Summer on Moonlight Bay / Bonus Novel by Miranda Liasson by Hope Ramsay

Summer on Moonlight Bay / Bonus Novel by Miranda Liasson

Only one thing can make veterinarian Noah Cuthbert return to Magnolia Harbor-his mother's failing health. He'll do anything to help his family, including taking a short-term gig at the local animal clinic. What he doesn't count on is getting up-close-and-personal with the clinic's new manager, a woman whose love and compassion for every stray that crosses her path has him rethinking his plans to head back to his big-city life...After her time in ...

Details Summer on Moonlight Bay / Bonus Novel by Miranda Liasson

TitleSummer on Moonlight Bay / Bonus Novel by Miranda Liasson
Release DateAug 6th, 2019
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary

Reviews Summer on Moonlight Bay / Bonus Novel by Miranda Liasson

  • Jypsy
    Summer on Moonlight BayBy: Hope Ramsay *REVIEW* 🌟🌟🌟🌟Summer on Moonlight Bay is a sweet story. Set in a charming town with nosy gossips, because you can't escape them anywhere, it is beautifully rendered with lovely detail. Noah and Leah are both in town for different complicated reasons. Noah doesn't want to stay, though, and he's trying to convince his family to move back to Charleston with him. Then he meets a girl. Is it love at fi...
  • Amy
    Since I read these books back to back I thought I would just do one review to combine my thoughts on both of them, plus they’re also available now and I know I personally love being able to start a new series with at least a couple of books already out, waiting is the worst.Lately I’ve been loving small town, sweet and simple romance novels and this series delivers on that! They totally remind me of feel good Hallmark movies and they’re ide...
  • Sophia
    The first book in the Moonlight Bay series was one of my big surprise standouts last year so I'm really not surprised that book two stayed strong even when it surprised me by introducing a different romance pair than I was expecting- a Veterinarian and a Veteran. Guess which is which regarding the hero and heroine? Another touching story that dug deep for the romance pair and the greater cast of characters in this small island town.As I said, Sum...
  • Tanja ~ T's Book ~ KT Book Reviews
    One of the best small town sweet romance authors around. I am forever happy to read anything from Hope Ramsay. She has this unique quality to bring a well rounded, yet complex story to life. It's always filled with fun side-characters and intricate mains. Noah and Lia are going down as one of my favorite couples. Heartbreaking yet heartwarming as well. *via Forever publishingOne of the best small town sweet romance authors around. I am forever ha...
  • Gail
    What an amazing story that I hated to see end! Loved every minute of the heartwarming story that will melt your heart.
  • Margaret Dombrowski
    I received this book via NetGalley. Hope's Moonlight Bay series gets you immersed in her characters just like her Second Chance series. It was interesting seeing how Lia and Noah were going to get along, and proving the members of the Altar Ladies Guild wrong. I am glad that Noah had some closure with his father but I seriously needed Kleenex after Lia spoke with her brother!The secondary "romance" that really isn't one, is between Micah and Ashl...
  • BookAddict
    This is an author I’ve read for years, and I know I can count on her for a delightful, heart-warming, small-town romance. She hasn’t disappointed me yet, and this second book in the Moonlight Bay Series, set in a place near to my heart, the South Carolina coast, is another beautifully crafted story. With just the right amount of detail and color, the setting is realistic, vivid and full of life, setting the scene perfectly. Lia DiPalma has be...
  • Nancy
    4.5 stars. Great characters. Nice plot. I could easily reread this one. Setting: small town SC near the ocean. Actually i think it’s an island off the coast!
  • Terri
    This is another wonderful book by Ms. Ramsay. I have enjoyed her books for many years and was not disappointed in the story of Lia and Noah. The story has humor, romance, a little violence (although not graphic), coming to terms with oneself, animals, family, woman power, faith and of course, small town eccentricities. Noah is a veterinarian who doesn't own a pet. That should tell you right there that he has some things he struggles with. Lia was...
  • Elizabeth
    Title: Summer On Moonlight BaySeries:Moonlight Bay 2Author: Hope RamsayPages: 738Genre: romanceOnly one thing can make veterinarian Noah Cuthbert return to Magnolia Harbor-his mother's failing health. He'll do anything to help his family, including taking a short-term gig at the local animal clinic. What he doesn't count on is getting up-close-and-personal with the clinic's new manager, a woman whose love and compassion for every stray that cross...
  • Really Into This
    Melissa contributed this review to Really Into ThisCheck out all of our reviews at https://reallyintothis.comHappy Reading, friends!Summer on Moonlight Bay by Hope Ramsay is a wonderfully written tale rich with memorable characters. A while back, I read the first book in Hope Ramsay's Moonlight series The Cottage on Rose Lane. One thing I love about Hope is her character development is amazing. Effortlessly, Hope is able to create Melissa con...
  • Tina Meyers
    Noah's and Lia's love story is well worth the read! The twists and turns and feels were amazing. I see future story material in the book as incidents lead to other relationships.
  • Vickie
    Summer on Moonlight Bay begins with Lia DiPalma finding herself lost on the outskirts of Magnolia Harbor. She is fresh out of the Navy and looking for a place to call home. After hearing so much about the place from her Commanding Officer, Chaplain Micah St. Pierre, she decided that she would head there to see about going to work for Micah, who has his own church now and is no longer in the Navy either. Lia spots a dog in the middle of the road t...
  • Madison Monroe
    I am really touched by the hard work and the emotional journey that the author has gone through to complete this book. And for that I am proud to have read this story because I am a fan of Hope Ramsay. With that being said, it is going to be a pain to write a honest review because I really wanted this to be a 5 Star, but unfortunately, this story did not quite meet that rating and I will tell you why. Summer on Moonlight Bay is a love story betwe...
  • Jan Fore
    Summer on Moonlight BayHope RamseyAugust 6, 2019The second in the Moonlight Bay series begins with Lia DiPalma heading into South Carolina in the midst of nowhere. She spies something in the middle of the road, slams the brakes of her Chevy Trailblazer and stares at was lying in the road. It was a dog not a piece of trash. She got out to investigate and found the dog, really a puppy still alive but with severe leg damage. Gathering a blanket from...
  • Living My Best Book Life
    Hope Ramsay blew me away with book 2 in the Moonlight Bay series. Summer on Moonlight Bay was the perfect small-town romance with a great set of characters. The story was vulnerable, uplifting, and charming. The story begins with us meeting a woman who just left the Navy to settle down in a quaint town. Lia has lived a certain lifestyle for 15 years and is looking for a change. She heads to Moonlight Bay, a town she always heard about. On her way...
  • Marsha Keeper Bookshelf
    Reviewed at Keeper BookshelfI easily fell into Lia and Noah’s romance, and completely enjoyed returning to the world of Moonlight Bay. SUMMER ON MOONLIGHT BAY gives us another visit with the quirky, sometimes grumpy, always entertaining residents of the seaside small town of Moonlight Bay. A place where some never want to leave and others cannot get away fast enough.Lia found what she’d been searching for by coming to this small town. Even if...
  • Lillian
    I received an eARC of this book via Netgalley. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.Summer on Moonlight Bay by Hope Ramsay is the second book in the Moonlight Bay series, set in the fictional town of Magnolia Harbor, South Carolina. I have a slight obsession with small town romances. I love the recurring characters and quaint settings, the nostalgic feel (even if it’s set in today’s time), and beauty/gossi...
  • Kathy
    After 15 years as a Chaplain’s assistant in the Navy, Lia is looking for a safe place to finally settle down. Throughout her childhood, Lia, her brother and mother continually moved from place to place, which has left Lia with no sense of belonging to anyone or anywhere. Now, Lia has come to Magnolia Harbor because the last chaplain she worked for spoke so lovingly of his hometown, making Lia anxious to check it out. Little does Lia know just h...
  • Misty (Reds Romance Reviews)
    Summer on Moonlight Bay brings you into the lives of Noah and Lia, both of whom are about to embark on live changing journeys... ones that might just intertwine a little. Lia is fresh out of the service and looking for a new start, coming to town solely because of a friends love of the little town. She often heard him telling stories about Magnolia Harbor, and they left her just curious enough to pack her meager belongings and see if she could lo...
  • Lori R
    I loved this passionately told story set in Magnolia Harbor. Hope Ramsay put her heart and soul into this story and it shows. I wish the town was real because I want to move there and meet the characters that touched my heart.Lia DiPalma and Noah Cuthbert seem like lost souls until they meet. Lia, a veteran who has left the Navy is strong but vulnerable. She is lonely and desperately wants to put down roots and to find a place for the first time ...
  • books are love
    Received in exchange for a honest review.Overall really enjoyed. When I started the book it seemed to feel like it was going slow but once I got past that initial feeling I really got into the book. I think I felt this way because I felt pieces weren’t clicking in my mind for me. Why did Lia leave the navy? That wasn’t really mentioned at the beginning and you have that bog you down. In other words, I had so many questions about things that m...
  • Lynn
    Lia DiPalma has just left the Navy and has come to Moonlight Bay to look up an old friend in the hopes of finding a new start in life. On her way into town she finds an injured dog in the middle of the road. She takes the little pup to the new vet clinic in town hoping they can save the poor boys life.Noah Cuthbert, a veterinarian is in Moonlight Bay hoping to convince his ailing mother and younger sister to come back with him to Charleston. He w...
  • A Mind for Romance
    Hope Ramsay has written an amazing and heartfelt story about finding your home, love and forgiveness. This is a story that will touch your heart and have you captivated from the start. Ramsay wields her pen masterfully, skillfully creating characters that are full of emotion and depth, and who show how past childhood events impact our present. You will fall in love with all the characters but particularly Lia. Our heroine is strong, intelligent, ...
  • Jasmine
    *Thanks for a rep from Forever Romance for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Veterinarian Noah Cuthbert has returned home to get his mother with MS and college-bound younger sister to leave with him, but the arrival of the compassionate former naval Religious program specialist Lia DiPalma in Magnolia Harbor has him second-guessing himself. I can always appreciate a story featuring a female protagonist with great int...
  • Yvonne Cruz
    I had not read any books by this author, and when given the opportunity, I decided to give her a try. I am so glad I did.The story centers around Lia DePalma and Noah Cuthbert. Lia recently left the Navy and is traveling to the hometown of the chaplain she was assigned to protect, and Noah is in town to move his Mom that has MS and his young sister to Charleston, where he can take care of them. One is looking to find stability and a home while th...
  • Jessica Figueroa
    As a child Lia was constantly moving, then in the navy it was very much the same. Now shes out and Magnolia Harbor is a good a town as any when she finds a friend from her time in the navy needs a secretary. But when she finds a dog injured in the road she runs to the vet to get help for the pup. Noah is a veterinarian but is town only long enough to get his mother and sister closer to help and out of that dang down. He wants nothing more than to...
  • Sarah
    Anytime I have ever read anything by this author I just never know what I am going to get, and it's always a fun surprise. This book was very much the same way. The author held nothing back, in this book she has the characters face some very tough situations and where I have read some books will just glaze over the topics, not this author she has the characters take it head on and its a no holds bar. I like that while Lia and Noah are both facing...
  • Shannon K
    Noah Cuthbert is back in Moonlight Bay for the summer in an attempt to get his mom to move back to the mainland with him. Even though he intends to leave as soon as he can he ends up becoming the town's vet for the summer. Lia DiPalma has just arrived in Moonlight Bay after leaving the Navy, ready to finally put down roots somewhere after a life spent never staying in one place for long. She starts working as the office manager of the animal clin...