New Vyr (Daughters of Beasts, #5) by T.S. Joyce

New Vyr (Daughters of Beasts, #5)

Vyr Daye is learning that not every happily ever after works in a straight line. He was supposed to be okay after he escaped shifter prison and found his mate, but for the past six months, his dragon has felt broken, and has an undeniable instinct to burn and claim the entire world. Four mountain ranges in six months and he’s losing all control, and dragging his Sons of Beasts Crew, and his mate Riyah, straight to hell. It was never the other d...

Details New Vyr (Daughters of Beasts, #5)

TitleNew Vyr (Daughters of Beasts, #5)
Release DateJan 4th, 2019
PublisherWicked Willow Press
GenreRomance, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal, Shapeshifters, Fantasy, Dragons

Reviews New Vyr (Daughters of Beasts, #5)

  • Dawn
    It's not often a book makes me cry tears of laughter then tears of sadness then laughter again! This story finished off the Sons of Beasts and daughters of Beasts series perfectly. It also makes way for Tarian which have been mentioned a few times in the previous series. Well done T, I can see why Vyr was calling you out for a bit more. If by any chance we could have an anthology of life according to Nox, this would be a treat!
  • Pet
    I knew before I opened this book that it would hurt to read, I loved Vyr in his story and knew that only the deepest of pains could pull him away from his lady. I wasn’t wrong, there are very dark parts to this story, but that TSJ humor makes you literally laugh through tears. I love that I get these on KU and I really am loving every book I read. Highly recommend.
  • Sherry Koch
    I thought maybe I was finally getting to a point where I didn't start ugly crying at the end of every book T.S. Joyce writes. I was WRONG - all the feels. I loved it ( even though I generally hate crying) this book hit close to home for more than one reason and at the end it was happy tears for the red dragon.
  • Stephanie
    3.5 StarsI liked this book a lot, and I'm excited for the new Tarian series. I think. I like how things happened in this book, but I want Vyr and Riyah to have biological children together at some point. I know families can be families without this, but I really want them to, although I really like what happened in this book with that. Lots of sadness but happiness, too.
  • Charlotte
    This one had me in tears at the end. I love these stories. I think Joyce does a great job bring these characters to life through humor and personality. All of the stories are wonderful, but some of them, like this one, just bring forth the water works.Well written as always! RECOMMENDED
  • kookyquinn
    Did the beginning feel a little rough, disjoined and choppy to anyone else? It smoothed out but the first few chapters we're odd... Just me?
  • Jenny - Book Sojourner
    Wow. Loved it. This storyline went beyond my expectations.
  • Keri
    I have a T.S. Joyce addiction. I love these little gems. Looking forward to where the story ARC is going.
  • Gloria Nuckols
    Holy dragon this was one of the most emotional stories I have read by TS Joyce and I have read almost all of them. The pain that Riya and Vyr endured was absolutely heartbreaking. But to be given such a beautiful gift to treasure in the form of Brayden was heartwarming. Absolutely loved this story!
  • Clare
    If I could give this book a 10 Star I would. It was amazing and had me crying so hard, I’m going to go back and read the red dragon books just because they’re amazing!
  • Risa
    Will the Red Dragon Burn them all; or will he finally find the anchor they all need to survive?OMG!Okay I've been on plenty of roller-coaster like rides with T.S. Joyce's books over the years; especially where this multi-series group of books have been concerned! I've Laughed, Groaned, Cursed, Sighed; and yes, Even Cried both happy and sad tears plenty too! This one; This one took my completely by surprise! I'd started wondering why Vyr kept seem...
  • Marsha Spohn
    Reviewed at Shifter HavenEven among all the crews, the characters, the stories that create Damon’s Mountains universe there are still some characters who will forever stand out for me. The men and women who come together in Sons of Beasts is such an individual series for me. I will always cheer on, root for and back the underdogs, the misfits, the ones that have no one but others just as badly broken as themselves to call “crew”, “family...
  • Diane Mankin
    Moving story about healing T.S. Joyce has written a very satisfying end to this series by bringing together the stories of both the Sons of Beasts and the Daughters of Beasts. Vyr Daye is the most powerful shifter in the paranormal world created by Ms. Joyce. He not only carries the enormous power of the Red Dragon that he inherited from his once immortal full-blooded dragon father Damon Daye, but also bears immense telekinetic and psychic abilit...
    Inner Battle!!!Vyr Daye didn't get the happily ever after he thought he was getting after he escaped shifter prison with the help of his crew and mate. For months now his Dragon has been restless, he wanted to claim and burn everything. He's dragging his loved ones into chaos along the way. Riyah Daye has been hurting more months, her mate was spiraling out of control and distancing himself from his loved ones. She knew deep down in her soul what...
  • Debbie
    This is the second book that features Vyr and Riyah as the main characters. Their first book concentrated on them meeting and becoming a couple and is entitled Son of the Dragon from the Sons of Beasts series. I started reading this one but realized I was missing their back story. I therefore stopped to read the other series first (it’s only three books). I personally believe you should read the Sons of Beasts series before starting this book b...
  • Monica
    Holy holy fucking shit! She already did Vyr's story but that motherfucker wasnt done yet. He kept at her and she relented and wrote the other part of his story. I loved Vyr's story before but since then he's been through hell and poor Riyah just protecting all of them best she can. He can't hold The Red Dragon anymore. Its taking over and nobody is safe. Riyah has had it and her hand has been forced. She wants her mate back and her c...
  • Yavette
    Oh my goodness. I have been a fan of TS Joyce for a long time now and her books get better and better. This new one did not disappoint. Vyr is unsteady but he has the support of his mate and his crew. The surprise is what else and who else is out there to support the Red Dragon in his quest to become grounded and the Alpha this crew needs. I loved the way the author delves into the heartbreak and pain that Vyr and his mate are going through and h...
  • Kathy Wideman
    I love Vyr. He is my favorite characters form this world that T.S. Joyce has created. He is so I want to say broken but he isn’t. He wants to a good alpha so badly. He dragon is just so big inside him. The book made my heart hurt. Vyr is going through something emotional that his dragon takes over basically. He does this to help Vyr or at least he thinks he is helping. Riyah, Vyr’s mate will have to save him once again. I loved this book so m...
  • Jennifer
    It wasn't until this book that the Sons of Beasts became my favorite crew. I went through the full range of emotions in this book. I have personal experience with some of the things going on and I have to say that it was written beautifully. I loved the growth all of the characters had in here, but I wish we would have seen more of the other females in the crew and that it was a full length novel. However it was very enjoyable and I'm excited to ...
  • layla Clark
    Very nearly made me ugly cry!OMG! I loved this, I’ll be buying this in paperback to be signed with my other sons of beast! I nearly ugly cried! It’s so heart wrenching all the pain and sorrow, made a little easier by the funny bits! I loved the ending! I have twins and can’t imagine the pain they must have felt and T explains their feelings so well! The despair they must have felt, they way they dealt with everything and how strong they are...
  • Alisa
    As usual TS Joyce has done it again. Although this is just a novella it is amazing. The way she has told this story is so heartbreakingly beautiful and makes, why Vyr is being the way he is, more understandable. For anyone who has been there in his shoes... It is even more beautiful because you know first hand those feelings... The feelings about yourself and how you see others. The love that Vyr has for The Sons of Beasts and the love they have ...
  • Jamie McTavish
    Broken, Damaged, Healed.Words cannot express the emotional turmoil that is New Vyr. After the events that was Son of the Dragon; the epic final to Son's of Beasts, T.S Joyce has brought back our beloved Red Dragon to once again make him whole.The events of this book tore through me, I could never imagine the pain or devastation anyone goes through in this situation, but T.S Joyce has such a way of writing that I felt it. Like most of her stories,...
  • Latoya Wilson
    Almost tearjerker, 7 stars If I cried easily like most hormonal women, this book would've got me. Vyr finally got his HEA, and he needed it more than Grim did, and that's saying something.Once again, T.S. produced a brilliant read. If it's possible, could you start releasing books twice a month. We can build up to once a week slowly. I know I'm asking a lot, but look at it from my side of the pages. It's hard to find well balanced stories and I'm...
  • Maria
    Another gem!TS Joyce has done it again! I loved New Vyr. The book is filled with so much emotions, it’s hard to describe. If you are new to MS Joyce’s books, I strongly recommend to start with her Damon Mountains series. Having read every book in different interconnected series, this books felt like a way home. I have to confess- I bawled like a baby during last 2-3 pages. I’m so happy Vyr found his HFN and HEA. Well done, T. Well done. P.S...
  • Nikki
    New Vyr (daughters of beasts #5) by TS Joyce is a 5 star read (Id give it more if I could). Vyr is on a downward spiral, his mate and his crew are struggling too. Then Riyah his mate makes a stand and tells him it’s time to fix things. OMG this book made me laugh, made me cry really ugly tears, it broke me and then it put me back together again. This author, this amazing woman knows how to tell a story that gets you right in the heart. Alpha, T...
  • Sarah
    A rainbow after the stormI have read every one of T.S. Joyces books in the Damon's Mountains universe. Like so many of these books I laughed out loud, my eyes filled with tears while my heart broke for the characters. She tackled a difficult life subject in this book that often leaves woman feeling lost and alone, discussing it putting it in books is one way for know they aren't alone so many suffer quietly. I do wish there had been a content War...
  • Niki
    Oh Vyr’s 😫😍😍Of all of TS Joyce’s characters, Vyr is my favorite. Everything he went to in Son of the Dragon pulled him into my heart and has given him the #1 spot there (well. For book characters lol) since SotD came out. I’ve loved all of her characters, but I love Vyr the best. New Vyr has me swooning over the man. As a female who has suffered as Riyah has, seeing the males point of view was powerful. The story was heartbreaking,...
  • Aleysha Brenhaug
    T.S Joyce has broken through ...again!Well deserved 5 stars! If you are interested in starting this book and you have read from the beginning of the crews, please go back and read them all. You may endup rereading them because of the pull they each have. My tears are real. The feels associated with these monsters with hearts of gold. Self doubt, blame, loss, and then forgiveness. With the Red dragon and his crew it seems as if its all futile. 101...
  • Rachel Smart
    Wow!! Tears are coming down by face and peace is filling my heart. This book is just WOW! Well done T S Joyce, well done! I have loved Vyr since the first time she wrote about him. The toughest baddest Dragon/half witch with a vulnerability that grips your heart. Riyah is his perfect mate. She is witch/polar bear. She is strong enough. The story is dark and heart wrenching and oh so healing. There is action and comedy anytime the Sons of Beasts a...
  • Jan Janus
    Anything dealing with The Red Dragon is destruction waiting to happen. He is out of control with wanting to destroy clans or claim territory, but there is a major reason why and you find out in this book. It is a shocker for sure, but one thing can bind him and his crew back together again and that is...I am so not telling. You MUST read this book. It was full of anguish, for due reason, and loving tears of happiness. You will not be disappointed...