American Predator by Maureen Callahan

American Predator

Go deep into the investigation behind one of the most frightening and enigmatic serial killers in modern American history, and into the ranks of a singular American police force: the Alaska PD.Most of us have never heard of Israel Keyes. But he is one of the most ambitious, meticulous serial killers of modern time. The FBI considered his behavior unprecedented. Described by a prosecutor as "a force of pure evil", he was a predator who struck all ...

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TitleAmerican Predator
Release DateJul 2nd, 2019
GenreCrime, True Crime, Nonfiction, Mystery, Audiobook, History, Adult, Thriller, Horror, Biography

Reviews American Predator

  • Julie
    American Predator: The Hunt for the Most Meticulous Serial Killer of the 21st Century by Maureen Callahan is a Viking publication. When I first noticed this book, the crime didnt ring any bells for me. As the blurb stated most of us had never heard of Israel Keyes. As far I knew, this was a true crime story I had heard nothing about. But, after reading several positive reviews from my Goodreads peers, my curiosity was piqued, so I added it to the...
  • megs_bookrack
    Important Advice From Meg: Read. This. Book.Literally my face upon completion:You want to feel this way whilst reading a true crime, don't you??? Quite honestly, this was by far the most disturbing book that I read in October.American Predator is a nonfiction account of the capture and subsequent investigation of serial killer, Israel Keyes. Fortunately for the reader, this is much more than a droll portrayal of one monster's heinous crimes. Call...
  • Jeffrey Keeten
    Payne and Bell recognized Keyes threat as the mind control of an experienced criminal. Payne had learned it at Quantico and heard variations in countless confessions.Youll regret it. Ill hurt you.Neither is: Ill kill you, and that gives a victim hope. The best criminals always leave that window open, because it makes manipulating and controlling someone so much easier. And victims often believe, fatally, that theyll be let go. You are looking in ...
  • Chelsea (chelseadolling reads)
    Wow, what a book to start the year off with. This was horrifying.
  • JanB
    Billed as the most terrifying serial killer youve never heard of, I first heard of Israel Keyes on the podcast Crime Junkie. The why, where, and how he was caught, and the hours of interrogation by investigators, make up the bulk of this fascinating book.Despite multiple blunders by the police, Keyes was arrested for the kidnapping of a teenage girl as the result of a fortuitous traffic stop. Unfortunately, she had been murdered and they soon dis...
  • Johann (jobis89)
    If he had been about five seconds slower getting out of his car and going into his apartment, he would have been The One that night.When we talk about the most prolific and horrifying serial killers, such as Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer etc, we should be adding another name to the list - Israel Keyes.Prior to the hype around this book, and seeing that Last Podcast on the Left had covered him across a few episodes, I really had never...
  • Brandon
    American Predator is the story of Alaskan serial killer Israel Keyes, his crimes and how he was captured.I was chatting with a friend when the subject of what I was currently reading came up. I mentioned this book and I began thinking about why Im always drawn to true crime specifically serial killers/mass murderers. I certainly dont admire them nor do I particularly care why they do what they do. Then I realized that I like to see how they inev...
  • Valerity (Val)
    This book could really give you nightmares thinking about this man randomly traveling the US, with his buried kill kits all over ready for him when the mood struck. Maureen Callahan does a great job introducing us to a frightening killer whose true scope will never be known. There was apparently some attempts to cover up his story by the government for a while when they caught up to him. This was during a period that they were trying to negotiate...
  • Emily
    American Predator is by far one of the best true crime books I've read. It has a fascinating format - it starts with Israel Keyes' final victim and works backward. It sounds like this could get sloppy, but Maureen Callahan weaves it together so well. I sometimes have trouble reading true crime because of how dry it can be, but this book was addicting as hell (and not dry at all). The author tells a story, and doesn't just shout facts at you. I lo...
  • Kayla Dawn
    This read like fiction. Which is good in terms of reading experience but really terrifying considering the subject matter.
  • Diane in Australia
    Israel Keyes was a serial killer par excellence. He was usually the smartest person in the room ... any room, all kinds of people ... including the police, attorneys, and the FBI agents ... and he was well aware of this fact. He was very much 'at home in his own skin'.The author spent over a decade researching how the FBI finally caught him, and what transpired afterwards. She did many interviews with folks who knew Israel, and several members of...
  • Peter Monn
    One of the best true crime books I have ever read! My full review will be up on my booktube channel at
  • Mariah Roze
    Last book of 2019 and man, it was a good one. This book is so heartbreaking and intense that I had to take multiple breaks from it."Most of us have never heard of Israel Keyes. But he is one of the most ambitious, meticulous serial killers of modern time. The FBI considered his behavior unprecedented. Described by a prosecutor as "a force of pure evil", he was a predator who struck all over the United States. He buried 'kill kits' - cash, weapons...
  • Rachel Bea
    I don't read much true crime, but I saw this new release and decided to give it a shot. I had never heard of this serial killer before, which is frightening considering how many people he killed and the geographical range of where he did it. The book was written well and most importantly, it was written in a non-exploitative way. I'd recommend it if you're interested in true crime, but I gotta say during and after reading this I was really nervou...
  • Diane S ☔
    A very creepy read. Further thoughts to come.
  • Marialyce
    When choosing a book to read, Jan and I share curiosity into the psyche of people, especially those who seem to defy what it means to be human, to be empathetic, to be a functioning member of society. For those who go against everything we think is normal human behavior, the psychopath, we look to find the motivations. Like the author, Maureen Callahan, we want to know they why, the how could this have happened, and most importantly can we ever k...
  • Jill Hutchinson
    This book has consistently received 4/5 star ratings and I was interested to learn about Israel Keyes, a serial killer that most people have never heard of, including me. Let me give credit to the author for her in-depth research and interviews with people who were peripherally involved with Keyes. But the book just doesn't deliver and again I am in the minority!Keyes confessed to one murder and suggested that maybe he committed two others but he...
  • Stephanie
    True crime has been a guilty pleasure of mine for at least 30 yearsI remember working in a public library and happily discovering the 364.1523 shelves (where even today I still browse, although TBH public library budgets often prevent a lot of trashy ephemeral reading material from making it to the shelves). These days, true crime has become a pop culture THING, and theres no shortage of readily available books, movies, and podcasts dedicated to ...
  • Jaimie
    Wow. Just wow. As a self-professed serial killer junkie (yes, I know that makes me sound unstable), I was blown away to discover a serial killer who was active and caught during my adulthood who I had never heard of. I am absolutely gobsmacked. Israel Keyes was a textbook psychopath raised by "cult-chasers" and spent many of his formative years in a white supremacist cult and living off the grid (often in a tent or shack with no electricity or ru...
  • Scott
    4.5 stars"As our society grows more mobile, and as the availability of weapons of mass destruction increases, the ability of the antisocial personality to realize his rapacious and murderous fantasies grows apace." -- former FBI agent / profiler Robert K. Ressler (who is said to have coined the term 'serial killer')Ms. Callahan's American Predator focuses on a methodical criminal who does not have the name recognition of Ted Bundy (*not that thes...
  • Kris - My Novelesque Life
    RATING: 3 STARSI first heard about this case on 48 Hours or Dateline and it blew me away. Just when you think you have seen it all with serial killers, then there comes the arrest of Israel Keyes. No law enforcement agency was aware of this serial killer. Meaning that they had not connected Keyes' victims to one predator. There was no looking for him. Often his murders weren't even discovered. We know of three murdered victims, and one only becau...
  • Ashley Daviau
    This is probably one of the most chilling true crime novels Ive read, if not THE most chilling. I dont think Ive ever been quite so disturbed while I was reading a book. This story is just beyond terrifying and the scope of Keyes crimes is just unbelievable and I get the chills just thinking about it. And the control he had over the investigators and the case is just mind boggling and makes this story that much more terrifying. Callahan does a fa...
  • Eric
    American Predator by Maureen Callahan details the investigation and capture regarding serial killer Israel Keyes. Keyes was a one-man criminal enterprise who committed burglaries, arsons, sexual assaults, thefts and murders all across the USA until his capture in 2012. The book starts out slow, but quickly picks up speed and hits all the right notes of above average/high tier true-crime books. As with many tales detailing complex and broad crimin...
  • Tracy Frenette
    American Predator by Maureen Callaghan This was a biography, true crime story about the serial killer Israel Keyes from Alaska. So this was the first time I read a true crime story and I made sure to pick one that was highly recommended. I guess they are just not my cup of tea. I'm mean it was an interesting story but I found myself bored and couldn't wait for it to be over. It just dragged on and on. With that being said I'm giving this one 3/5...
  • Marianna Neal
    4.5 out of 5Me during the first 3rd of this book: hmmm, I feel like "American Predator" is a bit of an extreme title for this, especially when it's just one caseMe during the rest of this book: WHO IS THIS GUY WHAT THE HELL
  • Vicki Willis
    A terrifying look at a serial killer from Alaska. I had never heard of Israel Keyes before reading this book. His ability to move around the country makes you feel so uneasy. I would only recommend this in book form. I listened to it in audio form and the narrator was one of the worst I have ever heard.
  • Jeanette
    This is a most difficult read. For me, the first 50 to 70 pages was so dense with titles and layers of policing and Anchorage Alaska "knowns" that I found myself rereading. At times, entire sections of at least 2 pages. Many moving parts, and in a place where nearly all are at times "independent", wily, and unstructured enough to only tell the parts of the story or the eye witness notice that they WANT to tell. Not what they "need" to tell in ord...
  • Ellen Gail
    Well, I sure feel like the odd duck out. Unfinished at 60%.I will admit that I think the audiobook was the wrong way to go for this. The narrator's delivery was flat and unengaging. I also wasn't enamored with the writing style. It felt somewhat tedious.I think the other hurdle that kept me from enjoying this was my prior knowledge.* This isn't always the case - for example, I was very familiar with Todd Kohlhepp before reading about him in The K...
  • Karen Wright
    This book does nothing but show how a serial killer is glorified in what he did, by highlighting his crimes and letting us know how his sick mind worked. The book is confusing from the start as it begins at the end. Then the author digs up old transcripts with the killer's own words and demonstrates how he manipulated law enforcement over and over again. It also shines a light on the ineptness of the FBI and law enforcement in handling cases like...
  • Sarah Ames-Foley
    This review can also be found on my blog.Wow, this one was definitely a doozy. I picked up American Predator for week one of the #FridayFrightAThon 2019, hosted by Melanie, Amy, Jen, and Chelsea. It hadnt really been on my radar before that, but I thought it sounded intriguing and decided to participate. And oh boy, intriguing doesnt even begin to cover it!The book starts with a deep dive into the disappearance of Samantha Koenig, who had gone mi...