Alpha's Secret by Renee Rose

Alpha's Secret

I’m the ultimate predator. I live by a code. Hunt or be hunted. Kill or be killed. Then I meet her. The second I catch her scent, I know she was meant for me. She was born to wear my mark and I was born to protect her.She belonged to my enemy until I took her. He wants her back. He’ll wage war to get her, but no one’s taking her from me. She’s mine, and I’m not letting her go.

Details Alpha's Secret

TitleAlpha's Secret
Release DateJan 28th, 2019
GenreParanormal, Shapeshifters, Fantasy, Erotica, Bdsm, Romance, Erotic Romance, Vampires, Contemporary, Paranormal Romance

Reviews Alpha's Secret

  • Claypot_Reads - Michelle
    I absolutely loved this shifter story. I have enjoyed every book in this series but this one was extra special. Grizz and Kit are both a little broken and the sweetness they find together has me smiling like a loon. Jam packed with growly goodness. Definitely recommend to my PNR book loving friends. I received an arc of this book
  • Dee
    Grizzlies Love Honey!Renee Rose and Lee Savino are one impressive writing duo! Fast paced and thoroughly engaging, “Alpha’s Secret” is another excellent addition to the “Bad Boy Alpha’s Series”. “Alpha’s Secret” thrusts the protagonists on sweet journey toward love with a few twists along the way. Readers of the series will find the tone of this entry a bit different with a dominant hero who is not into the typical D/s relations...
  • Rhonda
    Grizz and Jordy's story was so good! He rescues her from her vampire Master when he realizes that she is his mate. Being a slave is all Jordy has known so when Grizz gets her out of her cage, she is confused. This was such a well written story and the layers of it were built very well. I loved how the relationship between them was handled. Out of the books in this series, this is my favorite so far.
  • Mary Matthews
    What a fantastic book! I had to read it twice in a row. I felt the anxiety the letters caused thru out the whole story. The safety felt when surrounded by strong arms is palpable. I loved this story.
  •  Rosebud
    Grizz lives for revenge. Not the 'if you hit me, i'll hit you back 10 times harder' or 'an eye for an eye .... ' type of revenge. No. His is deeper, personal, and laser focused. Working as a bouncer/security for the king of all vampires, moonlighting in a fight club, Grizz is labeled a traitor by the shifter world, betraying them by working with their sworn enemies, but Grizz has his reasons. When Grizz witnesses a prey female submissive shifter ...
  • Heather
    When Grizz was first introduced to this series, I wasn't sure that I liked him. I mean, after all, he had sided with the vampires over the wolves. However, in this book my opinion of Grizz completely changed. When Grizz is around his little fox, he is a total teddy bear! This was a great addition to the series. Plus it had the trademark humor and romance that we've come to expect from the writing team of Renee Rose and Lee Savino.
  • Nike
    Even though I like this book and I think that is a great addition to the Alphas series, I was a little disappointed with the loose ends and the abrupt ending; and how come Foxfire didn’t appear in the books? Jordy is her aunt! We (at least I) end book 4 wondering what happened to her. Hopefully, I will have some closure in future books.
  • Kim Brewing
    This series has become my crack, each book so unique. Loved Grizz and he proves he's book boyfriend material in this one!
  • Teresa Lara
    Love this series♡Grizz and Jordys amazing broken beautiful intense love stiry.Meed more
  • Sue
    Grizz, working with Frangelico….Jordy had been submissive to Augustine who had not only used her for his own requirement whether sexual or as a “Sweetblood” feeding on her blood where the submission of her fox one of the lower shifters, those that are easy prey.Grizz. had not been able to leave her behind, locked in a cage for god knows how long until he decides to take her, his bear is so happy about this and both he and his bear go out of...
  • Cortnie
    This is the 10th book in this sexy shifter romance series by two of my favorite authors, Renee Rose and Lee Savino, and I still can't get enough of these wonderful characters and action-packed story line. This story focuses on Grizz and Kit, but there are cameos of characters from the previous books and it really should be read in series order.Grizz is just what he sounds like, a Bear-shifter, and Kit is the timid shy Fox. She is not a strong, fi...
  • Kathy Heare Watts
    WE CAN’T SAVE THEM ALL FROM MY SIRED’S SADISMAlpha's Secret is a stand-alone shifter romance with plenty of angst and paranormal. No cheating or cliff-hangers. It will have shifters along with issues with vampires. The wolves are angry with Grizz, a bear shifter, and believe he has turned on them since he is working with the Vampire King. When in fact, he was working with both the shifters and vampires—but now he isn’t welcome at the Figh...
  • B. Koe
    Sensuous suspense and STEAMY, this one is THE paranormal ROMANCE MUST-READ of 2019!OMW this is possibly the best PN romance ever! Romantic and so full of suspense I want to call it a thriller, “ALPHA’S SECRET” is the consummate paranormal romance. Written the magnificent writing team of Renee Rose and Lee Savino, “ALPHA’S SECRET” is so well written, time stopped. and reality suspended as my focus on this book became my all. I did noth...
  • Leopardwolf
    I love this series. The way the women may be petite, they may be mouthy, they may even be sassy - but do you know what else they are? The masters of their big bad growly men - even if they don't know it yet (the men, not the women)I loved this book in particular because Grizz may be the biggest and baddest Grizzly bear out there but he's fallen like a massive redwood tree for tiny Jordy - hes just a bit slow on the uptake. Maybe he didn't get the...
  • Gaynor Jones
    Grizz and Jordy's story is one built around revenge and betrayal, death and pain and sacrifice. One is consumed by the past and the other a prisoner of today.But out of the dark they find a light they bring out in each other! Surrounded by enemies and danger on all sides, they have few allies and options available to them.Will the past be resolved, will a future be possible? I loved the progress and depth of the relationship for Grizz and Jordy i...
  • Jan
    We all know Grizz from the Fight Club in Alpha’s Bane. He used to fight there but was also working at the Vampire’s club, Toxic. Now he is only working at the vampire’s club but something is not right. We find out WHY he is actually working there and with Frangelico. He also has an attraction to a little redhead. Jordy is a sub and a fox shifter. Her vampire master, Augustine is a piece of work. He doesn’t take care of her when she is in ...
  • Diane G
    We have met the Hero and Heroine, Grizz, a huge bear shifter and Jordy, a fox shifter, in earlier stories. So, nice to meet them again! They played significant roles and I wondered what happened to them and now I know!! Renee Rose and Lee Savino are talented authors and tell us a wonderful and well written story. As, a team, I can only describe the result as magical and amazing. I was happy to be reunited with these characters. I liked them earli...
  • Badh
    Back to Arizona and the Alpha's world that Renee Rose and Lee Savino have created. It's a world that I'm happy to be immersed in every time I've read one of these books and I can never wait for the next one to get to see what all these guys are up to. This time, we have Grizz, a huge grizzly bear shifter, who is on a mission. Then there is Jordy, a very shy, very submissive fox shifter. There's something about her that triggers Grizz's protective...
  • Viper Spaulding
    Jordy is rescued by the Bad News Bear and the Shifter Stooges!I'm sure I'm not alone in not liking Grizz much after the last book, when his allegiance was in question. I was happy to see that in discovering his entire backstory, he may have his own agenda that he's pursuing but his heart is in the right place (even if he denies having one) and his motives are honorable. In the course of his private investigation, he rescues a young, submissive fo...
  • Leslie OBrien
    The writing duo of Renee Rose and Lee Savino have brought us another installment of bad boys and this time, it’s one of the baddest of the bunch. At least that’s what some folks think. But in (fiction) reality, Grizz is out for revenge and the only way he can get it is to make a deal with the vampire king. What’s a grizzly to do when a fox catches the attention of his bear and all bets are off? Roll with the punches, of course.This is a fas...
  • Marlene Davis
    Grizz is a grumpy bear shifter with a lot of scars who secretly is finding out which vampires are against the Vampire leader. He is doing this to enable him to find the vampire who killed his mother. When acting as a bouncer in their BDSM Club, Toxic, he sees a young fox shifter who is the pet/slave of Augustine, one of the vampires. The vampire allows another, Benedict to whip Jordy until she bleeds, and Grizz stops the scene, as she is too far ...
  • Gladys
    I love this series and this new book is another winner! This book gives readers Grizz and Jordy story. There is so much sizzling heat but also sweetness between these two that it's like having a sugar rush and heat stroke at the same time. Grizz is big, strong, dominate, determined and stoic. Jordy is sweet, hopeful and has a core of strength that has seen her through some very hard times. Together they are magic. Total opposites that fit seamles...
  • Rhonda Hicks
    Renee Rose & Lee Savino have done it again. This time with a Shifter/Vampire romance that will keep you in suspense throughout the entire story. And it all starts with Grizz, a Grizzly Bear Shifter", who has a secret. He works as a contract bouncer for the Vampire BDSM club. Jordy is a fox shifter and natural submissive. She is the "pet" of a very powerful vampire. Have I got your attention yet?This storyline naturally flows intertwining secrets,...
  • Lisa Roberts
    I loved that we got to see Grizzs back story and why he was working with the Vamp King and didn't care what anyone thought about his motives he did what he thought was right and was so alone in his quest for revenge until he comes head on with a beautiful submissive Fox shifter to care for and the attention he gives her is so beautiful and sends him on a tail spin of emotion that he has never known. There are some parts that are down right scary ...
  • Danni
    4.8 for this amazing continuation of a beloved series. I’d love to give you a detailed summary of the reasons I enjoyed this so much, but I don’t want to spoil even the slightest of details. This is a gritty love story. Grizz and Jordy have endured such terrible pasts. Jordy’s history in particular is awful, but handled with care so she’s neither a pathetic victim nor is she a caricature. She is unapologetically who she is, and as a resul...
  • Ashley Carr, LSoR
    I absolutely love this series and they keep getting better and better. Grizz is a complicated bear that all of the shifters think defected to the vampires. He is just working with the vampires to seek his ultimate revenge, they are just a means to the end. Jordy is a very submissive fox shifter that snags Grizz’s attention while in the vampire club. He can’t leave her behind to be used and abused by her vampire master so he steals her. All th...
  • Linda
    I am volunteering to leave a review of this ARC book. "A grumpy grizzly shifter, a beautiful fox and a whole lot of paranormal intrigue. No cheating, happily ever after guaranteed." Per the blurb, this was so true, along with a couple of hours of exciting entertainment that is no surprise from this dynamic duo! This book offers true "escapism!" I have never met a shape shifter or a vampire, but I certain do love reading about, and spending time w...
  • Jill
    Grizz is a grizzly shifter who is on a mission of revenge against the vampire who killed his mother. Along the way he comes into contact with Jordy who is a fox shifter that was sold to Augustine as a slave. His bear becomes interested in her and after finding her badly abused by Augustine he rescues her and an attraction forms between them but he will not put anything or anyone before his desire for revenge. Events happen that cause him to reali...
  • Audra Gosser
    The ending ruins the whole bookThe only reason I didn't give this four or five stars is because the ending is awful. The story is full of promise, the author has you on a high, ready to take out all of the threats, and then bam! The hero drops everything that's important to him and they run away together to live happily ever after. I mean seriously? It would have been so easy for the author to write just one more chapter to defeat the bad guys. S...
  • Saskia
    The latest book in the series and this time it features a Bear shift instead of a wolf shifter. We also get reunited with the three sifter stooges and Jordy, the fox shifter who helped Foxfire.I really loved this book and what I enjoyed most about this book is the care and attention Grizz give to Kit. He is paying attention to what she enjoys and then makes sure he provides that. They are little things but give a lot of joy. It was wonderful to s...