How to Be a Courageous Girl of God by Barbour Staff

How to Be a Courageous Girl of God

Encourage the girls in your life to become courageous girls of God! Featuring brief descriptions of dozens of  Bible women, your girls, ages 8 and up, will be inspired to become courageous, too, as they learn from the examples of strong women of faith--including Abigail, Anna, Deborah, Dorcas, Elizabeth, Mary, and dozens more! Each section prompts girls to read the complete story in their own Bible, draw a related picture, journal their thoughts...

Details How to Be a Courageous Girl of God

TitleHow to Be a Courageous Girl of God
Release DateJul 1st, 2019
PublisherShiloh Kidz
GenreChristian, Nonfiction, Diary, Journal, Childrens

Reviews How to Be a Courageous Girl of God

  • Nyla
    How to Be a Courageous Girl of God: An Interactive Journal Inspired by Extraordinary Women of Faith is a vividly colored, spiral-bound, interactive journal for girls ages 8 and above. This was done by the Barbour staff and it is so nice.The whimsical cover is inviting with the beautiful colors, sprinkles, swirls, and banner. All girls will be drawn to it.It is a spiral journal which makes it easier to open flat for writing and artwork. The inside...
  • Jolene
    How to be a Courageous Girl of God: An Interactive Journal Inspired by Extraordinary Women of Faith from Shiloh Kidz Publishing features thirty-four women whose stories are noted in the Bible. Combining inspirational Bible stories with plenty of space for writing and drawing, the journal aims to empower girls to live courageously. Over a span of five pages for each woman, the journal directs the user to read the Bible story, examine why this woma...
  • Connie Saunders
    This new book from Barbour Publishing is a great way to interest the young girls in your life into learning more about the brave women of the Bible. It is called an interactive journal because it offers several ways to attract and keep their attention. There is a brief description of each of the thirty-four subjects and the Bible scripture that offers them the complete story; a page where they can draw their interpretation of the story; a journal...
  • Sherri Myers
    How to Be a Courageous Girl of God: An Interactive Journal Inspired by Extraordinary Women of Faith is a spiral-bound, interactive journal for young girls and teens. Each woman featured in the journal is a Biblical figure, some more well-known than others, but all are women of courage. Each woman's story has a short description of who she was and what she did and an artist's interpretation of what she might have looked like, along with the Bible ...
  • Deb Chatley
    The beautiful workbook/journal would make an awesome gift for young girls in your family or church. It is not only beautiful on the outside but very practically made, starting with a colorfully designed think cover, and spirally bound thick pages which allows for pages to be folded over. The book contains stories of 34 woman from the Bible, including some unnamed ladies. Each 'devotion" starts with a colorful picture of the lady, a passage of scr...
  • Deb
    I was very excited to win this lovely book. I gave it to my niece who will be reading it and hopefully enjoying the stories and pages to do drawings and answer questions. It is very nicely laid out - colorful, nice illustrations and great stories. The only comment I have is that maybe it would have been nice to have more of an explanation of the bible story for those young girls who don't easily look up stories in their own bible.
  • C.E. Hart
    I’m loving the powerful and motivating books Barbour is putting out there for young girls! And I wish I’d owned them when I was young.How to Be a Courageous Girl of God is an interactive journal that is fun, entertaining, and inspiring. I’ve always loved journaling, especially when prompts or inspiring stories are involved. This spiral-bound book features biblical women and their examples of strength, courage, and faith.Each section include...
  • Vicky Sluiter
    This interactive, spiral bound book is a great way to encourage your girls to begin studying the Word for themselves, as well as learning how to journal. Each section has a scripture to read, a bit about that courageous woman, a picture to draw, and then a question is asked that will get them thinking about what to journal. Each woman of the Bible that they study will teach how to be a hero in challenging situations, even when you’re not perfec...
  • Joshua
    How to Be a Courageous Girl of God: An Interactive Journal Inspired By Extraordinary Women of Faith Compiled by Barbour PublishingOh, what fun this journal is! It has some women of the Bible gives a picture of what they might have looked like, tells a little of their story, how they were courageous and gives the Bible verses to look them up. There is plenty of writing space, for your Courageous Girl to answer a question about each lady and to als...
  • Cheri Swalwell
    How to be a Courageous Girl of God is a great resource to use along with sharing your own journey with your child to help them cultivate their own relationship with God. It’s not the be-all, end all, as no resource should be, yet it does well what it sets out to do – points your daughter (or the girl in your life that you love) back to the One who loves her the most. It’s a great resource and I highly recommend it. It’s up to the parent...
  • Pam Mooney
    A beautiful interactive journal. I love the women represented as well as bible scripture as a starting point for journaling. Across disciplines - after the young girl has journaled she can illustrate. Essentially she is writing her own book which will surely become a keepsake. I admire those who choose to give a hand up and inspire the next generation. I have just the girl in mind for this lovely book along with some colored pencils to get her st...
  • Celeste
    My daughter and I implemented this book into our daily homeschool routine. It has very awesome interactive journals and good stories for little girls to follow and great examples of women they may strive to become. We very much enjoy this journal and I highly recommend it for those who have girls ages 9+
  • Stephanie
    I loved this interactive journal for girls. It is a helpful tool for girls to learn more about God and the bible. I myself enjoyed learning about all the courageous women of the bible and I think others will too.
  • Kristy
    This was a cool book for young girls to read various stories in the Bible with.
  • Leslie Jones
    This is a delightful journal with pages for drawings and notes.