The Astrology of Love & Sex by Annabel Gat

The Astrology of Love & Sex

Bringing the ancient matchmaking tool of astrology into the 21st century, The Astrology of Love & Sex explores the romantic and sensual sides of the zodiac. In 12 detailed chapters, astrologer Annabel Gat divulges how each sign likes to flirt, date, and fool around. Going beyond traditional heteronormative gender roles, the book candidly explores love and lust in today's sexually fluid world. From love philosophies to sexual inclinations, readers...

Details The Astrology of Love & Sex

TitleThe Astrology of Love & Sex
Release DateJul 30th, 2019
PublisherChronicle Books
GenreEsoterica, Astrology, Relationships, Self Help, Nonfiction

Reviews The Astrology of Love & Sex

  • Sosanna Olson
    Today I'm reviewing The Astrology of Love & Sex, a Modern Compatibility Guide by Annabel Gat. Illustrations by Jess Rotter.Release Date July 30, 2019Generally I like to start out with a disclaimer. I am an contemporary witch. I look for the connection between magic and science without the need to search for a creator. I receive no compensation for these reviews and all my links are standard Amazon links and not affiliate links. I am a practicing ...
  • Jackie
    I enjoyed the detail on the sun signs personalities. It was a fun read.
  • Randon Rosenbohm
    Literally “a modern compatibility guide,” there is no other compatibility book more inclusive. Apart from being accessible to a readership of diverse romantic and sexual experiences, you don’t have to be an astrologer to decode it. Author and astrologer Annabel Gat amazes me because she translates technically advanced astrology into pop art. Her clear, sharp philosophy and process are fully available in the first chapters, showing her work ...
  • Timothy
    An interesting relationship guide based on the Greek zodiac. The book is broken up into essentially twelve different parts that correspond to a Zodiac symbol. From there, the reader finds his or her own symbol and then matches it with the symbol of his or her partner. The book does more than just state the traits and characteristics of the different symbols. It goes on to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the relationships between persons o...
  • Denise
    This book is gorgeous, informative, and spot-on when it comes to the wisdom explored, and the dynamics of the different astrological pairings! As an Aries, Annabel Gat's synopsis of my sign spoke to my soul and made me giggle at how on-the-nose it was. The good, the bad, and the not-so-ideal aspects of the archetypes are easy to relate to, whether you're new to astrology or an adept. Plus, this is great on-going research for exploring the dynamic...
  • Ashley Holstrom
    Gorgeously done.