Gideon Falls #10 by Jeff Lemire

Gideon Falls #10

"ORIGINAL SINS," Part FourThe past finally catches up to the present when Doc gives Father Fred a rather gruesome history of Gideon Falls. And if finding a needle in a haystack is impossible, what chance does Norton have of finding one in a giant garbage dump?Hollywood News: Picked up for TV by Hivemind after a multi-studio bidding war with long-time producing partners Sean Daniel and Jason Brown, Bad Robot veteran Kathy Lingg, and former Valiant...

Details Gideon Falls #10

TitleGideon Falls #10
Release DateJan 16th, 2019
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Horror, Graphic Novels, Fiction, Graphic Novels Comics

Reviews Gideon Falls #10

  • Josh
    *Insert incoherent noises here*Just when it seems things are going in one direction, this team raises the bar again. Things are getting real. And this issue has some of the coolest art in a series and creative team known for awesome art.It's all so good!
  • Christoph
    „I mean, where does this end, Norton?So you — summon the barn. Then what?Good and Evil.These aren‘t concepts I ever subscribed to.But that thing — that barn — there is no good in it, Norton.“- AngieHoly Moly. Kinda wow! This one leaves me speechless, more or less ...Also, gleich zu Beginn fand ich das Cover dieser Ausgabe sehr schön, farblich, ebenso wie vom Motiv her. Inhaltlich geht hier einiges weiter, „Priester“ und „Sammle...
  • Amber
    holy shit!!!!
  • Chris Walker
    Wow what a series this has been so far and this was the best one yet...simply brilliant artwork and gripping throughout every page!
  • Shannon
    2.5I am so lost.