Fired Up (Fever Falls, #1) by Riley Hart

Fired Up (Fever Falls, #1)

ASHTON If there’s one thing I know, it’s how to play the game…both on and off the field. If it hadn’t been for that one teenage slipup where I kissed Beau Campbell, I’d be able to keep fooling myself. Football is the one thing I use to distract myself from the truth, and when I screw-up and lose the game I love, I find myself right back in Fever Falls. And right back face-to-face with Cranky Campbell, who hates me even more than he did ...

Details Fired Up (Fever Falls, #1)

TitleFired Up (Fever Falls, #1)
Release DateJan 2nd, 2019
PublisherRiley Hart
GenreRomance, M M Romance, Sports and Games, Sports, Contemporary

Reviews Fired Up (Fever Falls, #1)

  • ☆ Todd
    I loved both Beau and Ash, but the writing, at times, felt kinda "cutesy" to me, like it was trying a bit too hard, at least for my own personal tastes.The steamy bits were hot and the angsty parts were pretty manageable.The phrase "fired up" felt waaaaay too overused and the fireman trope felt slightly under-utilized.Overall a good story, but the romantic parts didn't grab me by the heart and squeeze, feeling more surface-level than bone deep.I'...
  • Nazanin
    3 Cranky & Cocky StarsAsh and Beau were best friends, somehow! Ash had always tried to get under Beau’s skin and for the most part, he was successful! He always drove Beau crazy and challenged him. Ten years ago, Ash drunk-kissed Beau at their high school graduation party and then left town for the college without knowing with that kiss he changed something in Beau...Now Ash is a football player but because of his bad attitude, his career is in...
  • Eugenia
    Fun and Sexy!This was fun, if simple. It went kinda like this:HateHateHateDenialDenialDenialI want you I want you I want youHot virgin sexOh crap, what just happened?!More sexy sexI love youSex sex sexConflict stuffHEA mushy as hell ;)
  • Gigi
    This was a sweet love story. Very romantic and I loved Beau’s brother Kenny.The next book was written by Devon and it’s titled #burn. Linc’s story? Coming Feb. 8.
  • Meags
    4 StarsI enjoyed this story a great deal. It had a lot of the things I look for in my contemporary M/M romance reads, including charismatic characters, fluent writing, and a well-paced story featuring the perfect balance of heart, romance and steam. I even enjoyed the small town setting of Fever Falls and the use of a simple but effective frenemies-to-lovers trope between firefighter Beau and ex-NFL star Ash. Ash’s internalized issues surroundi...
  • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    This book was not a total win for me, which is a surprise since I love firemen, the friends/frenemies-to-lovers trope, Riley Hart's writing, small town settings, and also firemen. Did I mention firemen? So why 3 stars? For one, I never fell for Ashton. His internalized homophobia and denial were too much. He acted like a big jock.Ashton and Beau's interactions were very dude-bro and didn't strike me as romantic. Also, while I really like stories ...
  • Claude
    BEAU BEAUBEAUThis guy is amazing!!!! I mean I don't know (or I know but I just don't want admit it to myself) if in his shoes I would have taken the same decisions. He has somehow sacrificed a "possible" great career to take care of his mother and his brother who has Trisomy 21 ( Kenny is an amazing character. Just read this book to meet him.). And he never regretted it. Not a single day. No bitterness, just infinite love for his family. His plan...
  • Anne Boleyn's Ghost
    3.5 stars. I almost rounded up for Ash’s Instagram post. It was that good. Alas, the book itself wasn't quite that good for me.One of my first m/m reads was Crossroads (which reminds me that I’m sooo behind on rating books from "life before Goodreads”). Like Crossroads, Fired Up is sweet and sexy. Professional football player Ash returns to his hometown after his off-field antics hurt his on-field prospects. He encounters Beau, a firefighte...
  • Rachel Emily
    My first read of 2019 and WOW, what a TOTAL winner! Riley Hart kicks off a new series set in the town of Fever Falls, where we will get stories that alternate between her and Devon McCormack.I loved Cranky Campbell and Cocky Carmichael! They had a bit of a "frienemies" relationship growing up together as kids being on the same high school football team, and their first kiss as teenagers was what caused Beau to realize he is gay. After Ash left to...
  • April
    Such a sweet read! I really enjoyed this story. This couple is perfect for each other! Ashton was fun and hilarious while Beau was protective and strong. I liked that the author gave Kenny the brother such a big part in the story as well, if you’re looking for a fun and fast read definitely check this book out.
  • .Lili.
    Fired Up by Riley Hart was a fun and sexy read, but it wasn't a total home run. Likes:-Dual POVs-Nice relationship development-Beau's family-Small town-Frenemies to lovers-Low angst-And a sweet HEA.BUTTheir inner monologues were repetitive and drove me a bit batty. I found myself thinking: YOU ALREADY THOUGHT/SAID THAT! Lol Maybe it wasn't even bad, but they irked me, especially Ashton's internalized homophobia. All in all, it was an enjoyable re...
  • N.M. Pratt
    This is Riley at her best. The first m/m romance I ever read was Collide by Riley Hart. That one book opened a whole new world for me. Since then, I’ve enjoyed Riley’s books but not as much as I enjoyed Fired Up. Both characters were well developed, and their growth and history helped make their story that much more believable. The storyline didn’t feel rushed and the supporting characters-especially Beau’s brother Kenny-really made this ...
  • Sanaa Z.
    4.5 stars. Riley Hart's books are something I've been a fan of for quite a while. So I was really excited to read this book when I read the blurb and that cover. Damn. I wouldn't mind staring at that for a while. I read this book and everything about it made me happy. I loved the relationship between Beau and Ash. The chemistry was there and their interactions made me smile and swoon. I loved how Beau was with the people he cares about, especial...
  • Makhda
    I don't really like fuck buddy plot. And this book screamed fuck buddy. Thank goodness, from the beginning I realized they do have feelings with each other, they just don't know about it. Hey, I'm a woman. I'm all about feelings. Although I kind of hate when Beau gave too many leeways with Ash but I tried to understand. It's his character after all. I enjoyed this book a lot. :)
  • David Alexander
    ~5 Stars
  • Cadiva
    Fantastic second chance romance from Riley HartOne of Riley's best lighter subject romances and a real treat to kick off this new series.I love second chance romances and this had all the ingredients to create a super sweet relationship with just enough angst to prevent it becoming sickly.Both Beau and Ash were lovingly crafted characters and I loved how they moved from friendship into something more and then to love.I also loved Kenny and the li...
  • Chris
    4.5 stars for Beau & Ash. I loved these guys, their angst, their loyalty and their joy. While Ash took a long time to finally accept he was gay, Beau managed to care for his family, build a career and secretly pine for Ash. Ash hid behind the macho football world and alcohol to avoid feeling anything ... but Beau didn’t fall for that and called him in it ! This book really made me smile ❤ 4.5 stars for Beau & Ash. I loved these guys, their...
  • Elsbeth
    *3.5 stars*I hoped I would've loved it more. The premise was great. An ex-football player coming home, confronted with his teen-attraction-or-not and a fireman....I loved Beau. I needed some more time to warm up to Ash. Ash was a bit full of himself. A lot was just his armor but evenso it was tiresome.I was happy for Ash though when he finally let himself living his trueself. "Like of Love?""Because like is just okay. I'm not sure I'm comfortable...
  • JenMcJ
    4.5 stars. The tormented, closeted sports figure is somewhat overdone so it's hard for an author to do something that feels fresh or unique or even relevant now. But Riley Hart has such a deft hand at building characters, revealing motivation to the reader and the character and surrounding them with believable friends and family that this had a fresh feel even though I wasn't a big fan of the ending. i am a fan of the sex scenes, though. Overall,...
  • haletostilinski
    I absolutely loved this book. Sometimes Hart's books aren't a win for me, sometime's they're good but not amazing - but sometimes she really pulls out amazing ones, and this is one of them. Beau and Ash had chemistry from the get go, their story was intriguing, and Ash's character didn't feel like just another character in the closet. I mean even though there doesn't seem to be a reason for his fear of being out and admitting he's gay - we don't ...
  • Jennifer☠Pher☠
    I like the idea of a small town full of super-hot gay men. It might be one of my favorite types of book series. So, yeah, I was a little excited about the idea of Fever Falls.Now? Still excited. This wasn’t bad. I probably liked it as much as I didn’t, equal opportunity opinions truthfully, and I was mostly entertained. Mostly.I think this read a little too much like bros with benefits and I needed a bit more romance. I missed the sweet. I ge...
  • Stellaria
    4 stars!I started reading this book because of two things - the author (Riley Hart) and the blurb. who can deny reading a story about an athlete and a fireman, right?Since 'Crossroads' is one of my favorites I keep wishing there would be a book similar to that. Riley Hart is a very talented author and I enjoy her writing very much. she knows how to deliver an interesting story. The beginning was strong and I thought Beau was an amazing character....
  • Caroline
    5 StarsThis is such a sweet story, I loved Beau! He is such a sweetheart with a HUGE heart. The way Beau just always was there for Ashton and just kept being patient even when Ashton really took his time opening his eyes and heart was just beautiful. I loved how even if you just kept hearing about Ashton as this playboy who acted like a spoiled child and was just a full-blown bad boy, you never ended up feeling that towards him. He had this huge ...
  • Judy
    I love, love, loved this book!!!!
  • Carra
    I have this thing I do when it comes to movies or TV shows I love where I’ll say “that’s a keeper”, and what I mean is that I’ll be buying it on DVD so I’ll have a permanent, physical copy on my shelf. I do the same thing with ebooks—if one is a keeper, the paperback of it (usually a signed copy) winds up on my bookshelf. I have one full shelf in my home library that is filled with Riley Hart’s books…and Fired Up is another shin...
  • Tracy~Bayou Book Junkie
    3.75 StarsThis story was a mixture between second chances and an enemies to lovers story. I’m going to spoil Ashton’s sexual orientation, so if you want to keep guessing throughout the story, read no further. Ash is gay, I thought this was a GFY, because Ash was so adamant that he is straight, but he’s actually gay, so this is more of an OFY, and that’s all fine and good, but what didn’t work for me is that with all the internal dialogu...
  • Cory
    This is weird for me as I think one of the main reasons I liked this book is that I loved the relationship between Beau and Kenny as well as Ash and Kenny. Those were my favorite parts of the story. Although I did like the banter between Ash/Beau and Beau/Lincoln as well. A fun read!
  • Books on Stereo
    Fired Up is an amalgamation of other romance novels resulting in a book that is not bad, but not good.
  • Cherry Bob*omb
    This was a sweet romance about a closeted football player, Ash, coming to terms with his sexuality when he returns to his home town and former friend/ only guy he ever kissed, Beau "Cranky" Campbell. The chemistry and build up of their relationship is well handled. It was well-written and I would read another book by the author, but I tired of it at times as it was so focused on Ash's sexuality that other aspects of his personality and life didn'...
  • Mateo
    A good story with a little bit of fun, a little bit of drama and the hallmarks touch.