Gypsy's Blood (All The Pretty Monsters, #1) by Kristy Cunning

Gypsy's Blood (All The Pretty Monsters, #1)

I'm not all that special, really. Or uncommon. I'm sure there are a lot of girls with old gypsy blood who see the dead, have killer cults hunting their family, and turn into something that gets scary when they panic. Yep. Completely unoriginal, if I do say so myself. Move along. Nothing to see here. Nope. I'm just an ordinary girl. I wish people would believe that. I've been labeled as one thing or another for most of my life: Death Girl. Crazy G...

Details Gypsy's Blood (All The Pretty Monsters, #1)

TitleGypsy's Blood (All The Pretty Monsters, #1)
Release DateDec 14th, 2018
GenrePolyamorous, Reverse Harem, Fantasy, Paranormal, Vampires, Romance

Reviews Gypsy's Blood (All The Pretty Monsters, #1)

  • Stacey is Sassy
    It wasn’t the title that pulled me in…There seem to be two things that make me look twice at a book cover, a striking (not necessarily handsome) bloke and a beautiful cape. I’m not sure what it is about them, but I would LOVE to have a hooded cape of my own. Maybe it's the historical romance reader in me because I'm still envious of the one Jane Bennet wore in Pride and Prejudice (BBC version). Now, the practicality of having a big sweeping...
  • Maraya21 (The Reading Dragon)
    🔮 BR with my cake eating gurls at Reverse Harem Revolution #eatallthecake 🔮#2 Gypsy Freak ★★★★#3 Gypsy Origins ★★★#4 Gypsy Moon ★★★#5 Gypsy Rising ★★★4.5 StarsAs you might be able to tell I thoroughly enjoyed this book I didn't even know existed three or four weeks ago. I mean, this books' name was thrown to me at random, as most thing are in the RHR lair. The place is wack. There are rooms within which are populat...
  • Montzalee Wittmann
    Great start, very funny!Gypsy Blood (All the Pretty Monsters Book 1) by Kristy Cunning is a funny and clever book with all kinds of creatures living in one area. One gypsy comes to town to take over her mom's business after her mom is murdered. Many monsters want her dead but no one will tell her why. Lots of action and hilarious fun along the way. She is saddled with a horny ghost too! Pure hilarity!
  • Allons-y
    The Dark Side is one of my favorite series.This one is already topping it though.The world building had me scrambling a tad in the beginning and I sort of had a hell of a time separating the new characters initially. It definitely got better at about 40%.Damian, Emit, Vance and Arion are all separate individuals. I enjoyed their personalities immensely. They are all cursed. They are also sort of bad dudes. I am fairly positive that everyone in th...
  • Brittain *Needs a Nap and a Drink*
    So I'm a bit of an idiot and I downloaded a bunch of books after taking some muscle relaxers for my back spasms and when I woke up, I found this book and many others on my kindle as a great little surprise for myself. I started reading this one and got about halfway through before I remembered "Oh! There was a reverse harem in there!" This is one of the few times where under the influence me and Amazon actually got along but I do not condone this...
  • Alaina
    This was so good but I feel like I have so many freaking questions! Mostly because of that god damn ending!!!Gypsy's Blood will definitely make you swoon, laugh, and get mad occasionally? It will definitely depend on the reader. Now I loved Anna (the ghost) and Violet. Their friendship just gave me joy and I loved them so much. Anna was that one friend that just made everything funny. She was hilarious from start to finish and I can't wait to see...
  • Jessica-❥Chatterbooks Book Blog❥
    I was honestly going to give this a 4, but Anna deserves a 5. I could give her nothing less. 😂
  • Deborah
    On the whole I really enjoyed this. There’s tons of reviews so I’ll keep mine short so I can move straight onto the next book.I liked the guys, their relationship and the way they interact. Anna was the star of the show, she stole the book and made me laugh. She’s the reason for the 4* not 3. Well her and the humour.Violet was naive, boarding on completely unbelievably clueless.Yes it felt overlong in places and I just wanted it to get movi...
  • Gaby★Me Myshelf and I★
    I’m uncharacteristically late to this BR with the Reverse Harem Revolution but better late than never! First Cunning gives us Four Psychos, now she gives us four monstersand they are epic!This book has been all I've heard about since Dec. So I had some pretty big expectations, but I'm happy to say. Its worth all the hype. I wont even be able to review this fully because I am itching to start into the next. yes I am glad I waited so I don't hav...
  • Al *the semi serial series skipper*
    I am surprised I enjoyed this book. I was introduced to the author with the Four Psychos series. I still haven't read the fourth book because Paca got too much for me to handle and I'm not in the mood for her chipper.This book had a character that was like Paca but it was easy enough to ignore her. Violet is a pretty nice heroine but I just don't like the way she's so trusting. I can understand why, since she had been left in the dark by her moth...
  • Talltree
    4.5 stars!
  • Rhiannon Chillingworth
    4.5. I really loved this!!!The author's Four Psychos series is one of my favourite RH series' and this is an absolutely brilliant start to something I think I might end up liking more!This has, for me, what Four Psychos didn't have, and that's interesting male characters. The Four Horseman became pretty interchangeable for me eventually, which is often a problem in RH, but certainly not here. Vance, Damian, Emmitt and Arion are all very separate ...
  • ❤Rachel Anne's Romance Must Reads❤
    Okay, I loved this so much. I don't typically like to wait on sexy times in my romance books and because this isn't YA, because our MC is 25, it had the same slow burn. But I loved her other series under this pen name, Four Psychos, and it pretty much did the same so I wasn't surprised. I'm REALLY hoping book 2 ramps it up. The guys aren't perfect and have some pretty annoying flaws, but that just makes me like them more. I love when an author ta...
  • ❤Bibi's Book Blog❤
    I adore Kristy's crafty writing. It's dark, mysterious, snarky and filled with a lot of inappropriate vagina jokes and lame pop culture puns. It might sound like a terrible combination, but the devil is in the detail and the execution is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!!"I was a vampire once, until a bitch staked me through the heart. They called her Buffy," she manages to add with a straight face, appearing a little bitter. "She looked more like a Sarah to m...
  • Somia
    An enjoyable start to the series, just not one I felt immersed in, and the end of this book left A LOT of questions unanswered. For everything that is revealed more questions emerge.Violet is a Portocale gypsy, who has moved to live in the town where her mother was murdered, but with almost no knowledge of her heritage, and the curse suffered by the powerful monsters of the town, she's in for a bumpy and eye opening ride. A ride she shares somewh...
  • Princess J. Antoinette
    Okay, I'm diggin' this series so far. Not bad, not bad at all Kristy. I just hope this author can keep up the momentum she has started with the heroine and the (so-called) heroes of this book to flow over to the other books of this series. I also like how she's not giving her readers too much of the mundane things of life and is getting to the point of this storyline at a steady pace. Yes sometimes the first book of a series moves a little slow b...
  • Christy Bailey
    Can we say confused?So I've heard a lot about this series and thought i would give it a try. To say I'm confused would be an understatement. I'm also intrigued if that makes since. I am hoping the next book in this series can shed some light on what the heck is going on. Guess I'm about to find out!
  • Marguerite (M)
    Rating: 4 starsYes, it's awesome.For what Violet doesn't have, her obnoxious lying pet ghost makes up for. And it makes one hell of a weird, ridiculous and endearing team.For:+ Kinda everybodyYou should also like:+ Four Psychos+ A Life Of Shadows+ The Kiss of Death
  • Erin *Proud Book Hoarder*
    While not badly written, and the worldbuilding is interesting enough, the entire book is basically talking. Not only does everyone sit around and talk the whole book, but it irritates me when the lead doesn't know what's going on, only has it told to her in bits, and doesn't believe the new information for extended periods of time. I got the men confused on who was who. The ghost was funny, but sometimes even I wanted to salt her when she got on ...
  • Carly
    "Just don't run up the stairs!" Anna calls from behind me as I gamble and pick a direction. "The secondary characters always end up dead first when they go up the stairs and you're simply not interesting enough to be the lead character in this story," she adds.~I'm busy trying to roll back up to my knees, so all I do is glare at her as she darts back in, hissing out a breath as she dances from foot to snow-covered foot and pulls off the knit slip...
  • TMI-Tammy Tammy Insoft
    Loved this story. Anna the ghost was so funny. Lots of Beautiful monsters in this book. Favorite
  • Jane Cousins
    To say the pnr market is saturated with RH novels is an undeniable fact. But authors who can actually deliver a story line, a layered world and multiple 3 dimensional characters who can maintain a sizzle factor...? Those authors are few and far between. Certainly making the grade is Kristy Cunning. Her worlds are a little on the dark side, but they are intriguing and like real life have funny, tender, scary and sad moments. I may not stick with t...
  • Megan
    I struggled a lot with this book. I was so confused for about 90% of it. And Violet was kind of an idiot. She trusted too easily. If it weren't for Anna, I probably would have put this book down. Anna was hilarious and I love her. But I kind of hated everything else about this book.Okay but here's the thing, I HATED the first book of Kristy's other series Four Psychos. Like I hated it. But I kept reading because the MC was funny and I ended up ab...
  • MrsJoseph
    Ok. This was weird and strange and there is a TOTAL LACK OF SEX. I'm talking about not even heavy petting here. There's some kissing...and some tension.......thats totally not my thing, btw. I love tension but if a book is gonna have sexy times, I expect the sexy times......But I really dug this weird ass book. The heroine MC is...super clueless (this appears to be a trend for the author, as I'm reading another series by her right now)...and bein...
  • Brandy
    Laughed out loud a few times. Anna is hilarious.
  • Sakina Carter
    I loved this!!I really enjoyed four Psychos by Kristy Cunning so I was looking forward to reading another RH series by her and she did not disappoint.With Four Psychos I was more into the story but with this I was more into the characters (if I am being honest the storyline was bit confusing). I adore all the characters in this book, especially Anna, OMG she is freaking hilarious, I really hope that Violet figures out a way to save her because sh...
  • Arushi
    Gypsy's Blood is the first book in a new series by Kristy Cunning (a reverse-harem pseudonym for C.M. Owens). It definitely makes for a great and extremely intriguing start. You go through the book (thankfully not as lost as the main female lead) wondering just what is happening, but in a really good way. Each revelation leaves you wanting more. The men share a 1000-year history with each other. Violet is 25. She and us have a learning curve. Sin...
  • soph
    MUST READ IMMEDIATELY ... this book will leave you with an epically amazingly devastatingly amazing book hangover. It’s . Just. That. Good. This book is RH and a slow burn as stated by the author. The author was right that it was a little slow plot wise in this book but it was worth it for the fun mix of myth and legend.The MC miss gypsy arrives in town hoping for answers, with a sweet mix of deadly secrets at her Beck and call trying to solve ...
  • Chrissy
    I tried really hard to like this book, stopped reading twice and then tried again..but it just doesnt get any better so quit at about 78%. I was sick to death of how many times the words "portocale gypsy" appeared throughout the book. Every page it said and sometimes a handful..just so overused. The premise sounded good but for me it didnt deliver, i kept waiting for things to pick up and get better but it didnt. The main character isnt 3d, has n...