The Rise of Magicks (Chronicles of The One, #3) by Nora Roberts

The Rise of Magicks (Chronicles of The One, #3)

After the sickness known as the Doom destroyed civilization, magick has become commonplace, and Fallon Swift has spent her young years learning its ways. Fallon cannot live in peace until she frees those who have been preyed upon by the government or the fanatical Purity Warriors, endlessly hunted or locked up in laboratories, brutalized for years on end. She is determined to save even those who have been complicit with this evil out of fear or w...

Details The Rise of Magicks (Chronicles of The One, #3)

TitleThe Rise of Magicks (Chronicles of The One, #3)
Release DateNov 26th, 2019
PublisherSt. Martin's Press
GenreFantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Fiction, Science Fiction, Dystopia, Magic

Reviews The Rise of Magicks (Chronicles of The One, #3)

  • Tina
    Disappointed.Yeah, so that is the keyword with this final installment of the Year One series. I adored the first book. It was a five-star book that I felt had scope, depth, action, and suspense. It set up a world-shattering apocalypse delivered on the wings of disease and magic. And we got to see how a bunch of different people in a bunch of different places all had to confront and cope with it. And at the end of that book, their different storie...
  • Corina
    For me, it always has been hard to continue a series after a year long break. To keep all the characters straight. To remember all the battles that have been fought. And to connect all the dots. Surprisingly it wasn’t as hard to get into The Rise of Magicks as expected. But I still needed a chapter or two to become accustomed again with the story and its cast.I finished the book in two days, and it kept me quite busy and enthralled with its 454...
  • Celeste
    There’s something about a culmination that makes me hesitate. Whether it’s a fear that the ending won’t live up to my expectation or a desire for the journey to never end, it leaves me inclined to never finish anything. Not in life, mind you; I’m incredibly dependable and the opposite of a procrastinator when it comes to reality. But when it comes to entertainment, I’d rather let the story live on unfinished in my mind than risk a final...
  • Phrynne
    What a great series. I enjoyed that so much! I listened to the audio which was narrated beautifully and which added to the whole experience.The whole series has been very character driven and it was really nice in this last book to have so many of the original characters coming forward and playing their parts. Lana, Katie, Fred and Arliss in particular helped round things off as they helped the light return Fallon of course was the main event and...
  • Jonetta
    Word of caution...this series has a continuing story arc and is intended to be read in order. Fallon Swift, The One, and the rest of her family and community at New Hope are continuing their strikes against Raiders, Purity Warriors and the corrupt government officials who are waging war against magickals and keeping the world immersed in darkness. But, Fallon realizes that it’s time to play a bigger game, to bring back the “light” and move ...
  • Misty
    5 Well Deserved Stars - Thank you Edelweiss for an ARCI can not wait to put this conclusion in the hands of my library patrons because it was so beautifully wrapped up - I couldn't have asked for a better ending. I've said it before, *raises hand* not the biggest Nora Roberts fan here I admit this freely however, if I can specify a series to be the HUGEST Nora Roberts fan for - it'd be this one. She ties up loose ends, ravels and spins a web with...
  • Brittany
    4 Stars!!If you dig Fantasy- I highly recommend this unique gem of a series!! I have been an avid reader for years- I tend to lean more towards the romance/fantasy type books. But believe it or not- I never picked up a Nora Roberts book until a few years ago. It was called Obsession. I absolutely adored it- and promised myself I would check out her books again some day.Well that day finally came when I heard she had a fantasy series coming out - ...
  • Brenda
    It had been around two decades since the Doom struck, killing the majority of civilization, and all the while Fallon Swift was readying herself; preparing to free those imprisoned or impoverished by the Purity Warriors and Dark Uncanny. As she built her armies, her leaders proved themselves time and again – her brother Colin, Duncan and his twin Tonia, Mick, Mallick and many more – and with her mother and father by her side, Fallon knew it wa...
  • ☕️Kimberly
    Because of the way the story unfolds listeners and readers should begin at the beginning Year One and now that the trilogy is complete it’s the perfect time to binge!The Rise of Magicks brings growth as Fallon Swift forms armies and takes back the light by reclaiming cities and towns ruled by dark. It is not without loss, and she will suffer. One cannot help but admire young Fallon who has been tasked since birth with such responsibilities. Her...
  • Jen | Jen Talks Audiobooks
    Fantastic, incredible ending to this trilogy. I loved the characters, the action was compelling, the plot was interesting. The final battle was something I could see in my head like a movie. Wow. Fallon and Duncan will be on my mind for awhile - as well as Fred, Eddie, Lana and especially Simon. Amazing.I'm both a parent and a daughter and I really appreciated the way Roberts handled all the family relationships. When Fallon's parents question th...
  • Justine
    Exactly the finish to Chronicles of the One that I expected.This final book picks up right where Of Blood and Bone left off, and takes the characters and the story to the exact place promised at the outset. If you liked the first two books, you won't have any complaints here.Overall the series is very cinematic in presentation, reading like a well-made miniseries. That means, not a ton of detail, no extra stuff, and a quick pace from start to fin...
  • Monica
    WARNING: Very Long Review Below. This is a 3.5 star read, and the .5 is only because the lead up to the "climax “is, for the most part, quite an adventure. I’d decided, after having endured the steaming pile of annoyance that was Of Blood and Bone, that I was going to wait on this one, but the opening chapters were compelling enough that I couldn’t put it down/shut down cloud player. The thing is, it was the little things and, frankly, one ...
  • Barb in Maryland
    A big, fat 'meh'. I found too much of this book laden with jargon, too much woo-woo, and a heavy case of predictability.I may write more at some later date...Note: I started this book, then put it down in order to read 3(!!) more books in a series that I'm re-reading. I call that 'failure to grab my attention' on this book's part.
  • Dianne
    I was surprised to find that I enjoyed this last book in this trilogy way more than the first two. (see links to my reviews of the first two books below) It was a reasonably good way to end this trilogy but not an original way to end it. However, if you have already read the first two books, then this is a must-read for you. I had so...
  • Adah Udechukwu
    I didn't like the Rise of Magicks as the novel was far too descriptive for my liking. The Rise of Magicks is not as awesome as book 1 and it is as poor as book 2.
  • Amy Lee
    Disappointed with this last book. The first was so good. This one missed the mark. Battle scenes were lackluster, characters were flat.
  • Antonio
    I got this book free from a Goodreads giveaway!Thank you, thank you, thank you. *No spoilersI have never read anything from Robert's before this series but I must say, I am definitely impressed.I'll no doubt be checking out some of her other work in the future if any are as elaborate and alluring as this. 'The Rise of Magicks' is a beautiful, riveting, and powerful conclusion to a fantastic series. A fast paced, emotional roller coaster of a stor...
  • Claire
    I won an ARC of this book from St. Martin’s Publishing. It was a great conclusion to the trilogy and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The only issue I have is the time between the release of each book. It had been 7 months since I read book two and I was really wishing I’d done a reread of the first two since it took me some time to remember all the characters and how they fit in. From now on, I’m not starting a trilogy until the last book is relea...
  • Lexie
    5/5.I was so pleased with this conclusion. I fell in love with this trilogy and I was very nervous to see how it all would end. But overall, I loved it. I loved the theme of light vs. dark and how some events with what happened in this novel came full circle with those that occurred in the first. Overall, this trilogy has become one of my favourites of all time.
  • Stephanie Laurenza
    What a disappointment. I really loved the first two installments, so much that I pre-ordered this book back in May. I pre-order a lot of books and typically this means I end up surprised when it is delivered, but this is one that I remembered the date of (Tuesday before Thanksgiving) and anxiously awaited. Only to be wholly and completely let down - it felt like the same lines, the same thing repeated, over and over and over again, until the end,...
  • Michelle
    If you love fantasy, and you've enjoyed the books so far? Then this one is for you. There was so much that I've learned in this book. NR reinvented this world ans fine-tuned the details that we knew of these characters.It was like getting the series ending finale that we all deserved.So, so good!
  • Addie Dehart
    This book was probably my most disappointing read of 2019. I really enjoyed the first two books in the trilogy so I was expecting to like this one as well, but in my opinion it was pretty lackluster. When left to contemplate, why I liked the first two and found the last one lacking I drew a couple of conclusions. My main conclusion was that the first two books had conflict (either internal or external). The final book had little conflict despite ...
  • David St.Andrews
    Absolutely horrible and annoying to listen too.The first book started out as a pretty interesting idea. The second book became a black and white shit fuck with a bunch of characters who all think, act and talk the same and are these paragons of virtue. The third book just overloaded me with unbelievable bullshit. Every character has the same speech pattern as the rest of the writing. I got really annoyed at how Every second sentence sounded the s...
  • Debbie
    What a disappointment to a really great start. I really enjoyed book 1 and was so pleased that this was just a trilogy. Book 2 moved the story along nicely setting up book 3. Book 3 just fell completely flat. This was the final battle - Good vs Evil for the fate of the world. And while no one doubted that Good was going to win I did expect some tension and excitement. There wasn't any of that. First is the big battle to take Arlington...there is ...
  • Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)
    The hardest thing about this book was the time in between. With so many characters and a year between each of the previous installments, I didn’t remember who half the people were.And while I normally hate recaps because I’m normally binging or the time between is shorter, I really wish there had been one as I’m not a re-reader.Because of the above, it was hard to care and get into the story as much. Overall, interesting but I thought the b...
  • Darcy
    Fallon comes up with some bold plans in this book, ones that don't seem like they will work, yet they do, which gives her and everyone else confidence when the next bold plan is thought up. Along the way they find intriguing allies, take some hard hits, settle into what has been foretold and kick ass. By the end of the book you are happy for everyone, that they managed to defeat the dark, put away the bad people and have a world where everyone ca...
  • Trisha
    Wow... this book was so sickeningly sweet and melodramatic so far from where it began in book 1. Disappointing ending to the series.
  • Nancy Brisson
    Although I found fault with the adolescent atmospherics in the second book in Nora Roberts most recent trilogy which began with Year One and continued with Of Blood and Bone, I decided that I enjoyed the first two books enough to want to read The Rise of Magicks, the last volume in the trilogy. (It could just be that, like Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory, I am unable to leave something unfinished.) I liked this last volume almost as much as...
  • Debrac2014
    Good ending to the series! Good wins over evil! While I did enjoy it, I found it too long and too wordy with all the discussions of war.