Early Indians by Tony Joseph

Early Indians

Who are we Indians ? Where did we come from ? Many of us believe our ancestors have lived in South Asia since 'time immemorial'. But, as it turns out, 'time immemorial' may not have been all that long ago. To tell us the story of our ancestry, journalist Tony Joseph goes 65,000 years into the past—when a band of modern humans, or Homo sapiens, first made their way from Africa into the Indian subcontinent. Citing recent DNA evidence, he traces t...

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TitleEarly Indians
Release DateDec 18th, 2018
PublisherJuggernaut Publication
GenreHistory, Nonfiction, Cultural, India, Science, Asian Literature, Indian Literature

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  • Abhinav Gupta
    India has had a weird relationship with its history prior to Mauryan empire. History by its nature is imprecise but, in this case, confusion is compounded by the fact that Harappan script remains undeciphered and there are very few archaeological remains of Vedic society. The confusion has only been furthered by ideologically motivated or imaginative thinkers who have colored this phase of history with their own agendas. Top example remains forci...
  • Jayaprakash Satyamurthy
    Everyone in our subcontinent - Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis - please read EARLY INDIANS by Tony Joseph. Understand where we're coming from, how rich and diverse our roots are and how superficial our divisions are. And it's all based on scientific evidence, not ideological wishful thinking.
  • Sahil Pradhan
    Who are we Indians ? Where did we come from ? Many of us believe our ancestors have lived in South Asia since ‘time immemorial’. But, as it turns out, ‘time immemorial’ may not have been all that long ago. To tell us the story of our ancestry, journalist Tony Joseph goes 65,000 years into the past—when a band of modern humans, or Homo sapiens, first made their way from Africa into the Indian subcontinent.Citing recent DNA evidence, he t...
  • Suman
    There is an image of the famous dancing girl of Harappa on the cover of this book as a nod perhaps to common knowledge that "Early Indians" for most of us refers to the Harappan Civilization. Then, we are told, came the Aryans who somehow settled peacefully (or not) with the Harappans. Think of it - have you ever asked yourself where did the Harappans come from? The author tries to answer this rather grand question in 230 pages. Starting almost 3...
  • Arup Guha
    Have been reading up on archaeological and linguistic analysis of Early Indians for some time now. But like the author, found the publications on genetic evidence nearly impenetrable. Its interesting to note that the author went through the same cycle but didn't give up. Therefore the book forms a valuable bridge between people interested in their ancient past and technical material. The writing is very lucid and the author makes it a point to cl...
  • Balachander
    Well researched account of our ancestors - the early indians, the harappans and the Aryans. Read to find out how with the help of dna analysis and other state of the art techniques we're more certain than ever of who the original inhabitants, of this landmass we now call as India, were. And in the process learn a little about the origins of the caste system, the differences in dietary practices in the North and the South; interesting insights int...
  • Gayathiri Rajendran
    This was a very fascinating read.This book combines linguistics,archaeology and DNA evidence to give an account of the story of the Indian population right from the evolution of man.It also answers the important questions like where did the Harappans come from.After reading this book,I am tempted to visit the sites of the ancient Harappan civilization.A very interesting take on an interesting subject.It was unputdownable.
  • Samuel Premkumar
    A nice and easy to read book on the population history of India. Tony Joseph traces the human migration in to India from 65000 years ago to the later waves of migration, based on the new data available from the science of ancient DNA analysis. While linguistic and archeology studies had some gaps in the migration theory, the ancient DNA study fills in the gap. The book should be read along with David Reich's. "Who we are and how we got here" as i...
  • Suman Srivastava
    Great book which combines evidence from genealogy, archaeology and linguistics to provide a compelling story of where we Indians have come from. With interesting insights like why Punjabis drink more milk than South Indians.
  • Chris Jaffe
    This is a generally interesting book that looks at early Indians and where they came from based on linguistic and DNA evidence (leaning more heavily on DNA). Author Tony Joseph (who is himself Indian, don't let the Anglo name fool you) isn't an expert on these fields, but a business reporter. While he's not doing the original research, he's read up on it, and is trying to popularize it for the masses. When looking at early Indians, Joseph frequen...
  • Asani
    A superb, well-researched and clearly written book by Tony Joseph on how India was populated and from where. He starts from the migration of homo sapiens out of Africa 65,000 years ago. Subsequently, Zagrosian herders in Iran moved to India and mixed with the first Indians to build the famous Harappan civilization. The next major migration was that of ‘Aryans’ (i.e. a band of warriors and pastoralists from the Steppe region in central Asia) w...
  • Virat
    What a fantastic book. A well researched and succinct overview of Indian early history. Considering the big controversy around this subject the book has been sensitively written. Learnt a lot and now waiting for Tony Joseph to write more books and articles to keep us updated on new discoveries and theories Enjoyed it tremendously. Highly recommend it to anyone interested in history.
  • Prabu Pandurangan
    An absolute must read for anyone trying to understand where we Indians are from. Drawing evidence from diverse sources he builds an engaging storyline. The Pizza analogy though simple , is a great way to explain the multiple migrations into South Asia contributing to the making of modern Indian.👍👍
  • Naveen S
    A narrative of how we Indians came about, buttressed with evidence from fields of Archaeology, Population genetics, and Comparative linguistics. Must read for every Indian as the definition of an Indian(or a Hindu) is becoming more rigid because of the propagandas flying around.
  • Shruthi
    In schools we are taught Indian history as starting from Harappan and Indus valley civilization. This book gives us detailed view on India's pre history. What was India like around 65000 years ago. Great book that gives evidence on Who we Indians are. Spoiler - We are all migrants
  • Mohit Pawnday
    The author has a viewpoint on our Indian origins and brillaintly uses genetic proof studies to supplement the various narratives .With studies as late as mid 2018 accessed and quoted a compelling and must read in times when identity politics is becoming so important .
  • Vani Kalra
    Compelling read. Reinforced some old theories and debunked the right wing propaganda with genetic archaeological linguistic proof. All in all well written and easily understandable by a layman
  • Sanjay Singh
    Well written and well researched. Every Indian must read this book.
  • Sadiq Kazi
    Answers many questions that affect the socio-political milieu of the times - who were the Aryans? Are we all migrants? How did we become who we are? Interesting and well-researched.
  • Rajesh Mohta
    A nice book on establishing Indian Ancestry based on DNA mapping from 65000 years ago
  • Sunil Iyer
    The book goes slightly overboard on the DNA science, however, it makes for an interesting read.
  • Abhishek Bhagotia
    Tony Joseph uses remarkable Genetic evidence to settle debates on Ancestry of Modern Indians and proves that we are all migrants.
  • Kumar Pranav
    It's an awesomely written book. A must read.
  • Rohit Varma
    Mandatory reading for all intellectually curious Indians of today.