The 13 Frights of Christmas by Yolanda Olson

The 13 Frights of Christmas

The Horror Authors' Carnival presents: The 13 Frights of Christmas Christmas Won't Be The Same This Year when you gather for A Christmas Eve Dinner at the Breeze Place. Are you brave enough to Press Play and bear witness to The Santa Exorcism? Attempt to escape through The Christmas Window before Santa's Apprentice chooses you as the next victim of The Santa Baby Murders. Run through the winter cold and try not to get Frost Bitten knowing that Sa...

Details The 13 Frights of Christmas

TitleThe 13 Frights of Christmas
Release DateDec 12th, 2018

Reviews The 13 Frights of Christmas

  • Christy Aldridge
    I actually hate to write this.Obviously, everyone has their own opinions, styles, preferences, etc. But I read most of this book just wondering what I was reading. I don't know whether most of the stories are just not well written or if it's the fact that they are very cliche, over the top, and just strange. Most of the stories, dare I say all, are simply gore/sex versus an actual story. The plots are non existent in place of shock, blood, and a ...
  • Dawn Yarrow
    Loved this anthology! Something totally different to the romantic Christmas stories out there and it was so refreshing! There are some authors i had never read before so it was a great way to get to know them and actually one of my favourite stories was from such an author, Sean Kerr, i will be definitely checking out more books from him. Other stories i loved are Yolanda Olson's and Emery Leeann's, I've read those authors before and they never d...
  • Ellie Midwood
    For all of those readers who love their holiday season with a splatter of blood in it - you’re in for a treat! I loved this collection and read it in one sitting. Yolanda Olson and her hellish Elf, Virginia Johnson and her vampire Santa, Sean Kerr and his designer Christmas chair made of some very special leather - I can go on and on but I better leave it to you to discover all of these Frights on your own and get the best dark Christmas shiver...
  • Lis Garcia
    This is an amazing anthology. I gobbled it right up. It has everything from devilish elves, evil kiddos, wicked Santas, a bloody workshop, window shopping, a nice hot dinner, holiday screams and even Christmas poems!My top 3 favorites are Press Play by Yolanda Olson, A Santa Exorcism by S.E. Rise and The Christmas Window by Sean Kerr.
  • Chrissi
    Loved these horror themed Christmas short stories! Christmas will never be the same....and you can bet I wanna sit on a certain Santa's lap....
  • Linda Cotter
    What a fun, twisted set of stories - this isn't the Hallmark channel! A great break from all the sweet, romantic Christmas stories, this has a little something for everyone who enjoys horror. Putting this anthology right along the Christmas movies I watch, so I have a little break every year!
  • Frances
    A very Horror Christmas.....Press Play by Yolanda Olson 4⭐Wow! I'm laughing after reading this story. It's just like Yolanda, to make a Christmas story creepy and hilarious, all at the same time. Naughty list be damned.Santa's Apprentice by Emery Leeann 3+⭐It's crazy to think of Santa, like that. And to ask for help, but don't know the outcome.Heathen's Christmas by Virginia Johnson 3⭐Christmas with a bite. Very bloody and a little naughty....
  • Shelby
    This anthology is horrorlicious. So much writing talent, wrapped up in one book, the stories and poems were original and a delight to read. I will be placing this e-book on my re-read list and fingers crossed that this one will become a paperback.
  • Yvonne Evans
    These are wicked holiday reads.Definitely think of Santa and Christmas in a different light. Enjoyed each tale in this book and as always am left wanting more. Reading the tale of Frosty and elf on a shelf have to say I did chuckle and think of Frosty in a new way.
  • Katrina Haynes
    This book was to so good even though I read it after Christmas. I had some great short stories by different authors.
  • Karen - Kazza's Books Blog and Reviews
    I loved it when authors come together and give us a delightful anthology especially of the horror kind. Christmas and Santa will never be the same again.
  • Naomi Downing
    Great collection of creepy Christmas stories!
  • Theresa Ritchie
    Must readLoved this book so much I loved each story in it they pull you in from the start I certainly highly recommend this book
  • Bridgett Brown
    -Press Play- Yolanda Olson ***** 5 StarsA Christmas Eve to remember. A elf just wants to do the best job for Santa. Only it's not exactly what Santa is Expecting!-Santa's Apprentice- Emery LeeAnn *****5 StarsA young man spends every Christmas Eve watching his neighbor.-Heathen' Christmas- Virginia Johnson & Aaron Speer ***** 5 StarsLee And Aspen are finally together for a night nobody will ever forget.-The Santa Exorcism- S.E. Rise ***** 5 StarsS...