All the Forgivenesses by Elizabeth Hardinger

All the Forgivenesses

A Publishers Marketplace Buzz Books selection Set in Appalachia and the Midwest at the turn of the twentieth century, this exquisite debut novel paints an intimately rendered portrait of one resilient farm family's challenges and hard-won triumphs--helmed by an unforgettable heroine. Growing up on their hardscrabble farm in rural Kentucky, fifteen-year-old Albertina "Bertie" Winslow has learned a lot from her mama, Polly. She knows how to lance ...

Details All the Forgivenesses

TitleAll the Forgivenesses
Release DateAug 27th, 2019
PublisherJohn Scognamiglio Book
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction

Reviews All the Forgivenesses

  • Karen Kay
    I received this from for a review. This story is told by Bertie. At 15, she is forced to take over full care of her younger siblings and the household. Bertie marries young, grateful to find a husband willing to take on the care of her sisters. As time moves on, Bertie comes to better understand herself only by confronting wrenching truths. She open herself to joy and learns how to not only give, but receive love.Great story, well t...
  • Becky Gaiovnik
    All the Forgiveness is told in the voice of Bertie, a teenage girl from the south in the early 1900’s. Hardinger does a remarkable job catching the feelings and reactions of a young woman going through tremendous hardship over and over again. Hardinger also does an incredible job capturing the love of family, responsibility, mothering and creating kinship without blood. The book has a very Where the Crawdads Sing vibe, but being based off of th...
  • Amy
    Oh, I loved this! And I’m so sad it ended. Bertie! I would very happily read a full Little House in the Prairie-length series about Bertie and her life.Bertie is so hard on herself and has a hardscrabble farming life in the early twentieth century Midwest, and she broke my heart constantly by feeling like she didn’t deserve happiness and by never realizing the valuable sacrifices she made for her family. Hardinger offers up so many crisp and ...
  • Amy
    I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I am not going to be biased about this book because I got it for free. All my words are my own opinion.All the Forgiveness by Elizabeth Hardinger really struck home with me when she took me back down south before cars where around. A close knit family, struggling to survive, living as roughnecked as it gets. Than they move to Kansas and start a new life there, where the mot...
  • Grace
    Full disclosure I was given this book by the publisher in a Goodreads Giveaway in exchange for an honest review.___________For me, this book was very slow and hard to get into. It didn't catch my heart right away and I had to consciously spend time on it every evening. I almost didn't finish it several times. BUT. I am so glad I did. I loved the redemption twist that comes near the end. I love the message that family knows they have each other's ...
  • Daisy Dooley
    'As we know, forgiveness of oneself is the hardest of all the forgivenesses' - Joan Baez.This book was just perfection.Set in Kentucky and Missouri, All the Forgivenesses is a beautiful story of family, of loss, of shame and ultimately of forgiveness.It is 1906 and Bertie is six and a half when we first meet her. She's tasked with looking after her younger brother Timmy who she adores. After a day of feasting, her and her extended family take a s...
  • Julie
    It's a mother's love for children ... this story warmed my heart.
  • Keelie
    Such a good book! I don't even know what to say. I loved the way it was written. Elizabeth Hardinger did an amazing job! Looking forward to future books from her.
  • Michelle
    Very good book! Very moving and I enjoyed every minute of it. Bertie's voice is real, and compelling throughout. and draws you into her life from the first page. I am so glad i got the opportunity to read this book., I highly recommend it
  • Aria
    ---- Disclosure: I received this book for free from Goodreads. ---- I'm undecided on stars to award as of yet, so I'll come back to that. For most of this book, I was well into it while I was reading. When I'd put the book down here & there mid-read however, I found that I wasn't exactly itching to get back to it, nor did I find myself thinking about the story or characters while I was away from it. That doesn't mean it was hard to pick back up ...
  • Sandra Lundy {coffee•books•wine}
    What a life Bertie had. Set in the early 1900's Missouri and Kentucky, Bertie was left with a mountain of responsibility for her fifteen year old self to face. Things had happened in young Bertie's past that she still hadn't come to terms with, something that filled her heart with guilt; then another looming, life-altering event left her with the responsibility of a woman twice her age. Her alcoholic father and emotionally damaging mother certain...
  • Cindy
    All The Forgiveness is a stunning debut novel by author Elizabeth Hardinger. This story follows Bertie, a young girl born in Appalachia in early 1900's, through the trials of growing up poor and with minimal education, the trauma of losing siblings and parents, alcoholism and it's effects on the family. Thrust into an impossible position of responsibility at a terribly young age, Bertie makes decisions that leave her haunted with guilt for years ...
  • Wendy
    This book is written in the voice of Bertie (Albertina), who was born in the Appalachians in the early 1900s. Her father was a drunk and by the time Bertie was ten, her mother had given up. At first she would disappear for hours on end, eventually taking to her bed, and dying several years later. During all that time, Bertie served as a surrogate mother to her two younger sisters, and later the twin boys who were born after her mother gave up all...
  • A.....
    I received this book several weeks ago when I won it through Goodreads. It is due to be published on 8/27/19. The story was inspired by the author's family. It was concise, well-written, and believable. It was not a book you could skim through to glean the main plot of the story. Every single wood was necessary and begged to be read. The writing was rich with the vernacular of the region, which was set in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky. Th...
  • Donna Hines
    Set in perfect format this book is an all encompassing family situation in which past flaws lead to heightened awareness and purified connections.Elizabeth does such a magnificent job describing the setting, the time period, the language and characters beautifully.We are enamored by our main character and drawn into her imperfections. Beginning as a child when her brother Timmy passed when she was just six years old to later on in life when she m...
  • Brenda
    Loved, loved, loved this book granted to me by Netgalley, Kensington Books and the author in exchange for an honest review.Told in the thick Kentucky accent of the early 1900's, this story is stunning. How the author managed to write an entire manuscript in this dialect is impressive to say the least.The story is told in the voice of Bertie who we follow from a very young age into her married adult life. Life then was a daily challenge for adults...
  • TJ
    What a gem of a story, this is a beautifully written book! This will go down as one of the best books I’ve read this year, it has all you can ask for, love, loss, heartache, hope, faith and a great storyline. I laughed, cried, and felt so many emotions, you will also fall in love with Bertie, Sam, Opal and all the others. I had a hard time putting this one down once I got started. The writing is superb, the research is excellent, the character ...
  • Catherine
    4.5 stars, rounded up to 5A very strong debut by author Elizabeth Hardinger.This book starts out in 1906 and takes the reader through about 20 years in the life of Bertie, a wonderful protagonist.As a child, Bertie suffers through many hardships and losses, and is expected to completely take over the care of her young siblings when she is a young teen. The character of Bertie is developed realistically and I immediately found myself caring for he...
  • Sarah
    Hardinger explores the trials and tribulations of the early 1920's as told through the voice of 15 year old Bertie. Bertie is dealt a hard life. She loses her mother at 15, is left to care for her 2 sisters and 2 twin brothers with a drunk for a father. Her 2 older brothers do what they can, but they are also trying to make a life for themselves. Bertie marries young, and eventually ends up in the oil fields of Kansas.While this novel definitely ...
  • Toni
    DISCLOSURE: All The Forgivenesses is an ARC received through a Good Read Give-Away! Thanks!All The Forgivenesses is a simple book about simple people not expecting much out of life but liveing very complex lives. Bertie is our young narrator, only 15 when her mother dies leaving the children and womens work to her. Set in the early 1900s in Kentucky, Bertie ekes out a poor existence for her family with little help from a drunken father barely put...
  • Michelle Jackson
    This is something of a story of raising yourself - in addition to your siblings - in a time and place of impoverishment and without social safety nets of any kind. If Where The Crawdads Sing met Angela’s Ashes, you’d end up with something like All the Forgivenesses.It’s the early 1900s in Appalachia. Bertie is the firstborn girl in her family, and therefore ends up being her mother’s right hand by default - helping with household and farm...
  • Jackie
    In this amazing debut novel Ms.Hardinger shines as this 5 star read will leave you on the edge of your seat guessing and wondering how this story will end. Set in the Midwest at the turn of the twentith century you see all the plight and suffering very common for this time period. The author did an amazing job in decribing in detail each character. Bertie has suffered through so much at a young age and has to learn to be a mother to her brothers ...
  • Hazelj jones
    I totally loved this book!!!Growing up in poverty where the adults are just mostly absent (whether long absents of the irresponsible father or the overwhelmed sickly mother ) Albertina always seems to be constantly taking care of her four younger siblings .When her Mother dies and her father only drops in and out ,Bertie is left to try to manage her siblings as best she can.In time she comes to find the task too overwhelming ! Even though her 2 o...
  • Ellen Gottesdiener
    This is a beautiful novel, rich with emotion. Bertie's voice is true, real, and compelling throughout. I was honored to receive an Author Review Copy of the book. Each evening, I longed to dive back in this story and the lives that wrapped around me. Elizabeth Hardinger has opened a window into lives past that I would not have otherwise imagined or related to, and am glad to have done so.All the Forgivenesses is a book that will stay with you - a...
  • Charlene
    I love a coming-of-age story complete with hardships and struggle, but this one was really a challenge. Fifteen-year-old Bertie is growing up in rural Kansas in an extremely dysfunctional family. She has to assume many responsibilities that are thrust upon her in tragic circumstances, and she does what she can with what she has. Most of the characters here are really unlikeable, including Bertie a lot of the time. At the end, there is a bit of an...
  • Brandi Collins
    I adored this story! It's definitely 4.5 stars, rounded up. I loved Bertie and wanted to just reach through the pages and hug her as she goes through her struggles. She has such a hard life in the early 1900s as she faces loss, neglect, and poverty within her family. I loved her voice, but I struggled a bit at times because of the grammar issues depicted in Bertie's voice. She is a complex character who persevers despite everything stacking up ag...
  • Betsy Gilliland
    Family is not about bloodlinesI, f.or a fact, know that bio children and adopted children can fulfill your heart's desire to parent a child. Raising kids is not for sissies. Each child is a precious package of surprises. It is a parent's job to nurture and encourage the God given gift thart lies within the fragile clean slate of a newborn or to be discovered underneath the skin and bones of any young developing child.
  • Savannah
    I received this book in a Goodreads giveaway.I didn't really know what to expect from this debut novel, but I absolutely loved it. Bertie's voice is so real and raw, and I could not put this book down. I read it over a weekend and still find myself thinking about the characters and their journeys. Definitely an unexpected new favorite. I'm sure I'll revisit this book in the future. Can't wait to see what else Elizabeth Hardinger writes in the fut...
  • Areilly811
    This was a very good read. It took a while to get used to the narrator’s voice. She talks just as country as they come, but I grew up amongst hillbillies, so it wasn’t so hard. It felt a little like the Glass Castle, but this one is fiction, and not quite as good. You really feel for the narrator and her family, and your heart does get invested in how it will all turn out.
  • Carolyn
    A giveaway from Goodreads. Many thanks. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Bertie, the main character, was a strong young lady from appalachia. From the death of her mother to an early marriage we followed Bertie to the midwest and a new life still caring for her siblings and yearning for her own family. Started in the early 1900's and ordinary living was hard work.