The Long Call (Two Rivers, #1) by Ann Cleeves

The Long Call (Two Rivers, #1)

For the first time in 20 years, Ann Cleeves—international bestselling and award-winning author of the Vera and Shetland series, both of which are hit TV shows—embarks on a gripping new series.In North Devon, where two rivers converge and run into the sea, Detective Matthew Venn stands outside the church as his father’s funeral takes place. Once loved and cherished, the day Matthew left the strict evangelical community he grew up in, he lost...

Details The Long Call (Two Rivers, #1)

TitleThe Long Call (Two Rivers, #1)
Release DateSep 3rd, 2019
PublisherMinotaur Books
GenreMystery, Fiction, Crime

Reviews The Long Call (Two Rivers, #1)

  • Liz
    Ann Cleeves has started a new series with The Long Call. The book, named for the cry of a herring gull, “The cry which always sounded to him like an inarticulate howl of pain.” Cleeves has developed a great set of characters here. Our main character, Matthew is a DI in Barnstaple. He’s smart, a complex thinker, a loving and loved man in a healthy relationship. The story starts with Matthew watching from afar the funeral of his father. He’...
  • Paromjit
    The veteran crime writer Anne Cleeves begins a new series set in North Devon, between the 2 rivers, Taw and Torridge, where DI Matthew Venn, a gay man is his 40s married to his husband, Jonathan, is about to lead his first big murder inquiry when the dead body of a man is discovered on the sands, the victim has a tattoo of a albatross on his neck and has been stabbed. Venn is a local boy who grew up with his parents, part of a strict evangelical ...
  • Paula Kalin
    What a pleasure it is to read such a well written character-driven mystery!British author, Ann Cleeves, has brought to life a very fine new character in Senior Detective Matthew Venn. He is not your typical drunken, wise ass detective. Instead, Cleeves has given us a compassionate and introspective mind. Matthew is a senior investigator who is unsure of himself when leading his evening briefings with his team, unbeknownst to them, which is very e...
  • Thomas
    4 stars for a well done police procedural.I have read 1 other book by Ann Cleeves, "The Crow Trap" which is book 1 in the Vera Stanhope series. I gave that book 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 because it moved very slowly at times. This book moved along well and held my interest. The characters were believable and I was not sure who did what until towards the end, The DI(Detective Inspector) in charge of a murder investigation is Matthew Venn. He is a ...
  • Peter
    CulpabilityThe new series opener from the prolific crime writer Ann Cleeves establishes the foundation for another enthralling series, that I'm sure will receive many justified accolades. The Long Call builds wonderful depth to a location, a community, multiple complex characters and a plot with enterprising threads that continuously surprise.DI Matthew Venn is the main character and will lead the investigation of a man found murdered on the beac...
  • Christine
    I have been wanting to try Ann Cleeves for several years now. When I saw she was starting a new series and I had a chance to get an advanced review copy, I decided it was time to pull the trigger (AKA click the green button) and finally dive into her works. After reading The Long Call, I now have my eyes on the first books of her Vera Stanhope and Shetland series. The Long Call is a one of those murder mysteries that clicks all the boxes for me. ...
  • Diane S ☔
    A new series from Sleeves takes us to North Devon, and introduces us to police detective Matthew Venn. Venn, an ex member of the religious sect the Brethren has been booted out for non belief. He and his husband Jonathan live on the shore, where a body of a young man will be discovered. An interesting case that unravels many different threads, uncovering multiple layers that will drag others into its net. Really, Cleve has the enviable knack of c...
  • Linda
    The body lay lifeless and unattended on the shore except for the distant, mournful cry of the herring gull. The irony of the albatross tattoo on the dead man's neck gave the message of an unknown burden.....too much to bear.DI Matthew Venn had been secreted behind the tall bushes near the church. It was to be his father's funeral for the invited. Matthew had been disowned by his family for his lifestyle and his marriage to Jonathan. But there was...
  • Sandy
    The long call is a term used to describe the cry of the herring gull although to main character DI Matthew Venn, it always sounds more like someone howling in pain. This observation gives you immediate insight into Venn, a smart & tightly wound copper in North Devon.There are a few things you need to know about Venn as they inform his character & how he conducts himself. His mother & father belonged to a strict evangelical community & he did too ...
  • Carol
    My first Ann Cleeves and first in her new Two Rivers detective series. North Devon - A dead body is found and Inspector Matthew Venn and his two detectives are on the case; one who tries his patience daily and the other the best he's ever worked with. The murder mystery is a good one, multi-layered with quite the cast of diverse characters, but none of them really stood out to steal the show or retain my interest enough to continue on with the se...
  • Monica
    Great start to this new police/detective series! I enjoyed the diverse characters and the tactful treatment of an extremely delicate subject matter. Our main detective, Matthew showed strong morals and deep compassion for all the victims he encountered, especially those with diminished mental capacities. The plot unfolded at a non-hurried pace but was still fast enough to keep me interested. I felt if the conclusion were more concise, it would ha...
  • Katie B
    This was an impressive start to the new mystery series by Ann Cleeves. There's a good group of core characters for her to work with so I'm excited to see where the series is going to go in future books. Years ago Detective Matthew Venn left the church he grew up in, which also meant losing his family as well. He is now in charge of a murder investigation that is hitting close to home. His past and his present seem to be on a collision course whic...
  • Jean
    A funeral. A murder. Missing vulnerable adults. Secrets and lies. The Long Call , a new novel, which marks the start of a new series by the UK’s Ann Cleeves, features Detective Inspector Matthew Venn and Detective Sergeant Jen Rafferty, two very different personalities. It is Matthew whom we see in the opening scenes hovering at the fringes at his father’s funeral. He was raised in a conservative fundamentalist religious sect, the Brethren. ...
  • Selena
    I received a free e-copy of The Long Call (Two Rivers Series #1) by Ann Cleeves from NetGalley for my honest review.Detective Matthew Venn is new to his job, estranged from his family and is newly married. Matthew is standing outside of where is father's funeral is, when he receives a call. A call telling him that a body was found on a nearby beach. The victim was stabbed, has no ID and no witnesses. Matthew, Sergeant Jen, and Constable Ross are ...
  • Louise Wilson
    Two Rivers #1Detective Matthew Venn is outside the church where the funeral is taking place for his estranged father. His father was part of a strict religious community that Matthew had left a long time ago. Just as he's about to leave, he receives a phone call about a death in his area. A body has been found on the beach. Then a disabled girl goes missing.This new series is set in Devon. We are introduced to a new set of characters who each bri...
  • Marialyce
    2.5 moved too slow for me stars. I have once again bucked the tide of wonderful reviews for this book and found that it was just too slow moving for me. I do appreciate the time and effort this author put into the story of a small town and a man who was murdered and her descriptions of the various characters, but for me there was not enough zest to the story to keep me totally involved. So, sad to say I will not be continuing this new series, but...
  • Dianne
    Sometimes you cannot avoid having to go home, even years after you left, losing all you held dear. Detective Matthew Venn went “home” for a funeral and became part of a local murder investigation. Now he must face the demons of his youth, the strict and cultish religious group his estranged family clung to and still hold on to all he holds dear today, including his self-confidence and ability to do his job.THE LONG CALL by Ann Cleaves is a go...
  • Krista
    Rating: 4 promising and suspenseful starsThis is the first book in a new mystery series by Anne Cleeves. I’ve been meaning to read this author’s work for years so I was excited to get this book and get in on the ground floor of this series. I now see why Anne Cleeves’ works have received so much praise. This book has set the groundwork for what I believe will be a series that I anxiously await for each new book to be published. “The Long ...
  • Judy
    I'm embarrassed to admit I had never heard of Ann Cleeves before this book, but I'm glad I've discovered her now. This was a solid crime mystery that kept my attention throughout. It was well-organized and I enjoyed the interplay among Detective Inspector Matthew Venn, and Detective Seargeants Jen and Ross. Matthew came across as a very thoughtful introvert with good instincts and is also compassionate and caring; Jen seems a tough single mother ...
  • Kristy
    DI Matthew Venn is watching--not attending--his father's funeral when he receives the call. They've found a body on the beach of Crow Point, and it appears as if the victim has been stabbed. Crow Point is right where Matthew and his husband, Jonathan, reside. As Matthew begins digging into the case, he's pulled back into his former life--one he thought he left behind. He also finds himself in a world filled with secrets and lies; a world where so...
  • Nilufer Ozmekik
    Five blazing, fantastic stars to the one of the best crime thrillers of this year! Clap! Clap! Clap!You know the long call is the most complex vocalization of GULL’s repertoire can be heard year-round in mostly served as aggressive signals! So the GULLS SCREAMING, metaphoric WAKE UP CALL because this heart-wrenching, dark, twisty, nerve-bending story taken place at North Devon, people liked to act like THREE WISDOM MONKEYS! They see no evil, he...
  • Joyce
    This is a British procedural that is one of the most interesting and well written novels I have come across in a long time. Matthew is the Senior Detective in Charge of a murder investigation. He was raised as a religious fundamentalist and left the sect when he was at university and discovered not only his lack of faith, but also that he was gay. He is presently married to Jonathan who is the head (reporting to a group of trustees) of a neighbor...
  • Karen Kay
    I received this from for a review. First in series, Detective Matthew Venn investigates a body found on the beach nearby: a man with a tattoo of an albatross on his neck, stabbed to death.An okay story but it moved kind of slowly. I found myself having to flip back and forth to recall who belonged to whom and what was happening.2.75 stars
  • Anne
    I enjoyed Book 1 of this new series by Ann Cleeves. Lots of characters that will play out in the next books, and most are quirky but likable so I'm anxious to read the entire series. Matthew and Jen are police detectives investigating the stabbing of a man discovered on the beach. Because he's not a local, there are no leads initially and many secrets to be discovered. Add to it the disappearances of two young women with Down Syndrome, and the pl...
  • Bam
    *I'm between 4-4.5 stars here. This is my first taste of Ann Cleeves' writing and I quite enjoyed her style. Good place to start, with the first book in a new series. As the story begins, Detective Matthew Venn of North Devon is attending his father's funeral, but remains outside the building because he and his family are estranged. He receives a call that a body has been found on the beach at Crow Point. It's reportedly no accident; the man has ...
  • Monnie
    Would you believe this is my first encounter with this prolific author? It's true - but for sure it won't be my last. In fact, this book marks the start of a new "Two Rivers" series, and already I'm taken with the main character, Detective Matthew Venn of North Devon.As with intriguing characters in most mysteries, Matthew is flawed; in his case, he long ago left his parents' precious fold - a religious group (cult) called the Brethren. For that ...
  • Renee
    Book DescriptionFor the first time in 20 years, Ann Cleeves—international bestselling and award-winning author of the Vera and Shetland series, both of which are hit TV shows—embarks on a gripping new series.In North Devon, where two rivers converge and run into the sea. Detective Matthew Venn stands outside the church as his father’s funeral takes place. Once loved and cherished, the day Matthew left the strict evangelical community he gre...
  • Sandra ~ ♥ Cross My Heart ♥
    The Long Call is an atmospheric, character-driven murder mystery set in North Devon. Cleeves has an obvious gift for setting a scene with the tone and mood drawing both characters and readers into the story. Like any good police investigation, this story is slow to develop with evidence and clues being gathered and accessed by an array of unique characters. I applaud the author's sensitive yet straight-forward inclusion of several social issues i...
  • Stephanie (Stephanie's Novel Fiction)
    The Long Call by Ann Cleeves is the first book in her new series, the Two Rivers and if you like an engaging, suspenseful, complex murder mystery that's a classic police procedural then The Long Call is the perfect slow-burning read.The main character, Matthew Venn is the DI in Barnstaple and has ties to the Barum Brethren, a small religious sect in the community that threw him out when was younger and expressed his disbelief in religion. That...