What Makes Us Girls by Brittany Pettibone

What Makes Us Girls

We cannot give what we do not have. So, if we do not love ourselves, or even if we are too obsessed with ourselves, how then can we love others? What Makes Us Girls examines the topic of self-worth through a modern cultural lens. Using examples from the author’s life experience and the life experiences of a variety of other girls, What Makes Us Girls analyzes seven of the most common issues that result in a destructive sense of self-worth: comp...

Details What Makes Us Girls

TitleWhat Makes Us Girls
Release DateDec 18th, 2018
PublisherReason Books
GenreNonfiction, Education, Self Help, Politics

Reviews What Makes Us Girls

  • David Alexander Greentree
    Beautifully told.Brittany doesn't hesitate to make herself vulnerable and share her life in order to unveil the wisdom contained in the lessons.As a guy, it gave me an insight into women's lives that I have never had before.
  • Anna Broyles
    A solid book full of wise words and wonderful advice from an experienced woman. This book made me believe in the possibility of authentic friendships, and I related to Brittany in a lot of the personal stories. I will definitely be reading it over again. Thank you so much for sharing, Brittany!
  • Kari
    This isn't the typical book written by a woman about women that leads you down the crazy-hole of modern day "feminism" that is more anti-woman than ever (pink p*ssy hat wearing, abortion promoting idiotsy and outrage are not included in this book). This is a book written for young girls and women everywhere who have ever struggled with authenticity. Being a teenage girl is hard, but becoming a respectable woman is even harder. Brittany has a litt...
  • Himanish Prabhakar
    My review is 4.7 stars.Wow, what a read this has been! I'm blessed with a lot of female friends since my early days so I know life of a Girl, but this book definitely give me a refreshing way to explain a complex cum sophisticated life of a female. Definitely a tough piece to write, yet so powerful and impactful piece.I don't know how as I got to find this book on Goodreads but I'm glad I did. This is my humble request to all the readers especial...
  • Ron
    Ms. Pettibone speaks with a wisdom beyond her years, was one of the thoughts that came to mind after reading this short book. At 144 pages I burned through it in one evening, both because it is well written and easy to read.As a father of 2 teen daughters I wanted this book for my girls, but also wanted to read it myself first, so I would know what they'd read in case of questions later. I can only recommend any father of (teen)girls to do the sa...
  • Faye Gwenn
    This is a wonderful book which delves into the struggles that many girls and women face on a daily basis in the modern world. It is interesting and provides relatable, real-life anecdotes and ventures into some Brittany’s own struggles with self-worth, and has helped me to deal with and understand my own lack of self-confidence (which most of us face at some point in our lives) while also showing that we are not alone. Although I myself am a co...
  • lauren royster
    a simple read enlightening me on the fact that happiness is attained in result of a purpose, that forgiveness can be described as “mercy looking upon misery,” and numerous insightful things on balance and love. not a life changing book, but a nice and simple read of truth, maybe i’ll have my future daughter read it some day as she navigates through life
  • Tyson Adams
    Worth noting that Brittany Pettibone is an admitted white nationalist and pushes all sorts of racist and conspiracy nonsense. Keep that in mind before supporting her writing.https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Brittan...
  • Margaret Hovestadt
    Amazing! Highly recommend!