To Wed a Wild Scot (Besotted Scots, #2) by Anna Bradley

To Wed a Wild Scot (Besotted Scots, #2)

Some brides like it wilder…A single lady of birth, beauty, and large fortune should not have this much trouble making a match. Yet after two failed betrothals, Lady Juliana Bernard is in a bind. She must find a husband at once or lose guardianship of her beloved niece. Her childhood friend the Duke of Blackmore is her last, best hope, but once she tracks him down in Scotland, she receives startling news.First, the duke is already engaged. Secon...

Details To Wed a Wild Scot (Besotted Scots, #2)

TitleTo Wed a Wild Scot (Besotted Scots, #2)
Release DateSep 17th, 2019
PublisherLyrical Press
GenreRomance, Historical Romance, Historical

Reviews To Wed a Wild Scot (Besotted Scots, #2)

  • Andrea
    2.5 stars rounded up because the author is one of my favorites and knows how to write. I just did not enjoy this particular story, and I fear I will be in the minority with that. I think most people will like the book for the spirited heroine, but I didn't enjoy for exactly that reason. There is also a lot of relationship drama and angst, both of which I just hate. I get that both characters are scared, but the amount of misunderstandings and con...
  • Becky
    I loved this book. LOVED. Sigh. I love you Anna Bradley. I LOVE YOU!!! This was one of those books I just couldn't put down. I started it late last night. Like after 11pm. And I just couldn't stop. Wait, its after midnight? Don't care, this story has totally enthralled me. Wait, it's after 1 and my husband is snoring in my ear? I'm too in love with these characters to care. It's after 2 and my children will be up in 4 hours going bonkers? No regr...
  • Melanie
    To Wed a Wild Scot was an excellent read featuring an amazing romance between two people from vastly different backgrounds.Lady Juliana Bernard thought finding a match would be simple, but after two failed betrothals she realizes she needs to come up with a different plan. Faced with the prospect of losing guardianship of her niece unless she marries, Juliana heads to Scotland to track down her childhood friend the Duke of Blackmore. But upon arr...
  • Barbara Rogers
    Series: Besotted ScotsPublication Date: 9/17/19Number of Pages: 272We met Lady Juliana Bernard in The Wayward Bride, book one in this series. I really liked her in that book because she was intelligent, caring, and seemed to have her act together. In this book, Juliana seems to be a tale of two people. In the Scottish portion of the book, she is strong, intelligent, caring – stubborn and determined. In the English portion of the book, she seems...
  • Elodie
    One more new-author-to-me discovered today. Well not today, as I preordered this book when I first read the blurb. Even if it is often full of angst what I am not always fond, this enemies to lovers romance was definitively a must-read.The main couple to reach their happily ever after have a long way stretching in front of them. Nothing will be easy, from their instant dislike to their growing attraction to their acceptance of their sentiments.It...
  • Niki
    4.5 stars rounded upAfter two betrothals that didn't actually end in marriage, Lady Juliana Bernard is rather desperate for a husband. If she doesn't find one soon she'll lose guardianship of her beloved niece to a greedy, dangerous neighbor when her ailing father succumbs to his illness. Her friend since childhood, Fitzwilliam Vaughn, the Duke of Blackmore, is her best hope. Juliana hies off to Scotland after him only to be shocked upon her arri...
  • Tracy Emro
    Lady Juliana Bernard is in a bind, he father is dying and thanks to the interference of a spurned suitor, has changed his will, Juliana will only retain custody of her orphaned niece Grace if she is married, if not Grace’s guardianship will be given to Lord Cowden. Having let her betrothed go so he could marry for love and desperate to make sure Cowden doesn’t get custody, Juliana writes to her dearest friend and former betrothed, Fitzwilliam...
  • Caitlyn Lynch
    In the time of the Scottish Clearances, Logan Blair is desperate to protect his people. Juliana Bernard only has one person to protect, her niece Grace, but time is running out for Juliana. She needs a husband, now, and heads to Scotland looking for the man who promised to marry her, childhood friend Fitz, now a powerful duke. When she arrives, though, it’s to discover Fitz’s brother Logan has been intercepting and destroying her letters as h...
  • Bourbon, Books and Brenda
    I couldn’t wait to read this book after reading The Wayward Bride. I fell in love with all the characters (Sydney and Luke, and Hugh and Isla will always have a big swoon from me) and needed to learn of Lady Juliana’s fate.From the first page I was drawn into Lady Juliana’s plight. After letting Hugh out of their betrothal in the first book, Lady Juliana only had one option left to save Grace....Marry the Duke, Fitz.However, things don’t ...
  • Shawna
    3 stars - Historical Romance
  • romancejunkie
    Lady Juliana Bernard goes to Scotland in the hopes that once there her childhood friend Fitzwilliam, the Duke of Blackmore will let her explain how hard her and her beloved niece's life was in England and agree to care and protect them by marrying her. But when she finally tracks where he is, she founds out that he is already betrothed. Later she discovers that it was his brother Logan that had kept her letters from him and as it was agreed that ...
  • Sissy's Romance Book Review
    To Wed a Wild Scot by Anna Bradley is book 2 in the Besotted Scots Series. This is the story of Logan Blair and Juliana Bernard. I have read (and Loved!) the previous book, but feel you can make this a standalone book if you wish to do so. Julian has guardianship of her Niece but that won't be for long unless she marries. Which her last hope is her friend Fitzwilliam but she finds that he is already engaged. Julian finds out that his brother Loga...
  • Monique
    Lady Juliana Bernard had to get married quickly so that her beloved niece Grace would not end up with a villain for a guardian. Juliana departed for Scotland, where she would ask her best friend, Fitzwilliam Vaughan, the Duke of Blackmore to marry her. After all, they had been betrothed since childhood. Alas, during the months when she'd had no news from him, Fitzwilliam had found love. In view of everything that happened, Logan Blair, Fitzwillia...
  • Cynthia
    I read an advanced reader's copy of To Wed a Wild Scot. Lady Juliana Bernard is a heroine that is willing to take risks to protect her niece. Logan is also willing to do what he needs to do to protect his clan.The story takes place mostly in the highlands and the author has done her research of the area and the time period. I love that the characters are protective of their loved ones. There is some friction between the brothers but it's understa...
  • Lori D
    He was a man on a mission to save his clan. After the English had made a path through Scotland, killing and burning everything in sight, he was determined. But Logan Blair was not really the Laird of Clan Kinross. His twin brother was, who had been taken when young and raised in England by their uncle who had even changed his brother's name to Fitwilliam.Years later, Fitzwilliam does go to Scotland, and Logan wants him to step up and marry a Scot...
  • Janet
    4.5 StarsLady Juliana Bernard is in a bind she must find a husband at once or lose guardianship of her beloved niece Grace. Her childhood friend Fitz the Duke of Blackmore is her last, best hope, but once she tracks him down in Scotland, she receives startling news. Firstly the duke is already engaged. Secondly it's his brother Logan's fault Juliana is now lacking a bridegroom. So, what's a lady to do when she's lost her betrothed? Marry his scan...
  • Norah Gibbons
    I received an ARC of this book to read through NetGalley in exchange for a fair review. To Wed a Wild Scot by Anna Bradley is the second book in her very enjoyable Besotted Scots Series. I recommend reading the first book as well because it fills in some of the background to this story and I enjoyed it immensely but you could read this one as a stand-alone if need be. Lady Juliana Bernard has come into her own, when faced with insurmountable prob...
  • eyes.2c
    Overbearing Scotsman and a determined English Miss!What more can one ask for? Fireworks aplenty! A feisty English lass (Lady Juliana Bernard) steals away the heart of a stubborn Scotsman (Logan, Laird of Clan Kinross), despite their battles, suspicions and inauspicious start.The story had me at the disheveled wee Sassenach lass, vomit on the bottom of her skirts (don't ask!) dogging the Scotsman through the wilds to Castle Kinross--and I never lo...
  • Dee Deacon Foster
    Misunderstandings abound in Anna Bradley’s To Wed a Wild Scot which lead to some a desperate time for our heroine. But boy does she turn the hero on his head (and steals his heart) with her determination to right a wrong and fight for what she so desperately wants. Add in a villain that I would have liked to climb in the book and give a punch (or two) to and you have a 5 star read.
  • Lesley
    What kept going through my head as I read this...1. Did I miss Fitz and Emilia’s story? This reads like I should understand their back story. 2. Enough with the misunderstandings already. Sheesh - once or twice is ok, but repeatedly spending days upset because neither of you can ask a simple question? Maddening!!!So, I enjoyed Logan and Juliana’s story when they were getting along, but unfortunately the majority of the time they aren’t gett...
  • Brenda Hughes
    This was a delightful story of a marriage of convenience between two exact opposites. Lady Juliana was English and Logan, a Scottish Laird. It was a great book that I could not put down once I started it. It kept me entertained till the last page. I’m looking forward to reading the next book. I highly recommend this romp towards a HEA. It’s a feel good romance with well developed characters and equally fun secondary characters. Well done Ms. ...
  • Carole Burant
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading Logan & Juliana's story! He's a stubborn Scot and she's a stubborn Englishwoman....put the two together and you get fireworks!! Not liking each other very much when they first meet, it doesn't take long before their feelings change but due to misunderstandings and various events, neither admits their love to each other until it's almost too late. It was also interesting to read about the Highland Clearances and how en...
  • Kat
    To Wed a Wild Scot is Anna Bradley's second book in her Besotted Scots series. If you haven't read the first yet, you'll get along just fine jumping in here. However, since Juliana appeared in the previous book and was important in that storyline, I recommend reading that first.Lady Juliana Bernard is going to lose custody of her beloved niece Grace unless she gets married, and quickly. She has written to her best friend Fitzwilliam, the Duke of ...
  • Traci
    To Wed a Wild Scot is the second book in the Besotted Scots series but can be read as a standalone. I haven’t read the first book, but it looks interesting. Lady Juliana’s father is dying, and he has changed his will so if Juliana does not marry her niece will go to a cruel man. The Duke of Blackmore “Fitz” has gone to Scotland and was not responding to her letters. He is her last hope of marriage and saving her niece before her father di...
  • Nicole Laverdure
    A fun Highland adventure! 4.5 starsI really liked Anna Bradley's first story 'The Wayward Bride, in her 'Besotted Scots' series. I found her second story, To Wed a Wild Scot charming to read, but less enjoyable than I had expected. I liked the story and the characters but for some reason, I didn't enjoy it as much. My reviews always reflect my honest opinion, so for that reason, I had to give it 4.5 stars.Set in Scotland's Highlands, this time, w...
  • Brandi
    I really enjoyed the story of Logan Blair and Juliana Bernard. I felt bad for Juliana at the end of the last book and was glad to see her get her own story. I really liked Logan's character and felt that he complemented Juliana better than Hugh (I hope I remembered his name correctly) did. I also enjoyed the background characters in this story, such as Fitz and his fiance. I fell in love with Anna Bradley's writing after reading the Somerset Sist...
  • Lisa C
    A very entertaining, uplifting read. Despite happening at the time of the brutal Scottish Clearances, the English Lady, Juliana, and the Scottish man, Logan, manage to fall in love, surpass their misunderstandings, and have their HEA. Very enjoyable read. Highly recommend.
  • Luz
    Loved loved loved. I couldn’t put it down. It pulled at my heart strings and made me feel the feels. Loved loved loved. I couldn’t put it down. It pulled at my heart strings and made me feel the feels. 💕
  • MrsMascara
    This was a lovely read from the always excellent Anna Bradley. I always look forward to a new release from her, because she is an accomplished writer and always keeps me reading.Her latest did not disappoint. Lady Juliana is desperate. Her ill father is close to giving guardianship of her orphaned niece to a difficult and vindictive neighbour, Lord Cowden. Juliana can retain her guardianship if she is married, unfortunately, although beautiful, a...
  • Rose Blue
    As reviewed at Roses Are Blue: Blair is in the unique position of having a twin brother he’s never met. Since his older brother, Gavin, was born first, he is the heir to his uncle’s dukedom. When the twins’ mother dies after their birth, the duke whisks his heir off to London to raise him as an Englishman, now christened Fitzwilliam. Logan remains in Scotland, raised by his father as the heir to Laird of Clan Ki...