once

Second chances are for kids, diets, and shelter pets—not for relationships. Especially not one like Chase and Emma’s. Before he was writing chart-topping hits and smashing record sales, Chase Lawson was Emma’s childhood friend and first love. They promised each other forever, but forever expired at eighteen, when he landed a major record deal and left Emma and their hometown behind.Ten years later, he shows up at their high school reunion w...

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TitleFool Me Once
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Adult

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  • Sophie
    4 stars This book is just perfect if you are looking for something easy to read that will leave you with a joyful feeling, some stars in your eyes and tears of contentment. Nicole Williams has never disappointed me so far and this book enters the category or “romantic second chance story”. My friend Angy does not like angst in her stories and I think if like her you love your drama very low key you should give this book a chance. We follow...
  • Elle's Book Blog
    Release Date: January 15, 2019 Genre: Second Chance Romance Actual Rating: 3.75-4 starsFool Me Once is a sweet, second chance from from Nicole Williams. Having read a few of her novels in the past I knew that I needed to read this one, especially considering the second chance trope that is used (I love a good second chance romance). For the most part, I found this to be a lovely read. I would have liked to see the heroine with a little more ba...
  • The Book Bee
    REVIEW: 2 STARS"Letting you go was the bravest thing I've ever done." I know this isn't going to sound good, but this book wasn't terrible but it most certainly was not my favorite. After reading a book that owned my heart and knowing what a well written book can do to me, this one fell far shorter than I wanted it to. No, I'm not comparing it to another book....I'm just realizing what I like and what works well for me. That makes me sad because ...
  • AJ
    “We all just take a leap of faith. Sometimes we fall. But we’d never know what it felt like to fly if we didn’t take the risk.”3 starsA short, sweet, easy read with a fun set-up and a swoony second-chance-romance. Emma is at her ten year high school reunion when in saunters Chase Lawson, country music’s hottest star – also her first love and the man who broke her heart. Chase and Emma were once everything to each other, but after prom...
  • Vanessa (nessreads)
    *I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book*4 StarsI'm a sucker for second chance romances. And it's no surprise I really enjoyed Nicole Williams' newest book, Fool Me Once. This sweet and little to no angst romance hit the spot.Chase and Emma have history. They dated in high school, but then Chase left Emma to pursue his music career. Emma was devastated and has done her best to forget him. What Emma didn’t expect was to see Chase aft...
  • Jaime ~ Fiction Fangirls
    4.5 StarsChase and Emma were high school sweethearts. Then Chase walked away to live a life of fame and fortune, leaving Emma heartbroken and angry.Ten years later, Chase approaches Emma at their high school reunion with a proposition. Go on tour with him and pretend to be his girlfriend, the reignited flame that helps him clean up his image in exchange for the money she needs to fix up her family home.At first, I was annoyed at how easily Emma a...
  • Sannia
    2.75 starsWell, I gave it a chance but it was an incredibly dull read for me. Even the fact that the Hero was celibate for 10 yrs didn't cheer me up. Unfortunately. The reunion was too easy. No relationship building, no real struggle or conflict. I expected and wanted more angst. But it was just lackluster, no real depth. Heroine was just easy peasy. Meh. And sure, Chase expressed regret and remorse. And stayed chaste. Still, I just didn't connec...
  • Andrea Fleury
    This is my first time reading a book by this author. I really enjoyed it. At her 10 th class reunion the guy who broke her heart is back. Now he wants to make a deal with her. 6 months. Act like my girlfriend and I'll give you one million dollars. Times up.
  • Ursula
    Solid 2.5 starsI'm on a bit of a rock star run atm, so mostly that involves trying to find gold amongst all the dross that is out there!This one is a sweet enough story, even though one aspect was very hard to believe, even if, as a true romantic, I would like to believe it (view spoiler)[the hero has NO SEX for 11 years, from the date he broke up with the heroine, to the date they see each other again. And he is a Country Music star- not my kind...
  • Courtney
    Fool Me Once is a sweet second-chance romance with little drama.I am not usually a huge fan of books that don't give have a lot of angst or drama to fuel the story but with this one, I thoroughly enjoyed it. And that has everything to do with Nicole's writing.Chase and Emma were high school sweethearts before Chase left Emma behind to go after his dreams. Ten years later, he's back, hoping to clean up his image with the help of his former love. I...
  • Lara
    Rating: 2.5This was a quick and easy read. And that was the problem. There was great potential for something really powerful and heart-wrenching, and it never happened. I was left constantly hanging on the edge of an emotional scene or discussion, and just wanting more.Chase broke Emma's heart when he left her at 18 in search of fame and fortune. Now they meet up again at their high school's 10th anniversary reunion, and he quickly convinces her ...
  • Up All Night Book Addict
    I am such a sucker for a good second chance romance. I still can't put my finger on what I like about them so much. Next to RomCom, they are my bag when I need a cleansing from all of the dark things I usually crave. I need to thank the author for such a great, enjoyable read!I fell in love with these characters very fast. There is no way you can dislike Chase or Emma. No freaking way. They are everything characters should be. I may even venture ...
  • Tara | Slow Readers Blog
    Originally posted on Slow Reader's Blog3.5 StarsFool Me Once is a sweet second chance romance. Emma and Chase were high school sweethearts until he up and left, leaving her with a broken heart, choosing fame and fortune over love. So when he returns unexpectedly, for the first time, to their 10-year high school reunion, things get interesting.I love a good second chance romance. There’s a lot of emotions already involved from the past that can ...
  • Teresa Mary Rose
    More Reviews Here: Readers Live A Thousand LivesNicole Williams delivered two of my favorite tropes in one book and my heart is happy. We get a fake relationship and a second chance romance. And she did them both so well. I devoured this book and read it within a few hours.I adored both Chase and Emma. Emma is so fun and fierce and she knows what she wants in life. And Chase is just so charming. He may live the superstar life, but he’s so down ...
  • Shelee at Book Reader Chronicles
    **3.5/4 Stars** Fool Me Once took the beloved rockstar trope and paired it with the goodness of a second-chance romance. The quick and engaging read set the scene to reunite a couple that hadn’t ended well many years ago, and brought the tension of that conflict into the present while forcing them into close quarters. Even without any scenes exploring their past, there was enough characterization to comprehend the attraction and heartbreak tha...
  • Tahsin
    3.5+ stars
  • Flo Grugel
    Overall I liked it but I had problems connecting to Chase. I found certain parts slightly unbelievable and a little flat.Sweet second chance with a hea.
  • ✴ Cindy ✴
    🌟🌟🌟1/2 starsThis was a safe, fun read. There was a couple things I didn't like. Chase was exerting some controlling tendancy's, especially as he issues a bodyguard for her. Personally, I wouldn't have liked being treated like a child, even if he was a famous person and being around him made me a semi-target. Nobody tells me what to do... not if he wants to keep his balls.Chase and Emma were high school sweethearts. He left town and becam...
  • Yvette (Booksandbandanas)
    This story right here is exactly why I LOVE this woman’s writing. She brings romance and the FEELS like no other. Nichole Williams is a must click author and this second chance romance brings it on another level. Second chance romance. SIGN ME UP. It’s there 10 year high-school reunion and Chase Lawson is here. After 10 years, after he broke her heart. Now he shows. Emma is offered a deal she cannot walk away from, from the man she swore she...
  • Donna ~ The Romance Cover
    This is a tough review to write because I did finish the book and I did enjoy it, but I didn't have the character connection that I need to really get involved in a book. This is a trope that has been done before and when this is the case I like to see something different, something that the author does to stamp their mark on it, but that didn't happen in this book. One particular revelation did feel far fetched and unbelievable and a tad conveni...
  • Stephanie
    Fool Me Once is a second chance romance. The story is fast paced. Iconic Country singer Chase Lawson needs to clean up his image. He hires his first love and high school sweetheart Emma Young. Ten years ago he chose a record deal over Emma. He shows up at their 10 year high school reunion with a proposition she can’t refuse. This offer will allow her to travel and restore her family’s farmhouse. I lived in jeans and boots, ponytails and Chap-...
  • Anne OK
    A second chance romance that started out on a high note between a famous country singer and the girl he left behind in smalltown Oklahoma. I was right in the mix for the a big part until I wasn't. The bottom dropped out. The heroine was a little too willing and the hero had a MAJOR surprise up his sleeve that was too far-fetched to be believable. Ten years is a loooooong time! And then the ending was so rushed and less than thrilling -- totally u...
  • Izzie d
    It's okay.It starts a bit abruptly with the heroine agreeing to the Hero's deal, which seemed a bit unrealistic. No intimate scenes with anyone other than the Hero and heroine.Hero not a manwhore type despite the band lifestyle and plenty of offers.HEA.Abrupt end.
  • Alecia ~☆~The Staircase Reader~☆~
    ***4.5 Stars*** "History lessons are for learning, not reliving." Fool Me Once is a standalone romance written by Nicole Williams. This story is about second chances and learning to let your heart forgive and your mind to forget.Chase and Emma had the imperfectly perfect love story. They fought hard and loved sweet. At sixteen they gave each other the greatest gift of all, the promise of forever. But when eighteen years old came calling Chase lef...
  • Avidez Literaria
    “A puff of air burst from his nose as he gaped at me in utter disbelief. “Every person on this planet needs a reason to get up in the morning, and you, you are that for me.” One of his hands molded into the bend of my neck. “You’re my reason, Em.” Emma is enjoying her high school reunion in a peculiar way: drowning her hurts in drinks. With two ex-boyfriends present, it can be said that there, is the last place that she would like to ...
  • Emma
    Fool Me Once shows Nicole William’s at her finest, doing what she does best and that is giving the world a good guy to fall in love with 💕Fool Me Once is completely engaging and a perfect way to warm up with an abundance of feels.Chase and Emma were high school sweethearts, although Chase has to contend with his family’s reputation while growing up. His only chance to escape the life and family he was born into was via his musical talent. ...
  • Mohini Jugran
    Title: Fool Me OnceOriginal Rating: Four StarsGenre: Contemporary RomanceAuthor: Nicole WilliamsMy second read by Nicole Williams and woosh, was it good. After the few angsty reads I've had these past days, I wanted something lovey-dovey minus all the drama and Fool Me Once was all that and more. It starts with Emma who meets Chase Lawson, her ex and a famous singer in her 10 year high school reunion. Chase left her all those years ago, chose his...