Thrawn (Star Wars: Thrawn, #3) by Timothy Zahn

Thrawn (Star Wars: Thrawn, #3)

Grand Admiral Thrawn faces the ultimate test of his loyalty to the Empire in this epic Star Wars novel from bestselling author Timothy Zahn.“If I were to serve the Empire, you would command my allegiance.” Such was the promise Grand Admiral Thrawn made to Emperor Palpatine at their first meeting. Since then, Thrawn has been one of the Empire’s most effective instruments, pursuing its enemies to the very edges of the known galaxy. But as kee...

Details Thrawn (Star Wars: Thrawn, #3)

TitleThrawn (Star Wars: Thrawn, #3)
Release DateJul 23rd, 2019
PublisherDel Rey
GenreMedia Tie In, Star Wars, Science Fiction, Fiction, Audiobook, Fantasy

Reviews Thrawn (Star Wars: Thrawn, #3)

  • Khurram
    Great book. I was a little dubious about this book. After the last book being slightly sub-par (good instead of great), and Thrawn's character in Rebels bring more Imperial then any other incarnation of him. I was not sure what to expect from this book. I am glad to say I loved it and could not put it down.The story takes place a week before the finale of Rebels season 3. Thrawn is seemingly brought in as a pawn of Tarkin, to use make a grab for ...
  • Jonathan Koan
    In the lead up to Thrawn Treason, I had heard tid-bits and read some reviews from people I usually agree with that said that Thrawn Treason was a mediocre book and probably the worst of Timothy Zahn's Thrawn related books.That, for me at least, was definitely not the case.Thrawn Treason is a fun, intriguing novel. By the end, I felt as if Timothy Zahn had created a book that combined the concepts of George Lucas and Agatha Christie. The language ...
  • Alexander Sison
    Seeing all the good reviews here, I'm so happy that they got something good out of this. But sadly for me, it just seemed to have taken several steps back from the previous books. In case anyone's wondering, I have read the Heir to the Empire trilogy a decade and more ago, and I remember fairly enjoying it. In 2017 I remember cracking open the new Thrawn novel. I was a little excited, but not too much because I thought the whole hullabaloo over Z...
  • Ben Brown
    Well, it finally happened: Timothy Zahn wrote a “Thrawn” book that I actually sorta semi-liked.Don’t get me wrong: there’s still a LOT in “Thrawn: Treason” – the third and what looks to be the final chapter in Zahn’s canon “Thrawn” trilogy – that I did NOT like. For one thing: after having now read three of his novels, I am unconvinced that there is a writer on the face of the planet who loves exposition quite as much as Tim...
  • Unseen Library
    I received a copy of Thrawn: Treason from Penguin Random House Australia to review.Rating of 4.5.The master of Star Wars extended universe novels, Timothy Zahn, returns with a third incredible book in his outstanding Thrawn series, Treason, which features the final adventure of his most iconic protagonist, Grand Admiral Thrawn, before his last appearance in Star Wars: Rebels.In Treason, which is set in the midst of the fourth season of Star Wars ...
  • Silvana
    If you are thinking of reading the trilogy, don't. Just read the first book. The enjoyment diminishes in every sequel. While Zahn might be the best new Disney Canon writer that I read so far, his plotting and story really need more work. Since this is Thrawn's last novel (so far), I had hight expectation that it would end with a crescendo. It did not. The book was a slog. If it were not because of the excellent audio narration and the great produ...
  • Neil R. Coulter
    This book is like reading a turn-by-turn description of a game of Risk being played by people I don't know, where one of the players correctly predicts every move for the entire game.On page 181, are we to imagine that Sisay is making the Vulcan salute?
  • Spencer
    To be honest I found this to be pretty boring, it just felt too similar to the previous books and it didn’t add anything new or particularly interesting.
  • Roy
    I actually probably enjoyed this as much as the first if not a little better. Thrawn is as great as ever. Some of the dialgoue is a little stilted but we learn a little more about the empires plans. Plot wise it started off great. 2/3in and it slowed a little bit. Havent read the original trilogy so not sure how this compares. Still a fun fanboy read.
  • Chris Wermeskerch
    Unfortunately, every problem that I had in Thrawn and Alliances were only amplified rather than addressed here and this book became the pinnacle of OC-self-aggrandizement. If Thrawn was never challenged in Alliances, here he barely needs to give any of his mental prowess to the tasks at hand. Never once do he nor any of his compatriots come into real danger, nor does he learn anything; rather, he already knows everything he'll ever need to know. ...
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum third novel which wraps up the new canonical Thrawn trilogy quite nicely, and might actually be my favorite of the three books. As readers have come to expect from this series, Treason once more takes us into the mind of the Star Wars’s greatest military strategist and tactician, the blue-skinned red-eyed Chiss alien known as Grand Admiral Thrawn. His creator and aut...
  • Grace
    This book offered closure on absolutely zero topics.Is this a trilogy or a tetrology? I know Zahn has more Thrawn pitches, and they had BETTER let him make it a tetrology. I need answers. Seriously, answers on at least ONE mystery would be nice.Anyway, did I enjoy this book? Absolutely. It takes place entirely before the Rebels finale, and the tension of knowing that this is Thrawn's last hurrah before he gets yeeted into the vacuum by Ezra's spa...
  • Sans
    My single complaint is that there was not nearly enough Eli in this book. But considering that Eli was in it at all is a huge win.As others have said, this is by no means a perfect book, but it held my attention and made me love these characters (and new ones, I need more Dayja STAT) even more than I already did. I cannot wait for the Ascendency trilogy to show us Thrawn's past and to see where Zahn will take him next.
  • Stephanie
    So proud of my boy Eli and his Chiss fam
  • Ai Miller
    This was just delightful. It moved SO quickly, the pacing was so good--I read it in just a few days, and couldn't really put it down. It had everything I've come to quickly love about Thrawn, and I will say that Zahn's talented because he made me care about people who work for the Empire. It was nice to see the development of a bunch of characters, like Commodore Fero. I will say that I went in without having seen any of Rebels but still had an a...
  • Mario
    Timothy Zahn hasn't lost his touch... at all. Set in the time frame between episodes 10 and 15 of the fourth and final season of Star Wars: Rebels, Grand Admiral Thrawn is forced to go and defend his TIE Defender project against the need for additional resources for project Stardust, what we know better as the Death Star.Forced to gamble his funds against his help on a logistical issue on project Stardust, he encounters also a bigger threat, whic...
  • Haden
    talk about “real housewives of imperial leadership” vibes GOD...i love
  • Rebecca
    Audiobook review for 2nd reading. As usual the audiobook read by Marc Thompson is phenomenal. I really hope Admiral Ar'alani and Thrawn meet again post season 4 of Rebels. Upon rereading this book I caught all the hints for the third act sprinkled through the book and how all were utilized, no thought left dangling. I hope when we learn what happened after Ezra kidnapped the entire Seventh Fleet that this bridge crew and Faro are alive and well. ...
  • Ron
    “May warrior’s fortune be ever in your favor.”A fun read, if shallow and obvious. Hey, it’s Star Wars. The question is never whether Thrawn will outsmart most everyone, but how.“I don’t think he said no,” [she] said. “Just not yet. So stop pouting, Senior Lieutenant, and get your crews ready.” She looked out the viewport. “The universe is about to get interesting again.”Timothy Zahn is exceptional in the Legends (formerly Ex...
  • Anthony
    I've yet to read Zahns original Thrawn trilogy, though I do plan on checking it out at some point. I've read this new canon trilogy pretty close together because I only got to reading the first book a little earlier in the year.This is better than Alliances but not as good as the first book. I wanted to see more of the members of the Empire being unhappy about the funding Stardust was getting, taking it away from the fleet and other military forc...
  • Nikolai
    I have to admit, I wanted to give this five stars. I really did, but I couldn't.It's very obvious Zahn was restricted by the time table given to him, considering that this takes place in the week between Hera Syndulla's capture and the Battle of Lothal.Because of this, many of the events of Treason felt rushed, and character/relationship development felt rushed or incomplete. The ending also was very abrupt, unsatisfying and left many questions u...
  • Blaine
    A typical Thrawn novel. Well plotted, though it drags a bit in the middle. Grand Admiral Thrawn (Sherlock Thrawn to his friends) remains a great character. I enjoyed the return of Eli Vanto, and thought the final battle was a highlight.But I had more nits to pick with this book than the first two in the series. First, Ronan was just annoying. Not a character you love to hate, just annoying in his relentless whining and stupidity. Second, there we...
  • Máté
    Sigh. What a waste of a Thrawn book. There are zero real stakes here, making this story pointless. Still, I hope Timothy Zahn will be able to write Thrawn related books that take place after the events of the Rebels TV show.
  • Jaime K
    THRAAWWWWWNNNNThis is as good as the first and better than the 2nd. I have no qualms with this other than the fact that the word “occultation” is used far too often.The picture of the front half of the Chimera before the title page is beautiful.It links even more canon with Legends; “Rebels” with the movies. Some parts break from the regular past tense to italicized present tense, as if the reader is watching a holovid. It’s so we can s...
  • Eric Allen
    I was a little afraid to pick this one up after the previous book in the series. But, thankfully, it was pretty good. It was a pretty good mix of the Grand Admiral Thrawn: Space Detective, stuff from the first book, and Grand Admiral Thrawn: Ultimate Tactical Badass that I’d been hoping for in the first book, but didn’t really get. The last 25% of this book is pretty great, with a pretty awesome standoff that showcases Thrawn’s genius and t...
  • J. Griff
    OH MY (my best George Takei impersonation)!! This book was sooo much better than the previous one. Grand Admiral Thrawn has to be one of the most interesting (Expanded Universe) characters to date. I enjoyed seeing Eli Vantos' return & several easter eggs that tied this story to the movie Rogue One. Commodore Pharell is an interesting protege of the Grand Admiral's & Assistant Director Ronin was just annoyingly whiny character. There were a few s...
  • Stephen Richter
    After the original Star Wars trilogy finished with Return of the Jedi in 1983, it was Timothy Zahn's Original Thrawn Trilogy that fill fan's itch for the next part of the Saga. Written in 1991 to 93 It held a special place in the hearts of Star wars fans, including Dave Filoni. . Dave wanted to bring back Thrawn but in the different Timeline. So his Animated Series Star Wars Rebels brought back Thrawn, and Dave got Timothy to write the new backst...
  • DiscoSpacePanther
    How can I give five stars to a book where the titular character makes not a single miscalculation or error?Because it was so artfully done.But, to be serious about it—the book is about Thrawn’s tactical genius solving interesting problems in insightful ways. No reader complains that Sherlock Holmes is too smart, or that Hercule Poirot’s grey cells never make a mistake, or that Cadfael never seems to misjudge a person’s character. The joy ...
  • Mark Morabito
    I feel like this cover was pretty bait-y. It looks like Thrawn might be about to commit treason against the Emperor. Instead the Emperor appears for about 1 minute, and Thrawn is basically doing a side-quest related to potential treason. It really feels like Zahn has shackles on him story wise, an issue I have with pretty much all the books of the Disney EU. Thrawn was well written and fun to read, as always, I wish he just had more interesting t...