Silent Souls Weeping by Jane Clayson Johnson

Silent Souls Weeping

In a culture that strives for happiness and perfection, depression and mental illness are often surrounded by stigma, misunderstanding, and endless questions. In Silent Souls Weeping, bestselling author and nationally-recognized journalist Jane Clayson Johnson hopes to change the LDS dialogue and cultural stigmas surrounding mental illness. She vulnerably shares her own experience with depression along with the experiences of many other Latter-da...

Details Silent Souls Weeping

TitleSilent Souls Weeping
Release DateJan 31st, 2019
PublisherDeseret Book Company
GenreNonfiction, Christianity, Lds, Religion, Self Help, Health, Mental Health

Reviews Silent Souls Weeping

  • Lindsay Bartholomew
    I absolutely loved this book! I, myself, have struggled with depression and found so much hope and validation in this book. Jane is incredibly vulnerable as she shares her own personal battle with depression. She also does a wonderful job sharing other individual's stories of their struggle. She does a great job of sharing the realities of what people go through while suffering from depression, as well as offering nuggets of wisdom and hope. Even...
  • Amy Harding
    With an expert journalistic background, personal experience with depression, and a gift for connecting with the inner most parts of the human soul, Jane Clayson Johnson has captivated the core experience and intensity of emotions of suffering from mental illness in a whole and comprehensive way, specifically addressing the experience of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. As an over-all, but raw and close-up look at mental...
  • Janna
    There is much to celebrate with the publication of this book: it's a conversation starter for the important discussions members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints need to have regarding depression; it calls out the toxic perfectionism in our culture as a force that complicates symptoms of depression; it addresses depression in missionaries and youth; it looks at suicide as an epidemic in society; and so much more.I love that topic...
  • Brittany Lesueur
    4.5 stars. This book was amazing. I love the way Jane confronts the negative stigma that is associated with depression in the LDS culture specifically. It is an ideal read for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who may know somebody who battles with mental illness.
  • Ramona McConkie
    These are important stories that need to be told. I'm just not in love with the journalist format for this subject. It feels a little cavalier, even though Jane does a great job with this skill of hers. I really respect her. She is doing something very difficult, vulnerable, and authentic. And more discourse about this subject is so, so needed in the church. I'm grateful she wrote this.
  • Lori S.
    Valuable information on depression for those who battle depression and those who work to understand, love, and care for them.
  • Carolyn
    Giving this 4 stars because although it is not the easiest book to read, it is a necessary one.
  • Delise
    Wish everyone I know would read this book. Compassionately and knowledgeably written. Difficult reading at times but so necessary to get a glimpse into life for so many. May we continue sharing, connecting and loving.
  • Beth
    Very well done book! A great help for those who help people with depression
  • Val
    When I hear people say "everyone should read this book" or "this book is a life-changer," I sometimes roll my eyes at what I am sure is exaggeration to increase book sales. It is with no exaggeration or book sales motive that I recommend THIS book unreservedly as a book everyone should read, and if everyone did, it would be a life-changer for the good for everyone. I would give it 6 stars if I could.I started reading this book the day after the f...
  • Kristiina
    The author begins with a searing description of her own experience with depression. She’d had success in her journalism career and now had the family she’d always longed for, but she wasn’t feeling the happiness she’d expected. Instead, she writes, her mood swung from agitated and angry to numb and deadened. She grew ashamed of how she felt and how she was treating her family, but felt hopeless to do anything about it.In her pain, she con...
  • Megan
    Kudos to Jane Clayson Johnson for doing such a fabulous job with the topic of depression. Jane writes about depression through the lens of the church.First of all, can we just talk about the title--"Silent Souls Weeping" is so evocative, so beautiful, so perfect for this book.She starts the book with her own personal story of depression (it was a great story) and then interviewed 150 women, men, and teens--all members of the Church of Jesus Chris...
  • belle liang
    With the narrative momentum of an award-winning investigative journalist, and the sensitivity of a fellow sojourner, Jane Clayson Johnson has expertly and lovingly drawn out the stories of those who have suffered silently with depression. She serves as trusted confidante, therapist, and spiritual guide, lifting the veil of stigma to create new community and provide a life line for those who feel alone or hopeless. It is her personal vulnerability...
  • Terry
    Jane Clayson Johnson has the eye of a journalist and the heart of someone who has suffered with depression. She has written a superb book on the effects of depression, what it's like to experience depression and how to support someone with depression. This highly readable book uses 150 personal interviews along with extensive research and information on brain physiological and psychology to provide insight into depression and anxiety. The book is...
  • Alison
    For all those who have suffered in silence, this book is a voice for you. Depression, in all it’s real and endless darkness for one who suffers it, seems to evoke the opposite conviction of not being real to those who have never experienced it. Which makes it understandable, though not justified, that people with depression are treated with such carelessness and belittlement. That is why this book is so needed in a culture that projects perfect...
  • Kara Breit
    Please read this book! It is one of the most meaningful books you will finish. If you have depression, you will connect with many of the people you meet in its pages and cheer for feeling less alone in the world. That was very valuable to me. If you know and love someone with depression, Silent Souls Weeping will candidly and generously open your eyes to the real world of living with this pervasive mental illness. Some people here have said that ...
  • Heather
    This book is important. I struggle to put into words how this book touched me. Jane combined personal stories, stories of others and advice from doctors. Whether you or someone you love struggles with depression, there is hope in hearing others stories. There are lessons to be learned by reading how people made it through the darkest days. There is a chapter on being the caregiver of someone drowning in the depths of depression. Most importantly,...
  • Michelle Ferguson-Mingus
    I love how Jane brings in her background as a reporter to integrate the thoughts, feelings, and stories of others. It's real, and I think would make a great read for anyone who loves or is in a relationship, friendship, family member or friend that has someone in their life who has suffered or is suffering from mental illness. She is a great storyteller and uses professionals and real people who have suffered the gamut of mental illness from post...
  • Heather Hunt
    Everyone should read this book. What individual, what family, is not somehow acquainted with the hidden monster of depression or some form of mental illness? Jane attacks the stigma, shame and mythology that sadly, even in the 21st century, still envelop emotional illnesses and their sufferers, and she does so head-on, with sensitivity, honesty and bravery. Her new book is a timely, badly needed and insightful portrait--or portraits--of the chall...
  • Adam
    This book deserves the 5 star review, largely because it is filling such a needed gap in the LDS community. Depression is still so often, and harmfully, thought of as a choice or consequence of choices that so many people suffer alone and in silence. That's why I love what Johnson does here, bringing a voice to so many people's experiences who are struggling so much to find their way through an absolutely horrible disease. I love that she goes th...
  • Kendall
    As someone who struggles with depression, I want my parents, my friends, my ward members, my bishop and anyone else I interact with in a church setting to read this book. It gives a beautiful window into what it feels like to live with depression. I had to read the first few chapters one at a time because it made me so emotional that someone had managed to capture that feeling I have never been able to describe precisely. Johnson carefully crafts...
  • Dave Hunt
    Jane Clayson Johnson delves sensitively and incisively into the heartache of depression in Silent Souls Weeping, adding a personal perspective of the battle many go through in an attempt to escape its relentless clutches. As a religious leader who talks frequently with people who are fighting depression, I appreciate Jane’s insight that the comfort and joy of feeling the influence of the Holy Spirit while fighting clinical depression are basica...
  • Jessica
    This is a wonderful book for anyone suffering from depression and other mental illness. Especially for members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It has been so helpful for me to read of the experiences of others who suffer from the affects of depression. I especially identified with the perfectionism syndrome we all so often struggle with. This is such an important book to rid our society, especially our religious culture of the...
  • Meltagg
    ''Silent Souls Weeping' is a gift to all those suffering from depression or those who love those suffering from depression. Jane Clayson Johnson is candid about her own story which goes such a long way toward reducing stigma and bringing the mental health discussion into the light of day where it belongs. The abundance of additional stories and experiences in this book amplify this critical dialog. Our family has been touched significantly and pa...
  • Louise B.
    Silent Souls Weeping is a gem. —a faith-based, spiritual, emotional, and practical journey for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of depression and how to navigate through it. Accessible and relevant for both those suffering from depression or those seeking to aid the suffering, Jane Clayson-Johnson’s book is a thoughtful and painstakingly researched map—a brilliant blending of journalistic inquiry with numerous, rich personal narratives...
  • Julie Diop
    I ordered Jane Clayson Johnson’s book hoping it would give me insight into a friend’s struggle with depression. It helped me understand much more about the illness than I had understood before. Jane discussed her own struggles, and shared the stories of people who opened up to her. She described depression as a ball and chain, which sometimes people with depression swing at those closest to them. She helped me better understand the role frien...
  • Julie Marriott
    "Silent Souls Weeping" is a powerful book and long overdue. The breadth and depth of content is extraordinary. This book is a must-read for members of the LDS community and anyone of faith who has a loved one suffering from depression or who is suffering themselves. The author touches on many facets of depression that are not typically discussed including what depression feels like, how to meaningfully support someone with depression and how to f...
  • Mimi
    A MUST READ; This book bridges the gap between understanding mental illness and the survivors who have battled this cruel disease and overcome their affliction. Those who speak about their constant struggles, are the brave ones. They have shared their most personal stories so that we, the readers, might have a glimpse into their lives and suffering. There are those who weep silently, feeling ashamed. Ms. Johnson skillfully weaves the narrative an...
  • Julia Southwick
    This book should’ve been written ages ago! It was powerful and bore impactful testimony to the importance of “mourning with those that mourn and comforting those who stand in need of comfort.” I am profoundly grateful to be blessed with friends and loved ones who have practically carried me through several major times of struggle, but I know that there are still so many people who don’t truly grasp depression and other mental illnesses or...
  • Janette
    Silent Souls Weeping is an excellent book. A must read for all. I echo all of the previous reviews written. It is informative, inspiring and gives hope. It shines a light on an issue that affects all of us in some way or another, as friends, family and church leaders. Jane Clayson Johnson does an excellent job sharing her own experience as well as the experiences of others. The book can aid us all in being more compassionate and empathetic to tho...