The Unkindest Tide (October Daye, #13) by Seanan McGuire

The Unkindest Tide (October Daye, #13)

Hundreds of years ago, the Selkies made a deal with the sea witch: they would have the sea for as long as she allowed it, and when the time came, she would call in all their debts at once. Many people assumed that day would never come. Those people were wrong.When the Luidaeg—October "Toby" Daye's oldest and most dangerous ally—tells her the time has come for the Selkies to fulfill their side of the bargain, and that Toby must be a part of th...

Details The Unkindest Tide (October Daye, #13)

TitleThe Unkindest Tide (October Daye, #13)
Release DateSep 3rd, 2019
PublisherDAW Books
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Fairies, Fae, Fiction, Paranormal, Magic

Reviews The Unkindest Tide (October Daye, #13)

  • Bradley
    You know that wonderful woman/monster, the Sea Witch? You know, the LUIDAEG? Pronounced loo-shack? *sigh* I love her so much. To some, she's a monster. But to me, she's just family. Family I've loved since the earliest part of the series. *sigh*And now, we get SO MUCH OF HER. :) Lots of watery adventure with Toby with her squire, of course, but the main tale IS about Justice and Mercy. And tons of skin. TONS of skin. And before you guys get your ...
  • Emma
    Was this worth the wait! Hell,yeah! This was the story that I always imagined would come at the end of the series. I’m really pleased it’s come sooner and that there’s still plenty of room for lots and lots more. And I’m pleased it turned out more happily than anticipated. I loved Tybalt and Toby in this one especially one of their conversations about the future. I have loved the character growth and development of Toby throughout the ser...
  • Robin (Bridge Four)
    This review was originally posted on Books of My HeartReview copy was received from NetGalley. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.3.5 heartsI have been waiting for this forever, for the Luidaeg to call in all of Toby’s debts and it FINALLY happened. The day of reckoning for the Selkies has come and their mother has called the time, place and price that will be demanded of them.The time is neigh, the place i...
  • Betül
    **ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review**The Unkindest Tide is another wonderful addition to the October Daye series. This is one of my favorite Urban Fantasy series, and I am so happy that after 13 books the author still delivers intriguing and amazing story-lines. In almost each book we get to visit a new place and be introduced to new characters. The characters keep on growing and learning new things. It is amazing to see ...
  • Elizabeth
    Thank you to Netgalley and Berkley Publishing Group - DAW for the opportunity to review this as an eARC in exchange for my open and honest opinion. The character October Daye comes to you in this novel from a deeply personal place. Unlike other novels in the October Daye series that are typically full of high adventure and blood feuds, in some cases with literal blood, this one speaks to the heart and soul of what makes October, October. Who she ...
  • Jen Davis
    I absolutely adored this book. It gave me every single thing I love about this series all wrapped up in one fantastic story. For a long time, we’ve been talking about the Luidaeg and her complicated history with the Selkies. Well, here, the bill finally comes due. Now that Toby is strong enough in her power to change blood, the Sea Witch is calling in her debts and forcing Toby to turn the Selkies back into Roane.It’s not a straightforward jo...
  • Lisa Wolf
    Another excellent adventure with Toby and company! This series continues to be powerful, engaging, full of heart, and loaded with surprises. Here's hoping Seanan McGuire continues writing about Toby for years and years and years to come.
  • Lindsay
    Bound by geas, the Luidaeg must tell no lies, and a short while ago she told the Selkies that their debt was about to come due. October Daye, Night of Lost Words, "Toby" is deep in debt with the Luidaeg and her friend besides. That friendship is put to the test when the sea witch calls in Toby's debt to use her particular magic on the Selkies.This is another story that ties in well with the immediate last few books, particularly exploring the rel...
  • Craig
    This is the lucky thirteenth volume of October Daye's adventures. This one feels just as fresh and vibrant as all of the previous ones. Somehow McGuire manages to convey the feeling that she really cares about what happens to her characters and how they act, and she expects the readers to, also. There's such a rich backstory and detailed world built up that it's becoming difficult to keep track of it all; she's going to have to start issuing scor...
  • Beth
    Its always a good day when reading a book by Seanan McGuire. The Unkindest Tide was simply fantastic!Toby bargain with the Ludwig has come due and its going to effect her even more personally than she imagined. Her a few select friends tag along to the ocean realm where another 1st born comes into play. If dealing with the Selkies wasn't enough, there is conflict in the Merrow world, pulling Toby right into their turmoil as well. To top it all of...
  • Lana *Lifeinwordsandlyricscom*
    I felt for everyone, and I mean everyone, except Gillian. The girl is so annoying I don't know how anyone can stand her at this point. Ludaig, man... Selkies were being brats about the whole situation and if I were in her place I wouldn't be nearly as tolerant to their bullshit. Monster my ass, that woman is my role model through and through. It was nice seeing her family dynamics with like her less bitchier sibling. Marcia... Oh, my Spidey sense...
  • Wanda
    I can’t tell you how much I enjoy spending time in October Daye’s world--the land of Faerie right adjacent to our own world. Where Hobs, Pixies, and Brownies (among many others) inhabit the land and Mermaids, Selkies, and octopus-headed Cephali live undersea in the Kingdom of Saltmist. I keep meaning to find some books on fairy folklore to brush up on my fae identification skills.This book features the Luidaeg (the Sea Witch) prominently. As ...
  • Steven
    Thanks to Netgalley and Berkley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.LUIDAEG! LUIDAEG! LUIDAEG! Everyone shout it with me!!!(Now, ask yourself... were you pronouncing it correctly as "loo-shack"... or incorrectly as "loo-ee-day-g"... or struggling to pronounce it at all?)Yeah, Antigone of Albany, the sea witch, Cousin Annie, the Luidaeg is my favorite character in the October Daye series, and this one has SO MUCH LOOSHACK...
  • Suz
    4.5+This was a great entry in the series! I thought for much of it that McGuire had Toby spinning her wheels as filler, but I should have known better. It all comes together, surprisingly, touchingly, comes together.I still don't like Gillian. I'm finding her a bit too petulant and not enough the bewildered new comer that she should be. I'm invested enough in the characters to feel defensive for Toby where Gillian is concerned, ...
  • Dani ❤️ Perspective of a Writer
    Check out more reviews @ Perspective of a Writer...The BuzzI've enjoyed October Daye books before Seanan McGuire became a big name due to her Wayward Children series. She's a prolific writer even if I don't always enjoy her plots (which is her weakest story element.) So when I learned we're getting book 13 in the series, AND its about the Luidaeg's deal with the Selkies I knew I had to check in with her fae series.I really love this cover and fee...
  • Shelley
    *Source* Publisher*Genre* Urban Fantasy*Rating* 4.0*Thoughts*The Unkindest Tide, by author Seanan McGuire, is the Thirteenth installment in the October Daye series. Toby Day, Knight Errant, Private Investigator, Hero to the Realm, receives an unwelcome guest, Luidaeg. Luidaeg, the Eldest of Maeve's offspring, Sea Witch, and Toby's friend and adversary, calls on Toby to answer a call of duty for which she owes Luidaeg. In a matter of weeks, Luidae...
  • Kelsea
    4.5 stars!I’ve enjoyed every October Daye novel (and that’s saying quite a lot, as the series is now 13 books long), but while I always find them fun, they don’t always make me emotional.The Unkindest Tide, true to its name, left me with watery eyes. This story felt personal to me, as I read it while watching my eight-month-old daughter play happily, and so much of this story is about motherhood. The joys, the pain, and the grief of the wor...
  • Kira
    The Luidaeg finally calls in Toby's debt and needs her to help resolve her selkie problem. Toby, the Luidaeg, and a few others go the Duchy of Ships. I had been waiting for this book for a long time. There weren't any surprises as to what the Luidaeg wanted Toby to do. It was easy to guess considering Toby's special abilities. The Duchy of Ships was interesting. I always like it when Toby goes to other places and explores more of the world. The l...
  • Blodeuedd Finland
    My first Toby in audio! And omg, yes it worked great! I did feel like the last book was a filler, but this one was great, was it the audio? Maybe, or maybe because things started to happen again.The Sea witch are calling all selkies to a final judgement, and in the last book Toby's daughter became one. So stakes are high.Let's get back to the audio thing. I really enjoyed Robinette's narration. I might not have been the fondest of Tybalt, but the...
  • Stacy
    I have been waiting for the Luidaeg to call in her debts and it's finally time. There was a lot of drama, danger and hectic situations in THE UNKINDEST TIDE, but I think I was expecting it to be MORE dramatic, dangerous and hectic. I enjoyed visiting the Duchy of Ships. I enjoyed learning about the people that live there as well as Captain Pete. Toby's usual allies are along for the ride and as usual, they all bring something extra to the storyli...
  • Alisi ☆ wants to read too many books ☆
    This book was literal filler. There's no substance here. There's no character growth. There's no pushing forward the larger plot. It's just Toby going on adventures. You can literally not read this book and I think you'd be okay. It's not as annoyingly painful as some of her previous filler books (I didn't want to throw my ipod) and was readable, but ultimately, this is just trash.There was so much McGuire could've done here. The Luidaeg was grea...
  • Melliane
    Mon avis en FrançaisMy English review I am a total October Daye fan and I look forward to every new novel! Who could have said that after so many volumes the series would be more awesome than ever? Yes, because it is the case and I was delighted to meet all the characters for a new adventure!Toby finally thought that life was quiet, at least a little bit, so she could get on after all these tragedies. Yet, as always, something will turn everythi...
  • Sharon L
    This is another steady installment in the October Daye series, with lots of feel, quite a bit but never nearly enough Luidaeg, some Dianda (too little), Annoying Gillian is being annoying, Toby kept bleeding over herself and Tybalt was a Shakespearian romance as always. Furthermore we learn a little more about the Merrow and the Undersea, we meet the coolest pirate ever, we see history being made and a wrong being righted. Also, who is Marcia, wh...
  • Amanda
    This probably has to be one of my favorites in the series. Now, comes a hard time when old promises have to be fulfilled. Everything is going to change, even October’s daughter’s life . This kept me on the edge of my seat. Can’t wait for the next one. I loved the novella at the end as well. It got me a bit emotional.
  • Marzie
    How long, how long? How long have we waited, readers, for Antigone of Albany, aka The Luidaeg, to find justice for what was taken from her? At last we are at the close of Act 2 and she has the means by which to restore her beloved children (that would be Toby) only how many goddamn conspiracies and coups and murders may try to prevent things for a while longer. No matter, Toby and her friends are going to fix everything up right as rain. Sure Tob...
  • Katie
    Seanan McGuire is so good at answering questions and advancing the plot while still leaving PLENTY of story left to tell.
  • Katy
    I loved it. It's the 13th book in the series and I've already been solidly won over by October and her rag tag group of faerie friends, so all I had to do was start reading and fall into their world for a short, sweet time. My only sore point is it went by too quickly! And Seanan added a novella from Raj’s POV at the end of the book so I really I have no right to complain. I appreciated the addition of a non binary character in the novella at t...
  • Julie S
    This latest Toby Daye adventure was so good. It featured the Selkies and other aquatic and Undersea fae. It's always fun to have the sea witch around, especially if she is demanding payment of Toby for all of the various favors she has done over the years. There are few series that in book thirteen do have that many surprises and mysteries, and I hope Seanan keeps writing these forever.