Out Of My Mind by Alan Arkin

Out Of My Mind

Alan Arkin, one of the most beloved and accomplished actors of our time, reveals a side of himself not often shown on stage or screen.Like many teenagers, 16-year-old Alan Arkin had it all figured out. Then came young adulthood, and with it a wave of doubt so strong it caused him to question everything he thought he knew about himself and the world. Ever skeptical and full of questions, Arkin embarked on a spiritual journey to find something—an...

Details Out Of My Mind

TitleOut Of My Mind
Release DateDec 6th, 2018
PublisherAudible Studios
GenreNonfiction, Biography, Audiobook, Autobiography, Memoir

Reviews Out Of My Mind

  • Char (I'm A Book Pirate, ARGGG)
    OUT OF MY MIND by Alan Arkin was a free Audible Original, so I figured why not?I like autobiographies on audio, especially those of comedians. I've always admired Arkin so I thought I would give this a shot. I knew going in that this was about Arkin's spiritual/philosophical journey through life and not really a memoir or autobiography. I enjoyed his voice and I found what he had to say somewhat enjoyable and helpful.Thanks Audible for the free a...
  • Maria
    I enjoyed this. The reviews I read below seemed misguided. This is man in his 70s or 80s reflecting on his inner experiences, there is something to be learned when older people speak.
  • Mahlon
    Too much self-analysis for me. I like and respect Alan Arkin, but I wasn't expecting to go to therapy with him!
  • Joshua Rigsby
    This pile of malarkey is aptly named, if nothing else. For some reason, actors believe that average Americans want to hear their undigested self-referential beliefs, no matter how poorly founded they are. In fairness, I listened to the audio book of my own volition, so half of the blame is on me. But still. What a wagonload of incense-scented bullshit. This was like an episode of Touched by An Angel that was rejected for being too implausible for...
  • Susan Kennedy
    No, I didn't really like this at all. It was really hard to listen to. It was a lot of, I don't even know what to say, mess? Nothing flowed really well and it was just a droning monologue of a whole lot of nothing. It was about Alan Arkin's search for something spiritual, maybe? I'm not even sure. It was a difficult couple of hours to get through and it felt more like half a day, but I did manage to get through it and I'm just left with not much ...
  • Charles
    I'm not sure what the point of this book was. It's a narrowly focused memoir about Mr. Arkin's spiritual quest... but it's not particularly spiritual. It's just a long series of anecdotes about things he has felt and experienced that seem extraordinary to him. I repeat: these events seem extraordinary to him. If there is one thing that all these experiences have in common, it's that he chooses again and again to describe them with the disclaimer,...
  • Marty
    Alan Arkin provides a narrative as an author, actor, father, husband and a man who's insights about meditation reveals his lifetime of spirituality. He reveals how he circumnavigated his life of many miracles he has witnessed and discovered. Many readers will broaden their knowledge of life to feel comfortable to think for themselves beyond societal expectations.Personal beliefs are often in conflict with what is expected while learning and disco...
  • Andy Klein
    Total and complete crap. He totally lost me with his belief of some mystical Brazilian who cured people of cancer by doing surgery with a rusty pocket knife while in a trance. Seriously. HE. BELIEVES. THAT. next up is the Easter bunny. Good thing this drivel was free on Audible.
  • Kelly ...
    I really enjoyed the stories that he told about different acting experiences as they felt personal, and a touch voyeuristic. I also felt that he was open with himself, talking about his mother, his stage fright and his conversations with a survivor of Hitler's death camps. However, a good chunk of the book is about his personal religious convictions and what he terms consciousness. I have learned that I really do not enjoy books that delve deeply...
  • Blythe
    I’ve read a lot of criticism about this book that it isn’t the memoir readers expected. I fully understand that; however, Arkin accomplishes what he sets out to do: write a memoir of his spiritual/philosophical journey throughout his 80+ years. He is open minded, intelligent, and humble. I appreciate his hunger and perseverance in seeking purpose in life. And I’m in awe of his ability to process and articulate his journey. I found this shor...
  • Ani
    I very much enjoyed Alan Arkin’s open, honest and revelatory sharing about the unfolding of his consciousness, highlighting some key moments in his inner journey. There is much wisdom to be found here. Alan’s stories about the indelible impacts—of the Holocaust survivor, Esther Raab who never lost faith, the remarkable Brazilian “surgeon,” who removed tumors with a pen knife and no blood, the Guru who taught him meditation, and others...
  • Taher Al Kiyumi
    What we need is already buried in us!
  • Penny
    (Audible)I really like Alan Arkin. I like his voice, his speech cadence and the quiet intensity that he commits to his roles.I'm not really sure what I was expecting. What Arkin gave me was a surprise.The book is a series of unrelated chapters that together build an experienced based belief system for Arkin. He stresses that each of us through our own experiences create, mold, massage, reinvent and revise our belief systems as we go through life....
  • Amy
    This was another free Original from Audible. It wasn't bad - I did finish it, but there were times I found it a little repetitious and/or a little too hard to relate with to truly enjoy it. It was interesting, however, to hear about Arkin's personal spiritual journey through the span of his lifetime in his own voice.
  • Alan
    Bits Cut from An Improvised Life?Review of the Audible Audio editionI haven't actually read Alan Arkin's biography "An Improvised Life," but I assume that it primarily covers his stage and film acting career.This compendium of spiritual or therapy related anecdotes seems like it might be collecting chapters that were deleted from that biography as being of little interest to fans of the actor.I'll admit that I became skeptical of the book as soon...
  • Amy
    A free audiobook from Audible. The telling of his unusual experiences might bump into your pre-conceived notions about life.
  • Gil Bradshaw
    This book is him discussing his spiritual journey in a way that is very brave. He started out as an atheist and then documents his journey to becoming convinced of a higher power and then finally his attempts to harness that power in his daily life. I think his open discussion is brave and honest. He doesn’t try to explain his miracles or try to convince you that they happened. He doesn’t know why or what these experiences mean himself and I ...
  • Amanda Grell
    Enjoyable and quick. He has had a very interesting life spiritually.
  • Patricia
    Some of the stories in this memoir were fascinating, but I don't want to be a critic of someone's spiritual journey.
  • Maddielucy
    I love Alan Arkin but this was sooooooo boring. Thank God it was short or I would’ve quit.
  • Ernesto I. Ramirez
    Amazing life stories.
  • Vivian Adram
    A little confusing but intriguing to go into the mind of Mr Arkin
  • Bolelang
    The narration is great however the story has holes. I don't think Alan is sceptical enough. He is a believer, even though he says he is not.
  • Renee
    This is a review of the audio edition read by the author: I enjoyed this autobiography for the simple reason that it takes courage to expose the intimate details of your life and here he lays his heart out about subjects no one can explain and require faith in purpose to process. Most people can’t even open their minds to the possibility that there is more to this life than what we see. He briefly addresses this in the beginning of his story us...
  • Simon
    Very disappointing. I thought he would talk about how to meditate, but he just spoke about weird experiences.
  • Skyler Layne
    As much as this book is an autobiography, it is spiritual. Rather, the author writes about their journey through life from the perspective of spirituality and follows many phases along that bane.It starts by level setting Alan's youth, young, narrow minded, and stubborn and follows his journey as an Actor meeting those who had a large impact on his life. Namely in his work in telling the Sobibór extermination camp (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
  • Nick Anderson
    This is one of the free Audible original options that comes with the subscription. I love Alan Arkin, so thought it would be a fun listen. It turns out that it is less humorous, and much more about his life philosophy and his journey to find peace and happiness through therapy, meditation, and letting go of what he thought he believed in. Whether or not you can agree with (or believe) him, it’s worth the small investment of time.
  • Mark Hillick
    I read this book because it seemed like a fun read per the Audible Originals recommendations for December.It was an easy listen/read and there were some interesting anecdotes, but overall it came across as a therapy session with Arkin. I wouldn’t really recommend it unless you want to do some therapy.
  • Jan Carter
    I enjoy listening to Alan Arkin, or reading interviews with him, and of course, seeing his movies; The In-laws is probably my favorite, perhaps followed by Catch 22. The audiobook is not a movie star tell-all, but rather some deeper thoughts, perceptions and experiences that stood out in his life. I found his commentary quite interesting and will probably remember parts for some time. 5 stars.
  • Janice Dimock
    Another surprise! I thought this was going to be a funny memoir, but it actually turned out to be serious, and quite spiritual. Some of stories were fascinating (Arigo, for example). Overall, it was very interesting and I'm glad I listened.