Clawthorn (Clement, #3) by Keith A. Pearson

Clawthorn (Clement, #3)

The third book in the bestselling Clement series When the truth is locked in the past, best you pray for the right locksmith. Just four months after Emma Hogan was born, her father was convicted of a heinous crime and sent to prison for life. Forty-six years later, and now a London-based journalist, Emma inadvertently discovers an old notebook she suspects might be connected to the father she never knew. Embossed on the front of that noteboo...

Details Clawthorn (Clement, #3)

TitleClawthorn (Clement, #3)
Release DateDec 15th, 2018
GenreFantasy, Adventure, Fiction, Adult Fiction

Reviews Clawthorn (Clement, #3)

  • Miss Dizzy Read
    Run out of good things to say now, as every one of the books Keith Pearson has written are more than brilliant. I hate that I've read them all now and hope there's more to come soon, miss that denim clad hunk already! :-D
  • Kay Smillie
    The return of Clement which starts at a near the end scene from the previous book, seen by an outsider, Emma Hogan, a journalist smelling a story. A story she is warned off from by her bosses. Six months later she sets off a rolling stone which quickly gathers moss, dangerous moss, and sees the return of Clement. If you have read and loved the first two in this series then you will also this third tale. Never a dull moment with the big man around...
  • Phil Altimas
  • Remy Sharp
    I've read and enjoyed the previous two Clement stories. This story was fun, and a very easy read (for me to get through 400 pages in a matter of days is testament to that).The story follows a journalist, Emma in her mid-40s, living in London on her own and being handed crappy assignments, whilst she's still hungry for her big break.She comes across Clement (our 70s angel trying to - somehow - find redemption) and he's drawn to her knowing that he...
  • Mrs. Lynn Bell
    Unique in a very entertaining wayAs a lifelong avid reader, now in my middle 70's and no longer very mobile, it's not uncommon for me to read a book a day. Having just finished the third Clement book in as many days, I wish there were more to look forward to reading. I already miss Clement and strongly doubt I'll find anything as unique, well plotted and overall well written as these three books. All three are interest holding from start to finis...
  • Stuart Duffey
    Fantastic as per.....Great to see another side of the big guyKeith is a class writer each of his stories have pulled me in book line and sinker and this is no different. The Clement character is full of charm, humanity and old school values even tho he is a Sally just a Sally from a different time. But it the other main character of n each of the Clement books that compel you to get drawn in. You go on their journey with then. Also the supporting...
  • Jo Morrison
    Good, but... I had to knock a star off for the female character flaws!I’ve read all 3 Clement books now and I did really enjoy them all, with the exception of some of the things the main female character says/thinks in this and the first book. Some of the things really makes me cringe eg wanting to be looked after/saved or eyeing every male up as a potential partner. Even the allegedly hard-nosed journalist was not immune to this. So in summary...
  • Paula
    My all time favourite (book) trilogy Wow wow wow I just completed Clements journey “so far “ more please Keith ! Anyhow I can’t express how much I enjoyed these books each story different . Characters so lively and believable real . Every book I’ve read of Keith A Pearson has got 5 stars , I attempt to always give an honest reviews If you want a great story read any of Keith’s books especially if Clement in them .
  • Mr
    Just as fab as the first two!Wow! Clement is back. Even without reading the first two books this is a fantastic read, however to fully enjoy and appreciate the character then read the series. Brilliant storyline and so great to see more of Clement’s feelings too.A brilliant job by Keith Pearson and a nice little cliff hanging moment at the end! Will Clement be back for book 4???????
  • John Kearney
    Enjoyable conclusion (?) to a seriesI have very much enjoyed the Clement series. The characters have been well rounded and each book has given a slightly different view of the main (anti) hero. The humour and storylines have been a pleasure to get into as I’ve progressed through the books. Although I’ve headed my review as “Enjoyable conclusion” I hope to see more of Clement (and Emma) in the future.
  • Rachel E Wray
    Brilliant Clement bookI've read all 3 Clement books the first was excellent the second was good but not quite there I feel this is back to the formula of the first one I loved the relationship between Emma and Clement. Rhe story excellent kept me gripped the whole way through .The only down is that for me the ending was too abrupt but does leave the door for another book...I can't wait!
  • David Peat
    A good readThere must be something about these novels as I’ve read all three. Unfortunately, I never get further than three stars. This time the plot was explained a la James Bond, even though it said it wouldn’t in the text. Despite this, I love Keith A Pearson’s gentle human and relationships between characters. A comfy read - go on, I would again!
  • Anita Low
    All three Clement books are a great read!I was caught by the review that said fans of ‘Living on Mars’ would love this book. And the Clement books did not disappoint... I loved the whole time travel in this new mode and Clement just grows and grows on you.. I like to think he lives happily ever after :)
  • angela norton
    Another great Keith A Pearson bookA great read in the Clement series of books. I’ve loved every one of the authors books, they are imaginative and different and I couldn’t put this one down after a while to get to the bottom of the plot. Recommend this and all his other books highly. Looking forward to the next ones
  • Steve W
    Thoroughly enjoyed this and read it over 24 hours … I was off work. As ever, a great story with a few links to the previous two Clement books. A few twists, as few things you could see coming a mile off too but that didn't matter, merely raised a smile. I have enjoyed a few books from this author now and can recommend him wholeheartedly.
  • I C Douglas
    Best Clement yet!I've read all the 'Clement' books and have to say this has been, for me, the best so far.This doesn't mean the other two are lesser, far from it, they are extremely good as well, but, for me anyway, this has been my favourite in the series, I just hope there's more to come!Recommended.
  • ingrid davidson
    FabulousI read the trilogy whilst on holiday, couldn't put them down. Funny, witty, charming and mysterious. Kept you guessing. I kind of fell in love with Clement as he was such a mixture of sad, lonely, hard man and protector but lost. I'm hoping for another book as want to hear more. Fantastic
  • Kevin Brian Huby
    Another wonderful book from an author who is fast becoming my favourite and another chapter in the 'life' of our unlikely hero, Clement. I have read all of Keith A Pearson's books and this one does not disappoint. I look forward to his next book. Great stuff.
  • Mary Geraghty
    Whew!!!!Well, cannot say much without compromising the story. Suffice to say, brilliant. Loved every page. Always know the worth of a good book, when you don't want it to end. P.S. loved the thunk and wrongun references in this book. Whew!!!!Well, cannot say much without compromising the story. Suffice to say, brilliant. Loved every page. Always know the worth of a good book, when you don't want it to end. P.S. loved the thunk and wrongun refer...
  • Kara
    Another blinderI just love Clement an everyman for the modern world. We could all do w. ith a touch of him in our lives .l hope that this is not the last time I get to spend some quality time in his company
  • Carol
    The best yetI could not put it down! Unlike some other authors whose characters and stories follow a formula, Keith Pearson makes every Clement story different. Please let there be a Clement Book 4!
  • Rachel Hazlewood
    Clement rules againAbsolutely fantastic book. At first,I wasn't keen on Emma but can't wait to see what happens next. When I read both previous books, I didn't think they'd get better but they do. Loved this book
  • Emma C
    Warm, funny, original.This book and the other two in the series are fresh, funny and inventive. The characters are well developed, the stories are deep enough to get involved in but still light and funny, and the writing is good. Hopefully there will be more!
  • Dympna Hooper
    Happy ever after?Another great story, have thoroughly enjoyed all three Clement books. The characterisation is spot on, one can't keep from becoming involved with Clement and Emma as they lurch from one catastrophe to the next.I recommend all three books to anyone with a heart!
  • Patrick O'Brien
    Best in the seriesFirst book took a while to get going (sidekick not very.likeable), second book was excellent and this was even better. Can't believe you can buy books of this quality at this price!
  • Jon Lewis
    Fantastic again.Hope the next Clement book comes out soon. They just keep getting better. Very interested to know how the next one will (if it does) link with the end of this one. Thanks Keith for another great read!!
  • Jennifer Dege
    I didn't want this one to end!If you've become even the least fond of Clement, or wrapped up in his plight, you will love this installment of the tale. And hope there's more to come.Keith A Pearson, you are certainly a masterful story weaver!
  • Dawn Tarbett
    Another great read from Keith APearsonIf you haven't read the first books about Clement you are missing out.I really like the way this author writes. His storeys are just so different. Love his sense of humour.
  • Mr Matthew
    Another great episode with ClementMore of the same from Keith here, and the third book doesn’t disappoint on any level. I read it in only a handful of sittings and looking forward (hopefully) to the next one.
    Another brilliant bookI have read all three Clement books and loved each one. This book was the best and showed a different side to Clement. I will definitely be reading more Keith Pearson books.