Singapore Sapphire (Harriet Gordon Mystery #1) by A.M. Stuart

Singapore Sapphire (Harriet Gordon Mystery #1)

Harriet Gordon stumbles into a murderous web of stolen gems and cutthroat thieves as she runs from her tragic past in an enthralling new historical mystery series set in early twentieth century Singapore. Singapore 1910--Desperate for a fresh start and to distance herself from her tragic past, Harriet Gordon finds herself in Singapore at the height of colonial rule. Hoping to gain some financial independence, she advertises her services as a pers...

Details Singapore Sapphire (Harriet Gordon Mystery #1)

TitleSingapore Sapphire (Harriet Gordon Mystery #1)
Release DateAug 6th, 2019
GenreMystery, Historical, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Fiction

Reviews Singapore Sapphire (Harriet Gordon Mystery #1)

  • Luffy
    Initially the superlative vocab of the book made no mistake. 'Comprised' was not bundled with 'of'. The use of the phrase 'hold the fort' didn't include 'down'. There was the drawn match where 'named for' was used instead of 'named after'.But the story itself was ill served about halfway through the book. The promising, easy and breezy pacing of the book was butchered in my humble opinion. I am not used to the climax to kick in halfway through.Th...
  • Brenda
    It was 1910 when Harriet Gordon escaped the tragedy of her past to Singapore. Her brother, Reverend Julian Edwards, was master at the local school and Harriet did some unpaid work for St. Thomas. But needing funds saw her advertising herself as a personal secretary and when she began typing the manuscript for Sir Oswald Newbold, she had no idea her acquaintance with him would cause such dramatic changes in her life.The murder of Newbold was parti...
  • Anna Lee Huber
    My favorite new mystery series! Set in a unique and compelling setting, and filled with fascinating historical research, deft characterization, and thrilling suspense, readers will devour Singapore Sapphire. One of the best books I’ve read this year. I can’t wait to read Harriet’s next adventure.
  • Helen
    This is such an awesome story, I do love a good mystery and this one hit the spot, set in Singapore in 1910, MS Stuart took me back in time to murders and a gang smuggling gems and a story that I did not want to put down. I am loving Harriet and Inspector Robert Curran and am truly thrilled that this book is the start of a series.Harriet Gordon has decided to start afresh in Singapore with her brother, Reverend Julian who runs a school, Harriet h...
  • eyes.2c
    Colonial Singapore and murder! Great reading!It's the early 1900's in Singapore. So realistic I felt I was there! Harriet Gordon, widowed and made childless in one fell swoop in India due to Typhus, went home to England. It was there she came in contact with the Suffragette Movement, an organization that espoused those things she'd not only envisioned, but felt deeply. That path ended badly and she joined her brother in Colonial Singapore where h...
  • Lori
    After losing her husband and son in India, Harriet Gordon works at a school in Singapore where her clergyman brother Julian serves as headmaster. She decides to offer stenography services to provide income. She discovers her client Oswald Newbold's murdered body. Harriet's skills impress Inspector Curran. A clue VOC, which most people consider the old East India Company, surfaces. Inspector Curran and Harriet both know it must bear a different me...
  • Minx
    In Singapore Sapphire, Harriet Gordon was a fascinating three-dimensional character who had a sorrowful past scattered with dark moments that she desperately wanted to keep hidden. She worried how her past would affect her brother if it was ever to come to light. He was a good man who put himself into a rather precarious position in order to offer her a fresh start and she wanted to make sure that his decision never came to haunt him. To this end...
  • Jacqie
    I enjoyed this historical mystery set in early 20th century Singapore. The characters ring true to the time period, and I think the non-white characters may suffer lack of detail because of that.The idea of the Geographical Society was neat- one had to have a landmark named after oneself in order to belong. It seems like just the kind of thing that colonial Englishmen would do. I liked the two protagonist characters- they possessed the British vi...
  • Susanne
    Some stories you just have to devour, they're so compelling. This is such a one. Harriet Gordon, widow, stenographer and suffragette, and the dedicated Inspector Curran, the not-quite gentleman detective, are two of my new favourite characters, brought together in colonial 1910 Singapore by a murder that spreads tentacles far and wide. As the title indicates, precious gems are involved, although Harriet herself is the real 'gem', a woman of educa...
  • Becky
    SINGAPORE SAPPHIRE by A M StuartIn the mood for a multiple murder/gem smuggling mystery with a bit of romance and family drama and a fair amount of diverse culture? Then this is your book.Harriet, newly arrived in Singapore in 1910, is the richly nuanced main character. Most characters are well developed, although a couple surprises near the end seem a bit “out of the blue.” The culture of colonial Singapore is clearly drawn. The main charact...
  • Book Him Danno
    A well composed mystery that will take you to Singapore during the early 20th century when it was very much a part of the British Empire. The story will transport you to a time and place you can only imagine. I felt as if I could feel the oppressive heat and humidity in addition to smelling the various odors that were described so vividly. The mystery was well defined and easy for the reader to follow.I have rated the book 4 stars and would recom...
  • Anita
    This is a beautifully written, cleverly-crafted murder mystery set in the unusual location of Singapore in 1910. Harriet Gordon is a multi-layered character with a tragic past and a secret she is at pains to keep from the critical Colonial society where she fled in an attempt to leave her past behind. However, even in the Far East, where nothing is quite what it seems and everyone has secrets, Hannah's suffragette past threatens to cast a blight ...
  • Denise
    Are you in the mood for historical fiction that features a very interesting cast of characters faced with solving a series of murders and what appears to be a gem smuggling operation in colonial Singapore? If so, then this is the book for you! First in a new series featuring Harriet Gordon, a young widow who is staying with her brother, Reverend Julian Edwards, headmaster at St. Thomas School for English Boys. Harriet has a past in England that s...
  • Guylou
    My daughter recently moved to Singapore and I thought it would be fun to read a book related to the history of this small country. Singapore Sapphire is the first book in a new series called Harriet Gordon Mystery. The story takes place in the early 1900’s. The book stars Harriet Gordon who just moved to Singapore to help her brother to run a school for boy. The school is unable to pay her so she advertises her services as a personal secretary....
  • Shelagh
    I’m a sucker for a good mystery and for me Singapore Sapphire ticked all the boxes. I loved the setting in early 20th century Singapore, a place rich in British colonial history. The setting truly comes alive thanks to the meticulous research of author A.M. Stuart. She clearly knows the area well and has used that knowledge to add an extra layer of richness to the story. It is the unceasing humidity of the tropics that particularly features as ...
  • LibraryLaur
    An engrossing historical mystery with an exotic setting. I'm looking forward to the next in the series.*Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing an e-galley in exchange for an honest review.
  • Barbara Senteney
    Harriet is a nice young woman who has lost her husband and child to colera. She decides to move to Singapore for a new beginning. She has to earn a living so after advertising in the newspaper she is hired by a wealthy eccentric to write his memoirs. Reporting to work to retrieve her typewriter she finds her employer and his man servant brutally murdered. Inspector Curran shows up to investigate and the mystery begins.What I thought was going to ...
  • Krystal
    A very enjoyable mystery set in a part of the world I did not know much about. Harriet Gordon is an interesting new heroine who I enjoyed as a realistic and yet brave woman trying to rebuild her life in Singapore following tragedy in India and as a suffragette in London. She's given a fabulous partner in Inspector Robert Curran. Could I also just give a hat off to the author who has, so far anyway, made it clear this is a friendship and not a rom...
  • Annie
    Harriet Gordon, who is in Singapore to start her life over, has just started a job helping an old man type up his memoirs when she finds him dead, messily murdered in his haunted bungalow at the beginning of A.M. Stuart’s transporting mystery debut, Singapore Sapphire. Unlike a lot of mysteries in which ordinary people blunder their way into a criminal investigation, Harriet has a partner, Detective Robert Curran, who seems willing to listen to...
  • Stephanie
    I was looking for something good in the historical fiction genre so was happy to receive a copy of Singapore Sapphire, set in 1910 China in exchange for my honest review (thanks, Berkley Publishing and NetGalley). This is the first in a planned series by A.M. Stuart featuring Harriet Gordon and Inspector Robert Curran, and is good on the history, less on the mystery…Harriet Gordon’s brother (Reverend) Julian runs a school in Singapore, and wh...
  • Cathy Cole
    A.M. Stuart's setting of Singapore in 1910 felt so real that, as I read, I wondered how on earth women could survive there back in the days of acres of petticoats, corsets, and no air conditioning. The pace of Singapore Sapphire did drag a bit from time to time, mostly due to its being the first book in a series and the need to set up both characters and story, but there is a strong mystery that kept me guessing. The one thing I didn't keep guess...
  • Misti
    This started a little slow, but the characters and setting are just so interesting that I was hooked before too long. The mystery was good, even though I guessed parts of it. I just really loved the characters. They made the story come alive. The descriptions of Singapore were also fantastic. Having been there in modern times, I can’t imagine what it must have been like for a British woman in the early 1900’s, in the oppressive humidity (says...
  • Jamie
    I really enjoyed this cozy murder mystery set in 1910 Singapore.... the characters were well done and the setting was lush, tropical, humid, and rainy!!! With lots of mosquitos buzzing around 🤣 I knocked off one star for the lengthy ending scene… In some ways it felt like a Scooby Doo episode, where the villain is unmasked and the backstory of the crime is told; I didn’t think that necessary here (and it felt a bit over-written.) But, othe...
  • Cathleen Ross
    What a wonderful read by AM Stuart. 1910 The indomitable Harriet Gordon discovers a murder but instead of falling apart shows her merit. The book is full of wonderful nuanced characters who bring the book to life. The writing is lively and interesting and I really enjoyed the novel. Look forward to reading the next one.
  • Jenny T.
    A murder mystery set in Singapore 1910 involving many expats. Harriet Gordon hopes to make some extra money by advertising services for shorthand & typing. Unfortunately she finds her first client murdered and with the help of Inspector Robert Curran of the local police uncovers an entire criminal team. I liked how the author depicted the characters during this period of history with sensory capturing descriptions of the country.Thanks to the Ber...
  • Amy Rose Bennett
    What a fabulous read! I love historical mysteries and Ms. Stuart's book ticked all the boxes for me: an intriguing and cleverly-plotted murder mystery; compelling, well-crafted characters; a fascinating setting, and impeccable research woven effortlessly into the story. Brava, Ms. Stuart. I can't wait for the second Harriet Gordon Mystery!
  • Susan Morris
    3 1/2 stars. This was a pretty good mystery, set in an interesting location. Possibly could have been tightened up a little, and I had a question or two about a few things, but I’d definitely read another in the series. Thanks to the publisher for an advance copy thru a Goodreads contest! (Own)
  • Alice Valdal
    Thoroughly enjoyable. Loved Harriet Gordon and all the authentic history and geography of the place and the time.