Accidental Romeo by Nicole Snow

Accidental Romeo

Accidentally his. Fun fact: Fate is a four letter word.A perfect stranger just kissed away the worst day of my life.Emphasis on perfect.Hunter Forsythe is so far out of my league I can't even buy tickets.And now he's insta-date to my stuck up sister's wedding?!Brace for everything to go hilariously wrong.But my mysterious new hero is no flipping joke.Rich as sin. Knockout eyes. A snarlypants single dad. Muscle, muscle everywhere.Too good for the ...

Details Accidental Romeo

TitleAccidental Romeo
Release DateJan 2nd, 2019
PublisherIce Lips Press
GenreRomance, Contemporary

Reviews Accidental Romeo

  • Nicole Snow
    It's here in all its mistaken love goodness! Accidental Romeo is LIVE! I hope all of my Goodreads fans adore Wendy and Hunter's story as much as I loved telling it.Get your copy below! FREE in Kindle Unlimited.➜ AMAZON US:➜ AMAZON UK: his. Fun fact: Fate is a four letter word.A perfect stranger just kissed away the worst day of my life.Emphasis on perfect.Hunter Forsythe is so far ou...
  • Sara Oxton
    Accidental Romeo by Nicole Snow a five-star read that you won’t want to accidently miss. This was another amazing story by this great author, I adored getting to know Hunter Forsythe and Ben they will make your heart melt and you eyes sparkle. This was so well written you will have the rug pulled from under you as you read and not see it coming. There is a bit of everything in this story, romance, drama, good food, a bridezilla with a fabulous ...
  • Michelle
    I was given an advanced readers copy of this book and have decided to leave a voluntary honest review. I have read a few books by this author lately, and I have to say this author surpises me more and more. I love getting glimpse of Landon in all these books so far. As you can tell he's my favourite and now I just love hunter. Man is he ever a sexy beast, and a sexy single dad. Damn I don't know how he get better. Wendy is fire ball who I absolut...
  • Amber
    Accidental Romeo stole more than just my breath. It stole my heart and my very soul. Nicole Snow knows how to gently coax and relentlessly tease until I am putty in her hands. This magnificent story is one of her best ever! It shines brightly and transcends life no matter what is happening. Not only does it soothe and calm a frantic and raging heart, but it also searches until it finds the smile and happiness that has been impossibly weighed down...
  • Viper Spaulding
    Hunter is a swoon-worthy dream come true! Like Wendy, I found it impossible not to fall in love with Hunter and his young son, Ben. Hunter doesn't even realize how much trauma he's still carrying around from the tragedy that happened more than a decade before, but Wendy is the much-needed breath of fresh air that shakes all the cobwebs loose and lets the light in through all the cracks in Hunter's life. Wendy is the beleaguered youngest daughter ...
  • Lisa Menor
    I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.Wendy's older sister Rochelle is getting married and once again, Wendy is dateless. Wendy doesn't have a problem with it but her mother and sister do. Rochelle has always held the princess title in the family and this wedding is no different. Everything has to be perfect and Wendy is expected to attend, preferably with a date. It all comes down to this, not the fact Wendy is a masterful ...
  • LianaReads blog
    What a great read !!! I laugh-out-loud so many times,i suffered for them,i shouted-out-loud YESSS and NOOO so many times that my neighbour came knocking on my door asking if I was all right :)))Can something go more wrong in ones life then having to bake the wedding cake for your best highschool friends that got together because he dumped you ? For our heroine that's what happening,her day got worse as while delivering the said cake,she has a run...
  • Eleonor
    Nicole Snow is one of my most favorite authors. She writes with skill and passion, and with her heart. This book is no exception - the storyline is sweet, yet explosive, and the characters are exciting, captivating and believable. I loved this book and would highly recommend it to all romance lovers. Another 5 shining stars, Ms.Snow!
  • Becky
    I voluntarily read and reviewed this as an ARC If you love an uber alpha single dad and a sassy woman who knows how to give it back, this is must read. Action, adventure, intrigue to raise the brows, and hot enough to make you sweat. Let Wendy and Hunter sweep you into their world as their crash meeting sets the stage for a story that sweeps you up, hugs you tight, and gently sets you back down.
  • Heather andrews
    Hunter doesn't ask, the man demands, "...and I’m taking you to that wedding. We'll drink, we'll dance, we'll have an awesome time. End of conversation.” I really loved this book, I fell in love with Hunter the man took care of what was his.
  • Mandee
    I enjoyed this book. I was intrigued by the storyline. I had to know what was going to happen next. I was definitely surprised by some of the twists and turns. Nicole done a fantastic job with this book.
  • Lofty
    4*Wendy meets Hunter when his son crashes into her delivery van. Strong minded she voices her opinion but will he take notice? Hunter is made to face up to things but will he like the results?I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.Another great book
  • Deb B
    firstly, my thanks to the author for an advanced copy in return for an honest review.I loved it, great writing style and really engaging characters. some of it was a little cliched and there were times when I really thought Hunter needed a swift kick in the rear end but overall the story has a bit of everything and is a sweet romance. you have the sexy alpha male billionaire single dad and the sweet & sassy baker and several storylines to keep th...
  • SMJC
    So long windedThis book felt too long. I ended up skipping a lot of chapters because they seemed kind of pointless. At about 20%, you basically know what's going to happen, so now you have to get through at least 60% more of the book - and that's a big chunk - just to get to some type of action. It was just a little boring. I had some other issues which I've highlighted and added notes on, as opposed to adding them to this review, because well, I...
    Sexy, funny and so romantic
  • Caroline Doig
    Wendy is driving her van to deliver a cake for a retirement party the man’s son is Blake he was the boy that stood her up at prom and he took her friend instead, that was years ago but Wendy is still angry about it and to make things worse Blake married Heather. Now on her way to deliver the cake a boy on a skateboard doesn’t look where he is going and Wendy has to swerve the van so she doesn’t hit the boy but the cake ended up on the floor...
  • Bel
    Couldn't put this down once I started. I loved every breathtaking, heart stopping minute. Wendy feels like her life is missing something, she has always been the shadow to her louder and more obnoxious sister Rochelle. All that changes the day she has a run in with a boy named Ben. He is the catalyst to many changes that will occur in her life.Hunter captures her attention from their first meeting and then her meddling family ensure he remains in...
  • Vickie
    Nicole Snow once again has delivered a wickedly awesome story of love and fate with detail and characters as so real you identify with them immediately. Wendy works for her families bakery and she is the best cake baker in the twin cities, she is sassy and always says what’s on her mind with an inner and outer beauty. Wendy is unaware that she is beautiful and desirable. Then we have a cake delivery that goes awry when Wendy swerves to miss hit...
  • Jackie D
    Hunter, a growly, eat your heart, muscled protector, that is all about his family of two and spares no expense when it comes to the ones he cherishes in his life. When he meets Wendy after a frazzled encounter with his son, he cannot get the feisty, accomplished baker out of his mind. He takes fate into his own hands making sure they'll meet again- what happens after that..Talk about an all-out alpha! Nicole Snow takes swoony alpha men to new lev...
  • Frances Hernandez
    I’m loving all the Accidental Hero’s books, all beautifully written by Nicole Snow. This particular book about Hunter and Wendy was so good. I loved the alpha attitude of Hunter, he was bound and determined to get Wendy in his bed and his life. Wendy is a naive baker with low self-esteem, she falls in love slowly with Hunter and his son Ben. There are several obstacles on the way to reaching their HEA, but they overcome all of them. This book...
  • Ruby Ap.
    I didn't know what I was expecting this story plot-line would lead to solely based on the story's title but I'm so happy that I started reading this because it was freaking amazing and funny and passionate and just,,, EVERYTHING! This story by the amazing author, Nicole Snow was a joy to read and what a beautiful happy epilogue as well <3
  • Christine
    arc review I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Wendy is a. Baker at her family bakery moonlight morning when making a delivery she almost hits ben a kid this is also where she meets Hunter his father . This story has family , love, a betrayal and so much more . 10 stars of great writing.
  • Pelusa Rivera
    We get suspense, we get some swoon worthy moments, we get drama and danger and thru it all we are falling in love with Hunter. Hunter and Wendy's first meeting may not have been the best but what follows it is and it is fun to grab a copy and Enjoy!I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
  • Lynn Thinking out loud
    I know I've said it a hundred times but I'll say it again, Nicole gets better and better with each book. I absolutely adored this book. I was up until 4AM. I honestly could not find a stopping point. You won't regret getting this book.
  • Cali Jewel
    Highly entertaining, sexy fun, engaging romantic journey filled with witty banter, a little deception, mystery and scorching hot passion.... this couple is sweet, funny, engaging and a serious delight to read about. Could not put this book down and so need to read the rest of the series...
  • Alexandra
    What happens when sexy tattooed Hunter notices Wendy, a baker who has never been on a date? Sparks! And a whole lot of craziness! I really loved this one! It had humor, meddling relatives and danger.
  • Teresa Lara
    Loved Thus amazing intense beautiful addicting love story.Wendy Hunter and Ben's story rocked.whos next
  • Kentucky Bohemian (Grace)
    Sugar & Spice; But Not Everyone’s Nice…It’s a rarity when a novel can scratch just about every itch a reader has, but this is one of those um…unicorns. Looking for a great romance? Check. Need some action with that? Check. How about a little comedy in the mix? Check. Gorgeous, sexy, hunky hero-type to swoon over? Chchchcheck! Of course, we want that major steam factor, too, right? That’s a great big HARD check right there. Ah, yes. This...
  • Di
    Sugar and spice....and everything nice...let me rephrase that...and everything holy smokes, this read was AMAZING and it was better than nice. This author does it once again with a story that “hit it out of the park”, with the characters, the plot, the story, the writing...all of it...home run.Hunter is the CEO of a security company that does really really really well and Wendy is a baker. They meet by accident, literally, when she almost run...
  • LMR
    Accidental Romeo: A Marriage Mistake Romance By: Nicole SnowHe's An "Accidental Romeo" Thawing Her HEART, But Will He Keep ItCan Things GO any Worse...After, almost hittin' a kid, wreckin' the Delivery Van, & killin' a Cake...Well... Ya'd think NOT! But, ya'd be Wrong,As she soon finds OUT!Now her Momma's Blackmailin' the S€X¡€ST Single Dad ya Ever saw...As Crazy as it seems, her "Accidental Romeo" Actually sees HER...When nobody else Ever h...